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Live blog chat Thursday 1-2 p.m.

As I have hinted in previous posts, I am not a big fan of the Terry Glenn adventure the Dolphins are seriously considering.

I know I'll probably be alone on the subject because many fans would add Satan to their team if they thought he could help, but I just don't see how a guy who is likely to get hurt would be much help -- I've seen enough Trent Green and David Boston experiments -- to color my opinion.

Anyway, I wrote a column on the subject that is required reading if you want to go to the next step on this blog. And what is that next step, you ask?

Thursday between 1 and 2 p.m. I will be on here, at your beck and call disposal, to discuss the Dolphins in a live chat. At that point we can discuss the pros and cons of acquiring Glenn, the improvement of the offense, the quarterback situation including rumors Quincy Carter is on the way (another mistake) and just about any other issues you might want to discuss.

So go ahead and blow off work from 1-2 p.m., be a corporate time-stealing weasel as former Dolphins tight end Jim Mandich likes to call folks who do sports talk on the net while at work, and get on here.

Of course, if you can't be on here live, leave your questions when you can and I'll answer them best I can. But if you want to discuss and argue, live is the best way to do it.


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I'm on the left coast and I would love to participate but my J-O-B blocks most links to sports pages. I'll try it for a few (take an early lunch break)

Quincy Carter?!?? WTF... PLEASE tell me that is a joke!!!

Hey Armando!, I am really interested on the tight end situation, What do you think of Anthony Fasano's chances of overtaking David Martin, a horrible blocking and mediocre tight end. And do you think the winner of the job will be very effective? (Dallas made Jason Witten the tight end he is)

Armando, who's stood out more in the Dolphins competition for the starting kicker Jay Feely or Montana rookie, Dan Carpenter?

Andyrew, if you'd ben paying attention you'd know that Fasano pretty much overtook DM the day he was signed. He has been getting all the first team reps in camp.

the dolphins are going to work out Quincy Carter on friday.

At your 'beckon' call? Are you retarded? I believe the phrase you were attempting to use is 'beck and call.'

Tinshaker, I have been paying attention, Martin has more experience than Fasano and many times that can level the playing field... I was asking a serparte question as well (I personally believe Fasano is better but I have not seen anything in person so I am asking someone who has.) Armando does a great job!

Armando, can you please tell me why I am such a worthless piece of trash? Thank you.


Please, please, please, tell me it is some sort of joke that Quincy Carter is joining the Fin's roster. He is a loser that has not played in years. The only thing he is going to do is try and sell weed to Ricky and knock him off the comeback trail. This must be some sort of joke? Give Henne, McCown, and Beck a chance.

If they want a fourth QB, well, Culpepper and Byron Leftwitch have at least started a few games within the past five years! Or call Tampa Bay about Simms..... signing Carter is crazy talk! Tell me it is not so MANDO!

Armando, Why is the herald getting scooped on these stories ala Quincy Carter. You guys are meant to be the top dogs.

Not that I'm saying Michael Irvin is the best source in the world, but not even a mention this morning on the site?

Ok, if I'm not around for the live blog, here is my question:

Who are the receivers that are going to make the team? It seems that everyone was dogging on Hagan during the offseason and thought he would get his walking papers but he has out performed everyone else in training camp so he seems to have lifted his stock to a possible #2 guy, definitely at least #3. And if the team signs Glenn, one of our smaller guys will be cut to make room. I think the final five will be Ginn/Hagan/Bess/Wilford and either Glenn or Camarillo. Your thoughts?

DC, I agree that Carter is a joke of sorts, but not nearly as funny as the consideration of signing Culpepper. I nearly p**ped myself!

I just read the Q. Carter thing on PTF. There is no F#$#$%# way, unless they want an arm in camp, and that even doesn't make any sense. Is it a quota thing we have to have one black loseing QB. After Ms. Cleo and Duh'ta and Ray Lucas I think we did our share. Bring back Vinny or Drew McQueen Bledsoe.

Quincy Carter? Quincy Carter? Please tell me this is just a dream. A horrible horible dream.


I am not going to be able to participate this afternoon, but was hoping you could address the Carter rumors and if there is any chance in hell that we will even attempt to show interest in Boldin.

Dammit ....... Miami Dolphins officialy sign Jeff Blake QB


Everyone is always looking for the big names on a team, I personally enjoy the unsung heros - the Wes Welker, Orande Gadsden types. Who have you seen in practice that has the potential of really Wowing fans??

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