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Porter compares 2008 and 2007; likes 2008 better

Were you disappointed by Joey Porter last year? Seems so if one can believe the poll I conducted a couple of posts ago.

In the poll I asked which player you believed to be the best on the team right now. Of the 850 respondents so far, only 3.5 percent (about 30 people) picked Porter. Porter scored the lowest of any player who has actually played a game for the Dolphins so that is obviously not good news for him.

But Porter understands.

"It was a bad year," he says. "It was a bad year for everybody. But that year is over with. I don't really like living in the past, especially when you're talking about something so bad. It's a new year now. I'm just trying to move on."

Please do. In moving on, the Dolphins hope Porter returns to the past -- you know, his Pittsburgh days when he was a game-changer, a player the offense had to account for. He wasn't that with the Dolphins last year but he hints that will change.

"We have a whole new coaching staff," Porter says, "a whole new D coordinator, a whole new philosophy. All I can tell you is check it out when we start the season."

Porter is enthusiastic about this season because, apparently, he respects the current coaching staff. He didn't have that same respect for Cam Cameron, particularly at the end of last season when he challenged Cameron both verbally and by things he did.

(Remember he asked Cameron for permission to stay over after the Pittsburgh game and return on his own rather than with the team. Cameron said no. Porter did it anyway.)

"The whole mentality around here has changed," Porter says. "We brought some coaches in here that are not going to settle for less. The whole mindset around here has already changed from what I came into here last year. The guys' effort they're putting in now, the way they walk around here is totally different.

"I didn't know what to expect last year. I was a new guy so I didn't know how they ran the team, but seeing how we ran it last year to this year is night and day. Different better. Way better.

"These coach are not accepting just anything. Coaches now demand a whole lot out of you. They don't accept anything but your best. And even in OTAs, they're not accepting 50 percent or 75 percent of your effort. They want 100 percent."

Porter needs to be at 100 percent if the Dolphins are going to matter on defense this year. He says he's healthy, which he wasn't part of last year. And he is optimistic that what he was brought in to do last year, can happen this year.

What is that, you ask?

"I need to go out there and help this team become a No. 1 defense," Porter says. "Whatever I can do personally would be good, but at the same time, I just want to get back to playing high-energy football. I want this defense to be great."

Is that possible?

"It is," Porter says, "real possible."

What do you think?


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big year for the fins this year........the past is in my rear view mirrow

hopefully he shuts up and plays.i also heard the same crap last year and he did nothing just shut up an play, let your playing do the talking.Hey Andy what is a big year 6 wins i know u might feel in your heart that there gona have a big year and so do i but when i think with the brain 6 wins is all i can find on the shedule.

I'm # 2! I'm #2!

What would be a big year? Respectability. I want teams to fear playing the Dolphins. Maybe not a whole lot of wind because I am trying to be realistic. I just don't want to see that teams come here EXPECTING to win. I want to see this team be in every game and fight to the end. There are a lot of pieces that need to fit in together and that will come with experience as well. I'd be happy with 6 wins if they fight there asses off and are in 16 games.

What would be a big year? Respectability. I want teams to fear playing the Dolphins. Maybe not a whole lot of wind because I am trying to be realistic. I just don't want to see that teams come here EXPECTING to win. I want to see this team be in every game and fight to the end. There are a lot of pieces that need to fit in together and that will come with experience as well. I'd be happy with 6 wins if they fight their tails off and are in 16 games.


To hell with Porter. I want to know if that really WAS Jay Feely responding in your last blog post, and if so, what you thought about it.

If it wasn't him, kudos to the impersonator for a plausible post.

If this coaching staff can get 100% out of these guys then I see them winning some games this year. Assuming JT plays.

At best they'll be ranked between 10-15 on defense. But most likely somewhere between 15 and 20..... and that's if the coaches get 100% out of these guys.

The offense is another story. Even if they get 100% out of those guys on offense the best they'll be ranked is between 15-20. Assuming Ricky does well. Most likely, though, they'll be ranked between 20-25 on offense.

In the end I see them picking in the top ten in next years draft. And that's if they get 100% out of these guys.

I think Joey will have a better year for the simple fact that he is not injured going into training camp. Not only was he injured last summer but he also missed pre-season games AND was a new guy playing in a very complex scheme. He was trying to learn it by watching and studying but wasn't able to get the onfield practice and repetitions. This year will be different, go get em' Joey P.!

Porter did nothing until near the end of the season last year. And then he was just good.

It seems the current coaching staff is pushing the team hard and to be successful it is required. Now is it the truth because if I remember last year it Cameron's coaching staff said he was pushing the team hard but we lost a lot of close games and in the 4th quarter it was obvious that the some team members lacked 4th quarter push.

You idiot sportswriters. Porter was an excellent player in Pburg, he comes to Cam's fins and stinks, and its totally his fault. I don't think so.

Same with Jason Allen. He's apparently slotted to start in this new D, yet all his troubles in the past were due to his inability "to learn the D", which we now know under Saban and Cam were overly complicated. Yet how many of you "apparent" sportwriters pointed this out? I'll give you that you guys did point out that Saban tried to have the guy learn both CB and safety in his first year. What a bonehead.

I thinl Porter will ramp it up. There was no team spirit, leadership, or respect in Miami last year. New faces and new expectations. Miami will win 6 this year and I expect a 7th. Someone will get sloppy and lose one they shouldnt to us. Next year is what I'm excited about.

I think we'll win about 6 games, first, the coaching change is eassily a +2 games, the offensive line and R&R running are another +2 games, and between the additions (draft and free agency) and Bell coming back, we can get to 6 games.
Porter will be betetr in the 3-4 and if we settle on a decent QB, things look good for 2009

As fans we have to stop whining about the past. count our blessings, move forward. The post-mortem over last year's 1-15 season is done.

I was annoyed with Porter running his smack last year without backing it up. He did make plays at the end of that season and didn't quit. I hope he's given the opportunity to be the position to intimidate the other team's offense whether he's stopping the run, pressuring the QB, or being in the appropriate coverage scheme.

Plus he's now in a coaching environment that challenges and demands your best. If Porter has respect for those who coach him, I'll bet he will ratchet up his game with a vengeance on the other teams.

Best of luck on a great season, Joseph.

Joey Porter wasn't a disappointment, the team/coaches/players/games were dissapointments. I'd say the only bright spot was Ronnie before his knee...and Greg Camarillo. That's it.

Joey Porter was not utilized like he is supposed to be!!! he was not used as a rushing LB like in Pittburgh!!! Hopefully the defense will change this!!! he's not as good because he is not being used properly!!!

I remember last year, when they were practicing in the stupid bubble, how out of shape they were, out-conditioned by the competition, out of breath, hands on hips by the second quarter, its no wonder they couldn't finish games. The Dolphins traditionally were unbeatable in Sept and Oct at home. That came from practicing hard, in the sun and heat, and being the better conditioned team. the last few regimes decided to try and finish strong rather than starting strong. I say win enough games to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Talent is one thing, strength and effort are another.

Porter wasn't healthy at the start of the season last year. He had surgery late in training camp, missed all of the preseason and was not utilized properly. He actually played very well in the 2nd half of the season.

I expect him to have a good year in 08.

Porter, I fear, is basically done. His performance last year was deplorable. When you watch the film, you can see that he could not hold his position on the edges against the run. Fullbacks or pulling linemen simply made mince-meat of him. He could not drop-back in coverage as he did not recognize the O-scheme (not very clever player!). His mouth created more distractions as he has never been a true leader for the junior players. Lastly, look at his sack count along with his ability to pursue the QB to include his lateral pursuit of RBs... a big zero! He should be cut or the TUNA needs to get in his face as he is a very selfish player.

Mit, I guess you missed the 2nd half of the season. Based on what I saw, it sounds to me like you're making most of this up.

Isn't Joey Porter the guy who guaranteed a victory last year and then didn't have a sack in the game he guaranteed? And yes, we lost the game.

I'm sorry but anything that comes out of this guy's mouth sounds like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah to me.

No question Joey has a big mouth saying and doing some stupid things. But that doesn't really matter when it comes to what he do on the field when healthy and used properly.

He talks the talk. Will he ever walk the walk?

He talks the talk. Will he ever walk the walk?

I cant believe how boneheaded some fans can be. Joey Porter definately played much better in the 2nd half of the season.

I blame his poor performance in the 1st half on injury, being a new player in a overly complicated defense, and horrible coaching.

I expect him to have a great year this year. He will be in great shape, especially with the new regime's workout regiment. Additionally he'll be working in a 3-4 scheme.

Frank, I'm not a big fan of Joey Porter, he says some dumb things and I hated the whole Levi Jones situation - I thought he behaved like a thug in that whole thing. But I agree with what you said. He'll be working in a true 3-4 scheme that he's very accustomed to playing in.

jury out on Porter--I hope the hopefuls here are right....BUT ....casting Jason Allen in the same light, as a victim of coaching staffs?? Puhleeze! Jason Allen will suck under any coaching staff - - bank on it.

I'm looking for a productive Porter, if utilized almost exclusively as a pass rusher.

Mel, I hate to agree with you on that but its true. I just dont see Allen ever being great. Porter will do a lot better but hes definitely in his twilight years. Im just glad to see the team bringing in young talent again. They depended on the old guys way too much. You have to look forward always.

Hey Joey,

Less talking more tackling would be great.

Neither Porter nor Allen showed much last year, but look at the "leadership" we had in Camoron. We just need everyone to do their jobs at 100%, a coaching staff that is void of idiots who make mistake after mistake, a competent talent evaluation ability, and a quarterback, .......still.

All I wan't is for the dolphin win total to be doubled, and both of those wins be against the NY Jerks.

I thought Jason Allen showed some playmaking ability last year. Maybe if he can just settle in at one position and think less about what he has to do, we'll get more out of him.

I think Allen showed some promise and a nose for the ball in a few games. It appears he's going to start this season so we should have a pretty good idea by year end if he's a bust, just average, or a potential pro bowler. As a safety if he's got it he should be able to show it in his 3rd season.

I hope you guys are right. Last year was a pretty bad way to see upcoming talent. I'll just cross my fingers and see what happens.

finfan, I agree about Jason Allen. This is his year to prove himself. If not he'll be replaced.

I believe our secondary and linebackers were hamstrung by the sell off of half our defensive line rotation prior to the season. JT still commanded attention but as a rush linebacker limiting Porter's opportunities in the same capacity. Mueller's decision to decimate our DL created a bad situation for everyone behind them. None of our DBs could be expected to hold coverage for 5 seconds or more and that is why Parcells has not gone out and brought in any DBs because he knows that is not his trouble spot, including Jason Allen.

I won't defend Porter too much, I was quite peeved at his unprofessional mouthing off to his coach. Those antics led to a lack of respect across the board and ultimately to a one win season. Porter is a good football player, but given the opportunity he will bite the hand that feeds him and act like a thug. It was Cameron who said he thought Porter's trash talking would help a defense with mostly quiet leaders. That was until the trash talking turned to Cameron, then we saw the true side of Porter.

But that was last year and I for one would like to leave that as far behind as is humanly possible. With that in mind, I'll even give Porter and Allen second chances.

Other than injury set backs I'm pretty sure JA will not be starting, my money's on Crocker and Bell back at saftey with Hill as #1 backup, and I hope not to see him at corner this year. Plus we have Hill coming off the ACL injury which before that was having a solid year.

I have to agree with Patrick about the DL, that was a stupid personel decision we had a bunch of unsung heros on that line like Kevin Carter. QB's were pitching tents in that pocket

I also never listen to what Porter says, but whats all this about Feely not talking to the media I usually like what he has to say. Nothing about Porter needing to tone it down if anyone he's the one management need to worry about

Armando this is Joey Porter, I'm upset with how represented my interview with you...haha j/k

I agree with those who say Porter improved in the 2nd half of the season. He flat out did, which is more than can be said for almost all his teammates. I would think based on past Parcells-inspired defenses, that we'll see Porter and JT moving around to bring pressure from multiple spots. Yes, I believe Taylor will play for us this year, at least for the first month.
We did overpay on Porter, but that doesn't mean he can't help us with 8 sacks along with a pick or two for the next couple of years. Once Taylor's gone, J-peezy moves into numero uno pass rusher, for this year at least.
As far as the secondary is concerned, I agree with Patrick that it hasn't been addressed because the greater concern is the front seven, and the greater concern in that area is the d-line. On both defense and offense, we are building from the line of scrimmage on out. That is why our draft focused on D and O lineman, with cheap linebackers in FA and one up and coming G in Smiley. Even the RB's we drafted serves to support the power game we seek to win with.
Yes, we need corners and receivers, but they won't mean a thing if we can't win up front. Same with a QB.
Randomly, has Phillip Merling been practicing at DE or OLB? He is either an undersized 3-4 DE or an oversized OLB. We all know which Parcells prefers. Unless we plan on bulking Merling up the next couple of years.

Joey Porter, that would've been hilarious if you hadn't screwed it up!

You FAKE Fans! How dare you disrespect my team! Are any of you idiots aware of how many teams went from one of the worst to one of the best in one year? Saints, Browns, Cardinals, Giants, Chargers, Cowboys, even the mighty Patriots were horrible. All who went from having a bad year to a good year because of player and coach changes and attitude adjustments. The Dolphins play only 4 teams that made the playoffs this season and everybody else is just average or worse. Every year I believe we can win the Super Bowl and every year we don’t even come close but in the past we didn’t have Mr. Parcelles. In a few months we will have a better line a better defense and a better running game with Ricky coming back. Winning 6 games would be better but being the only true Dolphin fan I prefer to believe that we will win the whole dame thing. And personally I think anything less will just be unacceptable to any true Dolphin fan. And this is from a man living ten minutes away from East Rutherford where the Giants and Jets play with a wife who is a Jets fan so whatcha got to say about that? GO DOLPHINS GO!

p.s. 10 wins guaranteed

#1 fan I applaud your faith and add my hopes. We do have a great schedule, we just have to gell. Shoot your wife for me if we lose the first game. k thanks.

Cheatyface, Smiley isn't young enough to be called an "Up, and comer", though I agree with the general sentiments you gave. Parcells said there were too many needs to fill all of them this year. I bet Secondary, LB, and WR will be priorities next draft. I expect they will try to build depth as well. They will have to draft Rickey's replacement, as well, as he will be leaving after next year. I look for improved play, but must agree that we will win between 5-9 games, my best guess would be 6 games.

Indeed, Smiley is no child, although I would expect a 27 year old to have his best football still in front of him. Hopefully, right in front of him.

Gotta agree with tree on next year's likely draft priorities.

I love the optimism of #1, and I feel it in my heart, but my brain says no way. 5-11 is reasonable for a team with so many question marks. QB a ?, WR a ?, TE.. frankly every position on offense, including RB and OL are question marks until we see them produce on the field. I know, I know, but Ricky is always a who knows, Ronnie has yet to stay on the field a whole year, and we haven't seen what Long can (or can't?) do yet.

And while the defense is upgraded overall, don't tell me it has anything other than "average" written all over it.

Believe me, I go into every game believing we can win, but this is step one in a long term plan.

Prove me wrong, Dolphins. Pretty Please? With sugar on top?

If we win Great. I would love to somehow get Tebow next year if we aren't that succesful though.

Phillip Merling is not undersized to play 3-4 DE. He has a big frame and will probably bulk up a bit.

Phillip Merling is not undersized to play 3-4 DE. He has a big frame and will probably bulk up a bit.

oh please, god NO on Tebow. Can you say COLLEGE QB? When is the last time you saw a Run first QB win the superbowl? There have been many that have gotten there, but I can't think of ONE that has won. Let your RB's run. It is good to have a guy that can be mobile enough to escape pressure, but if he is TOO mobile, he will dump out too soon, and miss opportunities. Give me a guy that can hang in the pocket, knowing he is going to get pounded, for the chance at a big play.

#1 My hopes, and heart are always 1000% behind us. I never go into a game convinced we are going to lose, even last year. That doesn't mean that my brain can't logically conclude the likelyhood of what our record will be. If my heart had anything to do with it, people would get bored with football, watching us go 19-0 every darn year, with no game being closer than 30 points. Somehow my head seems to know that my heart doesn't really have much to do with our record, or the final score. Keep the faith in your heart, though.

QB is a questions mark, a big, huge question mark but somehow we forgot about what Ronnie and Ricky did when Ronnie was a rookie and Ricky was suspended. We didn’t have a QB then. With a better OL we should have better running result. Sparano a no nonsense coach, Parcelles has always been hardnosed and the days of being pretty boyz are behind us and now you are going to see football players play some football. DL, Vonnie, Jason, and even though everybody love Phillip I like Matt Roth, hard nose style. CBs suck! Safeties, Bell is gonna be good. Allen is gonna have a break out year. LBs Joey Porter, Jason Taylor, Crowder, Tolber, and the other guy whose name I can't spell. Sorry Dogg. I think it is a great linebacker core 3-4 or 4-3 Sliding Taylor to RE. WRs suspect but promising. Wilford the tall receiver the Dolphins lacked for years and Ginn should improve with his experience. I believe our Defense can win games if our offense don’t F*** it up. Go Dolphins Go!

p.s. Don’t talk S*it about my wife… even though she’s a Jets fan… she’s still my wife… Look for us at the Jets/Dolphin’s game.

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