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Jason Taylor talks to ESPN, says very little

ESPN reporter Ed Werder is touring the country this week talking to NFL players in Sunday-type conversations that will air throughout this week. Jason Taylor is the subject of Monday's conversation that will air on the 11 p.m. SportsCenter and 143,043 times thereafter until the next conversation (one with Denver QB Jay Cutler) takes over Tuesday night.

Sitting down with Werder, looking cool with sunglasses sitting atop his shaved head, Taylor was comfortable, friendly and confident in front of the cameras. He basically spent 15-20 minutes repeating everything he's said in past interviews with other media entities with one small exception.

Taylor leaves open the door to the possibility that this won't be his final season after telling the Dolphins and the public this would indeed be the final year of his career. "Can that change?" Taylor asks rhetorically, "sure it can. This is America. We have the freedom to do pretty much anything we want to do."

So much for nuggets.

In the post of the Taylor interview on ESPN, the one titled, "Taylor dances around his future," the Dancing with the Stars runner-up does not say whether he will report to training camp with the rest of his teammates July 25 and start practicing the next morning. Can't tell if he was asked, but even if he was, I doubt Taylor would say.

Taylor was asked that question last week by NFL.com and he didn't give a straight answer then, either.

Werder asks Taylor what his expectation is of where and when he'll be playing again. "I have no idea," Taylor non-responds. "I have no idea."

So Werder chimes in, "What do you want the outcome to be?"

"I want to win games," Taylor says, recycling material and a tactic he's used before. "That's why I play this game. I don't play this game for fame, for money, for fun..."

Of course, the phrase that Taylor never utters is, "I want to play for the Dolphins."

Taylor does admit he may not have a choice, however. "I'm not a free agent," he says.

But, Werder offers, he could always retire, which Taylor has told all his friends and confidants that he definitely doesn't want to do. But regardless of that, Taylor refused to be pinned down.

"Well," Taylor says with a sly grin, "You can always do that, too."


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Jason just stay with us man! You never know what could happen and you haven't even given Sparano a chance yet. I know you're sick of the coaching carousel but if you go to a new team you will still have a new coach. And who's to say you're going to win a superbowl with them. In Miami the community already loves you (contrary to any recent blogs, you know we love you!)and you are the face of the franchise. The Dolphins will have no choice but to plaster your picture all over Florida and in the papers. And in turn you will be getting more attention which will only help your acting career. We need you JT and I really hope you will be on the field to beat the Jests on opening day!

Taylor is messing with you guys...Get used to it. He owes you nothing...

Armando, Parcells lives about 15 minutes away from me up here in Saratoga. I saw him at a restaurant in Wilton but I didn't want to bother him because he's on vacation and he's still intimidating as hell! He's just a regular guy when he's up here, barbequeing with the neighbors and gardening! It's really weird to see him around and being so nice as opposed to how he is with you guys. It's definitely a little bit of an act because everyone who has met him up here says he is a super nice guy. But I don't think he wants that to get out so keep it on the down low :) I just wanted to go up and ask him some questions about the team but I got flashbacks of some of his interviews after games. I decided it was in my best interest to keep eating my prime rib!

By the way the associated press has an article about Parcells and more importantly (to me) he talks about what a great area Saratoga county is. If anyone is ever in NY please visit Saratoga for the track, golf,beautiful lakes, great restaurants, and great people. Everyone is really friendly up here and the fall foliage is incredible in October. If you visit the Ripe Tomato restaurant in late June early July you are sure to see Bill and even though I wussed out he is very approachable, just buy him a drink! Okay that's my pitch for my home town. Sorry guys, back to football.

I cannot wait for the day Jason Taylor is gone from the Miami Dolphins. His selfishness, his lack of class, and total "me first" attitude is not welcome here. NFL Man Of the Year, my rearend. Jason Taylor is shown who he really is this offseason.

J.T. you are the man! the best end in the league. STILL! haters, just keep doing your job. hate!

JT has seen more regime changes with the Dolphins and no sign of improvement in any of them. Who wouldn't be frustrated. He's given all he's had up to this point. To bash him now shows even less class than his wanting to exit or not making comments some want to hear.

How come there isn't any reporting on draft signings??? Several days since we signed our 3 round pick yet no info here. Do we think the 2 second round picks will be signed in the next 10-12 days to have everyone in camp?

I am curious at what people expect him to say. He hasn't made a decision and would obviously like to be traded. We all knew that. But, the media keeps sticking a mike in his face and asking the same dumb question. Trying to create this huge drama and scoop another reporter. Really you guys have to find something else to talk about.
Think of the other 52 players on this team. How fast is Ricky and Ronnie this year? How about Ted Ginn Jr? A very controversial pick. Is he still fast? How is his route running? Is Miami going to use him in kick returns? How deep is the secondary this year? Is Jason Allen going to finally settle on one position? Taylor is one of 53.

Jason Taylor is the man! Where were those bashers when he won NFL Defensive Player of the Year?

Armando - answer this, "If the Herald consistently put out a bad product but kept promising you it would get better but it doesn't and each time it gets worse it and as your career winds down, you have no shot to win a pulitzer - what would you do?"

Quit bashing the guy and give us some FACTS about draft signings/free agents/injury updates, position battles, etc.


JT will only improve this team this season and if he stays for another then he will have a chance at the ring. Playoffs this year is not a dream either. It could happen!

tree....u r 100% correct on my man beck. gonna keep it short as i am recovering from a lil surgery yesterday.........old football injury on non-throwing arm.........

jt just pisses me off. not the pain killers talking.

we support him and what do we get scott? i get pissed on.

of all of the fin fans...what happened to jason.

not gonna commit? and everyone blames mando for this. where is personal responsibility these dayz?

jt has a chance to be part of something exciting.....but he acts like this upcomming effort is a half-thought....i am so dissapointedd to a COULD BE - WAS ONCE .....dare i say leader.

piss or get off my damn pot !!

harri ain't happy

The bottom line is in bold in Mando's post. Jason, are you or are you not reporting to training camp on the first day?

That would tell me all I need to know about your commitment. Save me all the rest of the blah, blah, blah.

If JT is happy with coaching staff & teamdirection he will retire a dolphin .

Taylor is crab walking on playing more than one season because, idiot that he is, realizes he killed ANY trade possibilities when he uttered those moronic words.

If JT had just STFU and reported to camp he would probably have been traded by now. As it is, we'll have to suffer through another under achieving season watching him play here.

Taylor and underachiever? He is the lone mushroom in a sea of sh__!! I would be frustrated too after being surrounded by the gutless hacks who have donned the aqua and orange and suffering under the regimes of Insane Wayne!

The only thing I don't like about him is he's too nice to that sissy little pretty boy, Tom Bratty! Other than that, you gotta admit he has plenty of class!

Good stuff on Parcells, NY Scott. I can see how you would have chickened out on approaching him. I'd probably have done the same.

As to JT, it is old stuff. One thing's for certain: he isn't gonna be coddled, nor is Parcells gonna allow himself to be blackmailed by ANY player regardless of his status. He's playing this thing right, and eventually JT will be in camp. In the unlikely event that he isn't, it'll just mean more reps earlier for Merling (assuming he signs) and Langford, which will be a bonus for the future. Either way, the Fins win.

Finally, I wouldn't accuse Armando of being critical of JT. I didn't read it that way.

I don't think Armando is being critical of JT. And that leads me to question Armando, why not? This baby needs to be taken to the woodshed for what he's done this offseason.

Get to it, Mando.

Jason not showing up was his way of asking the team to trade him. He does not want to play here but he wants to blame the dolphins for his removal even though its what he wants. Thats the bottom line. Jason, you are a fine football player. Your number will probably be retired someday if you can end your career here and with a little class.

This is being blown over way to much.

I'm pretty sure most fans have been wondering for years how long was the defense going to hold up.

Well, bad seasons creates alot of change and the change has arrived.

Zack T.(one of my favorite Dolphin of all time) is gone and JT is on his way. The team is going to be overhualed for next couple of years and we'll get new stars.

If JT ends his career here that would be great. But if not, the team will launch without him.

Either way, I can't wait for FOOTBALL season.

Jason 'I hear you going to be traded for Brett Farve. and we through in a draft pick / sorry to see ya go I say let you go see how green the grass is on anouther feild ? or white it is pretty cold in green bay buba ask brett on your way out see ya dude

Correction, that his "bald head". prima donna jerk.

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