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Receivers situation intrigues, other stuff ...

The Dolphins have made a roster move this morning. No, not the addition of Terry Glenn.

The team cut the guy with the roster's best name: Scorpio Babers. The team signed cornerback Chris Roberson, who last played in the NFL with the Jaguars in 2005.


Very interesting situation when you really think about it. It is outgrowth of the receiver problem the Dolphins have. And that affects the quarterback position. It affects the salary cap. It is big!

I have this morning been able to independently confirm Glenn is likely to sign with the Dolphins within the couple of weeks if his health holds up. That is not a certainty. There are also a couple of sticking points -- such as Glenn passing a physical and getting some personal issues ironed out -- that are yet to be resolved. So to say this is absolutely a done deal is wrong. It is likely but not certain.

But I'm back now and will work on this and the greater receivers topic all day long. Check back in about an hour for the morning practice update.

At the start of practice today tight ends Justin Peelle (knee sprain) and Aaron Halterman (back) and Darren Heerspink (sprained knee) were on the bikes and not practicing. They are day-to-day according to Tony Sparano.

Cornerback Michael Lehan was on the field but still not taking part in drills. He's a week or so away.

Post practice update:

Not exactly an inspiring two hours. Let me put it this way: It could be said punter Brandon Fields had the best practice of anyone on the field.

During special teams drills he kicked four attempts inside the 5 yard line. He kicked one that landed at the 1 yard line and then bounded parallel to the goal line before going out of bounds at the 1 yard line. Great job by him.

The rest of the work was typical of what the first couple of days of practice were like: I saw more dropped passes than a professional team has the right to make -- David Kircus, Ted Ginn and Reagan Mauia stood out in that regard.

And the receivers simply didn't get very much separation from the DBs.

Will Allen seemed to stick to his receivers like he was part of their uniform.

The team drills included some blitzes by the defense. Rookie left guard Donald Thomas blew an assignment and allowed Joey Porter to come untouched on one play.

Chad Henne was "down" for the morning practice, meaning Josh McCown and John Beck got the work in team drills. McCown looked better than Beck although neither was stellar. Let me make this point for perspective: This Miami offense seems to throw more checkdown passes than any I've ever seen.

And while that is good in that it is a safe pass and it does gain four or five yards, it does not bode of an explosive down-the-field unit. And there can be no excuse that we saw so many checkdowns because that was the plan. It is impossible, you see, that the team would make the checkdown the plan in practice after practice after practice.



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I haven't read anything overly positive about either Ginn or Wilford in either the Herald or Sun-Sentinel so signing Glenn makes sense but only if the progress that Hagan and Bess are making isn't as real as it has been written about both in print and on blogs.

Welcome back. Hope all is well with you and yours. Believe it or not you were MISSED!

I was wrong on the day....

"I didn't know Terry was even released." = Bill is on the phone with him right now, and he should he hear by Monday.

Posted by: Grant | July 26, 2008 at 01:32 PM

Hope everything is well Mando, can't start my workday without checking out your blog every morning - in Toronto, Canada! The home of Ricky Williams' other pro football franchise.

Hope everything is well Mando, can't start my workday without checking out your blog every morning - in Toronto, Canada! The home of Ricky Williams' other pro football franchise.

I don't think having Glenn here will disrupt anything. Always good to have a veteran presence. I doubt he's got a shot at being our #1 WR, but he's got good hands and speed and can be viewed as a threat by the opposing defense, that can open things up on the other side.

I'm definitely interested in how Ginn, Wilford, and the rest of the WRs are doing in practice. We really haven't heard anything. The pictures posted on the Herald and Sun-Sentinel keep showing guys that are going to be fringe guys come cut down day.

What type of salary will Glenn command anyway?

another repercussion from Cam's idiocy - - wasting the 9th overal pick on Ginn & Family.

If it is true that we are getting Glenn, then I am disappointed. I don't see the need to bring in an often injured 34 year old receiver when we are supposed to be dedicated to the youth movement. Wasn't this pretty much the exact reasons they had for dumping Zach? I've been hearing good things about Bess and Foster. Fast, young, and lots of potential. Adding an injured vet means one less of the young guys makes the team, maybe neither one. I guess there's something to adding a vet to help mentor the young guys, but not when it costs us potential. And I doesn't matter if he would help us now because we aren't built to win now, the main reason JT left. So I, for one, don't like the move.

WR is a position of concern. But can Terry Glenn be an upgrade? He's old. He's oft injured. He'll probably be high-priced. I don't mind an incentive laden deal because he can mentor the younger guys. But to rely on him would be wrong. Maybe we can sign him and Favre and get a few more geriatrics to join the youth movement. I would wait until cut-down day before making any moves. I know we'll probably sign him because he's a Parcells guy. Go Dolphins!

welcome back mando... hopefully the family issue was nothing too serious. I was wondering why the herald blog was silent or 2 days.

So why is it that Glenn, 34, makes sense for the Dolphins while Brett Favre, 38, does not?

Favre is not a free agent... we don't give up any future picks for Glenn.

To the guys who are dissapointed in the Glenn rumors, think about it for a minute. First of all we have no veteran receivers for the young guys to watch and learn from. But more importantly we are trying to evaluate whether or not we have a QB who will be our future. How are we going to do that when none of our receivers seem to be able to get open? Our three best receivers are Ginn,Wilford, and Hagan after that it's a crap shoot. Turning the bottom of the receivers roster over to aquire Glenn is in no way going to hurt the teams future but it will help in more ways than one.

RC, the Pack will eventually let him go for a very low pick just to ensure he doesn't land in the NFC North. The cap is not an issue for the Dolphins, and the QB play in camp thus far has been underwhelming.

If the end game is either Henne or Beck, and the staff feels they need more time, which seems to be the case, Favre is a better option than McCown.

Why wouldn't you try to win games if you could, as long as it didn't disrupt the team's development? They gain NOTHING by playing McCown. At least Favre would win.


It' not like we couldn't cut the least productive of our 6 tight ends on the roster to make room for him, anyway...at least for now.

So why is it that Glenn, 34, makes sense for the Dolphins while Brett Favre, 38, does not?

Posted by: Chris S. | July 30, 2008 at 09:54 AM

The difference is bringing in Favre only stunts the growth of our QBs. Only one QB can on the field at a time. Having one vetern WR when up to five are on the field at one time does not hurt the other WRs.

Add in the fact that having a sure handed wide receiver that runs crisp routes will help our QBs.

I've heard that Hagan has had a good offseason and training camp so far. If he's on the verge of breaking out in his 3rd year, that will really help the offense.

Good point, Joe. Why any fan would want Favre to be the QB of this rebuilding team is beyond me. Why would Favre even want to play in Miami?

Give up the notion of Favre coming people. You're just wasting your time. He would not be a good fit for the Fins now.

This season is to find out if there is a future with John Beck and to see how close or far Henne is from being a starter. Brett Favre coming to Miami would postpone that immediately. Then whenever Favre actually retires, we'd have to find out those answers one or two seasons later. It makes no sense.

The Dolphins have the makings of a disaster on their hands if McCown wins the job...which appears more likely now. The guy can't win games, isn't the QB of the future, and will keep Henne and Back on the bench just as Favre would. At least with Favre they have a chance to win, and give the young guys someone to learn from.

Glenn and Favre would dramatically upgrade the pass offense, which is really the weak point of the team.

Greetins from Brazil.
Hope everithing is ok!
Good to see you back!

Mcown and Beck are both busts for this team. They may do well somewhere else, but neither fits the dolphins plan at all. Favre starting this year and teaching Henne to take over when he leaves, or us drafting a better prospect next year, would be the way to go imo. Not because I want Favre, but because Beck and Mcown are a waste of the team's time this season. Mcown is a backup, and good at that level. Beck will not be a starter without 2-3 years riding the bench behind a good QB with a good offense around him. He CAN NOT carry a team that lacks any offensive pieces on his shoulders, period. It wont happen.

Chris, when Favre is gone next year then what do we do? Start evaluating qbs at that point? That just sets us back another season. They should stay away from Favre and start finding our QB of the future. Granted that may not be any of the qbs we have now but this is the time to find that out, not next season.

The only disaster will be if fans don't realize that the team is rebuilding and will probably only win 5 to 7 games this season. Everyone should expect this and prepare. Bringing Favre in will MAYBE get us a wild card, cost us valuable draft picks, and set our young QBs back. Brett Favre wouldn't mentor Rodgers in Green Bay. Here's what he said last season when asked about mentoring Aaron Rodgers" it is not my job to help ANY qb to get better, my job is to play football". Sounds like a great leader. That's exactly what we need. A guy who will only be here one year and will snub our young qbs. AND the guy wants to play for a winner, we aren't even close. Please stop talking about this because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It will never happen and Ireland and Parcells are smart for not getting involved.

DolphinMIA. How do you know Henne will ever be anything other then a back-up. You want to put all of your eggs in his basket after three practices in which he shared time with 2 other qbs and struggled in his decision making? REALLY? They're not asking anyone to carry the team on their shoulders. The team is REBUILDING and this is the way you do it. You don't say your rebuilding and then bring in a semi retired QB. You said there are no offensive pieces in place so what in the heck is Favre going to work with? Is he going to throw the ball to himself? And the Dolphins are planning on going with a heavy ground attack, Henning is known for this and Favre loves to throw the ball. It will not work and this is just ridiculous to even talk about. I'm done with this conversation, keep dreaming people, I'm out.

NYScott, when/if Favre is done you hopefully have your prospects (Beck and Henne) further along and ready to go. I'd rather have them learn by watching Favre versus McCown.

I agree, it is unlikely that Parcells will bring him in. However, if Beck and Henne really aren't ready to play, he should reconsider.

I didn't actually see any reference in the article to Armando's personal issues, but I assumed that was the only reason he wouldn't have been updating the blog, so Mando, hope everything is on the up and up, and yes, everyone, even the haters, missed the updates.

Back to football, I also believe Glenn is a waste of energy for us. He doesn't fit the mold of the bigger/tougher/younger guy, and let's be honest, his inability to sign the injury waiver that Dallas presented to him, says something very clear to me. He expects to not be dressed in every game. He knows he's not healing well. He feels his age. And he wants to be paid full contract regardless.

Last time I checked, the Dolphins already have a slew of injured players, and have cut the older/out of shape players from last year. I believe you Armando, when you say there's chatter and and confirmation of a likely signing, but I don't agree with the theory behind it.

Before we all jump on Ginn too badly, I was looking at some stats from NFLinsiders on which positions are most likely to bust in the 1st round and WR is a close second to QB. But what I got more out of the stat was that WRs usually don't start to come into there own until their 3rd season. Only 28% start as rookies while 63% start in year 3. This is why many GMs do not think it is wise to draft a WR in the 1st round.

I think the big difference between college and pros comes in the ability to read defenses. In college receivers can depend on pure athleticism but in the pros the corners are just too good. That's why a guy like Wes Welker can always seem to find little cracks and open spaces while guys with much more talent like Ginn can't seem to separate at all. It comes down to learning what the defensive backs are doing and it takes a couple years to figure it out.

Also, the QB and WR have to see the same thing so that when a WR makes an adjustment the QB is on the same page. If you have a Brady, he can tell Welker what he is seeing. So both ingredients are missing here. The WRs aren't seasoned enough to read defenses and the QBs are not good enough to be on the same page if they could.

That's why Armando's assessment a while back about finding a QB as the most important thing we need to accomplish this season is spot on. The WRs won't get much better until we have QB.

lets put this as simple as possible...


I love Dolphins fans hating on Ginn. They don't know crap.

I'm not commenting on that ludicrous farve talk... as one of my friends often says don't be rediculous.

I see no reason other than the severity of his injury not to add Glenn. Not because all of a sudden he'll win games for us, but if we can add some talent on the cheap why not? It might stop those 8 man fronts in the box everyone is talking about. Most importantly I definetly prefer the idea of Ginn, Wilford, Glenn to Ginn, Wilford, Hagan. I know we have young talent to mature and evaluate (Bess/Foster) but it can't hurt

guys, this post might be deleted but if it isn't, the palm beach post has a good live blog of training camp. doesn't offer the best insight or writing but it does offer the most info about more players and goings on at the practices. It fills the void for me in between herald updates.

Any thought about bringing in Chris Simms at qb if the Bucs release him? If he's healthy he could give us another option.Beck and Henne don't appear to be the answer at this time.

Phinatic, what about the reports that Hagan has caught everything thrown at him in practice, and the fact that Glenn only played 4 downs of football last year?

I'm just saying...

To be honest, I think if they sign Terry Glenn it won't be for the long term. I think Glenn's best days are now behind him. I am still leaning towards either Eric Parker or Chris Henry (pending he get reinstated)....

Armando, please comment on the fact that the coaches are practicing Vonnie Holliday on the 1st, 2nd AND 3rd teams. If nothing else, his stamina must be amazing!

Armando, this is the 5th day of camp with new coaches, new systems, new OL, new QBs, new WRs and new TEs. It's going to take time to develop a passing game. The Pats have a passing camp because they're so advanced now. The Phins are just getting started.

We have a veteran WR - Ernest Wilford is his name. Sign Glenn don't sign Glenn it won't matter, he'll get hurt and won't be a factor. That is the story of a 34 year old, history of injuries WR. Personally, I would venture a guess that a less injury prone, veteran WR will shake loose during the preseason from another team so why rush to sign Glenn? It's not like he will be getting a lot of offers from around the league. Why else would he even consider signing with this going nowhere this season team otherwise?

Sounds like my worst fear will be realized, Cam Cameron and his moronic indecision and the yanking of Beck in and out of the lineup has destroyed Beck's confidence and he may be a lost cause already. It is so sad how many young QB's end up getting wasted by these horrible, "try to save my ass at all costs" NFL coaches. Say it with me Dolphin fans - DON'T PLAY HENNE THIS SEASON, LET HIM WATCH AND LEARN. By the way, this is why having Parcells around is so important, he has job security as long as he wants it and therefore so do his hand chosen coaches, his hand will not be forced by losing this year. Keep in mind how long he kept Romo in Dallas on the sidelines.

some one was talking about GLEEN STOPING 8-man frount PLEASE there is a reason Dallas let hin go.Brett may be good for one more year then he isDONE.We need young talent our talent pool has a long way to be the DOLPHINS of old.WEare on the right track we did not get this bad over night and all our problems will not be fixed over night.FINSFOREVER


what a disaster. i smell a 3 win season at best and the top overall pick.

I know Mando is being negative. According to that Palm newspaper blog or whatevr they are saying Hagan and Wilford are catchign everything. The guy said all of Beck's short and medium routes are almsot all complete. He also said the Defense is looking great, and so is lineman Carey, Long, Satele, and Murphy.

The defense is always ahead of the offense early on.

I've seen those posts too tinshaker, and I'm quite glad that he is progressing. My main point is that the guy is proven he's done it before many times. Hagan could be good or a none factor, the same could be said for Glenn. But why not? Henry has less of a chance of playing a full season than Glenn does in my mind and right now he is the best option on the market. Other than last year the guy has always been productive and until the arrival of TO he was they're main recieving threat and had to be gameplanned against. So he had a bad season last year that should mean that we can get him at a more aforadble rate and if he doesn't perform than we can go with what we already have, but if thats the case than we lost nothing accept some cap room... I'm not saying the guy is a forsure great addition infact I have more confidence in the longterm benifits of Bess but its bot like were giving up a draft pick, I think the possible benifits outway the loss

schneid72 agreed on henne

bobby Dalas is loaded with talent (TO, Witten, Crayton) I think they're in a different position than us. I'm not saying this guy will fix everything but he can't hurt

Eric... ah nevermind

Eric, seriously though, are you a Jets fan?

Phinatic, your response has much merit to it, I now agree with you partially, however, bringing in Glenn means Bess or Foster doesn't make the roster. So if you are hoping for big things from one of them, they will not be around for us to find out.

There are currently 80 guys on the roster. Sure some of them are tryout guys and are there as warm bodies only, but still a lot of guys we know by name will be cut to get down to 53. At least 2 or 3 WRs will not make it, and it sounds like the competition is very close between the bottom 4 or 5 guys. Sure Bess is out practicing Ginn/Wilford but he has to just to get noticed, because those guys are a lock to play. But is Bess a lock with Foster/Camarillo/Dunlap/Hagan/the guy who's name escapes me, and then bring in Glenn as well? we already are going to cut at least 3 WRs before you bring him into the equation. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but your argument does have merit.

who cares about bess and foster?

Kircus I think is the other one, and your right those other guys then would have less of a chance. I always hate the cuts to 53 man roster because their is always somebody I liked who doesn't make the team... who knows maybe he doesn't even clear physicals. If I was GM I would get rid of Kircus/dunlap/camarillo and try to practice squad foster. Leaving Ginn/Glenn/Wilford/Hagan/Bess. but probably quite benefitial to the team I'm not the GM

We'll see what happens the guys making the decisions are lucky enough to have a job in which they get to watch football and evaluate talent all day. I'm sure we'll bring up again after the final roster cuts

Its refreshing to have a discussion on a dolphins blog without the constant attempts to bring down the other persons opinions. Much respect tinshaker

Alot of guys are forgetting about Anthony Armstrong. I know he is along shot but the kid can really play b all. He may be the fastest of all the Wrs.

Likewise, although I sort of want to take a swing at Eric, but I'll let his negativity float into the ether.

In other news, it looks like the Palm Beach blogger has been busted by Parcells for being too descriptive.

There goes that well of information. Come on Armando, time to step it up. You are being outpaced by your peers.

I was at the practice this morning. The QBs were fair, not much difference between any of them. I saw 6 passes thrown to Jayson Foster -- he dropped the first 5, and then got some cheers from the bleachers when he finally caught one. Bess looked good, so did Hagan and Camarillo. Ginn looked good when uncovered, otherwise he was under a blanket (zero separation). He got stuffed at the line a couple of times. Wilford caught a bomb down the middle. Jake Long looked very good. Big dude, manhandled everyone he faced. No one got around the outside on him today. Sparano really BLEW UP at Donald Thomas on that blown assignment (Porter into backfield untouched to take down RB for a 4/5 yard loss). Sparano also pulled Parmele aside, after a run, and gave him an ear full. Feely missed a 46 yard FG.

That's all I got.


310fin, YES that is the guy who's name I forgot. I also forgot about Kircus. So now it looks like we will have to cut 5 guys if we sign Glenn. All those rookie underdogs will be gone. Maybe Bess is the lone survivor. But there is still plenty of time in camp and we have pre-season, which i think is a 70 person roster (correct me if I'm wrong). I would think that the preseason guys will be Bess/Camarillo/Foster/Kircus, though the lesser known guys have gotten mentions for making a big play here and there, I think those three have been more consistent and I think Foster/Kircus figure in big on Special Teams.

The one good thing about being such a bad team last year is that we have a lot of things to discuss/look for right now. Some might say that's a bad thing, but at least it keeps one busy!

Gatordude, thanks!

Looks like Hagan is impressing again. If he continues like this he might jump into the number 2 position. Wouldn't that be shocking.

And for all you Beck boys, looks like he's stinking up the place again. My guess is the PBP blogger will soon be tackled by BP.

i agree with the QB analysis. i was at the practice. Beck just doesn't take any shots downfield. i don't mean streaks, but maybe like a 10-yard pass attempt. he just throws it underneath or holds on too long and gets sacked.
looks like it'll be a lot of running the ball with ricky & ronnie, cause our passing game is non-existent, from what i can gather.

seriously, beck, take a chance. i mean, its a freakin' practice. at least TRY to show the coaches something.
bess did impress me in practice. a wes welker type: small, shifty, he could help.
and the Tuna lasted in the sun only about 45 minutes, and then he ran for cover.

I'd hate to see Camarillo go!

Anyone who thinks Glenn will be expensive has been dipping into Ricky William's stash. Dallas is not going to cut a receiver that could command a high price.

Glenn will come cheap. Not as cheap as a rookie but cheap. When he plays, Glenn is a good receiver and his experience will be valuable for the young guys around him.

Mando...if Will Allen is sticking to ANYONE, that ANYONE must be horrible.
Now that the Arena Bowl season is over, we need to go out and get a few of those receivers...their fearless, an hold on to everything...OK, they may be an NFL step slow, but what does speed matter if you drop the ball?
Watch the Pats get Chris Jackson.

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