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Sunday's mandatory minicamp finale prelude

Today is my wedding anniversary so the Dolphins are celebrating by having only one practice.

I will update you with what happens in that practice after it is over. I will update you immediately if something newsworthy happens -- like maybe a receiver not named Ted Ginn or Ernest Wilford holds on to a pass.

Meanwhile, you should read the column I wrote on Bill Parcells for Sunday's Miami Herald. I find the guy fascinating because he does try to intimidate people but I believe that to be only a facade. I relate in the column how it went the first three times I called The Big Tuna. It's pretty funny, in hindsight, though I wasn't laughing at the time.

Anyway, the point is for all his personalty traits, the one thing he does better than anything else is build football teams.

I got a chance to talk to him about that earlier this week and he relates in the column some of his thoughts.

One thing that he is already planning is picking up four or five guys off waivers after the Dolphins supposedly settle their roster. In other words, the Dolphins will make their final cuts. And then a couple of days letter, cut a few more guys because they're going to try and bring in a couple of other players from around the league.

The idea is that the No. 54 player on another team, the guy not good enough for that team, could be No. 50 or No. 51 on the Dolphins. So the Dolphins will set their roster with their best 53 players, then whack the last couple of guys on the roster and bring in better guys.

It is a way to strengthen the bottom of the roster -- meaning the depth of the team.

Smart stuff.

Anyway, discuss this post ... check back for the update post-practice ... and leave your comments.