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Saturday afternoon practice update

Greg Camarillo and Ricky Williams get the Bill Parcells gold star for this afternoon's practice!

How do I know?

Camarillo caught a 45-yard pass down one sideline in which he was covered but reached up one-handed and scooped the ball out of the air before falling to the turf. "Nice catch Greg," Parcells shouted as he was standing on one sideline of the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble. "Nice catch son!"

Parcells then yelled at corrected the defensive back covering Camarillo. Camarillo also had another nice catch down the opposite sideline in which he came back for the ball thrown behind both he and the DB.

Ricky Williams, meanwhile, was showing a quickness and spurt through the hole I don't remember him having in his extremely limited practice time last season. He blurred through one opening and juked a DB, causing Parcells to meet Williams on the sideline with a fist-pound.

As I mentioned, the Dolphins worked indoors. The cool conditions didn't seem to help Miami's struggling passing game. There were more incomplete passes than complete passes. Both Chad Henne (1) and John Beck (2) had passes batted down at the line of scrimmage.

There were a couple of times that passes were thrown to areas where no receiver was present. Josh McCown was forced to scramble on one occasion when he found no receiver downfield.

The Miami defense must be AWESOME!

Speaking of the defense, Chris Crocker and Nathan Jones took a couple of snaps with the first-team unit at the free safety spot that is also manned by Jason Allen.

Finally, the offensive line setup for today's two practices was different than the past couple of practices I've been able to see. Today the line was LT Jake Long, LG Justin Smiley, C Samson Satele, RG Trey Darilek and RT Vernon Carey.

Before that, rookie Shawn Murphy has been working at LG with Smith at RG. The Dolphins are mixing and matching to find the best five players, according to coach Tony Sparano.

The Jason Taylor ABSENT FROM MANDATORY PRACTICES meter is now at 4.

I will provide more updated stuff while the Dolphins work Sunday morning. Check back often.


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Nice to hear Parcells getting involved still with practices. Keen to see another safety line up next to Y.Bell and match his skills. Keep the updates coming Mando, thanks!

"The Miami defense must be AWESOME!"
YESSSSSS!! I knew they were one of the best units in the league! We don't need JT.

Now we just need one of those QB's to step up and play half decent to REALLY find out how good the defense is. It's early, but it's not a good sign when your QB's are struggling against one of the worst defenses in the league that is also missing its best player.

sounds all good 2 me....

great info bro, keep it comin.

"Jason Taylor ABSENT FROM MANDATORY PRACTICES" really ??? no way you kept track your life. How do you still have a job?

i agree with Tommaya, we need one of these QB's to stay consistent.

It sure would be nice to be Ricky back in form. I like the fact that the defense is adjusting to the offense. I wouldn't put too much stock into these things because it does not always translate into games. There are a lot of new things going on, lineup shuffles, and the QB's are in then out then back in again. Sure, they have to prove themselves but games will be the better indicator.

run Ricky run !!!!!!!!!!!

Good stuff, but it seems that your sarcasm is being taken for gospel. These are no contact drills. I think we all know that if he can stay healthy, Ricky will be the real deal, but most everything else is a big, fat ???.

It should be fun to see how Jason Ferguson handles the middle of the line when pre-season starts. He has a great attitude, and should provide solid leadership on the field. To me, that may be more important to this team than having JT, who is more of a role model, as opposed to a leader.

That's not to say we couldn't use Taylor, just that he's not really the leader type, in my opinion. I think that shows in how he is asking for a trade, when he should want to stay, and show all the newcomers what it means to be a Dolphin.

Nice to hear that Carpenter is competeing well, any news on Hillard?

"The Miami defense must be AWESOME!"
YESSSSSS!! I knew they were one of the best units in the league! We don't need JT."

TOMMYA: he was joking. it was sarcasm. but you
got one thing right, WE NEED JT BACK!!!

i dont feel so bad about this offense/qb thing right now. if one guy stank and the other was
doing great, then i would question the player.

but ALL 3 seem to be making the same mistakes, even mccown who is a 6 year nfl vet and used to the speed and power of the game, even if it is just practice.

new system. for ALL of them. plus mediocre wr's and there ya go.

but i do believe henne is the future, sooner than later. beck seems to have carried his tendency to panic and give up the ball when ANYONE gets anywhere near him. thats his BIGGEST problem.

i agree with the above poster who said that henne would be in by october/early november.

i agree.

Mando, I know this is a blog, but you've gotten the pronouns wrong in articles too. Since when would any native speaker say "Camarillo also had another nice catch down the opposite sideline in which he came back for the ball thrown behind both he and the DB"? Thrown BEHIND HE? You sports types have got to stop fracturing the language with nonsense like this. Just because there's a compound object the nominative is NEVER approrpiate.

There's nothing like someone criticizing another person's grammar and throwing in a typo for good measure. Yes, if Armando Salguero (such a 'NATIVE ' sounding name to begin with) was at 100% he would've wrote 'between the DB and himself' but I think it's fair that in a sports blogging situation one shouldn't expect perfect English at all times. Especially when it makes no difference to the context.

That said, I also believe Henne will end up in a starter role sooner than later. From what I've seen, all the QBs are doing fundamentally bad things, like not setting before throwing, throwing off their back feet, etc. Also from what I've noticed, Henne is doing these bad things less than the other two. McCown does look in better physical shape right now, but I question the mental poise of both McCown and Beck. It seems to me Henne has the poise. Let's not forget that Henne was on national tv and in high pressure situations probably more than the other two. I dislike the constant bringing up of 'experience' point grading. Surely Henne has more experience in the last year than McCown and Beck.

Y'all just keep the blog's coming. up here in the middle of the state the only thing we hear about is how great the buc's are me I think the stink. I do miss seeing the dolphine good or bad.

once a fin's fan always a fan.

dolphins are # 1

The Miami Dolphins...Number One in My Heart...Number Thirty-Two In the papers....

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