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Relive "clock" play tonight on NFL Network

If you have no idea the significance of November 27, 1994 and you get the NFL Network, you are in for a treat.

Tonight at 8 p.m. you will have the opportunity to relive that amazing day nearly 14 years ago when the Dolphins not only came from behind to beat the New York Jets, but did it by executing the classic "Clock" play.

Thank you, Dan Marino.

Thank you, Bernie Kosar.

The game played at the Meadowlands proved to be the turning point in both teams’ seasons. The Dolphins won the AFC East while the Jets lost their remaining four games to finish 6-10.

By the way, why am I thanking Bernie Kosar? Well, you know Marino faked the spike and threw the TD. But did you know Kosar suggested the play from the sideline? It was his idea!

What a good time ...

Tell me what other great games/moments from Dolphins history stick in your minds. Do not give me Super Bowl victories. Those don't count for our purposes here. Besides most of us weren't adults when they happened anyway.

[Late breaking idea: If at least 10 of you promise to get on here with me at 8 p.m., I will live blog the game that was played in '94. You guys can share your comments and memories. I covered that game and that team, so I think I can draw on some of that as a resource. We'll have fun ... But only if there's enough interest.]


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the kc vs. mia playoff game where marino throws 2 4th quarter td's (one to paige, and a nice one to clayton) to win 17-16. it was the first football game i watched all the way through, and i was hooked from that point on.

I will never forget Marino’s first game back from the Achilles injury. I loved the competitive bone he showed when he dove head first in the mud for a first down. The best part of that game was 4th and 10 and Marino throws a perfect strike to Irvin Fryer for a 30 yard touchdown. Man I miss the days when Miami could score from anywhere on the field at any time in the game.

Nothing beats the vaunted 12-0 Bears and their uber-aggressive 46-Zone defense coming down to the Orange Bowl on MNF in 1985 and getting carved up my Marino and the Marks Brothers! Coming in a close 2nd would be the previously-mentioned return of Marino from the 1993 Achilles injury and getting into an absolute shootout with Drew Bledsoe and the Pasties. Best play that game was the 4th down Marino pass that went for a TD!

I remember in high school (mid 80s) and the Dolphins had lost 51-45 to the Jets in OT. The next time they played was a Monday night game (unless my memory fails!). The Phins laid the smack down on em for a 45-3 drubbing fueled by Troy Stradford's big game. I loved it!

Two games come to mind: First and foremost is the 1981 AFC Divisional game between the Dolphins and San Diego when Kellen Winslow(no, his dad) came off the bench, exhausted, and continued to play like a hall of famer. The second would be the lone playoff game that I saw live. The 1984 Dolphins-Seahawks Divisional playoff game that the Dolphins won 31-10, and was great revenge from the season before.

I honestly do not think a single victory has ever meant as much to me as our lone win over the Ravens this year. I got quite a case of the chills when Caramillo broke away and I'd be lying if I said I didn't even tear up a bit afterwards.

Another VERY memorable game for me was back in 2003 when the Fins came to town and put the smackdown on the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. JT had an AMAZING game including a fumble returned for a TD. By the end of the game, the Dolphins fans outnumbered the Cowboys fans. What a treat!

Finally, one of the most memorable wins of my life time was another defeat of the Cowboys on Thanksgiving thanks to a fella named Leon Lett. I was only a kid, but I remember that game like it happend yesterday. GREAT reminder that it's not over till it's over.

Thanks for a lifetime of great memories Dolphins!!!!

The game where Zach Thomas knocked out that poor receiver from New England! Actually I remember watching Zach in his first year and being amazed at his quickness and tackle totals every week. Zach is going to be missed very much.

"The Epic in Miami." Chargers-Dolphins. Curse you, Uwe von Schamann!!

Not a Superbowl, but the Wild-Card round back in either 2000 or 2001 (Colts vs. Dolphins) with Lamar Smith's sweep around the end (I believe in overtime) that sent Peyton Manning home for the rest of the playoffs.

Oh yeah! Also Peyton Mannings first game against the Dolphins defense where they racked up 5 (?) sacks and a couple of INT'S AND peyton sustained a cracked or bruised jaw on a big hit from big Timmy Bowens. Peyton played with a lot of guts that day against an awesome defense and you could tell the kid was going to be a star. Some of the Dolphins defense went up to Peyton after the game and gave him a slap on the back and told him to hang in there. I miss that dominating D and can't wait to get another one!

So guys, live blog yes or no?

i'm in mando 8 pm

i'll tell the wife she has to wait til bed time tonight (FLPD)....

da bears one loss season game to da dolphins

mando, do we have to wear our jerseys?

i'll wear the orange hurricane '84 OB one. i hope its clean....

or the longest game in NFL history? Chiefs/Dolfins

My absolute favorite game was when Marino and the Marx Bros lit up da Bears defense on Monday Night Football in '85. I was in the USN at the time stationed in Philly and while living on base in the barracks...I was the ONLY FINS FAN that night for many miles around. Every first down, every touchdown felt as though this was our Bowl game that year...especially when you're surrounded by all NFC fans...Philly fans...with the Vet just right up the road from the Navy Shipyard. Simply put...an awesome win that night for us and a feeling of victory I will never forget. Thank you Mr. Marino and all of you diehard FINS FANS that remember "the Upset of the year in '85". Lets go this year FINS...I now live right down the road from the Skins house and I would definitely welcome some "W's" this coming season.
God Bless all of you,

Can't make it Mando. Thank you though.

1994 OPENING GAME. dolphins vs. patriots. bill parcells coaching new england, Jim Lampley calling the game on NBC. it was magic for Marino that day, a shootout with a young Drew Bledsoe and to see the frustration on parcells face after every time marino answered back. they threw everything at marino and he kept getting up. i still get goose bumps watching the 4th down play to irving fryer ( 200+ yds 3td's) for the go ahead td. marino i think had 470+ yds 4td's and was like 30 for 45 or something. you can hear the electricity in the stadium, i wish and hope to see that kind of excitement and buzz again soon.

so are we on mando?

armando is the mini-camp this weekend open to fans and media?

1981 Chargers Vs Fins. The hook and lateral before halftime!

dolphins - cowboys thanksgiving day the day i i fell for the phins "Leon Lett's them win"

One of my best Dolphin memories was in 1985. The Dolphins were down with 45 seconds to go, against the Jets on Monday Night. Marino threw an 80 yard pass to Mark Duper, who caught it on his shoulder, bobbled it, then caught it for the game winning score. The Dolphins entered the game 6-4 and finnished the season 12-4.

Oops, my bad, the game was actually a Sunday game. Oh well, it was still a Super Duper comeback!

I would definitely have to say Monday night vs. the Bears. I won money on that game.lol. Clock game was another biggie, as well as the Thanksgiving Blizzard (Thanks Leon) Hows about the Jets game, with the Helicopter catch by Nat Moore? Quite memorable. I remember in 82, so many times Donny Strock would come in, and pull our fat out of the fryer. I remember thinking "Why don't they just have Strock be the starter?", only to have Woodley light a team up. I remember owning both KC, and Oakland in the playoffs for a few years, there, where those teams were favored coming in. I remember a few years where we seemed to knock out more QB's than anyone else in the league....with CLEAN hits. I remember a season where it seemed that Marino never had to look up.

I can truly say that I will never forget Camarillo coming over the middle, catching the pass in stride, and accelerating past the vaunted Ravens secondary, pulling away into the end zone. I will always feel the weight being lifted from my soul. God bless you, Camarillo. May you get the opportunity you have earned. If anyone was guaranteed a job, in my book, it would be you, just for that.

The first fins game I missed seeing in about 5 or 6 years was when I went away for my 2nd anniversary - on Nov.27, 1994!! We were in St. Maarten at a casino. There was a TV with ESPN on (no sound) and I caught a glimpse of the Sports Center highlight (while playing blackjack) and freaked out! The next day I saw the whole story - and read about it in USA Today. I am pscyched to see the whole thing tonight.
Why did I get married during football season??!!
Other great Dolphin game moment - my last time in the OB for Dolphin Game... 1984 AFC Champ. vs Steelers. Dan the Man forever! Go fins.

I just miss watching Marino play. He is the reason I became a football fan!!! My grandfather was a Fins fan from the get go and every Christmas when he would visit (here in SC) he would watch the Dolphins. I began to watch with him and Marino's magic just captured me. As far as I am concerned, Marino's last game was in Seattle in the playoffs...the next week never happened.

I think it was the 81 0r 82 AFC championship game phins vs jets. Linebacker A.J. Duhe deflected a pass,intercepted and returned it for a touchdown and basically won that game with his great effort. It was especially great for me sitting among all the jet fans at the barracks at MCAS(H) New river. Oh yeah I HATE THE JETS.

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