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No Boldin or Glenn but Dolphins sign Armstrong!

We're up and running at training camp and the Dolphins have just announced ... breathless, I am ... the signing of Anthony Armstrong to help their receivers corps.

That's apparently how it's going to be around here.

Never mind that Terry Glenn is available. Never mind that Anquan Boldin wants a quick ticket out of Arizona and would love to play in Miami. The Dolphins got Anthony Armstrong who spent the past two years with the Dallas Desperados of the Arena Football League.

Nothing against Anthony Armstrong, but this isn't a way to improve the receivers corps. Of course, not sure signing Glenn is either.

The Dolphins have waived Dan Gore and receiver Justin Wynn and confirmed the signing of Phillip Merling to what I've been told is a four-year deal. Chad Henne remains unsigned and will miss the team's first training camp practice.

Check back in a little bit for practice updates as it is starting right now.


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Hey man, good to have you back online. Tell me, is Henne CRAZY! QBs never get caught up when they hold out, look at Russell and Quinn last year, and now Quinn is likley a permenent backup in Cleveland. Why hasn't he signed? He has a chance to start or become a number 2 out of camp! If Henne holds out he is going to be a 3rd string QB this year. Have you heard anything?? Why hasn't that guy signed?? He is crazy!

It doesn't matter when Henne signs, he'll be 3rd string this year no matter what.

I loggged on looking to see if Miami was interested in pursuing Glenn after seeing he was released Friday by Dallas. I believe it would be an obvious move, since he has connections to Parcells back to New England and would certainly be the No. 1 option here.
It's a shame we must read the word of an Arena League signing. Hey, at least Armstrong knows where the endzone is, right?

Don't get me wrong, it'd be great to have Boldin play for the Dolphins, but when/where has he said that he would love to play for Miami? Love the blog Mando, thanks for everything you do here.

I wouldn't be surprised if Terry Glenn is available for quite some time. It's really not the time of year to pick up an older injury plagued guy. The Phins should be looking for young talent and be locked in to re-building this team through the draft. If Glenn was younger and played special teams, I'm sure the Dolphins would be interested.

Armstrong looks like a slightly smaller version of Ted Ginn jr. That 5th wide reciever needs to produce on special teams and not just eat up from our abundant salary cap.

Armando, you've got to keep that jerky knee of yours under control. Just because they signed Armstrong doesn't mean they won't continue to upgrade at receiver. The trio has said all along they'll make roster moves as necessary whenever they can. Obviously they think Armstrong is an improvement over Wynn so the team just got better. Maybe they still make a run at Glenn and/or Boldin. In particular a deal for Boldin is going to take some time because I don't think the Cards really want to let him go. So sit back, relax, and tell us what we really want to know -- what's happening on the practice field.

Forget Henne, if he thinks he can get a better deal somewhere else, then sit the year out and go back into the draft. I'm D?&# tired of these guys. We already suck so it ain't like we're gonna miss him.

I am really interested in how Devone Bess is looking. I am a huge fan of his.

Why in the H*ll are we not going after Boldin. Did they not see him play last year. We need to do whatever possible to get him in a Dolphin uniform...Henne...we will be just fine without him. Beck will step up and take the starting job for years to come...Go Phins

I'm not aware of Henne's contract dispute, but he should be compensated somewhere between what the guy drafted ahead of him got and the guy drafted behind him got. I suspect, but have no inside knowledge, that because he was one of the top QB's drafted, his agent feels that he should get more. Wrong! Kick this prima-donna and his greedy agent to the curb! This is a team sport, not a one-man show.

I can't understand why you are pushing to get Boldin. They don't have anyone to throw him the ball. In addition, if you haven't noticed the way this team is being built, the plan is to pound the rock and kill the clock.

Why would you want to bring in a high priced guy, that isn't going to touch the ball much???
It will only be a matter of time before Boldin became a malcontent becuase he's not getting the ball.

With the extra salary money freed up by the exit of JT, the fins should be loading up with available receivers. Is there any way to get Boldin without giving up a draft pick? What about trading Potter and considerations?

Armondo, don't be a putz and inject your approval or disapproval of pickups the Fins make, ala Anthony Armstrong - "this isn't the way to improve the receiving corps", and then point to Boldin and Glenn.

This just makes you look stupid in that 1) you think you know more than the Trifecta, and 2) you have no information on the details of this deal, such as, a) how much money is involved, b) terms of the pickup, c) what the Trifecta think of the guy and why they got him. Do you have inside information on whether Glenn is really healthy? Do you know what the dynamics of a Boldin trade would be, such as how many draft picks the Cardinal's are asking for him, or even if the Cardinal's are entertaining offers at all? No, you don't. Yet you infer that the Trifecta is incompetent, or worse stupid, for not getting either of these guys, but choose Armstrong instead. Just shut up and report, and offer opinions on what you know.

Given how thin the Fins are at receiver it makes sense to load up on as many receivers they think have a chance to contribute, especially if there is no financial risk involved if the guy does not cut it.

Mando: What makes you so sure that Armstrong is not the way to go. When did you ever draft anyone. MJZ you were right on this one.

Mando: What makes you so sure that Armstrong is not the way to go. When did you ever draft anyone. MJZ you were right on this one.

Armando, I can't understand your tone here. They simple exchanged one camp body for another. No one's claiming he's the next Randy Moss. As others have already said here, the signing of a scrub for camp doesn't mean they won't look into more legitimate options at wideout - in fact there's not even a connection between the two. You make it sound like they are signing Armstrong in lieu of acquiring a Boldin or Glenn, when in fact they have nothing to do with one another. For your to twist such a non-story around as a negative on the team is completely uncalled for in my view.

Glenn is done. We may end up with him but unless it is near the minimum for his services, we will overpay. Glenn is done.

BTW, some of those Arena players are pretty good...

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