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What game is Jason Taylor playing here?

A colleague I was just speaking with said it best after witnessing Jason Taylor's press conference today: He said he witnessed Taylor's first acting job.

Taylor got in front of the assembled press and, apparently trying to keep his reputation intact or for whatever other reason, danced around the issue of wanting to be traded. Which is interesting because, well, he wants to be traded.

So some of the stories about to be published on the Jason Taylor matter may make an issue of Taylor's desire to play only one more year -- that's not news to anyone, least of all the Dolphins -- and that Taylor actually hasn't requested a trade.

Which would be news to the Dolphins.

During today's press conference Taylor was asked if he wants to be traded from the Dolphins -- something that he definitely wants because that's what everyone associated with him is saying he wants and what his agent told the Dolphins in January.

So publicly Taylor answered the question this way: "I want to win in '08, that's what I want to do," Taylor said. "I told the Dolphins from Day One about my intentions. My intentions are to play one more year. I would like to try to give the Dolphins the opportunity that if they wanted to do something and move me, that I was OK with that. If they can get value for me, then do that. That was the conversation we had a long time ago."

So Taylor would have us believe he went to the Dolphins and basically said, "Hey guys, if you want to trade me, and you can get value, I just want you to know I'm good with that."

Who does that mean? The Dolphins don't need permission to trade Jason Taylor. He brought it up because he wants out. And his agent made the case to the team that keeping Taylor simply doesn't make sense and that Taylor has earned a chance to play for a winner.

So what's this stuff about, 'if you get value for me, then do that."

Moreover, Taylor said during today's press conference that he's OK with playing for the Dolphins in 2008. Of course, he declined to commit to reporting to training camp. So again, he's OK with saying playing for the Dolphins is fine, but he can't commit to actually proving that by showing up to mandatory camps, including training camp?

He's OK with playing for the Dolphins but he's not showing up for the mandatory minicamp next week? [He said he's attending his brother's graduation and handling legal matters instead.]

I have said for some time that this story has more layers and is more complicated than just about any I've covered since I started covering the Dolphins. That certainly isn't helped by the fact Jason Taylor is wanting one thing and sometimes saying something else.

But I guess that's what makes a good actor.


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If JT thinks he's going to publicly say that he's only going to play 1 more year, then he'll be playing that year in Miami. So, it seems like he just wants to start his acting career early by being the leading actor in the Fins offseason drama.

So much to do about nothing. I have much respect for JT not asking for a trade and saying he is a Miami Dolphin. Armando, I usually back you up but you need to move on to another story until this becomes a story. Right now, its not a story. He is going to miss some time to deal with his personal stuff, maybe all of training camp, he has earned that much. As long as he isnt submarining the Dolphins, I am ok with him missing camp. The dude knows how to sack a QB, sure Jake could use the head to head work, thats the only negative and I htink as team leader JT owes it to Jake to help get him up to speed, literaly. With that said, I hope he makes training camp in July, IM ok with him missing June and I have all the respect once again for him for not being an @$$.

So much to do about nothing. I have much respect for JT not asking for a trade and saying he is a Miami Dolphin. Armando, I usually back you up but you need to move on to another story until this becomes a story. Right now, its not a story. He is going to miss some time to deal with his personal stuff, maybe all of training camp, he has earned that much. As long as he isnt submarining the Dolphins, I am ok with him missing camp. The dude knows how to sack a QB, sure Jake could use the head to head work, thats the only negative and I htink as team leader JT owes it to Jake to help get him up to speed, literaly. With that said, I hope he makes training camp in July, IM ok with him missing June and I have all the respect once again for him for not being a jerk.

You are a SELLOUT Jason Taylor. Booooohoooo you wanna play for a winner. I'll bet Dan Marino wanted a championship ring TOO, but his loyalty to the organization and fans that had been GREAT to him was stronger. You have one year to go...you shoulda SHUT UP, played, and retired with class...

You have CRAPPED on yourself as you were sliding into home.

ps...this has NOTHING to do with Parcels. This has to do with the Miami Dolphins...

pss...I'd like my husband to make 6 mil a year, but Im not dumping him for a "winner".

Your so full of bull, just writte about how you dont know nothing about the current fins...this administration is playing with you and you know they are keeping you out of the loop. They are toying with you because your are so negative about our team.

Boy Armando, a little egg on your face? Is that what you are so outraged about? Just stick to facts, not commentary. Apparently, your story is just a story. Maybe he does want a trade, but it appears he's willing to play for Miami. So how about a little mea culpa, and move on. Getting mad seems a little childish.

No secret that I am a Fort Lauderdale policeman and so I'm pretty much trained to tell when people are lying. And my take is Jason Taylor is a fraud.

The burden of proof is on him now. If he shows up for training camp, if he plays for the Dolphins and if he finishes the season for Miami, then I will believe him. But I'm not too worried about all those ifs, because Jason Taylor was straight lying today.

By the way, Mando, good job on nailing it today, partcularly on him wanting to play only one more year -- which frankly, he might be lying to you and us about also.

What I saw today was Jason Taylor and his agent back tracking on what they said because they didn't expect the reaction they received (which was mostly negative) from fans and teammates. JT will do and say whatever is going to make him look good because it can only help his future to be the good guy in all of this. He lobbed the ball back in Parcells and Sparanos court. Supposedly, according to Taylor, he never said he wouldn't be at training camp. That is just mind boggling considering Sparano told the media that Taylor wasn't there and he wouldn't be a training camp. So Taylor is trying to make it look like they were lieing? But when questioned as to whether or not he would be there in July, he was non committal. So who is really lieing here? I think FLPD hit the nail on the head with this one.

Armando I reread your column from today and lined it up with what Jason actually said. Here is my opinion.

You wrote: "He will tell the world he wishes to play football for one more year and wants to spend that year chasing a championship ring on a contending team, not chasing mediocrity on the Dolphins." Check.

You wrote: "Taylor will confirm he will not attend next weekend's mandatory minicamp and that he doesn't really want to attend Miami's training camp, either." Check.

You wrote: "if he is honest, and the mood is right, and reporters accept no equivocation, Taylor will say he wants to be traded from the Dolphins to a contending team."

Well, he didn't say he wants to be traded but he did say he'd be OK with it. What I find interesting is the part where you said he'd say these things if he's "honest."

Well, I get the feeling that honesty is a fluid thing for Jason Taylor these days. And I, for one, am not drinking the Kool-Aid he's trying to serve us.

as usual, FLPD & NY Scott are getting this right, as well as mando. i am pissed that JT shows such a lack of class. fine his ass, he better be in shape as jake will be told to hit him in the facemask each and everytime IF he shows up. Go JAKE, our new hope..... Hope u are listening how pissed we are jt (little letters) Go Uncle Tony and new nephew JAKE the MAN in every sense of the word. JT grow some balls and get the hell to WORK!!!!!

your thoughts Tree? this is not going away.....

The "Dan Marino stayed it out" argument is retarded because at the time they had a top 3 defense and competed for the division almost every year!

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - AP - Jason Taylor didn't request a trade Sunday but said he'd accept a trade from the only NFL team he's ever played for if it helps the Dolphins.

"I told the Dolphins from Day 1 that if it was best for the organization I would be open to a trade," Taylor said.

Does he want to play for the Dolphins?

"I want to win in '08," Taylor said. "That's what I want to do."

There was speculation in the South Florida media that Taylor called the news conference to request a trade.

"Some of the things said from some of the local guys were disappointing," Taylor said, "When it's not facts, that's what disappoints you."

New Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said earlier this month that Taylor informed the team that he wouldn't attend any of the team's camps.

"Tony and I have spoken about that, and I think what he was trying to accomplish is a little different than what came out," Taylor said Sunday. "What Tony and I talk about will stay behind closed doors."

The Dolphins, who are upset that Taylor spent the offseason on the TV show "Dancing With the Stars" rather than in South Florida working out with teammates, weren't planning to have Taylor on hand when they hold a mandatory minicamp June 6-8.

Taylor said he won't be able to attend the minicamp because of his brother's graduation and a legal matter he needs to attend to. He said he would speak with Sparano.

Much has been made of Bill Parcells' reported snub of Taylor in a film room before the NFL draft. Taylor acknowledged that the incident did happen as reported.

"I'm not going to get into the incident," Taylor said. "Did it happen? Yeah, but I'm not going to get into it."

Taylor made it clear that he's not retiring.

"I'm playing ball in '08. If [a trade] doesn't work out then I'm a Miami Dolphin. ... I love this place."

backtracking....get to work jt

Of course JT was acting............. which is a good thing for everyone: it's good for the Fins, in that it gives them a little bit of leverage in trading him.... it's good for JT because it helps his image a little... and it gives the fans a chance to realize that the Fins aren't going to get anything close to a first day pick if they trade him because he's only going to play one more season... so it seems there are only two options on the table: 1. JT gets traded straight up for another player like Lito or Chad or 2. He plays for the Fins for the last season of his career.

My thoughts, Harri? My thoughts are that I hope this will put this subject to rest, until a trade happens. I am still sick of the subject. I am torn between taking lesser picks, just to move on, and stifle the drama, and calling his bluff, as he said he would accept a trade " if it was good for the Dolphins". Since there is no way any team will give what he is worth, because he will only play one more year, then a trade isn't really good for the Fins. A fast DE to teach Long IS in our best interests. I am conflicted as to where to go from here, but I know that what he said about there being too much said about the whole deal is true. If this has been blown out of proportion, it wouldn't be the first time, or the last that the media made the story, instead of relaying the story. Not making any accusations here, just saying we are seeing more about this, than anything. "Where there's smoke there's fire" reporting seems to have become the industries' norm the past few years, though. Let's see how it plays out.

i'm with ya on all points tree. my worry is he won't be in as good shape as the others that are in camp working hard and he could get injured. then we all lose.

No, if he does, we will win then, too. It will prove the conditioning program to be the correct way to go, and the staff will have an easier time getting guys in the future to show up for it. I don't think conditioning will be an issue, though. That dancing thing takes alot of conditioning, and agility. He should actually be better for it, not worse, as long as he keeps working, and not pissing off.

i hope so tree.

i remember walter payton participated, on his own tome, in ballet and said it was beneficial.

on his own time, (sp)

A sigh of relief could be heard in Miami yesterday from the Dolfins tribunal . Whom ever wrote the script for JT is definitely not Hollywood but probably works in the Obama or Clinton camp. Almost every option the Dolfins play out in the future is a win win in the eyes of the fans from here on. Regester another sack for JT. LOL SteFin. Prediction: JT plays 2 more years in Dallas. Dallas trades a player and low pick. Jerry Jones is selected for dancing with the stars (:.

What a disaster! IMO, no one is really "at fault" here. Taylor wanted to distance himself from a lousy situation and he wanted to start a post-football career, that's all. Parcells wants to rebuild the team and get younger, and he felt disrespected and that Taylor was not comitted to football because he was doing "DWTS". The problem is, Taylor is 33 years old, he's going to make $8 Millions next year and he has stated that he is retiring after next year...WHO THE HELL WOULD TRADE FOR HIM???

We need to stop bringing up trading JT to the Bengals for Chad Johnson. Why would JT want to play for the Bengals? That's not going to happen.

All I have to say is what happened to the Dan Marino's and Walter Payton's. Players who played with teams good or bad and were loyal to their fans. It was not about the money, I am sure Marino would have have given up all of his records for one ring, but he stayed with the team and the fans. I am a BIG Taylor fan but if his heart is not in it let him go, he will not do us any good. As for the Tuna, I am disappointed in him, and in the ways he has done some things, but there is nothing we can do about it. We can voice our opinions and that is all, he does what is wants and knows we will go to the games.

All you guys who think you know what is going on and talk trash about how JT is a sellout and is crying about being traded have no clue. This man has spent his entire career putting it all out there for the Dolphins to get nothing, in essence, in return for his effort. Now Bill Parcells comes in town and says we're doing it my way and this guy, who again has given his all for the Dolphins, is supposed to rollover and play dead for Parcells? Come on. Give me a break. He gets a break just the same as the Dolphins, Huizenga, Parcells or whoever does. And if you say you wouldn't be exploring an opportunity to make more money than you are now and for a longer term gig, then you are a fool of the highest order. Who cares where he plays next year. If you're a Dolphin fan, it doesn't matter. This team will suck for at least another year and that is if a miracle occurs. Get over it and move on. We need to know who the future of this team is because we know the past already.

And, by the way, if you recall, Dan Marino was looking into playing for the Steelers & Vikings before he hung 'em up. So, no more throwing Danny boy in anyone's face. You gotta look out for yourself in this big boy world, kiddies!

I'm amazed at the comments I'm hearing. This is how I feel. Jason Taylor should be fined for everyday that he's not in camp & I hope Bill/Tony don't even allow him to play this year. The Dolphins finally made a good decision, turning football operations over to Bill Parcell. They are headed in the right direction. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how sorry the Dolphins are. Granted, they will not make the playoff next year, but they will win more than 1 game. We won't be the laughing stock of the league anymore and will be competitive. Jason Taylor owes all of his success to the Dolphins. I wish I was making 6M a year and could tell my employer "I'm not coming in until next month". Do you know what will happen? Parcells and Tony will handle Jason. We tried to trade him, couldn't get much for him. He may be able to Dance with the Stars, But Parcells doesn't dance. He'll find that out really quick. PS. SO far he's a terrible actor........

Armando, I'll tell you what game is being played here. A game that has been played for a long time between players and the NFL. Let me take you back a little, this story does have a Dolphin connection. - BTW, I'll always be on the player's side because when a player outlives his profitability to this billion dollar industry, he is unceremoniously euthanized and one only has to see an aged vet to see what he is stuck with for life.
Back in 1958, Alex Karras was drafted in the first round by the Detroit Lions in 1958. However, before his NFL career got underway, he signed a contract as a professional wrestler in December of 1957. Eight days before the season started, he officially signed with the Lions.
In 1963, Karras' ownership in a Detroit Bar became a source of controversy when league officials urged him to sell his financial interests in the place because of reports of gambling and organized crime influence. In the ensuing “game”, he was suspended for a year. He was in March of 1964 by NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle.
Upon returning to action in 1964, Karras once refused when an official asked him to call the pregame coin toss. "I'm sorry, sir," Karras replied. "I'm not permitted to gamble." During his first year back, player discontent with head coach George Wilson resulted in Karras asking to be traded. However, the Lions settled the issue when they fired Wilson after the 1964 NFL season.
After another season of controversy under new head coach Harry Gilmer, Karras was rumored to be ready to play out his option and sign with the expansion Miami Dolphins of the American Football League under his former coach Wilson. Instead, Karras signed a seven-year contract with the Lions on May 20, 1966, with Wilson stating that Karras had used the threat of signing with Miami to garner the large deal with Detroit.
Despite the new contract, controversy remained. Armando, I can go on. This game has been played since the NFL became a “world power” and wants “total control”. Even the Romo, Simpson thing would have cost Romo lots of grief from “Boss Man” in another era
Unlike Spock, I belive that, “The needs of the one, out weigh the needs of the few”. Why? Because the few is made up of many “ones”.
Jason Taylor, may or may not be missed, but he will not be forgotten.

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