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Not a great time for the offense in Sunday's drills

It was so bad that at one point I saw Dolphins offensive line coach Mike Maser simply put his hands on his knees, drop his head and shake it in disgust. That is the snapshot that best describes the performance the Miami offense had during Sunday's practice.

How ugly was it?

John Beck threw three interceptions, including two on consecutive passes. Chad Henne had one interception. Before the end of the practice, all the defensive backs seemed to be smelling blood and they were all jumping routes.

Henne and running back Ronnie Brown didn't get synched up on a handoff and a fumble ensued.

The most effective passing play of the day was the checkdown pass to a running back, either Brown or Ricky Williams.

The defensive linemen generally won their matchups against the offensive linemen. Maser yelled at first-round pick Jake Long once for missing his blocking assignment. And on the next snap, Charlie Anderson beat Long for a sack.

Rookie guard Shawn Murphy also incurred Maser's wrath on a couple of snaps.

The only good things about the day. At least the defense improved. And at least it was only the second day of practice so the offense has time yet to improve.

"If a quarterback had a perfect day every day, we'd all be in the Hall of Fame," Beck said.

Amazingly, at one point Beck said, "As a team we got better today." I assume he was talking about the defense.

On the bright side:

The field goal kicking duel is going well: Incumbent Jay Feely easily connected on his three attempts from 32, 38 and 42 yards. Rookie Dan Carpenter matched him, also going 3-for-3.

The interceptions went to Renaldo Hill off Henne, and Jason Allen and Nathan Jones and Will Allen off Beck.

Brown did run hard and looked good on rushing plays. Jalen Parmale had the most dynamic run, juking everyone in the hole and breaking off what would have been a TD on a run up the middle.

Long did have moments when he shined. He managed a stalemate with Vonnie Holliday in one one-on-one drill and beat Phillip Merling on another.


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Thanks for da update Mando.
Were da picks results of bad decision by da QBs or da WR?

Have Ted Ginn and Ernie Wilford been at any practice. Other than Wilford being "big" and Ginn being "fast", I haven't heard their names called.

since the defense stepped up,did matt roth do anything??? or is he still a bum....

Thanks for the update!

Great news, Mando. I thought it would be a tough day. The 2 young QBs will need a lot of practice. Long and Murphy will need to get faster. I'm glad the D looked so good but it needs better competition. The Jets have a top notch O-line now and I hope our D is ready for them. We can only hope Favre doesn't go to NY.

Eli Manning had his first two throws in yesterdays practice intercepted. I know he's not the greatest QB but he did just win a superbowl and has more experience than Beck. So maybe it's not that bad and lets hope Beck will turn it around. I'm really rooting for the kid. I really don't think anyone should be suprised that our 1-15 team struggled on offense in their first weekend of training camp. Dissapointing yes, suprising no. It's going to be a while folks so sit back and relax for now.

I'm sure we will all be talking about Beck's two interceptions in late November. Get a grip people!

please tell me that you only included kicks that were made during full team drills... i would like to think that feely doesnt sit around for 2 hours and then just kick the ball three times..

Offense always takes longer to gell than defense. This is the second day of camp, if I were you Armando I would report but hold off an any commentary as it is too early to draw any conclusions. Even for a guy like you with such penetrating insight. We all know that every team in the league is just plain stupid for not hiring you as their VP of Player Personnel.

Jay Feely is in for the fight of his life. Dan Carpenter is not going to go away quietly. I still believe that this kid will be the starting kicker for the Miami Dolphins.

It's a good thing there is nobody as fast or strong as Charlie Anderson in the NFL, or I'd be worried about Jake.

I'm happy - the D is *supposed* to be ahead of the O.

it been awhile since i have been on, everyone is tearing Beck down just remember it take qb at least 2 to 3 years to adjust 2 the nfl speed includin the great one from Montana to eli. it would also help if he had a supportin cast which he doesnt. he not going 2 blossom overnite no matter who qb it going to take time, unless u have him hold the clipboard 4 three years but then u need a vet that can hold it down while him and Henne learn. i say let him run the team for the next couple of years then judge him. where would the gaints be if they didnt believe in eli and didnt give him the time 2 grow

isn't it Parmale, not to be confused with Bernie Pamralee from years ago?

This may sound lame, but can you find out how big John Beck's hands are - I wondered this last year with all his fumbles and continue to wonder after things like today. When it gets hot and sweaty it seems like he just doesn't have a good handle on the ball. Are his hands below average size for NFL QB's?

Becks hands are 9 3/4, larger than Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan based on the combine numbers.

He does not have "small" hands.

Of course, size isn't everything (no pun intended). How STRONG are his hands? Does he hold the ball tightly enough, or does he subconsciously loosen his grip when his mind gets overwhelmed during a play? Is he doing something that increases fumbles, like holding the ball away from his body?

There's a lot of reasons for fumbling.

Fear and carelessness cause fumbling. Small hands if they are freakeshly small.

Scary stuff, especially considering how bad our defensive backfield is supposed to be (though I don't agree). On a positive note, all through OTA's and now training camp I have been hearing Charlie Andersons name. This guy who I never heard off may end up being one of our best offseason aquisitions. Definitely a sleeper to keep my eye on. Also good to hear that Jason Allen is picking back up where he left off last season. The guy may not be the smartest, and has a hard time picking up the playbook, but if you let him play he seems to make plays and get turnovers. Finally, I want to thank you Armando for coming clean on the JT swipe. Takes a man to admit he was wrong. It is good to have an edge but being a dick just to be a dick is not cool.

Scary stuff, especially considering how bad our defensive backfield is supposed to be (though I don't agree). On a positive note, all through OTA's and now training camp I have been hearing Charlie Andersons name. This guy who I never heard off may end up being one of our best offseason aquisitions. Definitely a sleeper to keep my eye on. Also good to hear that Jason Allen is picking back up where he left off last season. The guy may not be the smartest, and has a hard time picking up the playbook, but if you let him play he seems to make plays and get turnovers. Finally, I want to thank you Armando for coming clean on the JT swipe. Takes a man to admit he was wrong.

Oh no, we suck again!

Armando, what do you think of the new receivers? I have to rely on the official Dolphins 'highlight' videos (can't they find a longer music clip to loop?) so all I know is that they 'look' good, and Wilfork looks like he's in amazing shape, and Bess can catch the ball and has bursts of speed, but are these guys catching balls in the team drills? (the stuff they won't show on the highlight reels).

Also, I agree with Edswood that our DBs are not the horror story everyone makes them out to be. With a strong DL to shorten plays these guys will have banner years in my honest opinion.

whats going on with Glenn

More perspective, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"In the span of about 10 snaps during team drills Friday, (Brady) Quinn fell on a fumbled snap and threw three interceptions".

Phinatic, if we're not interested in Brett Favre then why are we interested in Glenn? He's old, injury-prone and not part of the new beginning scheme of having young tough guys.

oh wow my first comment deleted what an occasion

is cr@p bad enough for deletion or was it my anti-mando pro-omar sentiment

Where is the Monday camp coverage? You clowns take the day off?

Mando, that video of you and jeff d was hilarious, especially the end where you both say your name at the same time. Also it was weird hearing you praising JT so much in the vid, when you seemed so adamant to get rid of him here in the blog. Anyway, can't wait for the next installment!

Well,at least the defense is gaining confidence!Now the trick is to match them against an equally inept offense.

The Fins did practice today didn't they. I guess no more JT stories means take the day off, or Mando passed out from the heat today. Electrolites is the key. By the way Phinatic, Armando let my dic- comment through so I don't think it was the language.

did armando fall off the bleachers and die? come on file your report you lazy sack.

I'll say this, the offensive line better start picking up their game or we won't be able to make a fair assesment of our QBS. They're constantly under pressure and have little time to make reads. Jake Long is looking great in every area except the speed rush. But that can be worked out as he is a rookie. Satele is getting rag dolled by Ferguson on EVERY play. Makes me wonder if McKinney will be starting the season assuming he gets healthy. I read that Beck bounced back nicely today and that's a great sign because it shows he may have the mental toughness to shake off bad quarters and games. But with the way the offensive line is playing I fully expect McCown to be our starting QB on day 1. He escapes pressure well and throws good on the run. With our o-line struggling we're going to need both of those qualities in our QB if we expect any kind of success.Charlie Anderson and Quentin Moses are doing great so far and that is very comforting considering we no longer have the services of JT. A big thank you to Jason Taylor for taking Moses under his wing last year. Can anyone figure out why they aren't throwing the ball to Ginn or Wilford yet? We need to get these guys going and I can't figure out why we haven't heard ONE word about our starting WR'S. It's been three days and I haven't even heard of one catch or ball thrown their way.

Way to man up, Mando. Better job today. Hey guys? we need to relax a little. It is the second day(third by the time I post this) of camp. We didn't expect the O Line to gel until the third, or fourth game of of the season, let alone the third, or fourth PRACTICE of CAMP.lol. Unclench, guys. It will be OK. The practice where Beck threw the INT's was set to a 3 second buzzer, a sort of hurry up drill. So he didn't look perfect this time, give him a few weeks, and it will be pat.

I think this whole Bill Parcel's thing is f*ing stupid. Only people that like Bill are transplant NY fans. I think we will not win another superbowl until his is gone.

Stew, you are an idiot. Thx for the added info Tree. I completely agree NYScott.

Armando; where are you? Training camp is still going on, right? Please, on your next entry to this blog, please give us some positive info, the negative gets old!

I think Mando has quit and moved to Washington so he can continue to critique JT. Good thing Omar has been giving us good info and steady updates.

agreed edswood here I am on the same post with no new info. not to mention I want action, I'm going to Omar's site... and he actually responds back when you ask him a question

This happened in last year's training camp. The Sentinel and Post killed the Herald in blogging, but once the season started, the Herald whipped 'em both. Same with the offseason. Armando, you are one of the best, if not the best, but the others are right about Omar- he's a damn good one too.

I usually like him better, but I need info like a crack-wh@re or a heroin-addict or something

Umm, you do realize camp lasted beyond Sunday, right, Armondo?

Personally, I kind of stopped reading Omar when he wrote Jason Taylor was reporting to the Dolphins for an offseason minicamp (didn't happen), that Dolphins were negotiating with Chris Long and Jake Long (not true) and that the team was seriously considering drafting Vernon Gholston (wrong). Give me a break. The kid can't hold Mando's jock.

Okay I don't normally write posts like this but what in the hell is going on. TWO DAYS OF TRAINING CAMP and not only is Armando missing but they haven't changed their headline from Sundays practice. WOW. Are these guys trying to get readers to stop coming to their site? It has to be a computer thing I would think. Armando where are you?! I'm sick of reading crap from the hacks at the Sentinel! Except Omar, he does have some good blogs but that's besides the point. Get your butt back here Mando, vacation's over! :)

Guys and gals, I don't know if anyone has heard this or not but I thought I would share. Rumor has it that Terry Glenn may be in a Dolphins uniform before the week is over. They are talking about it all over the net.

We wait all year for training camp and now you decide to stop writing about the team. I dont get it.

Thanks NYScott. I'll take any info I can find at this point....with Armando Missing in Action

maybe armando got fired? he better have an excuse. come on you lazy sack file your report all ready...

At this pace Terry Glenn will have signed with the fins, and blown out his knee for good before Armando posts again. Maybe JT's people did jack him up.

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