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Porter, Lehan on PUP; Henne missing "a concern"

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said linebacker Joey Porter and cornerback Michael Lehan, both of whom have ankle injuries, have been placed on the physically unable to perform list.

That means both failed their physicals because of their injuries. Neither injury is considered serious enough to stretch into the regular season. "We expect them back shortly," Sparano said.

Sparano also noted that rookie Chad Henne missing this morning's drills as he continues to try and negotiate a contract is not terrible, but nonetheless, "a concern."

Henne wasn't scheduled to take snaps in the team period today as Miami gives those duties to two quarterbacks each day. But he was nonetheless absent Friday when the gameplan for today's practice was installed.

"A young quarterback missing these installations is a concern," Sparano said.

The coach also said that nose tackle Jason Ferguson, who left the field midway through the morning practice, was simply overcome by cramps. He got an IV and returned to the field.

I asked Sparano if the Dolphins have interest in Dallas receiver Terry Glenn, who is supposed to be released. Sparano acted as if he didn't know Glenn was about to be available. "I have to be honest with you, I didn't know Terry was even released," he said. "This is the first I've heard about it."

Sparano did concede that last season when Glenn returned from his knee injury in time for the playoffs, he looked like a dangerous weapon. "That's the way he looked at that time," he said.

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"I didn't know Terry was even released." = Bill is on the phone with him right now, and he should he hear by Monday.

I wonder when Porter injured his ankle?

I guess Ferguson still isn't used to the heat down here yet. :-) LOLOL!!

Hopefully Henne will get in soon. Ferguson down, that's not too good. Porter's injury - pretty consistent with everything he's brought to our team. ZERO.

Trust in Parcell's & his guys. We'll go into the season at least with a football team that was in better shape than when last season began.

If the occasional player is cramping up from our heat, they generally do so early in preseason. Its been the bane of our conditioning process here in the tropics for years, and usually the players learn to cope, and then toughen up to it; where "out of towners" can't handle it nearly as well early in the regular season. It also shows a tough camp is being run from the start (KUDOS).

Doesn't seem like much info on what's going on here on Day 1 is forthcoming in this blog. Guess there's not much happening (Bess hasn't caught any passes, McCown hasn't misfired during any drills, nobody's stretching or running gassers, herald reporters haven't finished eating their arepas)...

Excellent stuff, Mando. Que to crees de Charlie Anderson?

Armando: Thanks for the info. I was really intrigued by your Boldin post. Did anyone ask the coaches about that and do you think that it is feasible/possible that the Dolphins would even consider it? While Glenn would certainly be a cheaper option, I would argue that it would make more sense to spend the money and surrender a draft pick for Boldin. Since we're trying to get younger, this would really strengthen the receiving core and the offensive weapons for our young QBs. Don't think we could do too much better with that 2nd pick in the draft. Could be wrong of course. Plus, we get someone that can contribute immediately. Just my 2 cents. Any additional info, would be great. Thanks again.

You can watch a clip of the presser at dolphins site. You can see in the clip that Sparano never call glenn a dangerous weapon, he simply said he looked like Terry Glenn (refering to the terry glenn of old).

The question to Sparano specifically was whether Glenn is still a dangerous weapon as he has always been and he agreed he still is. I watched the presser also. Except I was actually there.

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