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What game is Jason Taylor playing here?

A colleague I was just speaking with said it best after witnessing Jason Taylor's press conference today: He said he witnessed Taylor's first acting job.

Taylor got in front of the assembled press and, apparently trying to keep his reputation intact or for whatever other reason, danced around the issue of wanting to be traded. Which is interesting because, well, he wants to be traded.

So some of the stories about to be published on the Jason Taylor matter may make an issue of Taylor's desire to play only one more year -- that's not news to anyone, least of all the Dolphins -- and that Taylor actually hasn't requested a trade.

Which would be news to the Dolphins.

During today's press conference Taylor was asked if he wants to be traded from the Dolphins -- something that he definitely wants because that's what everyone associated with him is saying he wants and what his agent told the Dolphins in January.

So publicly Taylor answered the question this way: "I want to win in '08, that's what I want to do," Taylor said. "I told the Dolphins from Day One about my intentions. My intentions are to play one more year. I would like to try to give the Dolphins the opportunity that if they wanted to do something and move me, that I was OK with that. If they can get value for me, then do that. That was the conversation we had a long time ago."

So Taylor would have us believe he went to the Dolphins and basically said, "Hey guys, if you want to trade me, and you can get value, I just want you to know I'm good with that."

Who does that mean? The Dolphins don't need permission to trade Jason Taylor. He brought it up because he wants out. And his agent made the case to the team that keeping Taylor simply doesn't make sense and that Taylor has earned a chance to play for a winner.

So what's this stuff about, 'if you get value for me, then do that."

Moreover, Taylor said during today's press conference that he's OK with playing for the Dolphins in 2008. Of course, he declined to commit to reporting to training camp. So again, he's OK with saying playing for the Dolphins is fine, but he can't commit to actually proving that by showing up to mandatory camps, including training camp?

He's OK with playing for the Dolphins but he's not showing up for the mandatory minicamp next week? [He said he's attending his brother's graduation and handling legal matters instead.]

I have said for some time that this story has more layers and is more complicated than just about any I've covered since I started covering the Dolphins. That certainly isn't helped by the fact Jason Taylor is wanting one thing and sometimes saying something else.

But I guess that's what makes a good actor.