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One final post on the Jason Taylor trade

I am still scratching my head and it doesn't even itch. Seriously. Because this really doesn't make sense to me.

Sometime between late January and mid February of this year, Jason Taylor's agent called the Dolphins and informed them Taylor only intended to play one more season and it made sense for him to play that final year someplace else. The Dolphins were, after all, about to rebuild and Taylor, at 33 years old, didn't want to be part of that rebuilding because he wanted one final shot at winning a title.

Gary Wichard, the agent, made the logical points to Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and even team president Bryan Wiedmeier. It was a compelling argument because, after all, Taylor gave his all for 11 seasons and wanted the Dolphins to reward that service by letting him get a chance at a title in his final go-'round.

Fast forward to April when Wichard made the point to the Dolphins again. Then in June when Taylor got in front of the media and said, "I told the Dolphins my intentions from Day One. My intentions are to play one more year."

Then fast forward again to this week when Taylor is traded to the Washington Redskins and, all of a sudden, that stuff about playing one more year which he and his agent have been saying for seven months is simply swept under the rug. "I know I made a statement in June that I would play one more year in '08," Taylor said, "but I have talked to [Redskins owner] Dan Snyder and [executive vice president] Vinny [Cerrato] and coach and I'm going to play out my contract and I will be here for more than one year, God willing, unless something bad happens. I'm here to play ball as long as I can."

Are you feakin' kidding me?

So one conversation with Snyder and the Redskins and suddenly the story he has told the Dolphins from "Day One," is out the window? One day in Washington is enough to convince Taylor to play the two years remaining on his contract and maybe more but 11 seasons in Miami wasn't worth that kind of commitment?

Here is my point: The only reason the Dolphins had to seriously, seriously want to trade Jason Taylor is because they are rebuilding and a Taylor who intends to play one more season isn't as valuable as a draft pick because by the time the team is good again, Taylor would be out of the league.

But if Taylor tells the Dolphins, he's playing until the end of this contract and, in fact, says he's playing "as long as I can," that definitely changes EVERYTHING. Suddenly the team should be thinking it has a pretty good player, one who is rarely injured, for 2009 when the team is hoping to be very competitive and perhaps beyond -- maybe to 2010 when thoughts of playoffs might be on everyone's mind again.

Suddenly the entire picture is different.

Fantasy, you say? Well, are you aware that Taylor would be 37 years old in 2010? In 2004 when Michael Strahan (who Taylor respects) was 33 years old as Taylor is now, his team was 6-10 and finished last in the NFC East? Three years later Strahan, at 37, was a key contributor on a Super Bowl champion. Things change in the NFL. They change quickly.

And the irony here is that the posturing about getting one final chance to win it all is bunk now because the Redskins, with all due respect to those guys that wear pig noses and dresses on Sundays, don't look like much of a legit title contender.

Yes, they made the playoffs last year, but they could just as easily take a step back this year because they don't have Joe Gibbs anymore, they still have an unproven QB, their defensive coordinator isn't as good, they won't have the momentous emotional lift that brought them together last year when Sean Taylor was tragically cut down, and they still play in the world's toughest football division.

Maybe JT hasn't noticed but the Cowboys are loaded. Maybe he hasn't noticed but the Giants won the Super Bowl. Maybe he hasn't noticed but the Eagles, which finished last in the division with an 8-8 record last year, are healthy and added several high-priced free agents. They also have a better coaching staff than Washington now.

So the Redskins have absolutely zero guarantee of making any playoffs. Yet that was enough to make him about-face on the one-and-done statement?

I wouldn't be surprised if the Redskins are watching the playoffs on TV this year, just as the Dolphins probably will be. I wouldn't be surprised that by 2010 the Dolphins have passed the Redskins on talent.

And, given his recent history, I wouldn't be surprised if sometime in the next 12-13 months, Taylor changes course on this issue. Again.


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ok. glad that's over.

This entire escapade tells me one of two things exist and aren't being reported: either....
1. WH is the worst owner in the league and players know that, so no one wants to come to Miami, and guys like JT would do anything to get out.
2. JT, was a great player, but was always a cancer to the team- only cared about himself, and wasn't willing to work hard and follow the rules under the new braintrust.

In fact, it could be both!

The fans should be happy: WH is selling the team, and JT is gone....

Nobody should care anymore about this. We know JT said he would only play this year and not the next. But guess what he can easily say he will play two years and Washington has to buy into that. What is the big deal anyway.

The Cuban Assassin

This regards the Taylor trade and Shockey, etc.:

Do certain people (including you armando) fully comprehend that getting a pick for a player like taylor is fantastic? Do you understand that if you wish, next year you can sign a player close to his talent for the same money you would have spent on him next year (or likely much less due to contract lower at beginning against cap)? And you can sign an additional, less talented player with the money left over at least the next two years, and have a shot at drafting a chad johnson, patrick surtain, sam madison, anquan boldin type player. Of course it could bust, but it gives you a good chance to land a solid player for real cheap. If it goes well, you converted JT for two really good players and a solid one.

Now how does that compare with getting Shockey? Even the free agent signed next year with money saved with Taylor leaving will be as talented as Shockey.

Let it go already! For crying out loud, put it to bed and focus on the future. He served well during his tenure, and regardless of whatever his personal interests are, he deserves a shot somewhere else. He apparently thinks the Skins might be the ticket in the next 2 years. And by the way, they're not as bad as you think.

Armando, you wrote exactly what I have been saying the last couple days but much more articulately. This makes me happy JT is gone. Him and Parcells couldn't work together and we got value from him. Two picks may not equate Taylor's talent ever or they could just as easily.

JT messed up and yes, the Skins will be that bad. Their new coach is unproven and is bringing a new system. Just more for Campbell to learn as he is struggling to become what the Skins need. Williams could get the best out of his defences and he is no longer there. Their schedule isn't easy either. Seattle, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and 2 each against their bitter divisional rivals.Add in an improved Minnesota and a very good GB team(no matter who helms it) and wildcard is still an uphill battle.

JT did what he needed to get out. Now we'll see if he likes the heat in footballs toughest division. Miami has a much easier schedule and may breakout before Washington. Anything's possible.

There is no predicting the future, but I beleive that we actually look better without him. More competition, younger players. He smiled during losses last year. I don't know what that means but it appeared pretty flippant to me. Like, I don't care, I got my sack and I am pretty.

He is about the get his butt kicked. No weak sisters to run around. all the teams in the division have great o lines.

Good Post and a good observation. We'll see if he likes his decision come December and then the middle of next season when he is "Playing out his contract". It also shows that while you can't trust owners you can't trust players either.

Valid point, worthy of a sentence or two but not 15 paragraphs. It's over, let's move on.

He won`t win there either....sad...

I'm excited about JT going to the Washington Foreskins! I do not believe they will be a good team and if I'm correct that means our new 2nd round pick will be much better.

Thanks Daniel Snyder...sucker...hehe.

Is it possible that the trade was contingent upon his playing out the contract? Just curious.

Armando. I agree with what you said: Taylor wanted out of Miami, period. Why, I have no idea, especially to go to Washington. It makes no sense why he would hate Miami so bad. He has just flat out lied about everything. How ironic it would be if Miami slips into the playoffs and Washington sucks it up. Not likely that Miami would make it to the playoffs, but stranger things have happened in the NFL. But it is likely that Washington will not make it to the playoffs.

Just so you guys who are hopped up about the 2nd round pick know....Parcells best 2nd round pick ever is....Julius Jones! Only four of his second round picks made it in the NFL. Only one other than Jones ever became a starter.

And this is not that Parcells sucks as personel chief (although Bob Kraft thinks he does).

The Fins have picked up about four or five star players in 42 years. Another 5-6 starters. And another 6-7 guys who made any contributions. The vast majority of 2nd round picks in Fins history did not cut it. And you can look it up

Good riddance, JT. I agree that the Dolphins will be better than the Skins in 2 or 3 years. By going to DC, JT is assured that he will retire without a ring -- and I couldn't be happier about that. The Dolphins have unloaded a huge distracion and got value in return. Now, I'm looking forward to the season...

I don't understand how this does not make sense to you! I understand that under ideal circumstances/perfect world, I would have JT retire as a Dolphin. But as you have stated before, we are not even going to the playoffs; barring some miracle. Let's imagine that he does retire a Dolphin, and add to it another stellar season. When he retires, what do we get for him? Nada mi'jo! This way, he has a better chance of obtaining what he has been longing for than with us. We have to admit that in order for us to move to the next level, we have to start over and that includes a need for new and younger players. Remember Danny boy? Yes he retired a Dolphin and do you remember that memorable Sunday in Jacksonville? I rest my case.

Thank you!

I don't understand how this does not make sense to you! I understand that under ideal circumstances/perfect world, I would have JT retire as a Dolphin. But as you have stated before, we are not even going to the playoffs; barring some miracle. Let's imagine that he does retire a Dolphin, and add to it another stellar season. When he retires, what do we get for him? Nada mi'jo! This way, he has a better chance of obtaining what he has been longing for than with us. We have to admit that in order for us to move to the next level, we have to start over and that includes a need for new and younger players. Remember Danny boy? Yes he retired a Dolphin and do you remember that memorable Sunday in Jacksonville? I rest my case.

Thank you!

I don't understand how this does not make sense to you! I understand that under ideal circumstances/perfect world, I would have JT retire as a Dolphin. But as you have stated before, we are not even going to the playoffs; barring some miracle. Let's imagine that he does retire a Dolphin, and add to it another stellar season. When he retires, what do we get for him? Nada mi'jo! This way, he has a better chance of obtaining what he has been longing for than with us. We have to admit that in order for us to move to the next level, we have to start over and that includes a need for new and younger players. Remember Danny boy? Yes he retired a Dolphin and do you remember that memorable Sunday in Jacksonville? I rest my case.

Thank you!

I don't understand how this does not make sense to you! I understand that under ideal circumstances/perfect world, I would have JT retire as a Dolphin. But as you have stated before, we are not even going to the playoffs; barring some miracle. Let's imagine that he does retire a Dolphin, and add to it another stellar season. When he retires, what do we get for him? Nada mi'jo! This way, he has a better chance of obtaining what he has been longing for than with us. We have to admit that in order for us to move to the next level, we have to start over and that includes a need for new and younger players. Remember Danny boy? Yes he retired a Dolphin and do you remember that memorable Sunday in Jacksonville? I rest my case.

Thank you!

Why do I get the feeling that 1: This is not your last article on Jason Taylor, 2: This is simply more of your egotistical pouting over the fact that JT didn't demand a trade like you said he would, and 3: nothing more that what every other person in the world knew, JT was going to play more than 1 year so long as it wasn't in Miami. Get over it!

You people have made some very good points. But, at age 34, a $7.5 Million dollar contract and big distraction to this team, I think it was a no-brainer. Seriously how much longer can Taylor play anyway ? One or Two years .. right ?
He wanted out and the Redskins need defensive help.... I would rather have the 2nd round pick next year than an a** H***e this year !! I think Parcells is doing a hella va job. By 2010 we will return NFL greatness... just be patient people !!!!


Going to the Skins or the "Sinks". Like I said before, if everything falls right the Phins might wind up with more victories that the "Sinks", yeah they are sinking in a very competitive conference. JT you outdone yourself, from 2nd place on dancing with the stars to no playoffs with dancing with the hogs, great go.

Wait a minute. Weren't the Fins 1-15? Isn't this the same team that would have secured the Imperfect season if the Ravens didn't quit on Billick at the end of the year? Is there any reason to believe that they will lose less than 10 games this year? The Skins were 10-6 in the toughest division in football and made the playoffs. Armando, have you been drinking the beach water again? How can anyone blame JT for wanting to move on?

He'll play one year for a loser team (Miami) or more for a contender (Washington).

What don't you understand?!

Laziest, dumbest journalist ever!

Armando, are you that naive? Obviously, Taylor and his agent put out the 1-year thing to further entice the Dolphins to trade him. It's called a bargaining chip! You really can't figure this one out for yourself?

And - as we saw last year - Taylor is losing a step or so. By 2010, he'd be the guy getting pushed out of the way more often than not. His game and Strahans are far different!

This was a smart move for the Dolphins. Accept it and move on!

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

"As the Packers wait to see whether Brett Favre will indeed file his reinstatement papers with the NFL, the club is working its way through a list of teams it sees as potential trading partners for the sort-of-retired quarterback. According to a league source, the teams on that list include the Jets, the Ravens, the Dolphins and the Houston Texans in the AFC and the Panthers, Buccaneers, Falcons and Redskins in the NFC. "

water under the bridge.... we got enough for him so let's move on. only time will tell us if it was a good move or not.

I bet if the skins miss the playoffs he'll retire or renogotiate his contract for big bucks.

good post mando. i must say . in my opinion he was hoping to go to a better team. ireland got a 2nd rounder for him, shipped him to washington. good for taylor. i hope he doesnt make the playoffs ever again

Woomar- I agree with you. This post really makes me laugh, because a few posts ago, everyone was saying this was a great trade for both, and they will miss taylor on this team. Then two-faced Mando over here decideds to write this crap? Come on Mando,admit it... if you were a star football player, and you played for a sucking-at-the-moment team, wouldent you want to get traded to a better team? I think so.

Art- its not like Jason asked to be traded to the Redskins. It was not his decision at all, so don't be saying he made the wrong decision, when he had nothing to do with it.

JT wanted to go elsewhere and have a legit shot, and whether we think so or not, he thought that better shot could be fulfilled in Washington. So don't blame our new management for failing to convince JT to commit to his contract. This was purely a decision made by #99 based on his faith in what the Dolphins can do in a limited period of time.

I don't think JT has his best shot in Washington, but I do think it's much-improved. Plus, it's the fresh start that he wanted, and I'm sure in order to get that opportunity he had to atleast commit to his contract obligations with Vinny and Dan.

And this transaction also provides a glaring point- Jason wasn't happy in Miami any longer. I was proud of him for prepping to come to training camp, but do we really want a player that isn't 100% committed to being here? I thank Jason for 11 great years, but if his heart's not here, then it does everyone involved good for him to move on.

You people sound like jilted lovers--or spoiled 5-year olds. Why can't you just be happy for Taylor? He gave a lot to the Dolphins over the past 11 years. After reading all of your whiny, baby ass comments, I'm pulling for the Skins in the NFC this year. I hope they surprise a lot of people--including the pussies on this Armando ass-kissing blog. Good luck JT!! You will be missed by MOST Dolphans!

Armando, as many of us have said on this blog, Jason Taylor is all about Jason Taylor. He was never a great leader as is witnessed by the team going 1-15 while he had the keys. Looking at the way the Dolphins fell apart last year and the insubordination that festered in the locker room how can anyone consciously think that the leadership on this team was nothing more than egotistical, insolent and selfish.

If Taylor had half a brain he would have realized that by coming out and saying he would play only one more season he basically negated Miami's ability to trade him. By doing so he also alienated the new management probably beyond repair. He more than likely scared away Jacksonville on draft day, a team which may be a legitimate contender this year.

The bottom line is Jason Taylor is more the root of Miami's downfall than any other player. Yes there were many poor drafts and FA pick-ups that left the team bereft of game changing talent, but I still believe there is not a huge gap between talents from team to team. If you follow this train of thought it comes down to motivation and team chemistry that makes one team 18-1 and another 1-15. Okay a Tom Brady helps but how good was Wes Welker when he was a Dolphin? Same player different team, different chemistry. Coaches have a large part to do with this, but when they are undercut by their players and disrespected by the team leaders such is the path to 1-15.

I for one am very happy to see this "TEAM LEADER," this "FACE OF THE FRANCHISE" gone. This team never rose to the occasion with Taylor as the leader. 12 1/2 sacks still led to 1-15. Stats are for losers. Stats are for players who look no further than the size of their wallet.

Parcells knows this. He knows that for a team to win it must play as a team. He saw immediately that Taylor was a selfish player and he would have none of it, hence the snub when Mister Prima Donna came by for a visit. Parcells was going to trade Taylor one way or the other and I am so impressive that he was able to contain himself long enough to get the price he thought Taylor was worth.

I am in no way surprised that Taylor changed his tune once the trade was consummated. That's what losers do, that's what conniving, undermining people do. Though I'm not so down on the Redskins, I am glad he went there instead of even Dallas. We could have gotten something for Zach Thomas, but Parcells allowed him to go because he respected him as a play and a leader. That same respect was not given to Taylor and that should speak volumes. Now we can look to the future without the losers from the past casting their selfish shadow over the young talent on this team.

Jason Taylor is going to cry when he reads this blog.

Sorry I was so harsh Willy... Sometimes someone has to spell it out.

The trade has nothing to do with how good or bad Taylor was as a player or team leader. It has everything to do with him being the "Face of the Franchise" to the media. Parcells did the same exact thing to Emmit Smith when he took over at Dallas. Smith was still a good player and wanted to play for the Tuna. Parcells cut him when he didn't even have a replacement. He doesn't want anyone other than him or his coach speaking for the team. Zach Thomas??? The guy missed a whole season because of a headache. Who was going to trade for him?

As always, I have just one thing to say to Taylor: jerk!

I wasn't talking about your post, Patrick. With all due respect. I was talking about how Armando showed us in Jason Taylor's own words what a selfish two-face he is.

Woomar=idiot post. Dude, try to be a little more creative or are you still working your way out of phase I autism?

I need weed so I can stomach the words Jason Taylor any more.

You are correct in your "face of the Franchise" statement Skinsfan. But clearly Emmit was on his way down. Taylor still has some gas left in the tank which should make skins fans happy, but he also led a 1-15 team and if you followed the Dolphins at all last year you would understand why it was time for him to go... The locker room charades were disgraceful. A leader would have risen to the occasion and not joined the melee, clearly that did not happen.

OMG, Armando. Check mate.

The Deadskins are just that!! DEAD!!! Let them have JT!! We don't need him!! Let's build another great Dolphins team and squash all this nonsense!!

Most of you people are missing the point. Armando is mostly pointing out that it doesn't make sense for Jason Taylor. He said he was leaving for a contender but went to a pretender. By the time the Skins are good Jason will be gone so why didn't he just stay here? He is saying that JT went to a team with many question marks which goes against his wanting to "play for a contender before he retires" plan. That's the main point. And to the poster who suggested that Wayne H. is the worst owner in the league, you're kidding right? Ever hear of Al Davis? How about Art in Cleveland who moved the team to Baltimore. How about the owner of the Cardinals? What have they ever done? Wayne is a bad owner why? Because we haven't won with him here? A lot of teams haven't won with their current owner does that make them all bad? Wayne has hired the best football people that are available, spent millions of dollars on coach salaries, Has spent millions on facility upgrades, AND THEN when he hit rock bottom he made the VERY WISE decision to bring in an outside football mind to oversee the rebuilding. His players all love him AND he actually cares about his football team which is more than I can say for half of the owners. We will be lucky if Ross is half the owner that Wayne is.

"Jason Taylor is going to cry when he reads this blog". Nahh, he'll laugh. Beautiful wife and kids, set for life, playing in the NFL, probable hall of fame induction, 6 time pro bowler, nfl man of the year, career in Hollywood on the horizon. Crying isn't on JT's agenda in this century, especially over a fan blog. Good luck to Jason, we're going to miss him.

NYScott, agreed on Huizinga... I think he's one of the better owners in the league but he has made some misguided decisions based on the people around him, like listening to JJ tell him Wannstedt could actually coach in the NFL. My only beef with Wayne is when he changed the stadium from JRS to whatever iteration it is now.

I call it the Joe Robbie curse and it has been with us since that fateful move. Maybe it's like trading Babe Ruth and we'll have to wait 80 years or something for a championship!

JT gave alot to the Dolphins & to the Miami community. I will miss him in a Dolphin uniform but that's the way life goes sometimes. I myself was surely upset of how this entire JT vs the new regime was handled. Twisting words between players & coaches surely was classless on both sides and in my opinion the die hard Dolphin fans deserved better than that. I mean why keep us guessing when in the end they both got their wish.

Well I guess being from Hawaii it gives me another reason to cheer for the Redskins with Colt Brennan & Jason Taylor on the Skins but then again I gotta cheer for Zach on the Boyz as well.

Still a die hard Dolphin fan no matter what but I'm just tired of watching our team lose.

Shock the world this season Dolphins!!!!!!!!


NYSCOTT-I agree 100% on your assessment of WH. I have never understood the negative comments about him. He has spent the money on the team and players, on the best available coaches (or so we thought at the time), on the training facility, and on the stadium. Since he was not a coach or a player, he could not win the games for us, and he does not interfere ala Jerry Jones & Al Davis. I think he is/was a great owner.

Re: JT-played great for us while he was here, but the trade was a good deal for everyone concerned-SO LET IT GO AND LET'S MOVE ON.

Re: Zach-played his heart out for us. I can't understand why anyone would ever diss him. I disagree that he missed last year with only a headache, it is was a concussion for God's sake. Only a fool would risk the rest of their life to play football for the worst team in the league, and it would not have made a bit of difference in the # of wins. During his career here he was rarely injured and played full speed 100% of the time. He had no trade value left and BP did the right thing by releasing him so he could catch on with another team early on. I would not be surprised if BP played a part in the Cowboys signing him. I would have loved for him to continue here, but BP did not know if he would even be able to play and decided to do the right thing for Zach and also to free up the cap space. I personally met with him twice for personal business and he was a humble, decent, and down to earth guy. He was not a distraction in the locker room, did not have a ego problem, and was not a prima donna, but rather a team leader.
BTW, he could have signed with the NE Cheaters, but his loyalty to the Fins did not allow him to do this. This is the definition of class IMHO. So please leave him be and remember him for being all over the field on every play. He should be in the honor ring someday, and him, I will truly miss.


Also, if I remember correctly, didn't WH cry on TV when we finally won a game last year. This is a man who cares about his team.

The Miami Dolphins chapter on Jason Taylor is officially CLOSED.

No mas, Armando.....no mas.

Now, let's turn our attention to the players that are still Miami Dolphins. What's the story with the QB battle? How is Ronnie Brown progressing? What about our linebackers? How is Joey Porter doing?

I don't give a rat's ass if its Jeff Ireland or Bill Parcells making decisions. That's supposed to be news?

Twinkle Toes Taylor is yesterday's news, literally.

I think I get the drift. JT says whatever he has to say to serve his own purposes. He doesn't belong in the same family with Zach Thomas who is a saint.

Bottom line: JT put himself before the team. That alone got him shipped out of here. There's no longer a place for preening, dancing and posturing on this team. The motto is "A new beginning", but to players, the message is clear: "shut up and play".

We may struggle next year, but the foundation is being laid.

This big mouth cop needs to be put down. Keep your thoughts to yourself. Like anyone here cares what you think p*g.


i fully agree with your post. does not make sense to me either but i'll remember that extra 2nd come march. (merling/henne)

could you try to get john beck and ronnie brown to give us a few statements on what they expect of themselves and their o-squad as camp opens?

mr x-jason talk....mando should ban u. flpd is a great contributor to this blog !!

Why do you continue with this, Armando? Its like you are trying to find the liar. Trying to uncover the real conspiracy. Maybe JT did intend to only play one more year. Maybe last year was so bad that he said to himself "I have money, I have a future outside of football if I want it, do I really want to go through something like this again?". He could totally be telling the truth by saying that he only wanted to play one more year. That is how he felt at the time. And unlike most of his teammates, he already had money from years of NFL life, plus a possible bright future outside of footbal. He can make that decision financially. Truth is, JT probably doesnt need to make another dime for the rest of his life. And he earned everything he got. If all his teammates had the same thing, many of them might feel the same way. It seems that JT is the only person anyone cared to pressure about the subject.

And yes, he could still be telling the truth to have a change of heart... yes, even after only one day on the job up there. He is defnitely excited. Who wouldnt be? Anytime you get a new job, the first day is a bit exciting. And now that he is there, and the honeymoon is still on, why can't he feel positive. Positive enough to say "You know, I think I want to be here for more than one year". What is wrong with that? At the end of the year, he can't win either. Because if did enjoy himself and wants to keep playing, then guys like you Armando are gonna say "You said you were only gonna play one more year!". And if it wasnt that great, the honeymoon ended, and he decides to retire, then someone up in DC is gonna say "But you said you were gonna play for us more than one year!". Circumstances change. It forces people to change.

Whatever. Its a free country. If you pester a guy enough and make him tell you how he feels at any given moment, don't get upset if how he feels changes over time. I love the company I started working for last year. I want to be there for 15 more years, then retire. But I may not feel the same way next year. And when next year comes, if I no longer want to work there, I won't. And the only one who has to accept and understand my perspective and decision are the members of my family. The truth is, its the same for JT. How you feel Armando, just isnt relevant.

you are like a dog with a bone. give it up.

BTW, as much as I hated to see Zach and JT go, there is a bright side. I hate the Cowboys and the Redskinds. I normally wouldn't watch them play at all. But this year, I think I just may take in one of the games between them, just to watch the brothers-in-law duel!

AMEN Patrick; couldn't have said it any better.This franchise is entering a new era and fortunately it is being run by a seasoned franchise builder. Parcells is not one to panic. This JT situation played out with Parcells in control. There are too many examples of past GMs/coaches who made moves out of desperation only to see things backfire. Hopefully, with camp getting underway this weekend, we can put this JT thing to rest for good. I am looking forward to new new Dolphins!
Raul T.O.

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