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Things to address while on vacation

The Dolphins are officially on vacation now and although some rookies will be around the facility during the early part of July, most players won't be back until later in the month.

But just because everyone's on vacay doesn't mean stuff should not be happening. The Dolphins have work to do in certain areas over the next few weeks. And although not every issue will be fully resolved by the start of training camp, it wouldn't hurt the team to consider its options.

The issues?

1. Getting healthy: Miami needs to get cornerback Michael Lehan, linebacker Channing Crowder, guard Steve McKinney, and running back Ronnie Brown as close to 100 percent as possible.

Lehan suffered a significant ankle sprain during recent OTA action and was expected to be out about a month. That still puts him within reach of being ready for the start of camp but he obviously has to get treatment consistently to accomplish that.

Brown got his most work of the offseason in the last week of OTA work, taking snaps with the first-team offense in team drills rather than being limited to individual drills as he was earlier. But Brown still isn't 100 percent. The hope is another month of strength building and treatment and TIME will help the surgically repaired knee. I don't think you'll see him taking too many hits in training camp -- maybe not even the first preseason game. But he needs to show by the second or third preseason game he's ready to play because, otherwise, he would be showing he's not ready for the season.

Crowder is still not 100 percent following late-season knee surgery. He needs to get better for the team's as well as his sakes. Obviously Miami brought in a pair of veteran inside linebackers in Reggie Torbor and Akin Ayodele so Crowder will have to compete if he wants to retain his starting job. Then he is hoping to set himself up for a new contract and that cannot happen on the sideline. Finally, from a team perspective, a healthy Crowder makes the defense better and, at the minimum, improves depth.

As for McKinney, see a couple of paragraphs down.

2. Sign remaining rookies:

The Dolphins have three draft picks that remain unsigned -- second-rounders Chad Henne and Phillip Merling and third rounder Kendall Langford. None has missed mandatory minicamps or OTA days because of contract issues so the is hope the negotiations will be efficient and productive. But it is clear Miami cannot afford to let any of these three guys miss any significant amount of training camp time, so it is imperative they are present and accounted for at the opening of camp.

3. Fill the vacant guard spot.

Miami's OL seems pretty much set in four of the five spots -- with LT Jake Long, RT Vernon Carey, C Samson Satele, and G Justin Smiley looking solid. The problem is Smiley, a natural right guard, has been working at both sides and the side where he ain't is a question mark.

If Smiley lands at right guard, where he is more comfy, that leaves the possibility of putting two relatively inexperienced players to man the left side. If you put Smiley, a vet, at left guard, his experience would help Long but what about RG?

This won't get resolved before the start of camp, but it is an issue that needs monitoring. Veteran Steve McKinney, who would be a good veteran fill at LG, said recently he would be ready for the start of training camp "even if I'm not 100 percent." McKinney, added recently, is still recovering from knee surgery that forced him to miss most of 2007.

That is all for now. I will be out of the country starting Sunday evening for 10 days. Spare me the don't come back jokes. You will have one final opportunity to talk Dolphins football with me if you want.

I will be on 790-AM The Ticket Sunday morning from 9-11 to talk sports with you. So call me from anywhere in the US at 1-888-790-3776. And if you are not in So. Fla. you can listen on the web at 790theticket.com.


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Good luck on the telemundo interview.

Stay out of the country, and this is not a joke.

hey Mando

longtime Blog reader, longtime poster...just noticing the Blog headline says, "No taboo subjects".

you've deleted my post before for saying parts of the govt were responsible for 9/11. so, in truth are there 'taboo subjects' that will get deleted?

If I call your "prime time" show, will you edit my comments then hang up on me?

Hey Shawn, this is a sports blog, not a forum for your leftist political crap. I have ignored that part of your posts, because I prefer to keep politics on the political blogs, not here. I only reply now because you are actively seeking to foist of your opinions on the rest of us. If you want to discuss your Lyndon LaRoushe(not sure on the spelling, but you know who I mean) conspiracy theory stuff, there are plenty of fellow Kool-Aid drinkers on the net. Leave that stuff out of our sports blog, please. I will not be continuing this conversation after this post, so reply if you wish to, I am not going to discuss it further here.

Shawn is just an idiot and retard. He can't help it.

hey tree--i'm a lefty, & shawn ain't no lefty, just a kook. & you are right--no politics, more football. How about lecharles bentley as a free agent pick up for guard spot?

Calling him nasty names isn't much better. If you notice, I never once called him any name, just commented on his political statements. That is one thing that bugs me here, that we can't have any kind of disagreement without resorting to calling each other Tards, or kooks, or worse. I have no personal animosity towards him, I just don't like the political crap being brought into this forum. If it is obvious I disagree with him, that is beside the point. I would say about the same thing, albeit with a more positive spin, if I actually agreed with him. I just would like to see us act a little more mature when dealing with each other. You know?

As for Bentley, we have to ask ourselves why he was let go. If it was a cap move, beauty. If it was a conditioning, personality, or physical issue, that is another.

Why not a trade for shockey involving Taylor???? i think nyg could convince JT to play 2 years , fills Strahan void , fills out TE void for us, just wondering ?
The right has a Lefty running cause the Right has left us as big buisness slaves,
sorry couldnt help it !

Tree, the problem is that there is no age limit on any of these blogs. That's not always a bad thing because this is America. But I always see those posts and have to remind myself that it is just a kid, and to ignore him/her. It's easy to forget about the age difference when you can't see the people you are talking to. I can't imagine that adults would resort to name calling to make a point but you never know.

Mando or any other fin fans!

I just heard that the Dolphins are going to make a play for LeCharles Bentley? Have you heard anything?? I think that might be a good pick up for us. Missed two years, but he is only 28, and a top Guard or Center. Has anyone else heard this?

Hey Shawn your an idiot. Hey maybe mando will do the whole country a favor and bring Shawn in his siutcase and leave him where ever he is off to.

Bentley just about had his leg amputated because of the injury in 2006. I would think that he is just as risky as the bad boys we were discussing this past week.
The Dolphins don't have time for reclamation projects and I haven't read where he has been cut by the browns yet.
We need youth, and people we can develop. Not a guy with one leg.

yeah Shawn keep your wtc7 on the X-files fan website, its a sports blog not a conspiracy blog.

The whole Shockey thing... if he's unhappy on the giants where he wants to be more of a pass catcher less of a run/pass blocker. Every passing play he'd have to pass block and you'd know we'd want one of the leagues best blocking TE blocking on the running plays this year (I'm assuming/hoping alot of running plays).He'd have to block even more, although he'd probably get more passes in his direction without playing on the same team as Burres. He would still not be happy nor want to play here, and probably be screaming at the quarterback in every huddle. He's only got one player on his mind not one team and thats been evident for years even with his talent...

I'll take one more year with JT's pass rush shielding our suspect linebackers/secondary (mainly corners our safteys seem good)

plus good practice with Long/Merling/Langford

Hey, Scott, I understand that those making comments like that are probably younger bloggers, I was just hoping that with a little neg feedback they may cut it out, to seem older. Don't underestimate the capacity of older people to resort to that type of behavior. Just look at what the Hollywood crowd says about our Govt. lol. NO, I am not starting anything, just making the most blatant point. Immature behavior comes from all age groups.

Man i hope ronnie is ready to go, with him and ricky possibly behind a solid line our offense could really click. Any news on the dolphins and Bentley Armando?

wow, what a response! bring it fellas...thanks for the ad-hominen statement Tree.

believe me, if you guys would take 20 minutes to look into it, you would find some serious questions regarding the evidence of 9/11.

just one for example, the smoking gun, is;

how did a 50 story building, World Trade Center Tower 7, collapse at free fall speed, symetrically, with no resistance, in its own footprint, without any plane hitting it on 9/11? If anyone has a real answer to this I will NEVER post another word about it again. Promise.

Go Phins!

Armando, Smiley played LG his rookie year. Sure it's an adjustment to move back there if he even does, but it's always good to have guys who are versatile and have experience playing multiple positions. I think we make too much out of left side, right side sometimes. If a guy works at one side for 3 weeks or more, I think he'll get it. It's not rocket science.

Any word on the Dolphins possible interest in Bentley?

Tree2691 loves George Bush. He knows he does. You can just feel it. Go Dolphins!!!


Armando, what do you think about giving LeCharles Bentley a shot at the open guard job? Obviously his injury history is pretty bad lately and you could never bank on him being a starter, but if the price were right it'd be worth the risk in my mind.

By the way, I haven't been following the blog that closely so if this possibility has already been brought up by you, then my bad.

Tree2691--your right wing fanaticism has as little place on this blog as anyone else's supposed left-wing leanings. Please stop acting as if everything Bush & his minions state about 9/11 or anything else is gospel. When you stop preaching the Bush party line, this blog will return to form. The "Hollywood crowd"-- you mean those liberal Jews, right? What a hypocrite--you ask others to refrain from politics or name-calling, and then you use that most obvious of right-wing buzz phrases. Also, maybe some of us think that "the Hollywood crowd" is right. Regardless, don't keep spouting right-wing taliking points and then say you wish the blog wasn't political. You and the rest of the 25%of the populace that still worship at the Altar of Bush & think "the Govt" can do no wrong should stop trying to suppress the rest of us from expressing our distrust of authority, esp. the current regime of liars & knaves.
I also think we should get Bentley if he's reasonably healthy, as he (like McKinny) can also back-up center just in case.

People this is a dolphin Blog keep to football nobody here cares about your dumb comments or your insults and Shawn the " No Taboo subjects " means no taboo subject about the dolphins so yes it was inside job if that is what you want to hear. whatever! now please talk about the dolphins.

Predictator what are you doing here anyway? if you hate this place and this guy so much what are you doing here? if armando is so bad what are you doing here?

I will not call anyone names but you all need to grow up.
Why is it so hard to just stay on topic. I will not be responding anymore to these negative comments.
Armando you should just delete everything that does not have to do with football including this post that I wrote. I come here for perspective on football and the dolphins and I believe most people do too. we that enjoy this blog would rather read about the dolphins whether its positive or negative not all this other CRA@ that these others spew. So please delete this post and all the other stupid ones so that this can be an enjoyable experience.

Hey Armando,

Any reason why there hasn't been any discussion on a Chad J. for JT trade? The Bengals have this "Win Now" slogan which is what JT also mentioned he wants. Having C.J. along with Wilford and Ginn Jr. seems to me like a nice trio. Just wondering.

Big NO to Chad or any other problem winey babies.

Damn people, NO Chad Johnson, NO Jeremy Suckey, NO LC Bentley, no more broken-down, washed-up, bad-attitude losers on our Dolphins. They aren't going to help, that's why the teams they are with now don't want them any more. Did you notice how much it helped the Giants when Suckey finally got hurt and was forced out of the picture? I'd rather have Kevin Boss than him, but the Gs aren't giving him up for anything, because he is a productive, young, team player who helps them win instead of causing problems and undermining the QB.

We have finally started building through the draft, and we just have to keep doing it. Let it take two more years and result in a homegrown team that wins, instead of going back to the band-aid free agent approach that got us to 1-15.

Hey HK zero chance of that happening. The Bungles turned down 2 number 1's from Washington on draft day for CJ. They're not going to trade him straight up for JT.

We heartily agree with "finfan"--all his posts should be deleted immediately.

Why would JT want to go to the Bengals? That team is a mess.

here it is straight from wikipedia, there is your answer, so stop posting your nonsense. how can people like you think that the government would kill 2,750 of there own people just to go to war with iraq? and as for the whole only being there for oil argument, i think the $4.00 gas prices should put an end to that argument.

As the North Tower collapsed on September 11, 2001, debris hit 7 World Trade Center, causing heavy damage to the south face of the building.[3] The bottom portion of the building's south face was heavily damaged from debris, including damage to the southwest corner from the 8th to 18th floors, a large vertical gash on the center-bottom extending at least ten floors, and other damage as high as the 18th floor.[3] The building was equipped with a sprinkler system, but had many single-point vulnerabilities for failure: the sprinkler system required manual initiation of the electrical fire pumps, rather than being fully automatic system; the floor-level controls had a single connection to the sprinkler water riser; and the sprinkler system required some power for the fire pump to deliver water. Also, water pressure was low, with little or no water to feed sprinklers.[27][28]

After the North Tower collapsed, some firefighters entered 7 World Trade Center to search the building. They attempted to extinguish small pockets of fire, but low water pressure hindered their efforts.[29] A massive fire burned into the afternoon on the 11th and 12th floors of 7 World Trade Center, the flames visible on the east side of the building.[30][31] During the afternoon, fire was also seen on floors 6–10, 13–14, 19–22, and 29–30.[3] At approximately 2:00 p.m., firefighters noticed a bulge in the southwest corner of 7 World Trade Center between the 10th and 13th floors, a sign that the building was unstable and might collapse.[32] During the afternoon, firefighters also heard creaking sounds coming from the building.[33] Around 3:30 pm FDNY Chief Daniel Nigro decided to halt rescue operations, surface removal, and searches along the surface of the debris near 7 World Trade Center and evacuate the area due to concerns for the safety of personnel.[34][32] At 5:20 p.m. EDT on September 11, 2001, 7 World Trade Center collapsed. There were no casualties associated with the collapse.

political banter making weaker...can't take much more
*punts political bloggers to CNBC website inside lead box to avoid kryptonite like affects*

need sports injection...switch to fantasy footbal website with latest power rankings...
*my strength returns*

wow that was pretty dramatic phinatic, you should star on a soap opera. i will stop with the political stuff, i just wanted shawn to shut up with his conspirasy theory.

oops i spelled conspiracy wrong, i know the grammer police will be after me for that.

Guys, enough with the stupid political stuff. What does any of this have to do with the Dolphins? Anything at all?

Death to all right wingers and the Bush administrations supporters.

f*ck you hippie

There. Hopefully everyone got that crap out of their system. I agree with you, Finfan. Erase it all. The only reason I responded was to get him to quit it. You already know how I feel about off topic stuff, but he has had the same signature forever. My signature everywhere else has political connotations, but I don't use it here, because this place isn't about that.

I admit I don't really know much about Bentley, but it seems to me if he was recovered sufficiently from such a heinous injury, the Browns would have kept him.

Bengals GM says: "Let's see.... Two first round draft picks from a team in the other conference, or a Good DE, admittedly in his last year?" Knowing the Bungles' history, they may go for it.lol.

Didn't we just let Jeremy Shockey go last year? Seems to me the Rams signed him, didn't they?

I believe we are headed in the right direction by building through the draft. We don't have to win the super bowl this year ( though it would be nice).

I hate everyone.

me too

It was definitely an inside job. Down with the idiot Bush and all the Republicans, go Dolphins!!!!

If you don't love yourself, you will hate everyone...work on your own inner peace and it will change your life and others around you.

sdFinFan, sincere thanks for the attempt in explaining the collapse. This does not explain the symetrical collapse at free fall speed (7-8 seconds) with no resistance. have you seen the video- wtc7.net . all sides of the building come down at the same time, with the center (penthouse) initiating first. classic controlled demolition. And no there were not major fires, NIST (governing body in charge of explaining the collapse) in their report said there were only a few fires. They further said the explanation, hypothesis, of fire (from the desiel fuel tanks) had a low probability of occurence...

Since you quoted Wikipedia, here is the quote from the same page you quoted-

"Loss of structural integrity was likely a result of weakening caused by fires on the 5th to 7th floors. The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time. Although the total diesel fuel on the premises contained massive potential energy, the best hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence. Further research, investigation, and analyses are needed to resolve this issue. [Ch. 5, p. 31.]"

Never before in the history of steel structures has a fire caused a collapse of a steel structure, building. Yet on September 11th 3 buildings collapsed from fire.

check it out for yourself...

ok shawn,
here is the link to a poplular mechanics article on all of your "conspiracy theories." you told me to give you a reason and i gave you two. if you still believe that the government would kill so many people just to go to war, then so be it. this is the United States and everyone is entitled to their opinion. but one last thing, you say that it doesn't look right how the tower fell, but really what does look right about two jets hitting towers? it's not like it's an every day occurrence. i would think that logic would tell you that a tower falling coincidentally like a controlled blast is a little less peculiar than the government spending millions of dollars and so many american lives just to go to war. but like i said it is your right to have your own opinion and i am currently serving to defend that right.



Believe me, I have plenty of military background and family, immediate and otherwise, in the military. I think most families do. I don't think it is a matter of patriotism. There are some serious unanswered questions about 9/11. Having 3 sky scrapers collapse, all at 3 fall speed, is extremely interesting and peculiar. It is not a matter of coincendence. There are engineers and a lot smarter people than me that think the collapses and the official story of a pancake collapse defy physics. you can find there statements here - www.ae911truth.org

there are hundreds of politicians, military officials, professors, news personalities, etc who believe the official story is a lie. you can find them here - patriotsquestion911.com

My point is, there are serious unanswered questions about the evidence of 9/11. Have you ever really looked into it? For such an important event, a trigger, that was used to launch wars against Afghanistan, Iraq (illegal) and the war on the American people (Patriot Act & Habeas Corpus) I believe it is up to you and me and each citizen to look at the evidence.

Here are some of the most important questions-

1. How come Bin Laden is not being sought for the 9/11 crime? http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten/fugitives/laden.htm

The FBI confirmed it is not seeking Bin Laden for this crime b/c there is no hard evidence tying him to 9/11.

2. WTC 2 collapse before tower 1 even though tower 1 was hit first. Tower 1 was hit at it's center, core, and Tower 2 was hit on the side of the building.

3. There is no large plane wreckage in front of the Pentagon from the 757 that hit it. Taking from the official story, the 757 that hit the pentagon flew over a highway, parallel and 5 to 10 feet above the ground and impacted
the pentagon between the 1st and 2nd floor. Parallel and only 5 to 10 feet above the ground without hitting the ground! wow, the plane was flown by an amatuer pilot. Official story tells us the plane vaporized. no jet fuel fires.

4. All four hijacked planes flew for an average of 40 minutes, 1 hour 50 minutes total, without any fighter jet intercept over NY and Washington. As you are aware, NY and Washington are some of the most protected airspace in the world.

5. Where is the plane wreckage from the plane crash in Shanksville, PA? in pictures and video all you see is a small ditch with no fires, plane debris, seats, bodies, etc.?

Did you know Al Qaeda, Mujahideen, was created by the CIA during the resistance in Afghanistan against the U.S.S.R. invasion in 1978? Bin Laden, on record, was collaborating with the CIA. I am sure you already know the ties the papa Bush and baby Bush have with the Bin Laden family.

You can find the summary of all this info at the most watched video on you tube here-

If you do not feel it is important to look into this evidence then so be it. I appreciate your conversation though...


"I thought we addressed this a few weeks ago: If you need topics to report on Mando, I will give you some ideas! 1) you could address the guard Bently and actually pick up a phone to an agent or your dolphin insiders. 2) you could give something on the special teams prospects we have this year since the phins where the worst in the NFL last year. 3) you could actually update us on the Michael Lehan's ankle. 4) you could address the rumor that crowder is not on the short list to start this season (which would be another high draft pick potentially gone from the roster). 5) Any report on the jets, bills, and or pats (since they are in our division) would be nice to discuss and learn from an "insider". 6) Salary cap update. 7) the progress of Phil Mereling or Henne signings?

Love ya man, but you gotta step it up or risk being marginal!
Posted by: Johnny Jets Hater | June 14, 2008 at 11:33 AM"

This is unbelievable that he would do this without even mentioning or crediting me with the ideas for his updated posts!




Vacation?????? Shouldnt the QBs be working their butts off in order to get it right????

Bentley was physically cleared to play. He had never given the browns what they paid for and they like his dependable replacement. If you have a good solid group then why change the line chemistry?

Bentley was a fantastic player and it never hurts to give him a try-out. I like our line except we need a strong guard. I'm not really too sure about McKinney to be totally honest.

I don't think Shockey is the answer. First he may not fit with 2 of our QBs.

Beck- inexperienced,takes sacks and throws lots of ints, and is still unsure of himself. Throw in a guy who is constantly berating him, yelling, sulking and crying and Beck will have major problems dealing with Shockey. Can you imagine him hearing " I was wide open and if you had thrown to me we would have won!" Too much for Beck.

Henne- probably could handle Shockey but there is the possiblity that early he would use Shockey as a crutch. Maybe other problems dealing with Shockey's innumerable social failings.

Lastly, Shockey always wants the ball and hates blocking. This team is going to run all day long. He will cause trouble and will cost a lot of money while not fitting into the Parcells philosophy.

I love Shockey's abilities and he was a personal fav of mine during the last glory days of the Hurricanes but he's not a good fit here.

good God, Shawn, you are such a F@&#$% idiot and a sleazeball. Quit taking acid and get a life.

Well well well, I haven't seen a blog-hijacking like this one in months!

Dolphins related stuff - I agree Shockey would be a great talent to add to the roster, but also agree that if he would be required to block more in Miami, then he wouldn't be interested. However, I'd also remind both sides of the argument that most football teams have on their rosters a guy who's a better blocker, and a guy who's a better route runner, etc. There is such a thing called variety and substitution, etc. That said, JT is not going to be traded, so can we stop talking about it? He's going to play for the Dolphins and retire as a Dolphin. End of story.

As for all the trade/free agent ideas floating out there, they all seem to be for known trouble makers and injury-prone vets. It's like you're going to a car lot, telling the salesman you need a pick-up truck, he shows you one with a good price but says it's got a busted transmission, and you saying, I don't care about that, I NEED a pick-up truck, and it's in my budget, give it to me.

Sometimes filling a need without thinking of the consequences can lead to more NEEDS than you started with, such as NEEDING to get rid of that busted pick-up ASAP and then still needing another one. It's not a good investment, and it might only run for a month.

I also agree with the left vs right guard point someone else made, if you can play one, you should be able to play the other, it is NOT rocket science, just small adjustment.

The Miami Herald is laying off a bunch of people.... and they're keeping you? Sad.

Also, Armando, why do you hardly ever address the player related questions the commenters ask of you? You're supposed to be our eyes on the inside. Barry Jackson's article (http://www.miamiherald.com/616/story/570724.html) mentioned Hagan as being the most impressive WR in OTAs thus far according to players and officials. About a hundred questions about Hagan's offseason performance have been asked in the blog comment sections and you never once mentioned anything relating to this.

maybe all those videos of plane crashes were fabricated too. I personally think that planes never crash they're actually abducted by aliens who our goverment has a treaty with. But in order to get the aliens to agree to the treaty we had to give them around 3000 people so we needed a cover story. Whenever you see a plane crash its in a ocean all you see is debris no bodys. So every year we give them some live humans for them to do experiments on and create a cover story. But thats a small price to pay since they gave us a machine to control the weather... which Al Gore used to create global warming since hes actually a robot spy who works for the aliens

This could be one of the worst blogs in existence, ever. Did I just read an article talking about a player who never made the team getting a DUI, and the "journalist" is proud he that he know the guy was never going to make the team - a year later? I don't understand how a major city can have such poor sports journalism, I am starting to miss the Fozzie Bear looking guy already, pathetic.


Do you have any government footage of Hurricane Katrina? I believe that the government thought that there were not enough lives lost in 2001 so there was a CIA plot to kill thousands more. So in area 51, they built a wheather machine, underground, using the top agricultural engineers. This also explains the recent fatalities in America's heartland. Comming up next..the bird flu mixed with a version of the Andromeda strain may hit the east coast in 2009. Oh Brother



My spelling is about as off as your theory


Get over it....Bush was elected (not selected)... If you are such a sore loser, try your crap in Iran. Good Luck

Personally, I have inside information that it was a vengeful JFK behind the whole 911 thing. See, he is part warewolf and the bullet(s) weren't made of silver, so he lived. The man who had tried to assasinate him worked in one of the trade towers, but JFK wasn't sure where. So he took out both towers. Unfortuatley, JFK missed him, so he followed him to New Orleans where he sabatoged the levies. Now he's hunting the would be assasin in Iowa. Legend has it, Mr Kennedy will continue his path of carnage until he gets man. And the scariest thing is the government is funding the whole project as a way of reducing population. If you need proof, read the following links- Ifyoubeleiveeverythingyouseeontheinternetyourdumb.com

Seeing is believing.

Tococane- all very plausible arguments. I am now a beleiver. Where should I send my money?

You have no idea how distracted you are from the truth of what our tax dollars pay for. Depending on who your source is our tax dollars (basically the people), military & political heads, are responsible for 100,000 to 1,000,000 murdered innocent humans in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the same mind set, military industrial complex, that was responsible for killing over 220,000 humans in 2 days in Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

wake up or stay asleep, I guess that's your choice. better to die for something than to live for nothing...

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