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Saturday morning practice prelude

Practice No. 3 of this minicamp is scheduled to begin in about 11 minutes and I can't wait!

Things to look for today:

The wide receiver corps really worries me. Yes, Ernest Wilford is proven and a fine addition. But after that it gets uncertain. Justin Wynn? Devon Bess? Selwyn Lymon? David Kircus? Greg Camarillo? Derek Hagan?

During yesterday's afternoon practice, reporters counted at least seven dropped balls. There were a couple of other moments when guys simply slipped and fell down without being touched.

All I can say is neither Wilford nor Ted Ginn, who also is largely unproven, had better stay healthy.

It seems the Dolphins are pretty excited about starting two rookies on the left side of the line. First-round pick Jake Long (LT) and Shawn Murphy (LG) have been working together since the middle portion of OTA drills. Obviously there is no contact here, but at least these guys are getting some timing down and learning each other's tendencies. We'll see what happens when the hitting starts.

But this feels like a Richmond Webb-Keith Sims redo.

OK check back often as I will update mid-practice, assuming something is going on.