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One final post on the Jason Taylor trade

I am still scratching my head and it doesn't even itch. Seriously. Because this really doesn't make sense to me.

Sometime between late January and mid February of this year, Jason Taylor's agent called the Dolphins and informed them Taylor only intended to play one more season and it made sense for him to play that final year someplace else. The Dolphins were, after all, about to rebuild and Taylor, at 33 years old, didn't want to be part of that rebuilding because he wanted one final shot at winning a title.

Gary Wichard, the agent, made the logical points to Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and even team president Bryan Wiedmeier. It was a compelling argument because, after all, Taylor gave his all for 11 seasons and wanted the Dolphins to reward that service by letting him get a chance at a title in his final go-'round.

Fast forward to April when Wichard made the point to the Dolphins again. Then in June when Taylor got in front of the media and said, "I told the Dolphins my intentions from Day One. My intentions are to play one more year."

Then fast forward again to this week when Taylor is traded to the Washington Redskins and, all of a sudden, that stuff about playing one more year which he and his agent have been saying for seven months is simply swept under the rug. "I know I made a statement in June that I would play one more year in '08," Taylor said, "but I have talked to [Redskins owner] Dan Snyder and [executive vice president] Vinny [Cerrato] and coach and I'm going to play out my contract and I will be here for more than one year, God willing, unless something bad happens. I'm here to play ball as long as I can."

Are you feakin' kidding me?

So one conversation with Snyder and the Redskins and suddenly the story he has told the Dolphins from "Day One," is out the window? One day in Washington is enough to convince Taylor to play the two years remaining on his contract and maybe more but 11 seasons in Miami wasn't worth that kind of commitment?

Here is my point: The only reason the Dolphins had to seriously, seriously want to trade Jason Taylor is because they are rebuilding and a Taylor who intends to play one more season isn't as valuable as a draft pick because by the time the team is good again, Taylor would be out of the league.

But if Taylor tells the Dolphins, he's playing until the end of this contract and, in fact, says he's playing "as long as I can," that definitely changes EVERYTHING. Suddenly the team should be thinking it has a pretty good player, one who is rarely injured, for 2009 when the team is hoping to be very competitive and perhaps beyond -- maybe to 2010 when thoughts of playoffs might be on everyone's mind again.

Suddenly the entire picture is different.

Fantasy, you say? Well, are you aware that Taylor would be 37 years old in 2010? In 2004 when Michael Strahan (who Taylor respects) was 33 years old as Taylor is now, his team was 6-10 and finished last in the NFC East? Three years later Strahan, at 37, was a key contributor on a Super Bowl champion. Things change in the NFL. They change quickly.

And the irony here is that the posturing about getting one final chance to win it all is bunk now because the Redskins, with all due respect to those guys that wear pig noses and dresses on Sundays, don't look like much of a legit title contender.

Yes, they made the playoffs last year, but they could just as easily take a step back this year because they don't have Joe Gibbs anymore, they still have an unproven QB, their defensive coordinator isn't as good, they won't have the momentous emotional lift that brought them together last year when Sean Taylor was tragically cut down, and they still play in the world's toughest football division.

Maybe JT hasn't noticed but the Cowboys are loaded. Maybe he hasn't noticed but the Giants won the Super Bowl. Maybe he hasn't noticed but the Eagles, which finished last in the division with an 8-8 record last year, are healthy and added several high-priced free agents. They also have a better coaching staff than Washington now.

So the Redskins have absolutely zero guarantee of making any playoffs. Yet that was enough to make him about-face on the one-and-done statement?

I wouldn't be surprised if the Redskins are watching the playoffs on TV this year, just as the Dolphins probably will be. I wouldn't be surprised that by 2010 the Dolphins have passed the Redskins on talent.

And, given his recent history, I wouldn't be surprised if sometime in the next 12-13 months, Taylor changes course on this issue. Again.


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Great post Armando. I dont understand why everyone says we got a "killer deal" for JT either. Second round draft picks dont always devlop into contributors let alone stars (remeber that Eddie Moore guy??)

Anyways, I wanted to point out, just in case nobody has yet, that this "upgrade" team for JT BARELY beat the 1-15 crapfest that was the 2007 Miami Dolphins. We took em to OT!!! Why does he think he has it any better???

Zach' the MAN - the heart and soul of Fins football for a decade and this beeing undersized and too slow - now I couldn't care less about JT - but I still care about Zach - so please start writing stories about real fins!!!!

X-Jason, I crap guys like you. Put that down little boy.

I'm just happy that were not the one giving up our draft picks anymore for old vets. For so long I felt that was our cancer, finally were trading some of our older vets for picks (chambers/taylor). all the strong teams right now built most of their strength through the draft with sprinkled FA's to fill needs. Most of those strong teams trade a player or two to aquire another pick every year, the cheatriots wouldn't have had a first rounder this year if not for that.

Bottom line you build your team through the draft (IMHO redskins not having this aproach is why they are not better than they should be) and I'm just happy to have some personel people I don't constantly disagree with


Absolutely on the mark points, I suggested exactly what you said regarding JT's future in a messageboard discussion on this topic as a reason to keep him, the fact that he is in tremendous shape and certsainly can play for 3-5 years potentially.

I think it would be sweet irony for the Dolphins to be knocking at the door in 2010 and the Redskins to be languishing in mediocrity.

right on, German!

Phil in Dallas. Just remember that not all first rounders turn into contributors either. And second rounders are your bread and butter. They usually (darn close to the percentage of first rounders who make it) contribute to the team right away and they do not cost you an arm and a leg. I just read an article where Belichick was saying that he loves the second rounders for this reason. The phins were being offered 3rd 4th and 5th rounders before the draft and because of their patience they were able to get what they did. I think that's what people are happy about. Spielman would have traded JT for a conditional 7th rounder. This is what we are used to and is the main reason people are happy.

Armand, just when I thought you turned over a new leaf after your vacation, gained insight and wisdom, a fresh perspective on life.......you go and post this garbage.

X-Jason show some respect for our boys in blue. They put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. They don't make much but they do it anyway and to me they are true heroes. Most likely you have a problem with cops because you broke the law and they did their job and busted you for it. Jim Carey said it best in Liar Liar when a client called and told him he was arrested again and then asked "what should I do"? His reply was "STOP BREAKING THE LAW A**HOLE"!

who cares? let's move on already.

Who gives a $%$#^ he's gone. Taylor honestly did not want to be in Miami. He didn't want to play with his teammates or participate in training camp with them to work as a team. He was gone already but his body was still here. We got and second round pick. Who gives a crap about the six round pick - it's a pick to trade down the road. Taylor was great while in Miami, but good riddance. This guy was finished with Miami when his brother in law left the team. Cya... nuff said. Let's talk about the guys that want to be Dolphins.

shut up all of you...!

It would be nice to see JT stay around a few years. So when the Skins and Phins play again I would love to see Jake Long own JT's ass all over the line. That would be a great day.

I love how hell bent Armando is at getting us all to hate Jason Taylor, to look deeper into things than they are. Why can't you just let him live on in our memories? Why? What resentment are you holding towards this guy? Just move on. Its a sad thing, and I WISH he would have stayed, but come on, I think I speak for any Dolfan when I say, that I'd rather move on with a smile than with harsh feelings... especially harsh feelings that may or may not be the truth.

A fine post indeed!

To all,

I think Armando writing this shows he really is a Phins fan at heart. He writes a LOT of stuff to get us all rialed up, stir controversy, and sometimes even to tick people off, but this...this shows he feels like I do. We all heard, and knew JT wanted traded, but the disappointment is more with JT and his two faced lies. The guy WAS one of my favorite players. WAS.

And before you go on some rant about letting it go after my post about how JT was just saying what he needed to say to get traded and away from this team. I know...I see the cards he played, and understand them.

I just miss the days when players simply said..."Heck I don't know what's going on...my agent handles all that, and I just play football".

One of these days the guys who choose to play it like Favre and Taylor have will realize that while they got (or will get) what they want in the end...the damage it does to their relationship with THEIR fans and their legacy isn't worth it.

So anyway...I've moved on. Like many have posted...I've always felt from Day 1 that losing Zach hurt way more than JT as far as leadership, and as a cheering fan. Zach, unlike JT, loved this franchise and never really wanted to leave.

Let's get training camp started, and focus on the tasks at hand!

Anyone bought a Jake Long jersey yet???

I am so glad to be rid of you fans. I am glad JT got traded to a team that will respect him. He gave you guys 11 great years of football, and your treating him like durt. I would never want to be a football player with you fans. What more could the guy have done? PLayed well for 11 years? OK he did that. Give SO much to the Miami community? OK he did that. What more do you people want? Selfish babies.

I am so sick of people saying he didn't love Miami. He loved it, and really wanted to stay his final years(he told Bill that he was open for 2 more years, but no one wants to print that) Kerry has it right. What more do you want? I have said this before. The media blows things out of proportion. But no one wants to believe the truth, everyone wants to believe lies, because they have more juice to them. I agree with Kerry 1000%. Goodbye.

Kerry I dont think anyone here does not appreciate what JT has done for the dolphin Franchise I think everyone is disapointted in the way he played out his exit. I remember When Ricky left before the season started in 04 or 05 can't remember because he had his reasons (Ricky was actually honest about why he left, It was a Stupid reason but honest) JT decided to dress like him for Holloween making fun of him for what he did at the time (But I guess that was cool) anyway and last year when the media asked him what he thought about playing the giants overseas and hes respond was "Well if we can't win here maybe we will win overthere" with a smart ass look on his face. To me that is a defeated attitude. His answer could have been different not from some frustrated place that I can not blame him for as a fan I was fustrated too, but if you show up to games with that defeated attitude you are just helping the other team win. You never saw any of that from Zach, Zach always respected his teammates and coaches and that is what a leader does. I am a fan of JT and I wish him well but at the same time I am disapointted that he did not want to finish his career a dolphin and quit on us. To me he has been wanting to be traded since last year. His exit is making him look like a sore loser The type of athlete who just can't handle losing and when the going gets tough the tough get going type. Forget Loyalty to the team that started his career and the fans that bought his Jerseys, Mcfalane figures, Posters & other Memoriablia. For one im not angry or mad at JT just disapointed that he Quit on us but I do wish him the best and I will be rooting for him because to me he will still be one of the best to wear the aqua and orange.

And JT's Aunt Jt was the one that said he was only playing one more year he said it in his media think he had at the hard rock in the espn interview and the fow interview he did not say anything about two years until his first 15 minutes with the redskins. So the media did not do that but JT himself

what with 404 error on the new post

To whom it may concern:

I was talking with Katina today, and was telling her about my comments on here. And how I have been defending Jason's honor at the Dolphins. So Katina went online here, and read my comments, and she told Jason. Jason then called me,and told me that I needed to appoligze for my comments, because the Dolphins fans have been nothing but kind to him, and he respects that, and I shouldnt have gotten so defensive. So, I am sorry to anyone I offended. Thanks.

I bet the Dolphins win more games than the Redskins this year.

does stating that his intention to retire after one more season help or hurt his trade value? ... yes a 2nd round pick is great but not for a hall of fame defensive end who is still at the top in the league This defeatist attitude about the phins not being contenders is BS Dolphins are always contenders now if we just had a legit QB who knows... Best Wishes to Jason but not the skins. GO FINS!

You know what makes me laugh? How before the fins traded jason, no one had anything against the skins. But since Jason went there, everyones against them. and Mike- You will not find ANYONE to take you up on that bet.

Taylor quit on Miami just like JJ and Saban. He was not willing to be part of the solution so he was part of the problem. Good luck in DC with a team that will probably finish last in their division. Then again JT has experience with finishing last. Hey how much worse can we be without him, with him we one one freaking game. To me JT is the past and I now have five favorite teams, Miami, whoever plays the Jets, whoever plays the Gators, whoever plays Alabama and now whoever plays Washington. At least when Marino left it was because he was no longer of use to anyone, JT could have used hie leadership to help build Miami's defense instead he proved exactly what he was and ran away from the challenge because he wanted to be bigger then the team. He will play one year for Washington, finish last and then quit on them, and then go off to Hollywood and fail there because Hollywood only needs one no talent ex football player and the Rock has that spot already.

JT said he wanted to play out in Miami(I have SEEN interviews with him saying that, but would not turn down a trade). Bill traded him for draft picks, which is a smart move, but dont say JT quit on Miami way before that. So he wasn't at mini camps. Those are not manditory, and I dont care who else was there, he DIDN'T have to be! If Bill is going to get mad about him not being there, make them manditory. Dont take this out on Jason.

I have been following the redskins page, because they do really cool stuff for fans, and they keep you updated on training camp, and it sounds like Jason is doing wonderfully over there, and the fans actually appricate him.. Its glad to know that some team he plays for does.

Actually, Ashley, one of the camps Jason Taylor blew off was MANDATORY. But keep dreaming.

The truth- SORRY! I made a mistake! Are you too perfect to never make a mistake? AND everyone here was acting like everything he missed was manditory, and it was not, but Parcelles got mad, and if hes gonna get mad, make everything manditory. Again... sorry I made a mistake, you could have been a bit nicer about it. Just goes to show the most all dolphins fans are jerks. Glad to be going to the redskins fans, who are really nice. Good luck to the fins.

JT's Aunt-There was no need to say sorry. You had some very strong points(and correct points) and you were just stating your case. Don't appolgize for that!

Ashley how old are you....15

Sorry you got trouble with the truth
nobody here hates JT
Some of us have a problem with what he did
and some of us don't

and for the record I dont think BP got mad
I dont think professionals get mad

Jason has been wanting of the dolphins since last year when we were losing. I'm a hugh JT fan I have three Of his Rookie cards. I have the white , Aqua and even the Orange Jersey and is one of my top 5 Favorite Dolphins but I'm not dilusionual Jason wanted of the dolphins because he did not want to be on a rebuilding team this late in his career. hey I dont blame him but I am disapointed that he did not want to finish his career with My Favorite team the dolphins. because in fact that is the Point of this Blog THE MIAMI DOLPHINS and most people that come to this site are Dolphin fans and like to worry about the players on the dolphins.
JT leaving the dolphins is a big deal and some people understand it some people don't....so relax if you cant handle a little hazeing dont bother leaving a post

Me and the Truth have been on the opposite side of the spectrum on a few things on this blog but not on this issue

and what jason said is "he was going to play one more year and retire and if it was with dolphins so be it and if its for another team so be it"

but as soon as he joined your new favorite team he now wants to play two years as he said
so read between the lines BP and company are not worried about JT they are worried about rebuilding the dolphins to what they should be . BP just wanted to get some value for Taylor and when he got it he shipped him out and if Taylor would have kept his mouth shut he would have been gone a long time ago and probably to a better team than the skins because lets face it, that is the worst team in the NFC East....I maybe wrong but if I am im sorry but it sounds like you became a dolphins fan after DWTS so I will tell you That in the NFC East the skins have to contend with the Cowboys, Giants, and The Eagles three teams that are very strong The Redskins are basiclly the Dolphin version of the NFC east they don't even have a quaterback so even though I do wish Jason Luck I think it was a bad move for him sort of the same bad move that bruce smith made when he left the bills for the skins like 8 years ago

But hey good luck with your new team

Go Phins

Easy, JT is a LIER and from "day one" he was looking to escape from Miami. Thanks God is over and another team problem.

Mando: What is not to understand. 1 BP wanted Jason in camp to help the new players and to show he was still committed to the Dolphans. Jason had a right and choose to Dance with the Stars. That didn't sit well with BP and he knew he could not get a trade that was worth what Jason was worth. So BP said if Jason plays anywhere this year it will be for the Dolphins. What did BP do next?, he ignored Jason on his visit to the Dolphin facilities while still Dancing with the Stars. You knew at that time BP had nothing but contempt for Jason. So what did BP do on draft day? He drafted two DEs on the first day. Even if Jason did play for the Dolphins he would be a great roll model for the new DEs. BP and the Dolphins were lucky that Washington had the misfourtune to loose both of their DEs to injuries. Jason's stock went up to where BP and the Dolphins could say that trading Jason was worth more to the Dolphins than as a roll model at $8+M. We were lucky, that we could get a 2 and a 6 round pick for Jason.
I choose to believe that Jason agreed to take the dump smilingly to Washington rather than to think he jumped ship with no loyality to the Dolphins. Jason gave South FL and the Dolphins much more than most of us know.


Actually finfan- I am 27. And before you say that I am young, and a girl, I know a lot about football. My dad is currently a college football coach, my grandpa was a college football coach, my brother plays in the NFL, and my moms side of the family all played football. You guys have been jerks, when someone else says they miss Jason, or didnt want this trade, everyone attacks, and is a jerk. People are allowed to have different opinions than you. I bet you anything that if he stayed at the dolphins, he would have played more than one year. Brett Farve anyone? Dont just assume that the only reason he is playing 2 more years is because leaving the Dolphins.

finfan- my cousin Kerry was on the computer commenting on a Phil Stacey fan site, and it kept her info, so that last comment from Kerry is really from me. Sorry!

No Problem Ashley but people can feel about a situation how ever they want and if they want to be jerks thats fine if they want to be cool that is fine. this is a forum for people to talk about there fustration or there happiness even sometimes just talk about being contempt about the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are Bigger than Jason Taylor to Dolphin fans. I am like I said before a hugh JT fan and though I wish him well I am disapointed that he decided not to be a dolphin. I dont understand why that makes me a jerk. I don't understand why calling JT a liar makes anyone a jerk because that is what he did. BP lied to but for different reasons . BP lied to try to raise JT's stock up trying to make the point that JT is valuble to this team and If another team wanted him they would have to pay. Actually the skins were one of the teams that tried to trade for JT around the draft but they did not want to give up what Bill wanted. Bill being the smart football man he is he did not want to give JT up for nothing(not like the jerks that we've had running the team before EG: AJ Feeley for a 2nd round pick "AHHHHHHH"). BP knew there would be a team eventually that will give him what he wanted and in turn give JT what he wanted out of miami. again I dont know why my opinion makes me a jerk. JT lied also but to safe face because he did not want to look bad in front of the fans. I can't blame him he is a decent guy who works very hard and is one of the best at his job and he did not want to blimish his image. So if you think Jason is awesome thats fine and if you decide to follow Jason's career awesome. But I for one am a Dolphin fan and I am concerned with the Miami Dolphins. I Dont have a Father who is a football coach or a brother that plays football for the dolphins to follow there careers and all the teams they may be a part of. I only follow one team and sometimes those teams have to change players and if I was going to follow every player that left the dolphins I would have to watch evry team in the NFL because ex-fins are everywhere specially in New England(Vomit), And to follow New England because Welker is honest is blastify. So if you want to switch colors thats fine but because I have an opinion about JT that is not shared with you how does that constitute me being a jerk. If I think JT lied its my opinion and nothing else so take it easy because I'm a MIAMI DOLPHIN FAN.

Top 10 Favorite Dolphins

10:Oronde Gadsden (The man could catch)
9: Bryan Cox (The Bills Game was awesome)
8: John Offerdahl
7: The Marks Brothers
6: Tony Nathan
5: AJ Duhe
4: JT
3: R. WIlliams
2: Zach the man
1: and Finally Mister Dan Marino

Go Phins!!!!!!!!

I didn't call you a jerk finfan. I called the truth a jerk, because I made one mistake about something I said, and he bit my head off. I respect your decision, you are intitled to feel anyway you want, and you were not a jerk about it. You can call Jason a lier all you want(I may not agree with it, but thats your opinion) but you were not a jerk about it. You personally, I had no problem with. Its just when I was reading this post, and the other 2 about Jason, and someone said they liked him, or didn't think he lied(Me included) everyone jumps on you, and rips your face off, just for thinking Jason is better than everyone makes him out to be. But you were not the jerk. And I don't remember ever calling you a jerk. If I did I am sorry, that was not my intention, i remember calling the truth one, and said most of you guys are, but not you. Sorry if I offended you, I was not talking about you.

I just reread your comment, and I don't think that people are jerks because of their opinions, they are intitled to those, I think what makes them a jerk is if they 1.) Dont respect your own opinion or 2.) bite your head off for having a different opinion. You can think JT is a jerk, one girl is not going to change your mind. That is fine you can think whatever you want, just don't bite my head off for thinking something different. Again, you didn't do this, and I really don't know where you got the idea i called you a jerk, but if you got that impression, I am sorry.

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