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Henne, Merling may want to wait to sign deals

The Dolphins have three players they need to get signed before training camp opens July 26 -- second-rounders Phillip Merling and Chad Henne and third-rounder Kendall Langford. And while the agents for all three predicted the week following the July 4th holiday would bring the start of serious negotiations, it has not brought a serious agreement.

All three will get done eventually, but there may not be an agreement until late next week at the earliest if the agents for the two second-rounders in particular follow the advice of the NFL Players Association.

The problem Henne and Merling are having with the Dolphins is the same as most second-rounders are having around the league: Because they sign four-year deals and there is no collective bargaining agreement in place for that fourth year (2011), it is creating problems in negotiations.

The problems stem from the fact most second-round deals the past couple of years have included a one-time bonus that was guaranteed in that fourth and final year of the deal. But that isn't available to players this year. Teams are offering to give the guarantee and bonus in the second year, but agents trying to protect their clients from being cut don't see that as a concession as most players picked that high wouldn't get cut in the second year of their deals anyway.

The NFLPA has cautioned all agents to proceed very slowly with their negotiations now through next week when the union and the NFL Management Council will go before a Special Master to iron out the issue.

The Special Master may or may not have a decision before the end of the week but if you have a calendar handy, you see where this is starting to get a little sticky.

Assuming the Special Master brings a decision by next week, that will clear the decks for the sides to strike a deal in approximately seven days before Miami's first practice. That doesn't make it impossible to get Henne and Merling signed and on the field for the first day of drills, but neither does it bode as an easy assignment.

So far only one player selected in the second round has signed a deal.

Thinking out loud: Wow I got through that without ripping a politician again today.


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A Special Master huh, sounds like the slave trade to me...Players as property, very expensive property.

Wouldn't mind you rippin politicians Mando. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin anyways.

9/11 was an inside job

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LOL, shawn you are back! You missed all the fun yesterday! I guess Mando got tired of all the hate so he let you back in? I at least agree with you on politicians. People amaze me with what they don't even bother to learn about our wonderful govenment. Special interests all the way baby!

With the rediculous pay 1st rounders are getting and some of the vet contracts, I'm with the owners on the new contracts. I think it should be a 50-50 split and vets getting most of the pie while rookies prove some worth.

firt things fist get that bum jasen talor on the feild or trade him.

Shawn you need to watch zeitgeist.

I'm with you on the pay PT. Even the players are embarassed by the dumb dumb dumb deals the owners are forced to sign. Did I say dumb? The whole thing is out of whack. Economics will soon fix the whole mess.

no more gosip, lets talk some football...whos working out? is ronnie better the two weeks ago? is beck throwing football's with hagan or ginn??? get to work Armondo or quit your job

slow news day I see

How does one become a Special Master?

Armando, I don't really get what you're saying here.

"Teams are offering to give the guarantee and bonus in the second year, but agents trying to protect their clients from being cut don't see that as a concession as most players picked that high wouldn't get cut in the second year of their deals anyway."

Isn't that a contradiction? If agents don't think players taken that high will be cut, then why are they trying to protect their clients from being cut?

I'm a very lonely person. Please don't laugh. The only friends I have are all of you. I've never even kissed a girl. Yes, I made out with some dude one time, but he never called me even though he said he would.

It makes negotiations a little trickier, but Langford, Henne, and Merling will all still be in camp on time. I just can't see these guys holding out.

9/11 was not an inside job.

learn the truth. www.shawnisatool.com

Mr Bungle: Previously, agent were getting the guaranteed bonus in the fourth year. That pretty much guaranteed that their clients would be with the team through 4 years because no team like to pay something for nothing.

Now that bonus cannot come in the fourth year. Teams are offering to give it in the second year. But agents don't see that as such a great thing because practically no team would cut a second-round pick by the second year anyway. The bonus in the second year thus does not guarantee anything that isn't likely to happen anyway.

Is that more clear?

The players have to do what they gotta do. At least they have a good reason for missing part of training camp, if it comes to that.

Practice, Mr. Bungle, practice.

AndyP, they are on vacation you lunatic, no one is throwing anything right now. That's why we're distracting ourselves with political debates and contract negotiation insight. Ugh, I just bored myself with that last sentence. Is it August yet?

Maybe I don't really understand how these contracts work and to be honest, I don't really pay much attention to them. But isn't a bonus a bonus? Who cares when it comes, as long as you get it? If the guy is a player, the team isn't going to cut him anyway, so why would they care when they get it? Especially with good young players.

So are these agent trying to get 3 years deals now because there is no collective bargaining agreement in place for that fourth year in 2011? And if so, why not pay the bonus in the 3rd year?

9/11 was an inside job

checkout wtc7.net & learn the truth

Posted by: Shawn | July 10, 2008 at 01:03 AM

Any resemblence between Shawn and a Raid sprayed roach is purly coincidental

So what do I practice, Special Master?

Selling used cars back to their original owners?
Bribing American businessmen to wear knickers like they do in Bermuda?
Filling up my shoes with cotton balls to feel lighter on my feet?
Telling them to hold the cheese on my hamburger when I really want the cheese?
Putting out my garbage on the opposite day that they pick it up?

What does it take to be a Special Master?

Awww. You dont let the peanut gallery get to ya, do you Mando? Here's hoping that Henne will sign soon so he'll be ready to start at some point this season if need be.

If Henne starts this year, it could mean three things.
1. McCown and Beck both got hurt and Henne has to play.
2. McCown and Beck both stink and Henne starts by default.
3. Henne is that good.

When I'm watching the Dolphins this year and Henne is starting, I hope it's because of #3.

Beck will be the starter, and a durable one,Henne sees no action, except mopup duty in already decided games. Henne is grooming for future and future looks bright!

Jason has accepted a position to be a Dancin with the Stars judge and will only every other Sunday for the Dolphins.

Oh BTW, if a guy gets paid in the 1st 2 years then he can get cut the 3rd year....the bonus being paid in the 4th year means that he is going to get paid regardless of whether or not he is on the team. Team will keep him even is he sucks. Job security if bonus is paid in the last yr of the deal....clearer now?

I hope Beck is the starter this year and Henne pushes him down the road to keep his job. It would be a nice change of pace to see the Miami Dolphins have talent and depth at QB.

PT, yes I've watched zeitgeistmovie.com , best documentary showing how religion is used to controll the masses.

lifefan, that was actually pretty funny. ya'll a bunch of cockaroaches...sure do miss the 80's; killer B's, skiing in Miyami, shootouts at Dadeland mall and free square groupers on the beach...aw, the good ol' days!

The bonuses are huge parts of the contract because they generally don't count towards the salary cap in one lump sum. That is, if a player is signed to a four year deal worth 12 million, you would think that it would be 3 million a year against the cap. But if the bonus is a million, then you can spread the cost against the cap across the 4 years so it only dings you 250k at a time. Also it would be more likely that the contract would pay out like this: year 1: 1.25M, year 2: 2.25M, year 3: 3.25M, year 4: 4.25M

if the bonus was paid in year 2, then the team could cut the player and save 7.5M although they would get a cap penalty. The player not only would be out of a job, but also the majority of his contract.

Clear now?

Tinshaker, what's the point of drafting and signing a player you expect to improve your team just so you can cut him in his 2nd year to save money and take a cap penalty? The idea is to acquire talent to make your team better, not to cut good, young players in their 2nd year. That makes no sense.

Parcells! Stop being cheap. The guys gonna be good, from what I hear. Pay him and call it a day :D

Parcells! Stop being cheap. The guys gonna be good, from what I hear. Pay him and call it a day :D

Parcells! Stop being cheap. The guys gonna be good, from what I hear. Pay him and call it a day :D

Parcells! Stop being cheap. The guys gonna be good, from what I hear. Pay him and call it a day :D

How has Bill Parcells been cheap? He has already signed one draft pick to the highest rookie deal ever, plus signed a few other draft picks. And I love how you write "from what I hear," as though you have better sources on these players' talent than Parcells and the Dolphins.

Bungle, the point is not that they want to cut the young player, it is that they want to be ABLE to cut him. If we end up with a Ryan Leaf, we would like to be ABLE to cut him year three, without any other hits, and save the remainder of the contract. If the bonus is in year four, they are pretty much stuck for it, because, unless the player is soooo bad that there is no way to reconcile keeping him throughout his contract, or the player starts getting into league trouble, noone wants to pay for someone not working. They hope every player they draft becomes all-pros. They want the second year bonus just in case they are all-tidy bowl players.

I'm sensing alot of negative channeling in your writing my friend. I think you are blocking your alpha waves instead of freely directing your chai and utilizing your engery source.

Mr. Bungle, you missed the point. The point is to negotiate the bonus on the back end if you're a player so you don't get screwed IF you get cut.

The current situation is unusual for this year only because the NFL hasn't come to terms with the player's association for the current fourth year.

So the teams offer the bonus earlier, but it takes away the security blanket for the player, so they don't want it that way. These things are generally sorted out in the summer months anyway so it might not be a factor, but no one, not the team or the player wants to cut anyone after two years of drafting them. But it's a business both ways, and both sides are trying to protect themselves.

When I said the team could cut the player after year two, I wasn't implying that they want to, would plan to, or would benefit from such an action. I'm saying they COULD. And that is why the players don't agree with the second year bonus. As for the cap penalties, that's why you try to sign players who will be part of your team for the entire length of the contract.

Understood on the contract deal. Like I said, I don't pay much attention to contracts and I don't worry about the money a guy gets paid unless he's grossly overpaid. Like rookie 1st rounders.

Mr Bungle - True, so very true. I never paid attention to the contracts either till I got hooked on Madden '08. Ironic how a video game forces you to learn the business side of managing a football team. I think I spend more time doing roster management/drafts/training than I do actually playing a down of football.

Personally, I think the players union is way too powerful. The players have gotten every demand for years. I hated the strike like everyone else but I still watched the games. I love football and I could care less if Terrel Owens makes the catch of the century or if Donnie Verbowski makes a easy catch and then slips on the ground for a loss. I love the Dolphins no matter who plays and hate seeing some of the athletic trash out there making a fortune and being horrible people at the same time.

9/11 WAS an inside job...

And is it just going to be a matter of time until Goodell puts a cap on rookie salaries?

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