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If Tampa Bay is too hot for Favre, what is Miami?

Favre The St. Petersburg Times has a blog post that reports erstwhile Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre has told sources Tampa Bay is "too hot" for him as a possible landing spot should he be traded or released by the Packers. Seems of all the teams he might be interested in, he prefers to practice and play in cooler weather.

Two quick thoughts:

1. If true, you can lump South Florida in that thinking because, after all, it is hotter here than in Tampa.

2. This is ridiculous because the guy is from Kiln, Mississippi. I've been there. Winter doesn't come until December and the summer is hotter there than on the back side of the sun.

Having watched Favre's exclusive interview with Fox News the last couple of nights, it seems clear to me he would like to go back to the Packers and be the starter and that's what he expected would happen when he reached out to the organization June 20th to say he wanted to play again.

But he's been rebuffed by GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy. Favre said they told him "We've moved on," but then they added they couldn't envision him playing for anyone else, either. Favre also said he hasn't envisioned himself playing for anyone else.

The fact is, however, that visions change. It would not surprise if the Packers eventually try to trade Favre. I had longtime Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter Tom Silverstein on my radio show Tuesday afternoon and he said a trade to the Dolphins makes sense.

(I cringed, by the way, because I don't believe it does.)

Silverstein said he could see Bill Parcells convincing Favre to come to the Dolphins if that is what Parcells wants. He agreed it would require a two-year commitment from Favre, but said Parcells would sell Favre on the possibility Miami could be 8-8 this year and a Super Bowl contender next year.

Again: I am telling you what a Green Bay reporter said. I didn't say I agree with it because I think I'm clearly on record as saying it doesn't make sense for the Dolphins to chase Favre. It doesn't make sense for the Dolphins to spend the entire offseason building for the future and then at the last second deviate from that plan by adding a soon-to-be 39-year-old quarterback.

I asked Silverstein about compensation for Favre and we're both agreed ... Jason Taylor is the logical answer. You have a DE that may play only one more year being exchanged for a QB that may play one or two more years.

Of course, that wouldn't make Taylor happy because he's spent much of his career playing with unproven quarterbacks in great weather and might not see playing another year with an unproven quarterback in awful Green Bay weather as an upgrade. But that is life.

And Silverstein reminded me Keith Jackson once upon a time was traded from Miami to Green Bay and didn't want to report before relenting, and playing, and winning a Super Bowl ring.

Still ... it just doesn't add up for me.


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well we may just have to trade for favre because reports are that josh mccown almost had his index finger chopped off with a machete last week.

Can't believe I'm first, seeing as I'm on the West Coast. My opinion - Having Favre on the team does definitely make us a better team RIGHT NOW, but then taking Taylor off the team makes us a worse team. I wouldn't be in favor of a trade because a) I think we need Taylor and b) if not Taylor, then we'd lose probably a 2nd and 4th or 5th rounder, and that doesn't make sense with our rebuilding plan either. Not to mention the strain it would put on our salary cap, which I believe we're already pretty tight on.

Plus to be sentimental, I can't see Favre playing for the Dolphins. Just doesn't seem right. He should stick it out in GB, be the backup, get to be the hero when/if Rodgers gets the living daylights knocked out of him in game 4.

Eric, post the link to that story please, we don't get to hear local McCown news out here.

I can't believe you beat me, I should type faster!

Favre to the Dolphins makes no sense. He is not going to win anything in Miami but his presence will stall the development of the young QBs.

This is a team that is rebuilding with youth. Satele, Long, Murphy, Beck, Henne, Ginn, Hagan, Fasano, the young RBs, Wright, Soliai, Merling, Langford, Dotson etc.

Why would Favre want to come to a team that JT is trying to get away from?

Having Favre would sell tickets, give Henne a great QB to learn from, and provide the best QB we've had since Dan Marino in the mid 90's.

Jason Taylor would leave if traded. He just doesn't want to go to training camp. If the Packers can convince him that he'll take it easy in training camp then he'd welcome this.

What's the scoop on McCown, is this true? Did he hack his fingure?

Your posts are usually right on Mr. Bungle.

You should be writing for the Herald.

Heck - even the GB Porkers don't want the crybaby. Every year for the past four years we have suffered through Favre's dilemma over whether he is retiring or not. Most of those years he has not been very good anyway.

Why is it the prima donnas of the league have to act like such jerks when it is time to leave? Brett, Jason just do it - leave. Let your teams move on.

Here's the McCown thing. Wonder if this was sibling rivalry gone awry?


Thanks, y-not.

This idea that Favre would be a good QB for Henne or any other young QB to learn from is BS. Basically coaches tell young QBs not to do anything that Favre does because his mechanics are horrible. Favre is a sandlot QB who has a special gift.

Favre is only going to get worse, not better. So why would the Dolphins waste any time watching him throw stupid interceptions as his game deteriorates while Beck and Henne stand on the sidelines next to coaches telling them don't do that?

yep its true. go to profootballtalk.com to read about mccown almost chopping his finger off.

Mr. Bungle,
Seriously, do young QB's improve mechanics through practice and good coaching, or do they improve their mechanics by watching another guy throw?!?

Did you seriously think I was saying Henne would learn mechanics from Favre?!?

Seriously.... you know what I'm talking about: learning how to lead a team... how to run a huddle... how to be a professional when things don't go well for you.

Armando, come on "there" starting quarterback?? You are a writer for goodness sake, you should not be making those types of grammatical mistakes.

Mr. Bungle,

You make perfect sense. Why would anyone want to emulate a quarterback who won a Super Bowl and holds all of the NFL passing records?

Yes, you bring him. The guy is a proven winner and this team needs to learn how a winner conducts himself.

For the record, I agree with sending JT out the door for #4. However, I also agree you give up NO picks for him. You can't mortgage the future for #4. Sitting on the bench would do both JB and CH good. Wouldn't that have worked better last year for Beck then being blasted on a weekly basis?

F%%k Favre. He just hung around the last three years to break Dan Marino's records. He gave the Packers a dog and pony show for three years now. You said you retired we don't want you, you got lucky last year and that's it. I've been through the agony of a 38 yr old qb still trying to be effective in a game that has passed him by, NO MORE! I still feel the hang-over a decade later.

Tommya, I don't think Favre handles things all that well when things aren't going right. I don't know how many times I've seen him just flip a ball up when the pressure is on and get picked off. Also how can young QBs learn how to run a huddle from him when they won't be in the huddle?

Jon, I did say Favre has a special gift, meaning not everyone can do what he does. He's an unorthodox QB and not a good tutor for young QBs. Do you want our young QBs emulating the many bad decisions he makes on a regular basis? I don't.

As if we would want him anyway. He's just not very good. And what real man says its too hot - I don't wanna play there? Later Dick ....

PS Stay tuned to TV for another press conference of Brett Favre losing it and crying like a little girl.

As if we would want him anyway. He's just not very good. And what real man says its too hot - I don't wanna play there?

PS Stay tuned to TV for another press conference of Brett Favre losing it and crying like a little girl.

Whatever records he got he deserved. As long as someone is willing to employee him it doesn't matter if you think he is good enough or not. If not the Dolphins it will be someone else but he will land a job if the Packers release him.

To loose JT - I could only accept a Favre - someone to get excited about...and it's as close to an equitable trade as one could get for these 2 incredibly worthy NFL pro-bowlers. They both have been poster boys for everything the League wants to stand for (discounting the retirement mind change and the winning stint on Dancing - which I didn't miss 1 week of - but I'm a chick so don't fault me.)

But I agree with the others - no matter what happens: In the end, Jason Taylor will always be considered an ultimate Dolphin and Brett Favre will always be a star Packer.


I don't mind if Favre finds another job . . . I just don't want it to be in Miami.

Mr. Bungle covered the particulars pretty well as to why not. Good job.

Who cares we don't need another Trent Green deal. Stop thinking about over the hill, past there prime QB's.

We are doig the same the Packers are,building for the future . That includes QB,so tell Farve thanks but no thanks!!!!

we'll keep favre and trade you aaron rodgers for jason taylor!!!!

If Miami wants to go after a quarterback they should be going after someone who is proven, yet still has wheels left on their train. Favre would be awesome in Miami, about half a dozen years ago. I am not saying he still doesnt have anything left in the tank, but still, why keep getting everyone eles has beens - go after someone who IS the real deal, now and tomorrow.

Ok, I am a Green Bay Fan, and have been for 30 years now. Don't forget we have gone through some very tough years also, so I know how you Fin fans are feeling lately. You are a hell of a lot better team than your record of last year showed. You are damn close, and I seriously feel that Miami is going to be making alot of noise this year. Don't be too quick to "NOT WANT FAVRE". The only reason he isn't welcome anymore in Green Bay is because he wants to try and be the GM. And we all know that the Tuna will never allow that to happen. So bearing that in mind, I truly believe Brett would do a hell of a job for you for a couple of years. By then, one of your young guys will be ready. Sure Brett throws alot of picks, but then he can turn right around and throw the game winner the very next series. He causes opposing defenses headaches, and that is what you want. You could do a hell of a lot worse than Brett. Give us Taylor, and we will gladly take the super bowl ring this season, and let you have the ring next season. Either way, it beats the damn Patriots from getting one!

Forget Favre. He can't help the long term vision of what the Dolphins are trying to become. Please, I give the Trifecta more respect than bringing in a man whom will play 1 year. As for Taylor, let him live up to this contractal obligation, or retire. I think the Trifecta is trying to put a winning team of the field this year.....not a championship team, but a respectible team that will not be a roll-over loser for the rest of the league......

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