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Sparano confirms Carter; Live chat now

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has just confirmed Quincy Carter is in town and will have a tryout with the Dolphins.

Although the coach said he doesn't think the team needs an additional arm right now, he said this is part of Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells doing their "due diligence." It frankly feels like part courtesy to Carter and part investigation that will not necessarily lead to his signing.

So don't go crazy that this is awful unless and until the Dolphins sign the guy. Hopefully they will not because it is very weird.

Sparano also talked about the scrimmage the team is having during Saturday's evening practice.

"We'll have goods on goods," he said, meaning the first teamers will compete against each other while the second teamers will go against each other. It will be a game atmosphere complete with coach-to-helmet communication.



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Mando rocks! Thanks bro.

Riddle me this Mando: Why aren't the Dolphins working out Daunte Culpepper?

Q-Carter.....this is embarrasing to say the least....I do not care if he knows this offense inside and out...I do not want that degenerate here at all!!!

lol at "riddle me this?" Man you have to be a fantasy football player.

We've already seen enought of queen Daunte...he's done. You're really reaching.

We've already seen enought of queen Daunte...he's done. You're really reaching.

flpd, are you joking?

Henne is a rook, so he's safe this early on. Beck is only gone if they already know if he can't even be a back-up (highly doubtful at this point). So Carter only makes sense to take on NcCown's role, but reports are he's doing well.

Courtesty call and/or just in case it must be.

Daunte Culpepper, Kelly Holcomb, Byron Leftwich, Jamie Martin, Marques Tuiasosopo... All these guys are better options than Q-Carter, which is like saying bat dung is better than bird dung... Neither is particularly appetizing.

I think Cleo is better then Carter
and Cleo was a Lemon

Go Phins

Armando, do you know why the Herald won't let me do a live chat? OK, it is true that no one reads my awful articles and no one wants to talk to me, but couldn't the Herald help me out?

OK guys, I'm here. Let's kick it off ...


How has Jake Long looked during running plays as opposed to passing plays? Thank you.

FLPD: I assume you are kidding. Look, I would hate it if the Dolphins signed Quincy Carter. It seems anyone Bill Parcells has ever coached can get a looksee from this team -- even a guy he kicked off the team in 2004. But the guy isn't signed yet. And it is good policy to take a look at everyone that is available to have a body of knowledge about them. But let's wait to see if they sign him before we hate on this idea.

Armando, please respond to my question on the WRs.


I just hope you are right about this, Quincy Carter give me a break, who knows what other bum the might be interested in.

Mando, I know it early but at this point right now, next year sitting with a 1st and 2 2nd round picks. What areas do you think the team should address with those picks?

Cam, first off, how is Baltimore? How did you manage screwing up so badly and still find work?
Anyway, Long looks excellent on run plays. He still is learning the proper technique for dealing with faster, quicker edge rushers and that is the one area of concern I have about him.

But all indications are that he will be able to figure that out because his footwork otherwise is good.

Would it be safe to say that if they like QC then Beck is odd man out?
I think its a little early to get rid of Beck for a guy that hasnt played ball in years.

Armando, gives us an idea of someone who might come available through waivers before the start of the season. I still think the 'Phins are woefully thin at wide receiver. Is there somebody out there who might help? Jabar Gaffney maybe?

If the Dolphins are looking for black stiff's for QB they can dig up Steeler's Joe Gillian.

I screw up badly everyday but the Herald still keeps me employed.

Will Langford or Merling be able to knock Roth out of the starting rotation in our base defense?

Tin: I believe your question was which receivers will make the team.

First off, I don't know for sure because they haven't played a preseason game yet and if I don't say that, someone will take what I write out of context and use it for their purposes.

Having said that, I think we all know three guys are pretty solid -- Wilford, Ginn, Hagan, who is lately looking better than all of them.

The next level is led, in order of likelihood to make it: Camarillo, Foster, Bess and Armstrong, which is a surprise because he just joined the group.

Kircus has been hot and cold while Dunlap hasn't really flashed in my opinion

Miami should just let Henne start. I can't be any worse than last year. If they think he is the guy than let him play.

Every year I get excited about something on this team. I'm I wrong to be hopeful about what Ricky and Ronnie are going to do. With a new OLine could they be something special? Or should I just stick with the cheerleaders this year?

Has there ever been a thought that in a two running back setup that the best back should go second. Let the first back go in there and pound the ball, and then let your 'starter' come in with fresh legs and burn everyone.


Although reports have been pessimistic about the offense what can you tell me about the defense is it overrated or looking good...

Jason, I don't think there is an odd man out yet. Beck should get his chance, at least in the preseason, to show something. their investment this offseason in the guy pretty much requires them to see whether he can do anything in a preseason game.

I also think Carter is more informational tryout than actually signing the guy right away because Sparano said he's not worried about the QBs having dead arms now.

But if Beck is left out, the Dolphins will likely try to trade him first with Baltimore and San Diego being possibilities.

Ramerstone: That's wrong. Your prejudice is showing.

How has the secondary looked and is Jason Allen going to live up to a #1 pick?

Don't worry. Parcells will not be signing a blak qb. Relax and get behind one of your boys.

armando- how do you see the receivers shaking out this season? i feel like we have a lot of young talent and im finding myself cautiously optimistic about these guys... i loved devon bess in college, wilford could be the possession receiver we havent had in awhile, teddy can spread the field and if hagan could learn to catch the ball..... are these pretty unfounded hopes that these guys could at least be decent? its hard for me to believe in anything about this team the past few years

Armando, you really think Foster is higher up than Bess and Armstrong? I'm not disagreeing with you but I have seen no reports of this guy getting much notice (as in making plays) whereas Bess's name comes up ALOT. I'm sure either way the Fins will keep both of them in one way or another be it the active roster or the practice squad.

So why is it again that the Dolphins aren't inteersted in Brett Favre?


1) Parcells is close to Ron Wolf (who is consulting for the Dolphins). Wolf is close to Favre. Favre respects both men tremendously and knows Parcells' reputation for turning teams around.

2) What's the weakest part of the Dolphins? Answer: the passing game. How much better would the Dolphins be with a good QB to go with strong RBs and a rebuilt OL? Answer: Pretty good. With an improved defense, probably playoff good.

Now, ONCE AGAIN, tell me why Favre doesn't make sense if:
1) Beck and Henne aren't ready (thus far it looks like they aren't), and

2) The cap is not an issue.

And, puh-leeese, don't say that Favre isn't interested in MIA if you cannot post a quote from him or his agent or someone on the Dolphins saying so.


What has been up to now in your opinion the biggest improvement from this season in comparison to last, and what players really jump up at you.

I feel sorry for you, Chris S. You have been posting the same sorry lines on multiple blogs and they don't look any better with age.

Chris S., I'm not going to go look for the quote but Favre has said repeatedly he doesn't want to play in hot weather when the rumors of being traded to Tampa were circling. He also has said he does not want to be a teacher/mentor to younger QBs either. Get over it. Plus if you saw him running up the stairs yesterday you'd see he almost had a heart attack!

Any word on who might line up opposite of Ted Ginn for kickoffs? or what maybe the plan for the special teams unit.

Hey armando I read somewhere that the first team offense had martin and Fasano in it. Does it look like we will be running alot of two tight end formations and is that why we have so many in camp

hey by the way mando- quickest question all day- did devon bess shave the dreadlocks?

Any chance the Dolphins have any interest in Boldin?

PJ: Obviously very early, but if the draft were tomorrow, the picks would have to somehow address pass rusher (OLB) and WR.

Greg...don't feel sorry for me. I'm still waiting for SOMEONE, ANYONE to rebut my argument with a list of reasons WHY IT IS A BAD IDEA and no one has done it yet.

If you have a case, post it!

Jonathan: The defense is ALWAYS ahead of the offense at this point. I would say this defense will be much improved over last year as long as: 1. Jason Ferguson stays healthy, meaning the run defense will be better. 2. the secondary stays healthy, meaning they don't have to play special team players as starters. I like the depth back there now, but remember last year Yeremiah Bell, Andre Goodman, Renaldo Hill and several others went down with injuries. That killed the D.

Mando, What's wrong with Glenn If he comes with a low salary and lots of incentives? Certainly he's going to be as good as the bottom half of the roster.

This is all premised on the assumption he won't even get a contract unless he's fit enough to play.

Unlike most of the BOTARDS that post here - I think we have a bunch of very good young prospects at WR and we won't know anything until after a couple of pre season games.

Scott: Jason Allen is still a bit slow on his learning of the system even though this system is supposed to be quite easy to pick up. Once he picks that up, if he picks that up, he should be OK. But, as you know, that has been a big if the past two seasons.

'Mando, what are your impressions of Sparano at this point, compared to Cam and Nick? Nick seemed so condescending, while Cam seemed kinda overwhelmed. Tell us about Tony!

Tin: When I spoke with Bill Parcells, he brought up the fact Foster has a good chance as a returner. Given his dual role ability, that increases his chances with this team.

Tinshaker, Favre lives in Mississippi. I've been there in the summer and it is hotter than hell there. As for the mentorting, that stuff is really a myth anyway. Young QBs learn more by just watching.

Do you think Crowder will ease the pain of Zach being gone, also does Langford look like a steal? I hear more good things about him than Merling.

Quincy Carter???!!! Are the Fins becoming that desperate regarding the QB situation to bring in Quincy Carter???!!! Ewwwwwww

Well, if they brought Quincy in for a "looksee", then why not Daunte Culpepper or trade for Favre? Geez!

Chris S: the latest on Favre is that he may indeed wind up in Minnesota.

Dolphins don't want to give up a first or second round pick for him.

I think the guy is great, but it seriously doesn't make sense. Just like Quincy Carter and Terry Glenn don't make sense, by the way.

I've been reading nothing but good things about Bass. Will he make the team?

As for Carter, Tuna seems to have a soft place in his heart for drug-troubled players (i.e. Ricky), and helping them recover. Any chance this is all to simply put his name out there again, hoping someone else will sign him? I can't think of any other reason he'd be here. It can't be they actually want to sign him!

Y-not: You articulated the reason Glenn doesn't make sense now. they don't know for certain the receivers they do have are not the answer. Also, Glenn needs microfracture surgery. Jerry Jones, who I respect, was worried he'd get hurt in a practice before the season even began.

It is just a reach. Sorry.

Armando, who looks better in the kicking competition? Jay Feely or Dan Carpenter?

Chris S. - I've lived in Florida and California and I hate the heat, what's your point?

He won't come to Miami because he DOESN'T WANT TO!

Also, as Armando mentioned, the Dolphins will never give up the draft pick for him.

Armando, I agree that a 1st or 2nd makes absolutely no sense. But what if the Pack was willing to accept a low round pick (6th or a 7th) for the peace of mind in sending Favre away to the AFC, to a team they don't face in 2008, to a team geographically as far away from Green Bay as possible?

Dolfan Tom: I liked Nick Saban for all his social problems. Ultimately he told you things about the team and, as a reporter, more information is good. that desire to say something, by the way, is what ultimately got him in trouble because he lied.

At this point last season, Cam was already causing people to scratch their heads. He was telling players what to say in interviews. He was crying about his relationship with Drew Brees. He was telling folks to "Fail forward fast." He was getting ready to let his assistants coach against NO while he took the night off.

tony is all football and seemingly a salt of the earth type of guy. I have no idea if game day will be too big for him. I have no idea if he will be or not be a gameplan genius. All I know is he seems honest and hard working. We'll have to wait on the other stuff.

Armando, what did Phil Merling weigh at his conditioning check-in the Friday before training camp started? I've heard 290 (which has been on the official site's player listing for quite some time) and I've also heard 275. If he's more toward 275, and they're working Vonnie Holliday so extensively at OLB, is it not that big a stretch to think they could end up doing the same with Merling? Coming out of college and watching all kinds of tape of him, he looked more like a ball chaser than the kind of guy that knocks a tackle backward 4 yards, holds the point and then breaks off to the appropriate gap. He doesn't have the strength to knock a tackle back like that. He should work at OLB like a Calvin Pace.

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