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Things to address while on vacation

The Dolphins are officially on vacation now and although some rookies will be around the facility during the early part of July, most players won't be back until later in the month.

But just because everyone's on vacay doesn't mean stuff should not be happening. The Dolphins have work to do in certain areas over the next few weeks. And although not every issue will be fully resolved by the start of training camp, it wouldn't hurt the team to consider its options.

The issues?

1. Getting healthy: Miami needs to get cornerback Michael Lehan, linebacker Channing Crowder, guard Steve McKinney, and running back Ronnie Brown as close to 100 percent as possible.

Lehan suffered a significant ankle sprain during recent OTA action and was expected to be out about a month. That still puts him within reach of being ready for the start of camp but he obviously has to get treatment consistently to accomplish that.

Brown got his most work of the offseason in the last week of OTA work, taking snaps with the first-team offense in team drills rather than being limited to individual drills as he was earlier. But Brown still isn't 100 percent. The hope is another month of strength building and treatment and TIME will help the surgically repaired knee. I don't think you'll see him taking too many hits in training camp -- maybe not even the first preseason game. But he needs to show by the second or third preseason game he's ready to play because, otherwise, he would be showing he's not ready for the season.

Crowder is still not 100 percent following late-season knee surgery. He needs to get better for the team's as well as his sakes. Obviously Miami brought in a pair of veteran inside linebackers in Reggie Torbor and Akin Ayodele so Crowder will have to compete if he wants to retain his starting job. Then he is hoping to set himself up for a new contract and that cannot happen on the sideline. Finally, from a team perspective, a healthy Crowder makes the defense better and, at the minimum, improves depth.

As for McKinney, see a couple of paragraphs down.

2. Sign remaining rookies:

The Dolphins have three draft picks that remain unsigned -- second-rounders Chad Henne and Phillip Merling and third rounder Kendall Langford. None has missed mandatory minicamps or OTA days because of contract issues so the is hope the negotiations will be efficient and productive. But it is clear Miami cannot afford to let any of these three guys miss any significant amount of training camp time, so it is imperative they are present and accounted for at the opening of camp.

3. Fill the vacant guard spot.

Miami's OL seems pretty much set in four of the five spots -- with LT Jake Long, RT Vernon Carey, C Samson Satele, and G Justin Smiley looking solid. The problem is Smiley, a natural right guard, has been working at both sides and the side where he ain't is a question mark.

If Smiley lands at right guard, where he is more comfy, that leaves the possibility of putting two relatively inexperienced players to man the left side. If you put Smiley, a vet, at left guard, his experience would help Long but what about RG?

This won't get resolved before the start of camp, but it is an issue that needs monitoring. Veteran Steve McKinney, who would be a good veteran fill at LG, said recently he would be ready for the start of training camp "even if I'm not 100 percent." McKinney, added recently, is still recovering from knee surgery that forced him to miss most of 2007.

That is all for now. I will be out of the country starting Sunday evening for 10 days. Spare me the don't come back jokes. You will have one final opportunity to talk Dolphins football with me if you want.

I will be on 790-AM The Ticket Sunday morning from 9-11 to talk sports with you. So call me from anywhere in the US at 1-888-790-3776. And if you are not in So. Fla. you can listen on the web at 790theticket.com.


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ok shawn now you p*ssed me off, those innocent people that you speak of are trained terrorists. you said you have friends or family in the military, have any of them been to iraq or afganistan? if so, ask them how many people including little kids they saw throwing rocks, and whatever else they could get their hands on at the U.S. troops. it is not like we went there for no reason. we got a very sick and demented terrorist in hussain out of there. so before you and the rest of the stupid liberal democrats start talking cr*p about how we are there for no reason, maybe you should go there and see what it's like. has bush made mistakes? sure, but who wouldn't make any mistakes if they were in his shoes. he is in a position where he can't please everybody and has to do the right thing. and with the whole Japan thing, they freaking bombed Pearl Harbor, what were we supposed to do? you can't blame the goverment for everything in life, if you want to change it go to school and be a governer, senator or use one of the thousands of other options at our disposal.

sdFinFan said, "they freaking bombed Pearl Harbor, what were we supposed to do?"

wow, if you think bombing Pearl Harbor is on par with droping a nucleur bomb on 2 cities and vaporizing over 200,000 humans in an instant you need to really think about your own humanity.

you said, "those innocent people that you speak of are trained terrorists."

nope, the 100,000 to 1,000,000 humans murdered during this illegal occupation were not trained terrorists. They are what the govt calls collateral damage and in reality they are innocent humans, families, you and me. bombs are indiscrimately dropped on their houses, whole neighborhoods get wiped out. Simply because they are not American does not mean they are any lessor human beings. No, they are not terrorists, catchy word though.

Al Qeada is only responsible for a small portion of the attacks against US troops. The remaining portion are groups fighting for their country, they are not terrorists. If a occupying force busted into your house would you fight back?

you said, "has bush made mistakes? sure, but who wouldn't make any mistakes if they were in his shoes. he is in a position where he can't please everybody and has to do the right thing."

wow again, believe me it is much bigger than George W Bush, he is just a figurehead. And, you would except the leader of the free world to be the most wise, careful and thoughtful with his descisions due to the fact he influences the world population.

As far as doing the right thing, well if you think the right thing is illegally, pre-emptively, invading a sovereign country based on lies and fixed intelligence leading to the murder of hundreds of thousands...

bummer your pissed, at least I gotcha thinkin


this blog , esp. this entry's comments page has turned to shit. I'm not on hear to talk conspiracy theory and politics. I go on other fing blogs for that. I'm here to discuss the Dolphins. Just swap screen names or email addresses and converse that way. BTW The whol;e Ron Paul fad is gettign really old. Esp. the part where his online nerds post on thousands of blogs and vote a million time in onlien polls.

Shawn you think people care or that talking in a Dolphins blog will wake the proper visionary. Yes, our government covers up a LOT of bad stuff. All governments do and have done so throughout history.

The vast majority can be manipulated very easily and we live in a democracy so that shouldn't give you much hope. Bush was re-elected if that proves anything.

Now I have said way too much(this just gives you more reason to spew on a sports blog). I just watched last years worst NBA team win it all. It is completely different than football but it gives me hope.

i am not gonna get into a political debate with you, like i said everyone is entitled to their opinion, thats what some of my good friends have died for. obviously we are not going to agree on this and i could spend hours upon hours of time debating with you, but honestly whats the point. that is the beauty of living in this country, people can form their own opinions about things.

If you think our government is so corrupt, "shawn", move the f*ck out of the country, see how you like it somewhere else. You don't call them f*cks that killed thousands of americans terrorists? Who the h*ll are you?

Shawn, where are your stats coming from? You mention "100,000 to 1,000,000 people die..." that's a pretty big range. That's like me saying "1 - 1,000,000,000 people think you're a schmuck." (by the way, the actual number is closer to the latter figure.)

We didn't start world war 2. The Japanese were teamed with Hitler and the Axis. It is estimated that a ground war in Japan could have cost another 500,000 American Lives, and an equal amount of Japanese. You forget how many millions of people HAD ALREADY died in that war. Do the math, which is worse? We did not ask to be in the war, but we did end it. In the exact same situation, given the exact same choice, would you have made a different choice?

You speak of collateral damage. You make it sound like we are over there blowing civillians up. You never ONCE noted that it is THEIR little old ladies strapping bombs on their backs to blow up THEIR schools, or THEIR kids marching into THEIR churches to blow up worshippers. This is just another spin put on so you can throw out "facts" and try to sway people to your oppinion. Who is responsible for these "100,000 to 1,000,000" casuallities? You're entitled to your own oppinion, not your own facts.

Athos, it is not my range it is a range of different studies on the civilian death toll in Iraq. Look it up, it's not hard to find. The US govt does not release these figures for obvious reasons.

You say this is just another spin I put out, no, these are actual murders and yes our military murders civilians. The #'s have nothing to do with me. We have for along time and we continue to kill civilians. So, pick the # your comfortable with. how many dead civilians are enough for an illegal occupation based on lies?

here are my sources, you can find more, they will fall in the 100K to 1 million range...

IraqBodyCount.org -- which maintains and updates a public database of violent civilian deaths during and since the 2003 invasion -- has documented that between 84,000 and 93,000 Iraqi civilians who have died from violence.

A 2006 study -- conducted by Iraqi physicians and epidemiologists from Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. -- estimated that more than 655,000 Iraqis had died. About 601,000 were thought to have died from violence, with the rest from disease and other causes.

The estimate that over a million Iraqis have died received independent confirmation from a prestigious British polling agency in September 2007. Opinion Research Business estimated that 1.2 million Iraqis have been killed violently since the US invasion.

and for the other dude, no Iraq didn't kill the people in New York, there was not terrorism in Iraq before we got there...why would I leave the country if our govt has been hijacked by people that do not care whatsoever for the citizenry.

I'm fighting for you the common man, you just can't see it...you are not the govt's priority. foreign policy decisions are based on markets and special interests...

SdFinFan, It has been good talkin with ya, good luck.


That's 15 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Sean, you have to remember a large portion of the people killed in Iraq during this war have been killed by their own people blowing themselves up in public malls, churches and stores, not by our military. You asked if someone invaded the US would I fight them, absolutely, however, I wouldn't ask my aging mother to strap a bomb to herself then walk into a church and blow it up to get them to leave.

You are absolutely correct that the US covers up crap constantly, but don't you think a conspiracy this large, and trust me, it would take hundreds of people to pull this off, someone would talk? You'd have to not only kill everyone in NY but all of the passangers of flight 97 as well as the people in the plane you say didn't hit the Pentagon in cold blood. Someone would have talked by now, and yet no one has. Unless of course we killed everyone involved with the consipiracy as well.

This was the act of a deranged group of people that saw an opportunity to strike at the US and pulled it off nearly flawlessly. It sucks but it really happened.

Stunned, yes I agree. Those civilians murdered were not all from US forces. and there wouldn't be a war in Iraq if we hadn't invaded. According to some studies, will provide you if you want, up to 2 million people have lost there homes and have been displaced. My point is murdering civilians, destroying a country and making refugees out of a large portion of innocent civilians because of reasons based on lies and deception is a very terrible thing. I do not think the occupation is for freedom or for our security it is for special interest groups (oil/ Halliburton, etc.), defense companies and as a strategic location to have permanent bases (see Grand Chessboard, Zigbinew Brizenski).

As far as someone talking. That is one of the questions I have. You would think someone would talk. If you take out any preconceptions and just look at the actual events of 9/11 as a whole it is very interesting. This was a VERY sophisticated operation. If you ask most experts on this type of thing, the 9/11 operation points more to a govt back intelligence agency then a rag tag group of cave dwellers. Basically, 19 hijackers were able to hit 75% of their targets, flying commercial airliners, cripple the worlds most secure air defense system armed with only box cutters. (official story) The 4 hijacked planes, after being hijacked, flew over the NE with military bases scattered below, for an average of 40 minutes each and a total of 1 hour 50 minutes without NO FIGHTER JET INTERCEPT. think about that. The average time F-15s are scrambled and intercept hijack planes in the past is 15 to 20 minutes. ALL four planes lasted 40 minutes each, partly flying over Washington and New York. (official story) Did you know, there were 9 training excercies going on on the morning of 9/11 showing hijacked planes and some involving flying planes into buildings. wow.

You have some incredibly interesting activities on 9/11 its just that most people don't know. Most people don't even know what WTC 7 was and that it was a 50 story building that collapsed on 9/11 as well.

If you look into any one of the 9/11 pieces of evidence you will find some serious questions and events that conflict with basic physics;

1. WTC1, WTC 2 & WTC7 collapsed at FREE FALL speed with no resistance. These buildings came straight down (10 seconds & 8 seconds) from fire. Fire has never before caused a steel structure to collapse. Streams of molen lava was found at the bottom of all three buildings.

2. Both 757's in Penyslvania and the Pentagon both evaporated. There is no plane to see; no seats, no jet fuel fire, no tail, no titanium engines, no wings. (official story) the plane that hit the pentagon left a 16ft by 24ft circular hole, before the ceiling collapsed a 1/2 hour later. It is not possible for a 757 to fit into this hole (checkout the pics).

3. 4 hijacked planes flew over the NE for almost 2 hours with NO fighter jet intercept.

4. The $ to pay for 9/11 - In early October 2001, Lieutenant-General Mahmoud Ahmad, the director of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had ordered flamboyant Saeed Sheikh - the convicted mastermind of the kidnapping and killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl - to wire US$100,000 from Dubai to one of hijacker Mohamed Atta's two bank accounts in Florida. The ISI works very closely with the CIA. The 9/11 commission, headed by the co-auther, Phillip Zelikow, of Condi Rice's book, thought it was not important to look at the money.

If you just look into the evidence you will find some serious odditites. Or just goto this site wtc7.net and watch the collapse videos. If in your first impression this building does not look like it simply drops, free fall speed, like a controlled demolition in its own footprint, you have seen before, then sobe it.

without 9/11 it would of been impossible for the American people to be sold to invade and occupy Afghanistan & Iraq and pass the patriot act which is an attack on our civil liberties...

d*mn you are a moron....

We'll agree to disagree. Luckilly, one day, now that Sadaam is gone, the people of Iraq will have that same option.

i never thought I would say this...but man I sure miss Mando! Please stop "hijacking" this site for your own agenda! Thank you Shawn!

yeah, I miss Mando too.

I have a feeling I will get a beating when he gets home..

Armando, can you just put us out of this misery and put Shawn on auto-delete...

I'm not joking.
Please don't come back.

shoot, I kept it interesting around here...do you really want another story about Jason Taylor?

Shawn, I have to say you are one of the best trolls I have ever heard. Take that how you want. You might want to get a few backup email addresses for when Mando gets back(amd hope he doesnt check too closely).

I only have ONE THING to say...Having spent 2 years in Iraq. One as a soldier, one as a contractor. I have PICTURES of Iraqi civilains, women, men, children giving us a "thumbs up" as we crossed the Kuwaiti border. I talked to several Iraqi translators that were extremely GRACIOUS of our presence. Sadaam tormented his own for so long the MAJORITY of Iraqis were pleased with us being there. With that said MOST of the "insurgents" were/are from neighboring countries, Iran, Saudi, Turkey, etc. These people come in Iraq to KILL americans and innocent Iraqi civilians. I'm not saying there was not an alterior motive for us being there, and collateral damage happens...it's inevitable. But, I've also seen all sides of it. I've seen US troops giving medical aid to Iraqi citizens that were blown up by "insurgents". Being a soldier, I can also tell you that our "rules" are VERY strict in regards to "deadly force" and "minimum force necessary". The US has also invested in, and primarily uses "smart" weapons to minimize collateral damage...So, to sum up...Shawn...Shut the hell up!

"and collateral damage happens...it's inevitable."

I can't resist any longer. Thank you Marc for your service to our country and the good (probably GREAT) work you did over there.

But the above quote is EXACTLY why it was so wrong for the Bush administration to fraudulently trump up charges as justification for military action in the first place.

Your good work is in no way diminished by the fact that the decision to send you to Iraq was wrong in the first place.

No war, no multi-billion dollar debts incurred to China and the oil powers of the middle east, money for domestic programs like alternative energy, healthcare, housing...no deaths of dedicated valuable american citizens like yourself. We need patriots to be alive and well. In the event a REAL threat to our nation arises.

Okay Shawn so lets just say 911 WAS an inside job. What are you doing about it? Do you have any real evidence or is it all guesses? Have you formed any kind of revolt? Seriously, if the American government is killing it's own civilians because of some agenda shouldn't you guys be protesting at the whitehouse? There are plenty of you out there so why aren't you doing anything about it? You seem very passionate so why dont you do something? How is posting "911 was an inside job" in every single Dolphin forum going to help your cause? What are you trying to accomplish?

conversation...got it...

You're trying to start a
"conversation" about politics, in a blog about football. Oh okay, now I get it, and it makes perfect sense.

Shawn is the head alien. He is the one pulling the puppet strings.

When will you learn, nobody wants your so called "conversation". So go back to being a Gator fan.

Armando goes on vacation, and all of the sudden the inmates are left to run the asylum. Most notably, the biggest nutjob of them all, Shawn. Just stop it, Shawn. Enough is enough. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but yours is just beyond ridiculous. So, please do me and everybody else a favor and... SHUT THE HELL UP!

During Hillary Clinton's campaign there was a Q&A with Bill Clinton, and one your fellow "9/11 Conspiracy" cult members or maybe it was you, asked the former President if he believed in the conspiracy. Needless to say, the President gave this moron the tongue lashing of his life and the crowd erupted in applause. Shawn, you sir an imbecile, and you're the poster child for the Pro Choice movement.

word Save! we 9/11 conspirators are everywhere...we're you neighbor, co-worker, family member, elected official, doctor, fellow sports fan...yep conspiracy theorist, nut job, cult member. and we lurk amongst you.

wake up my friend...just b/c someone questions what the govt tells you does not classify them as whatever name you want to call them. have you even looked into the evidence?

you said 'stop it Shawn'. I stopped several days ago and here you are bringing it up again...

by the way here are all those nut jobs that seemed to get high profile respected positions; doctors, politicians, teachers, govt officials, military that believe the official story of 9/11 is bogus-

here ya go- www.patriotsquestion911.com

WTF is going on around here?

how about a new post or article once in a blue fuckin moon!!!!

Let an intern or somebody take a shot but to just let this site stagnate like this is an embarrasment.

Do you people know any thing about entertaining and informing your audience?

Didn't think so.

How long is your vacation? Well at list we had a moratorium on JT. Enjoy and get back soon.

Yeah 911 was an inside job as clear as we have a drunk, dope, and stupid as president.

Smart weapons? Where were you when several smart bombs killed civilians? You are an ass..le. And Shawn keep on repeating what you are saying, maybe someday these idiots will learn!!!

thanks Art!

crazy how we don't want to or can't look at the true reality of war. especially since as taxpayers we are paying for these killings in Iraq & Afghanistan...

That's just it Art. Say we have "learned" and we all are believers. NOW WHAT? What's next, do we march on Washington? That's the problem with this whole thing. Dont you think if we had any real evidence that the US government killed its own civilians people would do something about it? It's easy to come up with theories but without hard evidence what are we going to accomplish here? Give it up already.

plenty of hard evidence Scott, just a matter of people looking into...seeing a 50 story building collapse, WTC 7, symetrically and in its own footprint at free fall speed is a good start...

checkout the collapse video - wtc7.net

i wish i had as much vacation time as armondo

In fact World War 2 was staged by the government as well. Hitler didn't even exist. It was all a ploy to go to war with Germany over the bratwurst. You see, the U.S. wanted the bratwurst to be our creation and President Roosevelt was furious that we did not invent it. But he couldn't just go to war over that because if he did the unicorns would die. So instead he just decided to tell everybody that there was a war going on in a far away place, but we were staying out of it. Then he had our own Government drop bombs and kill thousands of people so he could claim war on Germany. But he accidentally said it was Japan instead of Germany because he was thinking about sushi. So after that he just said that Japan was an ally of Germany and that Germany was claiming war on us. So it really worked out for Roosevelt because he got to use atomic weapons on the Japanese because they have squinty eyes, and go to war with Germany for the bratwurst. But after all that he decided that he didn't like bratwursts any more. If you all would take some acid and look at the evidence, you would know that this makes just as much sense as my 9/11 theory. Anyone who doesn't believe this is a pawn of the Government and should learn to think for themselves!

"if he did the unicorns would die". LMAO!

Shawn I watched the video of the building collapsing along with millions around the world. I also watched a video of the construction of the world trade center and it's unique design which led to overheating of the middle portions of the building. The building was not designed to withstand extreme heat. The sheer weight of all of the concrete and metal on those floors fell straight through the outer structure once the metal melted . After the collapse there were still portions (of 8 stories of the outer structure) standing because the insides dropped through it like dropping something down a chimney. There are more explanations that do not support your theory but you have your mind made up so it is what it is.

whats wrong shawn you not gonna say anything about the WWII story?

Must be a nice vacation, Armando!

Armando, must be REALLY enjoying his vacation.

read all the posts above and as much as you guys wanna get pissed at shawn,he makes good points and if you are a thinking man and do not walk your life in ignorant bliss,then you should know that the things he and MANY others have said May just be true.I was in iraq and i have to be honest...none of us kneww why we were there fitting in this war.Why not n. korea at the time?they were much more of a threat than iraq.just something to think about.i'm no conspiracy theorist-not even close-but our govmt has done some jacked up stuff in the pastand not just to the surrounding countries but to itself and it's people.try to have an open mind...

Canezitis I respect your tour in Iraq and what you have done for this country but this is a dolphin forum not a political forum shawne maybe 100% right but the people that come here well most of them want to read about the dolphins. Come on we are football fans not politicians or hippies, yes i understand that we should all know whats going on and if we did we would go to a blog about politics. Thats all I will say on this matter.

Mando where are you man I need my dolphin fix no other newspaper or site has anything new.

Go Phins

Sentinel has 2 new blogs and a story on Jake Long. Other papers are running stories on the return of the Ricky and Ronnie express. The real Ricky is apparently back. Parcells has called Ricky "a street baller". ESPN has a story on Zach Thomas. NFL coaches just voted him the smartest linebacker in the league. Mandooooo?? Whats the dilly, Youre losing me man!

here is an idea. . .when people post political stuff, just ignore it. if you dont respond to it, nothing happens. when you say things like "shut up you left wing nut job" or, "you cant prove that really happend" all you are doing is inviting further conversation on said topic. so instead of reading it, thinking about something witty to reply with, or some sort of arguement against it. . use that time to think of something football related to talk about and post that instead. this is a really simple problem to fix.


**crickets chirping**

Pretty sure Armando is coming back with his hands tied...he made up the half the JT stuff, and is paying the price for inaccurate reporting; my friend at the Herald said he is lucky to even have a job....790 needed one day to determine he is horrile to replace Sid on vacation, Its not Armado's fault he NEVER went to college...he is a buffon..Armando stick to reporting facts...your opinion shows how much you lack in the cerebral area...

Mando is a great dolphins reporter...great work, big fan. he is not lucky to have a job, the herald is lucky to have him.

be nice to people Jonathan, enough of the hate...

Mando did say 10 days, I am starting to get the feeling...I don't know, you coming back Mando man?

Hey Jonathan Glass, you are a sorry waste of humanity, dude. First of all, you don't have any friends at the herald telling you anything because you don't have friends. Secondly, I listened to Armando's show Tuesday and it was excellent -- which proves he was on for multiple days and that 790 is putting him on plenty.

finally, if you are so down on Mando, why do you come to his blog you douchebag?

Near as I can tell, Armando is already back. He was on 790 the ticket on Monday and Tuesday and I assume/hope he'll be on this weekend. He's really good on the radio.

Apparently, we traded Armando to the FARC rebels in Colombia for the hostages.

Not a bad trade!

You know what matt, that's not funny. We're all clicking on here hoping to get a new post from Armando and when we find out he hasn't posted one, we either criticize or make fun of the dude?

And others of you have nothing to say about the Dolphins so you devolve to political talk or conspiracy theories or attempted humor about that which is not funny?

finheavenblows! said,

"or attempted humor about that which is not funny?"

wow, who is the high society guy?

think armando got fired?

If Armando got fired why would they still have his blogs up? or why would they not have given it to someone else so they can continue the most popular blog on this site?

wtf dude? you gonna come back to work or what,this sucks!

One more week and it'll be a month's vacation. How nice, I wish I could take off for a year (LeBatard) or I'll settle for a month (Salguero), nice jobs you guys. But Armando, please, return already, we need Dolphins news, gossip, etc.

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