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Dolphins finish offseason work with Thurs. OTA

The Dolphins finished their final OTA work of the offseason. They were scheduled to work Friday but Tony Sparano gave the guys the day off as a reward for their hard work.

In the next few weeks, rookies will be encouraged to show up and learn, and get bigger and stronger. But the vets are done until late July's start of training camp.

Today, Jason Ferguson, Jason Taylor and Joey Thomas were absent from the voluntary work. Ferguson was excused in that he told Sparano where he'd be. Thomas was held out for medical issues. Taylor was  ... never mind.

Interestingly, Bill Parcells, a sideline fixture at all the other workouts, was not at this one.

Running back Ronnie Brown, still recovering from knee surgery, took most of the first-team snaps in practice. That is the first time this offseason Brown does that as the team was bringing him along slowly.

Brown looked good in team drills but I did notice when he caught a pass and was tackled/fell down, he got back up by putting all the pressure on his left knee (the good one) while putting no weight on his right one (the surgically repaired one). It was an instinct thing that tells me Brown still isn't 100 percent certain about that surgically repaired knee. But that should eventually resolve itself with contact -- at least that is the hope.

ILB Channing Crowder, also held out of some team drills, got more work this week as he was eased back into the mix.

A couple of practice play notes:

Ricky Williams continues to impress and that includes with his pass-catching. Shuttling into first-team work in the two-minute drill, Williams caught a pass from first-team QB John Beck in the flat and turned it into a 5-yard TD.

The second-team offense, behind Josh McCown, also got in the end zone when MCown threw a 60-yard pass to tight end David Martin. The pass came against the first team secondary and LB corps. Martin's longest reception last year was 28 yards.

The third team offense did not score in the two-minute drill.

OT Julius Wilson spent a couple of moments on the turf when he bumped knees with another Olineman but seemed none the worse for wear afterward.

After practice Sparano threw some lesser-known players a bone when he said he was impressed with the work of WR Davone Bess, CB Scorpio Babers and NT Anthony Toribio during the weeks long OTA workouts.

By the way, former Redskins and Texans GM Charley Casserly was at practice today. He is doing work for CBS and the NFL Network and got the royal treatment he deserves from the Dolphins as GM Jeff Ireland spent much of practice with him while Sparano talked to him privately afterward.

And then I talked with him.

He told me he was impressed with the organization and pace of practice. He also told me the team definitely has an issue with the guard position opposite wherever Justin Smiley lines up -- either LG or RG. It is a void that is clear to any trained observer.

And that leads me to this: The Browns terminated the contract of LeCharles Bentley on Tuesday. He is 28 years old and a former Pro Bowl player who can play both center and GUARD. I realize he has a terrible injury history of late. But perhaps Miami's need, so obvious to everybody, will still cause Ireland/Parcells to take a look.



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Thanks, I needed a fix!

I wonder how Camarillo looked?

I'm hoping Camarillo gets the #3 spot at WR.

Finally, Armando, you tell it like it is and give us what we want to hear about these practices. Thank you.

Question to Armando and the fans: WR Davone Bess is getting a lot of praise in the last couple of months. I've seen video of the practices and he seems to be catching the ball better than the other guys. My question, because I don't know much about the guy, is about his size. He looks very short to me. Can he make an impact in a league where the DBs have now grown 3 to 5 inches taller than they were even a few years ago? I know the Dolphins have traditionally had a lot of success with smaller receivers, ie anyone named Mark, but is this stature still a viable threat now that the defensive makeup has been altered?

Bess looks good in drills, his route running looks good for a rookie too. He's really little as you say, so I wonder how well he can block? The Fins are going to be running the ball a lot..... if he can't block well he'll have a hard time getting on the field... IMO.

That's what I think too, Tommya. I see him operating well on his own, but put a much bigger defender on him, will he get knocked around....although when I visualize a small guy being jammed, i see him bouncing wide open...so who knows.

When I look at the WRs, I see a lot of middle of the road characters, so the depth chart is wide open in my mind. Anyone could get that #3 spot, but I suppose there will be a lot of double TE formations going on come season time, so #3 probably won't be much of a promotion. By the same logic, everyone assumes Ginn Jr is #1, but he's a smaller guy too and what are his blocking skills?

If Davone Bess makes the team I doubt he'll be on the field. He'll be the 5th WR if he makes it, behind Wilford, Ginn, Hagan, and Camarillo, so he'll have plenty of time to work on his blocking if it is a problem. I watched some Hawaii games and all I gotta say is he was Colt Brennan's go to guy for a reason.

Go Fins!

I'm hoping Bess #3, and Camarillo #4, and pass droping Hagan #5/waived

good to here Ronnie's coming along

I doubt the Trifecta will put Bess #3, Phinatic. Especially since Sparano has publicized that he is impressed with Hagan, and Camarillo has been making spectacular catches at OTAs from what I've been reading on the internet. Either way it will probably be a close race, I just dont see Bess even close to winning it.

I doubt the Trifecta will put Bess #3, Phinatic. Especially since Sparano has publicized that he is impressed with Hagan, and Camarillo has been making spectacular catches at OTAs from what I've been reading on the internet. Either way it will probably be a close race, I just dont see Bess even close to winning it.

Yeah I doubt it too, I just hate when I see the ball going in Hagans direction. Got lots of respect for Camarillo, infact I'd like him over Hagan too. But the experts make the decisions and their probably way better informed/time spent watching than me

Matt, how can you say he's not even close when Sparano has been praising him more than the other WRs?

I Bess fast enough to take over for Ginn on returns?

Obviously, I haven't seen any of the OTAs or camp practices, but I'd watched more than one Hawaii game the past 2 years and was very impressed with Bess in college. So, I liked the fact that the Fins signed him as an undrafted FA. Looking at the roster, I believe that he has a legit chance of sticking on the 53.

That being said, I think the decision will come down to whether or not he can play well on special teams. The Fins top 3 receivers will be Wilford, Ginn and Hagan. I know alot of people are down on Hagan and, frankly, his drops have irked me as well. However, for every drop, he also seems to make a nice play. With his size and decent speed, I'm chalking it up to a young receiver going though growing pains. I've often read that it takes until year 3 for a young receiver to truly hit his stride (Braylon Edwards comes to mind). So, I'm not ready to give up on Hagan yet. He certainly needs to play with more consistency and, hopefully, this his year to prove he can.

Therefore, in order for Bess to suit up on sundays, he is going to need to play special teams...whether it be on returns or as a gunner. This is the reason why I see Kirkus making the team...he is a solid special teams guy. If Bess sticks, I see him as a nice, little slot receiver, in the Welker mode. I would love to see him matched up against a LB the way the Pats always seemed to have Welker this past season.

You can't say the 'W' name in this blog, are you crazy? (struggling to breathe)

MJH I gotta agree with you, most deffinetly the 53 man roster, and i'll give Hagan another year. I would alway's say he catches one than drops the next so I would hope lsat year for one throw his direction a game.

Yeah a little slippery guy catching 5 yrd passes underneath and turning them upfield for another 5 to 10, not to mention that was one of Bess's best traits in college yrds after the catch

How is Bess really little? I read that he's 5-10 195 and built very thick? Foster is the little guy, maybe he's the guy everyone is referring to?

Why does anyone want Camarillo to win the #3 spot? That basically says our WRs are in bad shape. The only reason this guy is even mentioned is because of that one play in the Ravens game. As if he's going to make a habit out of making plays like that. Very doubtful.


What is your overall feeling on the QB situation? Who is in the lead? Who are the coaches noticing most? I keep hearing that McCown is in the lead, and Beck can not see well over the O-line and gets balls batted down, gets sacked, etc. etc.

LeCharles Bentley is a no-brainer. They lose nothing by signing him and taking a look. That's the first thing I thought of when I heard the Browns had released him.

from wikipedia (yes I had to look him up):
"On June 10, 2008, The Plain Dealer reported that Bentley had rejoined his team on the practice field after passing his physical and being cleared to practice with the team. "I feel really blessed," Bentley said after partaking in his first Browns practice in 682 days. "The Lord's been really good to me. There's nothing more I can ask for."[6]

On June 11, 2008, LeCharles Bentley's agent, Jonathan Feinsod, reported that Bentley asked for and was granted his release from the Cleveland Browns.[7]"

Are you serious?

Thanks Armando for the coverage on the OTA's this off season, very appreciated. After reading this final addition I ran out and paid $14 for a flat draft beer and some stale nachos! I can't wait for the first kick-off, gawd I love football!

Thanks Armando for the coverage on the OTA's this off season, very appreciated. After reading this final addition I ran out and paid $14 for a flat draft beer and some stale nachos! I can't wait for the first kick-off, gawd I love football!

Anyone who thinks size is the whole story isn't old enough to remember New Englands RB Mini Mac Heron.

See this...against the Dolphins no less.




Ginn = 4.4 speed
Bess = 4.7 speed

so no, he's not fast enough to take over for ginn on KO returns, but everyone's forgetting about Kircus anyway...either the recievers that stick imho are Ginn, hagan (it's the MAGIC 3rd year folks, don't get so close to finally having a polished player and boot him for an undrafted FA!), Kircus, Wilfork, and either Bess, Foster or Camarillo...I'm guessing Bess since everyone in the NCAA world is scratching their heads that he didn't get drafted (I'm sure it had nothing to do with 4.7 40 times :-) )

Ginn runs in the 4.2s

has any of u seen foster on youtube. I think he should be the 4th receiver after hagan.

Our recievers are in bad shape, probably worst in the league. But thats not how I think we'll win football games. And yes I prefer camarillo or Bess over Hagan... have you watched our games the past two years. I'll disagree with anyone who says he even had one impressive or good game, every once in a while the QB throws it to him and then half the time he drops it (usually on 3rd down) and that pass on the ravens game was the happiest time I had last year after leaving the stadium depresed every game, more fans for the other team at our stadium than our own fans. I remember that catch... Hagan I only remember dropped passes

Kircus is cool with me, but you can't tell me that all of a sudden the guy's gonna learn how to catch the ball. I see no performance over two years (especially for a 2nd round pick) yeah I want to get rid of him for a young guy who hasn't failed for me yet even if he wasn't drafted. Plus especially at the reciever position you can't judge by draft position, look at Colston and then Ginn. Colston was 6th or 7th round or something and Ginn was 9 overall and look at the difference in their 1st year performance... In the NFL performance is what matters

Just spent 40 seconds on the cote blog. What a waste. Armando you need to give that man some blogging lessons. On a day the Dolphins held a practice open to the media, the best he could come up with was a poll about how many games the team is going to win. Yeeesh.

Tom Hartman, I admit I was not yet born at that time. However, after some research Mack Herron turns out to have been a running back, so I don't understand your argument. I'm talking about a wide receiver going up for the ball or trying to block against bigger defensive backs. I'm talking about modern football and how everyone is getting bigger on the field, so bringing up a smaller stature player from 35 years ago in a different position doesn't make sense to me.

Sure there are lots of examples of smaller athletes doing well in pro sports...but mugsy bogues didn't play power forward...so why bring him up when discussing crashing the boards?

joe vonda, agreed the cote blog comes across as something he imagines whilst washing his hands after using the loo. That said I used to read his articles religiously when I lived in Miami a gazillion years ago.

Tinshaker, I bet you're glad you left that religion.

Just read the bears roster I think they'll have the worst recievers, top one is Marty Booker after that not much else other than tight ends

Just read the bears roster I think they'll have the worst recievers, top one is Marty Booker after that not much else other than tight ends

Just read the bears roster I think they'll have the worst recievers, top one is Marty Booker after that not much else other than tight ends

Camarillo caught a TD today, according to the Fins website. The coaches have been talking up Camarillo, too, so It isn't completely cut, and dried. We already know he is good on ST, and is plenty big enough to block. I think we will end up with Bess, and either Kircus, or Camarillo, whichever is doing the best on ST. I think Foster ends up on the Practice squad. I think it will be Ginn, Wilford, Hagan, Camarillo, and Bess.

I think the improvements made on the O-Line will magnify who will stick or not at WR. And I also think the improvements made on the O-Line has given the coaching staff a glimpse into what kind of receiver Hagans is, and can be, if they haven't already.

Living in Hawaii I have seen a lot of Hawaii games and as for my opinion Bess should have stayed and played his last year before entering the NFL to gain more experience and really showcase his talent without Colt Brennan.

With that said Bess is known for his great hands and in what he lacks in speed he makes up with his ability to break tackles. He is also a great route runner.

The question on his blocking ability well that's what a lot of his teammates loved about him. He can block and is willing to block for his fellow players. Although we got killed against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl if you have a chance take a look at how Bess handled the bigger players from Georgia.

Should be a surprising but a great year for the Dolphins and I'm looking forward to it.


last time i checked Emmit Smith was what some called slow but had great football speed and as for short recievers i'll take Steve Smith and Hines Ward over most WR's

Mando, I was hoping you would mention Bentley. I'm not sure about the guy but he was good at one time. I have no clue which receivers will be kept and where. I know Ginn and Wilford but I still think beyond that its hazy. Kircus got hurt and the rest have played well except I havent heard jack about Foster

In football, it all starts up front. Whoever the QB is won't matter if the big boys up front can't protect him. Now, I think Beck should be the starter because: 1. He was a second round pick last year. 2. Coaches couldn't really evaluate him on last year with a poor line, injured backs and no go to receiver. 3. Play him to find out if he is your future even if he's not Parcell's "Guy". If he's not then Henne could be but you've gotta give Beck a chance. Now, it seems that McCown is probably performing the best in minicamp but it's only minicamp. Time will tell but it sounds like he's possibly the frontrunner with his minicamp performances but he is not the future franchise QB and it's realistic to wonder if any one of these guys is the real answer. But what the Dolphins could use is a Jeremy Shockey playing tight end. Trade away Jason Taylor to the Giants for Shockey. I think that would be a fair trade and could benefit both teams.

Regarding a RB from 35 years ago, the principle is the same....don't you think people were telling him he was too small to burst through a defensive line of players twice his size??

The Dolphins receiving corps has stunk for years and years and continues to. The last great receiver we had was Irving Fryar, and we had to get him from the Pats.Actually the last great receiver we had was Wes Welker, and we GAVE HIM to the Pats.

It's been a long time, and it isn't a franchise with a track record for paying free agents to come in and rescue things. We'll have to hope we lose enough to keep getting good drafts I guess.


Why do you guys keep mentioning Welker? It gives me heartburn when I hear that name. Biggest mistake the Dolphins have made in terms of player personnel in the last 5 years imho. You don't let go of your big play makers, something the phins have lacked big time lately.

Yes Tom, I remember the Fryar days but remember we got him in the sunset of his career and he had Marino to throw to him. If we had an arm like Marino on the team today we would have WR's lining up to join the team.

Remember last year half the passes were thrown short/into the turf/out of bounds. Doesn't matter how good the receivers are if you can't get the ball to them. I think half the drops last season were because the receivers were surprised the ball got to them.

quick response to vesty05's post. I think your 3 points are good reasons to give the guy a fresh start as far as examining his potential, but not good reasons to make him the starter. I didn't see any validity to your argument. Bottom line, whoever shows in pre-season the best leadership qualities, mental toughness, desire to win, and makes the fewest mistakes should be the starter. We will be a running team this year, so we need a guy who isn't going to screw up on the passing plays, has the best play-action roll-outs (cough-henne-cough), and can take a snap without fumbling which I think none of the QBs could do last year. Basically I think fundamentals are more important than draft order/pay check size/years in the league etc.

I live on Oahu and am a University of Hawaii season ticket holder. Bess is a bit small but VERY shifty and has hand of glue. The guy has an amazing work ethic. Before 7am practices, he was frequently spotted, all by himself, as early as 5am, draggin out the ball throwing machine out to the practice feild. A full hour before any coaches even showed up. This kid was a steal for the Dolphins and I would not be suprized if he lands a contibuting role (as a reciver)this season.

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