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Sparano speaks following Wednesday OTA drills

Coach Tony Sparano just got done talking to the media today.

He has no information on the Michael Lehan injury yet. Lehan was scheduled for an afternoon x-ray or MRI exam to determine the exact seriousness of the injury suffered during practice today. Sparano said he believed it was an ankle injury.

Some other highlights:

Sparano confirmed he has talked to Jason Taylor since the weekend and during that meeting made it clear to Taylor that the Dolphins want him in camp and on the team.

"I wanted to make it clear to Jason that we as an organization want him back here, and that I was anxious to see him running around here with his teammates," Sparano said. "I think Jason left with a pretty clear understand of that from my end."

But ... Sparano also made it clear the meeting hasn't really changed the situation. The coach said he did not regret saying Taylor was not showing up for training camp, even though Taylor called that "premature," at a press conference over the weekend.

Even after the meeting  meant to clear the air, Sparano said "nothing's changed," as he understands Taylor's intentions to not report to training camp.

"The information I had then is the information that I have now," Sparano said.

Sparano would not say whether he will fine Taylor for missing this weekend's mandatory minicamp. But does he really have a choice? I think not.


Sparano said something about his quarterbacks that we've known about Miami quarterbacks for some time. They are inconsistent. He said one quarterback will have a good practice and make it his, but then another guy will step up in the next practice while somebody else steps back.

"Every period you may see somebody grab the period, take control of the period," Sparano said.

Obviously the guy who is most consistent will win the job. But so far no one is consistent.

These guys are workers, however. Although the Dolphins did not work last week, all three quarterbacks were at the facility, learning more about the offense.


Speaking of inconsistent, David Kircus dropped a couple of passes in practice today. Sparano said he's gotten bigger and stronger and "is catching the ball pretty well." Not today.


Of the receiver corps, Sparano said he likes the way "the group is coming together," but he admits, "we still have a lot of work to do."


Running back Ronnie Brown's progress continues at a good pace. He's getting more carries and more repetitions than he did earlier in the OTA workouts.

"Each one of these practices, he's been able to do a little bit more and that's good for us and good for Ronnie," Sparano said.


Sparano said by the end of this weekend's mandatory minicamp the team will have "a pretty large portion of what we're all about in," meaning the installation of the offense and defense will be close to complete.

"It'll be the first full time around the horn for them," Sparano said.

By the way, this weekend's minicamp is CLOSED to the public. But I will be here so check back often for updates.