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Josh McCown hurts finger on throwing hand

I am told it is not a recent injury, it happened almost two weeks ago. I am told the wound is healing nicely. I am told Josh McCown should be ready for the start of training camp practices July 26th.

But it is true. The guy almost got the index finger of his right (throwing) hand hacked off in a fire wood chopping accident in Texas.

McCown needed six stitches to the index finger on his right hand a couple of weeks ago when he was injured while chopping wood with his brother Luke.

According to an Associated Press report McCown told Tyler, Tex. television station KETK that he was holding the firewood and his brother, a backup quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, made the mistake of cutting his finger instead of the firewood.

McCown told the station of the incident/accident during a recent interview. Again: He is fine. He shouldn't miss any training time. But that speaks only about his hand.

My greatest concern now is how is McCown's head because it cannot possibly be working very well when it allows him to put his hand in the path of a chainsaw knowing that the only way he makes a living is using that hand to throw a football.

Update: The Dolphins are aware of the accident and are not worried about it because they believe it is not serious.


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Maybe it will adjust his mechanics just enough to make him Super QB!

Or maybe he will get hacked by a DE and it will fall off!

Either way...AWESOME!

Let's see, he's a starting QB in the NFL, and he thought placing his hands within inches of a high velocity metal blade was a good idea? This guy's not too bright huh?

I'm trying to imagine how an NFL quarterback puts his hand in the vicinity of a swing axe? I just can't picture it without some alcohol or something being involved... Sorry if my cynical brain just doesn't get it, but it just doesn't get it.

Umm, why are the McCowns chopping firewood in July?

Why in the world is anyone chopping wood in July in Texas!!?

to smoke some ribs on the barbecue. thats the only reason to chop firewood in july.

Um, have you seen any interviews with these guys? They're not the brightest burning logs on the fire!


Eric, last time I checked, and I'm no expert, no matter what you're SMOKING, you don't have one guy hold the wood while the other guy swings an axe towards you and your hands!

Ok, last chime in on this post, I swear! lol

Luke McCown's QB rating just took a beating, poor accuracy for hitting the finger instead of the wood (aka interception!) and weak arm power for not actually cutting through the finger with an axe. Come on! My two year old would have chopped the finger right off! Of course, it could be that he was using a chainsaw like the AP story implied, which would not be 'chopping' motion but more of a 'sawing' in which case it only makes the story more ridiculous.

Safety first, kids!

If this is the level of intelligence the dolphins are recruiting for the leader of our team, we are in for another long season.

I wonder what the total SAT score was for these 2 nitwits was?

Forget the was, after nitwits.

Add this to the list of reasons why the Dolphins could take a serious look at Brett Favre.

Two Texas rednecks with nothing else better to do in July. They call him Josh "McClown" for a reason. It's okay though, nobody expects this moron to be the future of this team. That distinction belongs to either John Beck or Chad Henne. This is probably just another event in a long line of McClown family follies! Cue up "Yakety Sax!"

Chris S. - True...very true...that man knows how to cut firewood...didn't he do that in an underwear commercial once?

Here it is fellas!


I hear Josh is opening up a butcher shop.

I realize the potential for comedy here. McCown doesn't strike me as Rhodes Scholar material.

But you guys shouldn't use words like "redneck," just like you wouldn't use other words that might offend. And yeah, I took sensitivity training.

flpd, one person used that term. Address your that one person, not all of us as a group. That's very insensitive of you! (sarcasm)

Hey, sorry to break off topic but i've got a question thats been bugging me for months. What the hell is "IMO" or "IMHO"? just had to get it off my chest.

It was a chainsaw.
Not an ax, a chainsaw.

Does this make it less stupider or more stupidest?

IMO = in my opinion

IMHO = in my humble opinion
IMHO = in my honest opinion

"We were clearing some brush and wanted to cut up some stumps and stack them,'' said Josh McCown, whose family owns a sawmill business in East Texas. "I was holding down a little piece of a tree trunk and my little brother, Luke, had the chainsaw. He hit a knob and the chainsaw jumped.''

ah! alright right on thanks gatordude. It's been driving me nuts

gatordude, where did you read that? I've been unable to find the full story.

You guys who are bashing McCown for this and questioning his leadership ability because of this need to get real. It's not a big deal. He threw a football in the hospital parking lot after he got the stitches and said he could have played a game.

Do you expect players to sit a plastic bubble until training camp starts? They do have lives outside of football. If he caught his hand in a car door, would you bash him for driving? This is something he and his brother probably grew up doing.

By the way you chop and store wood now so it's dry and not toxic when you burn it in the fall and winter.

mr bungle. you are a wanker. lighten up.

Me lighten up? Listen to all the wankers like yourself beast fiend criticizing the guy for something that is no big deal. There is a lot of ignorance on this blog. Ewww... he hurt his finger cutting wood, he shouldn't be doing that... whaaaa... whaaaa!!!!!

He should be fine, I much prefer an injury that should heal in less than a month than a character issue like a DUI or something. I couldn't believe the story I heard a little while back about Lienhart throwing giant sex parties with drugs and alcohol and then calling attention to it by letting pictures get out.

Mr. Bungle, do you have a chainsaw up your ***?

or what about rothlisberger with the motor-cycle that could have been career ending

Cut by a chain saw and only needs six stitches?
That's a nick as far as chain saws go. How has he even got a finger left, or fingers, or even a hand? Apparently the chain saw was not running when it hit his finger and the chain teeth just cut him. Otherwise his career would be finished.

Mr. Bungle,

Nobody said the guy shouldn't cut wood. What people are saying is that McClown should exercise some caution when being around a chainsaw. Because, clearly this guy is about as clumsy around a chainsaw, about as much as he is on the football field.


(qoute from third paragraph)


So how's this?
McClown has a poor QB rating, too many INT to TD ratio. The reason for his inaccuracies is because he puts too much pressure on the ball with 1 particular finger. Now that finger is hurt and he has to learn to back off that pressure. The result is his accuracy improves, his INT decreases and his TD increase. He becomes the QB he only dreamed of.

Hey it works for Hollywood. Ron Howard can direct the movie and it'll star Mark Walburg.

Its a stupid mistake but I doubt he will cut wood for at least the next few years. He's probably done the exact thing since he was a kid. I blew out my knee 6 months ago playing around after work. No compensation and no doctor until I save some more money for surgery.

Was that stupid? Hell yeah, but I've learned my lesson. We all make stupid mistakes and he is a young guy. As long as he keeps them out of the games I'm fine with it.

Hey guys....lighten up. The guy was cutting wood (as I imagine by the comments that none of you has ever done before). I see comments like "why are they choppin wood in July?" Well, anyone that has ever used firewood knows that green wood doesn't burn and that it has to be cut months before using it. It's called "seasoning". I'd like to see the collective IQ of most of these bloggers. 2nd, he was holding a tree so his brother could get a clean cut on it and the saw jumped. Again, has anyone out there ever used a chainsaw (to cut wood)? If you have, you know that it only takes a small knot in the wood to make it jump. Josh is lucky that he only got a small cut (maybe it's a testament to his experience in dealing with cutting wood). But I think you guys should lay off passing judgement on something most of you know nothing about. He may be our starting QB. He may be the backup. Nobody knows at this point. But let's give him a break and ceaase with the negativity. Go Dolphins!

Sounds like a Jacksonville motivational seminal, please keep out kickers away from him.

Dolphan Ray; you're making several million dollars a year. You are making this money because of your body. And, you are chopping wood. I think "enough said", but let me make this more clear:

Just because he's always chopped wood with his brother, doesn't mean he should continue to chop wood with his brother when he has an NFL career on the line. He can go fish with his brother; they can play video games; they can play some hoops. But, chop wood?????

Dolphan Ray, like Mr. Bungle, you see ONE comment and you exaggerate by saying everyone here shares that opinion so the 'collective IQ of most' gets called into question.

You contradict yourself with your comment that it takes just a small knot to make the chainsaw jump. So any experienced 'woodcutter' should know not to stick your hands anywhere near the saw. From the story, it sounds possibly as if the saw was off, and the brother didn't have the safety on while Josh was handling the tree. Either way, they both weren't using due diligence or safe procedure. You may say it was just an accident and could happen to anyone not paying attention, but if you make millions of dollars because of your hands, you would think you would use extra precaution, not a complete lack of precaution. No one is saying he should be fired for something that happened off the field. We are simply having a laugh, because laughter is the best medicine! If anyone is being negative, it is you. We are simply having a light hearted discussion with a few pokes thrown in. That is what the whole purpose of Armando posting the story is. He reports the story with an editorial twist and those of us around the water cooler chime in on it. If you don't want to listen to the discussion, go back to work and stop bring everyone down.

The End.

"McCown said he realized that he was fortunate and would refrain from operating chainsaws until after his playing days are over."

Dateline 2012 - Josh McCown announces retirement, says "I just want to spend time with my family, pursue other interests, like cutting fingers..er I mean wood."

I don't know why you beat up on Mr. Bungle and Dolfan Ray. Last year you have a guy that took a few years to dedicate his life to helping people and all of these same idiots made fun of his beliefs. I'm a Dolfan but live in Texas. Cutting wood in 100deg weather sucks. He should have paid someone.

You know these guys look at a million dollar job like we look at ours.

The statement "that this is for fun" is dumb also. You are talking about a person that might be bothered by your comments, if they are dumb or not.

By the way, time for you to get off the couch and clean your toilet. When your wife gets off work she is going to kick your lazy, dumb butt out.

Tim, I assume you're talking to me, so I'll respond by saying I didn't understand any of your points. I also would like to say once again that it is yourself and your other negative cohorts that are bringing down the tone of the discussion with ignorant remarks. If you do not wish to read a lighthearted comment by myself or others, do not come into a blog and read the comment section. If on the other hand you want to contribute to the discussion, say something about the story rather than calling other commenters dumb and lazy. I found that sentence ironic since I'm at work and my wife was at home possibly on the couch as you typed that AND I cleaned the toilet a couple of days ago, because I share the responsibilities of the house with my spouse.

Also, if you are going to use quotation marks, you have to actually quote something, not just make up your own sentence and attribute it to someone else.

Also, to say that (here's an example of a quote) "these guys look at a million dollar job like we look at ours" is a bit like saying a firefighter looks at his job like the barista at Starbucks looks at his/hers.

Just like a model wouldn't diet on cheeseburgers and a porn star wouldn't let her legs get hairy, so a quarterback would give particular attention to his hands that us non-quarterbacks wouldn't normally do. A simple stubbing a finger could affect a QB's release. You better believe a guy competing for the biggest chance of his career SHOULD pay extra care not to get injured.

See, now you made me get all serious! There goes my "fun."

You city boys don't know squat. Cutting wood is hard work. Man work. The kind of work a lot of guys do. It is work that makes you proud of what you do. So he was out cutting some firewood for the winter or a bbq and he cut his pinky. It doesn't make him stupid. Careless maybe, but a chain saw is a fast moving loud, dangerous saw and can very quickly hurt.
He shows he isn't some overpaid lazy athlete making millions, snortin coke, and running his whoes. He isn't sitting at home worried that he might get hurt. That means he might just take that ball through the NE defense in the third quarter when it is snowing.
Personally I want this kind of guy on my team. Please bring smash mouth to Miami.

Hey Tinshaker, go blow it out your ***.

I don't think I ever called you out so you didn't need to chime in. Look at all the ignorant folks on this blog who don't know why you chop would in July. So it dries out for the burning months. Duh!!!

I guess McCown shouldn't drive a car because that's dangerous too. I would say golf is out of the question as well because who knows, he could get hit with a ball or even a club and lose and eye. He should also stop using utensils to eat food with as well, he might cut his finger while cutting a steak. Oh yeah no more swimming either, he could drown.

Are Kevin and I the only ones who understands that there's a difference between chopping wood (which involves a manual tool, like an axe) and cutting wood (which good be anything, including a chainsaw)?

If McCown was out there helping someone cut wood, it means that he's not a prima donna and that's just the kind of guy this team needs.

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