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Finding a QB is more important than victories

Back from vacation and I'm actually spending some time thinking about the Dolphins again.

It dawned on me this morning that Miami should have one (1) all-encompassing, all-important, undeniable priority this season. And that priority, believe it or not, is not winning games.

I would argue that finding a quarterback is Miami's most important task in 2008. I don't care if the team is 1-15 or 9-7. Regardless of the record, if the Dolphins come out of the season knowing they have identified the QB that will lead them the next 5-10 years, it will have been a successful season.

On the other hand, if the team improvement is considerable in other areas, resulting in a 9-7 record, but the quarterback situation is still unresolved at the end of the season, my take would be that the Dolphins didn't progress in the most important area.

I understand, of course, that normally the success of the team is tied to the success of the QB. But the Dolphins have pretty much been the exception in that regard. The team was 9-7 in 2005 but we all knew Gus Frerotte was not the answer. Miami also went to the playoffs in 2000 and 2001 but I don't think anyone fancied Jay Fiedler as a guy the team could ride to Super Bowl glory.

I would feel pretty good about this team if sometime during the season either John Beck or Chad Henne or even Josh McCown takes hold of the starting job and shows himself to be the long-term answer. Even if the record is not great, it gives hope that another draft filled with early picks can improve the remainder of the team.

On the other hand, having a good record at the end of 2008 but no quarterback would leave the Dolphins uncertain at the most important position on the field and in a situation where they might have to invest more resources -- either through a trade, or free agency or the draft -- to upgrade the position.

Do you disagree or agree with me?


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Armando, I don't know how you find a future QB by going 1-15. What could he possibly do to show you he has what it takes? This team is not that bad that if a QB steps up and proves himself to the be the real deal, that the team could go 1-15 and that would be okay. One of the reasons the Dolphins went 1-15 last year is because no QB was able to accomplish much.

Finding the Qb of the future ? JJ did/nt get it Wanny did,nt get it Satan did,nt get it Camueller did,nt get it. Parcells got it, build the OL and they will come. Forget Quinn its gonna be John Beck the Stormin Mormon !!!

Hey all you posters out there taking critical shots at Armando's writing skills, a few critical comments on your comments:

Its Favre, not Farve - please learn to spell.
Please learn the difference between 'their' and 'there' and 'they're.' One more, its utmost not upmost.

IMHO, the organization screwed the pooch when it did not plan for a replacement for Dan Marino. They should have found someone about 3 years before they expected him to retire that they could begin to groom. That was on Don Shula's watch, which pains me to say because he was a great football mind. Jimmy Johnson got lucky that his wacky draft deals worked out in Dallas. They certainly did not work in Miami.

I hope they find a QB, but I hope we also see solid improvement in the special teams, the OL, the DL and the DB's. All of those were areas of concern going into the offseason.

What if you bring in Favre, and trade him at the trade deadline? Don't you think he would get you at least a 2nd rounder? I don't know just thinking out loud here...

Take any QB last two years - put him or her behind the Fins OL and see how good they would be. Hell, Tom Terrific couldn't go 19-0 last year behind a good OL because he was on his as- the entire game.

I don't know who will be the Starter this year but Beck had two very good drives to end the season.

Beck was awful last season - he showed no pocket poise, no pocket 'sense' (knowing where the rush was coming from), small hands and debatable decision making.
He needed to have looked good in spite of the obstacles, as opposed to simply looking as bad as everyone else.
Beck's not the answer.
Henne, in 10 years, will be one of those league-traveled veterans who are relied upon as back ups.
McCown probably has the best shot - this offense, while not very talented, is at least not as mental as Oaklands.
Yes to Favre - what a better QB to instill confidence in the young receivers and at least get that part of the offense going.

It really does not matter who the QB is if Miami continues to have a Swiss-cheese line. However, if I have to pick from the three, I would go with Beck. McCown has proven he is not NFL material, and Henne has a million-dollar arm and a 10-cent head.

You can win without a very good QB; you just can't have an inept one. Can you become a dynasty without a super QB? Never has been done - but then again, dynasties are solid at nearly every position. But again, QB play is slightly overrated. What would Tom Brady be in Detroit? Answer - Eric Hipple, Gary Danielson, etc.

Would Favre coming here be bad? Not sure either way. Like I said, without a line, he is also just another McCown, like he was in Atlanta with that pathetic line.


Finding a QB more important than wins? A totally moronic statement! I would rather suffer with McClown at QB than lose to the Swills, Jerks, and Traitors!!

Having a great QB is a luxury compared to building the rest of the team. If you have a good OL and a good set of WRs, anyone can step in and do well. Remember David Woodley? Hint: Super Bowl. If you invest the entire season on one position, a single injury leaves you back at square one. Dan Marino carried this team for years and the phins were successful despite weaknesses in other areas, but you will not see another Dan Marino again. Build the rest of the team first and the QB will fall into place.

Now that Green Bay won't take Brett Favre back, it would be nice if they pursued him vigoursly and start him as their quarterback. The 2nd and 3rd backups, if a 3rd would gain valuable learning experience for 2009 or maybe 2010. If Miami fails to pursue him DHAME ON THEM!!!!!

Now that Green Bay won't take Brett Favre back, it would be nice if they pursued him vigoursly and start him as their quarterback. The 2nd and 3rd backups, if a 3rd would gain valuable learning experience for 2009 or maybe 2010. If Miami fails to pursue him DHAME ON THEM!!!!!

Correct, unless McCown or Beck establishes themselves as the clear-cut starter and has a Derek Anderson type season, I think they should split the season into 3rds. McCown can take the first 5 games, Beck the middle 5, and Henne the last 6. 5 professional football games should be enough for Beck and McCown to show if they have it or not. If one of them plays really well and the team is winning, keep them in. In As preseason goes, I would play them all, maybe give them each a start and the best player can start the fourth game. Essentially, all of them are good at something...McCown has the experience and is the best athelete. Beck has the best accuracy and knows the team, and Henne is the proposed QB of the future with a cannon for an arm. They all rate the same for me.

Pat, that sounds good on paper but Henne's first game out would be against NE. That doesn't inspire confidence and sure wouldn't make him look good. I think McCown starts and if he struggles put in Beck. Let Henne wait until next year. Beck will need some wait time for the line to gel. Maybe have him play the last 5 games. They are the easiest on the schedule and allows him to get a feel without a new line and pressure from top form teams.

McCown will be there early while the line gels and will have a chance for most of the season to lay some demons to rest. Henne just needs to sit or play late in some blowouts.


No one in their right mind would argue that having a Marino-type guy is always better than not. I want one, too. I just don't think it's essential. Neither Phil Simms nor Dave Hostetler were HOFers, yet they won SB's. Granted, they weren't dynasties, but . . .

As far as developing a QB, I certainly wouldn't divide the season into thirds. And they won't. I think you have to take the guy you think has the tools and throw him out there against the best competition possible. Ease them in? Why? Part of what you want to find out is if a guy has the mental toughness to handle the pressure, take his lumps, and still bounce back. So I'd look at playing the Pats as an optimal situation. I believe that is also the thought process of this regime. It's the 'sink or swim' philosophy. If we have to send our projected 'franchise guy' out there in pampers, we're in trouble.

Incidentally, I hope Beck wins the job and starts the season, but I think realistically, it'll be McCown.

Brett Favre Could be the answer for about 4 more years and bring a ring to Miami. Beck and Henne can be groomed as 2nd and 3rd QB's meantime.

I hope the last post wasn't serious. Favre for 4 more yrs? What are you smoking, dude? It's not going to happen.

You've got some good stuff there on the rationale behind the Fins' draft, Tree. I wish more people understood it.

Dave Jackson: Two of those "mediocre" quarterbacks you listed are in the Hall of Fame. But I guess you really know what you're talking about.

You need to be patient and you dont want josh he couldnt really get it done anywhere he has ever been. Chad or John are the ones you want for long term . They havent played preseason yet! You need to calm down!

Tim Tebow is a Brady Quinn clone.


Tebow will be a bust.

Favre would upgrade the QB position and bring something the Dolphins have been missing for years: character. I don't see him quiting football in the near future (not in 1 year), so this would allow Beck and Henne to "marinate before they're grilled". We did that in SD with Philip Rivers and it worked well. Does Parcells like experienced QBs? I think so.

Bill Parcells has never been one to push a quarterback and will take time developing one. Given the situation I say wait and play Henne while giving McCown or Beck the reings.

is everyone here crazy? brett favre could potentially be out there and you're going to dismiss it???

sign favre for this season and that combined with a strong running game will make the fish worth watching again every sunday for the first time in years (remember everybody who always longed to see a marino/sanders tandem??? what about a favre/williams tandem?

at the same time favre is giving us a pulse, who better in the game to mentor beck and/or henne at critical points during their respective careers???

use this season to establish who's the better long-term #2 (beck or henne), then go out and sign donovan after next season and let's get this rebuilding on with. no more experiments....

Cam, you are dead wrong. Favre already has retired once and has been whining for the last several years. He has caused massive damage to the Packers and I'm not too impressed with his character the last few years. Sure, he had the tools to succeed but GB is a very, very good team. Rivers is still considered the weak link at San Diego so his marinading must still be a work in process.

Favre would not get it done here, JohnJ. He would get sacked and throw interceptions for weeks until the line gelled or he goes to the press and blames the Dolphins management for not giving him the tools to win, or the protection to get it done, etc. Only a few more fans will watch Favre after he makes a fool of himself(if he went here). Most would change their tunes fast as hell and ask why we paid so much for a washed up old guy.

Lastly, we don't want a #2 to waste away while Favre waffles between one more year every few months. I can't even be sure what kind of mentor Favre would be at this time in his career because for the last few years its been all about Favre and nothing else but the Favre.

John, remember: PUFF, PUFF, PASS! You gotta share some of that stuff. How shall I dissect thee, let me count the ways:

1) QB isn't a Plug, and play position. You can't just toss him in there, with no knowledge of the offense, and expect magic. It takes time to install a completely different O than a QB has EVER played before.

2) We would have to throw away several draft picks, or JT, and at least one draft pick for him. We are rebuilding. We need to be gaining Draft picks, not throwing them away(again).

3) We are not a "player away" from greatness, and haven't been in all the years the coaching staffs have claimed we were. Adding Favre's paycheck won't leave us much room to build with next year.

4) Every hurdle we put in front of our young QB's makes our long term future more, and more cloudy. We need to find out what we have in Beck this year, so we can see whether we need to draft a QB next year.

Do I need to continue? I am sure I could come up with several more reasons, if pushed, but I don't want to have a page long post here.

We want number 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT BRETT!!!!!!! Forget the snow. Come to the sunshine state. You're from Mississippi so humidity will be no problem!!!

I agree with you Armchair. We don't need a Marino and a Phil Simms guy would be just fine. Some of the posters are using guys that did win one SB or were in one SB. That shouldn't be the goal. We need a franchise QB but he doesn't have to be a Manning, he could just be a Rivers or a Simms. We just need continuity at the offensive leader position.

Anybody say Desperation? That is the situation in Miami as far as the QB position is concerned. The Dolphins have got to find their future at QB and I agree that it is the most important factor facing the team. The team also needs some continuity. Too many new systems and new offenses and new defenses. They need to find a system and stick with it until they can run it to perfection. People are saying that Parcels will be with the Dolphins only 3 maybe 4 years at best. What they don't realize is, that is a lifetime compared to what this team has had lately.

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