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Saturday morning practice prelude

Practice No. 3 of this minicamp is scheduled to begin in about 11 minutes and I can't wait!

Things to look for today:

The wide receiver corps really worries me. Yes, Ernest Wilford is proven and a fine addition. But after that it gets uncertain. Justin Wynn? Devon Bess? Selwyn Lymon? David Kircus? Greg Camarillo? Derek Hagan?

During yesterday's afternoon practice, reporters counted at least seven dropped balls. There were a couple of other moments when guys simply slipped and fell down without being touched.

All I can say is neither Wilford nor Ted Ginn, who also is largely unproven, had better stay healthy.

It seems the Dolphins are pretty excited about starting two rookies on the left side of the line. First-round pick Jake Long (LT) and Shawn Murphy (LG) have been working together since the middle portion of OTA drills. Obviously there is no contact here, but at least these guys are getting some timing down and learning each other's tendencies. We'll see what happens when the hitting starts.

But this feels like a Richmond Webb-Keith Sims redo.

OK check back often as I will update mid-practice, assuming something is going on.


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now if we can only find a semi marino to put behind them.

Great update Mando!How are the cornerbacks looking? Are there any standouts? One last question from your evaluation who do you think has been the most productive this offseason?

"All I can say is neither Wiflord nor Tedd Ginn, who also is largely unproven, had better stay healthy."

Armando, do you see the problem with this sentence?

How did you get a job as a journalist?

"...neither Wilford nor Ginn,...had better stay healthy?"


Steve...your a douche. What are you the grammar police? Find a girlfriend and relax.

C'mon Steve, lay off. Ain't nobody perfect- this is a blog, not an edited column.

Thanks for the update Armando. Got up late, went thru my morning ritual of the Herald, Sentinel, Post, and PFT- no new news or articles 'ceptin for this one. Thanks again,


Steve, you suck, get a life.

What is the state of the cornerback position? I know we are going to be pretty good on both sides of the line with JT sticking around and the conditioning program. It is the receiver corp and secondary that seem to be in question.

"Steve is a jagoff."

Hey steve, see a problem with that sentence?

The guy probably wrote that blog entry in five seconds.

First of all his name is DAVONE Bess, not Devon, which is how you have referred to him for 3 days. At least get the name right if you are going to critize him....

I am so glad there is so little to be concerned with that we can all snipe at Mando about spelling, grammar, and misstatements of his obvious intent, and can take the time to call each other names, rather than blogging about the actual team, our questions, and speculations of the season to come. We must be in shape to go 19-0.

Thanks for the update, Mando. I would like to know who is dropping the ball the most, and who is showing up the best.

There was a comment that we don't have much size at WR, but remember, part of why Jax allowed Wilford to leave was that they had three big receivers, and they needed to get a smaller, more nimble guy into the mix. Wilford is something like 6'4"+, and Camarillo is pretty tall as well. Ginn is small, but then remember, our best WR core ever were tiny. The Marks Bros. were pretty small, and there was a reason NAT more was Nat, and not Nate.lol. Santana Moss, and Steve Smith are successful for a reason. YOU CAN'T COVER THEM. They go all WR-fu over the DB, and are by them before the chuck is more than merely a check. Ginn is young, give him a year, or so, and he will be much more polished.

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