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Sparano confirms Carter; Live chat now

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has just confirmed Quincy Carter is in town and will have a tryout with the Dolphins.

Although the coach said he doesn't think the team needs an additional arm right now, he said this is part of Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells doing their "due diligence." It frankly feels like part courtesy to Carter and part investigation that will not necessarily lead to his signing.

So don't go crazy that this is awful unless and until the Dolphins sign the guy. Hopefully they will not because it is very weird.

Sparano also talked about the scrimmage the team is having during Saturday's evening practice.

"We'll have goods on goods," he said, meaning the first teamers will compete against each other while the second teamers will go against each other. It will be a game atmosphere complete with coach-to-helmet communication.



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Chris S. - no offense but it sounds like YOU have been in the heat too long...

Tinshaker, show me the quote saying Favre doesn't want to come to Miami.

Phinfankid: I don't think you can say Langford was a steal, given that Miami picked him in the third round and he played at tiny Hampton.

He is having his good moments and tough moments like all rookies. But I don't think he's ahead of Merling in too many regards. Both are doing their work and I would put them in the same company.

Oh, and no offense taken. Just support your argument with something tangible.

Armando, do you think Ginn will eventually gel into at least a number 1 wideout and do you think Beck may have thrown too much in the off season and it may have anything to do with his errant throws?


Glenn probably won't be available after 2 preseason games. It makes far more sense to get him now and evaluate him during those games. He certainly is as good or better than the bottom half of the receiver corps.

Maybe the micro fractures are an issue but then he would not pass a physical.

mytedolfan: I do not know. Ask me after they've played some preseason games or at least had a scrimmage.

Hi everyone! I will be holding a live chat right here, beginning at 2:01. Feel free to ask anything!

Chris S - "Favre has recently told sources close to him that Tampa Bay was 'too hot,' and that he prefers to play and practice in cooler weather. That sounds rather strange from a guy who grew up and spends his summers in Mississippi."

Save: They are both kicking the crap out of the ball. I would call it a wash right now, and given that, I hope the Dolphins go with Feely's experience.

Chris: Favre holds the winning hand in this thing and he has said on Fox that he wants to go to a competitive team. That eliminates the Dolphins.

Dolfan Tom: You might be right.

Does Donald Thomas look like the real deal? And if so would you call that a steal in the draft?

Is it fair to assume that the QB thing is a bit overblown. Miami is going to do it's best impression of the 72 Dolphins .. run Brown inside, run Ricky outside and then run some more.

Mando, How are Langford and Merling looking. Where do you see them contributing to the team say 3 years from now?

CK: First of all, the reports that Holliday was working at OLB were wrong. He is getting some light drill work standing up during special teams but not in there in team work.

Merling is not 275. He's a very, very big dude. He is listed at 290 and looks closer to that weight to me than 275.

I don't seen Merling as a standup player and that is not the plan for him now.

Armando, you probably have read in the last few days a couple of complaints from commenters (including myself) that the Herald crew seems slower on getting their reports out than the smaller papers. I would love to see you doing live blog like the one the PB Post does, simply because I respect your insight and experience over theirs. Is this a possibility or are you just too busy?

Patrick: No and no. ginn will be a good receiver eventually, tho.


What offensive rookie lineman besides Long has the greatest chance to start in your opinion...

Armando, so you're saying Holliday did not stay in for 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams as reported elsewhere?

Y-not: You're not going to convince me. We'll have to agree to disagree.

Yes I saw that and agree it is strange. Does it mean Favre won't play in TB? He doesn't have a lot of options, and they're not going to let him go to MIN or CHI, even if they have to keep him on the roster (a very, very last resort).

Remember what Cameron did to Culpepper last year? There are a lot of different ways that a coach can make a player irrelevant.

That being said, Armando is right...Favre holds the cards here. Therefore, if Thompson wants to wash his hands of the whole thing, they'll trade him to the first team outside the NFC North, preferably the NFC who will make them an offer...any offer. If Favre refuses to report, he'll just stay retired and Thompson wins.

Teams are content to just wait the Packers out and hope to get him for free. I just don't see how Thompson will let that happen.

Patrick: Thomas looks like a rook that is ahead of Shawn Murphy right now, but a rook nonetheless. He's getting his chance but he blew a blocking assignment on a blitz Wednesday morn.

the team is mixing and matching OLinemen right now. Don't take what is happening now as something written in stone.

Michael: The QB thing is overblown? The Dolphins need to find a QB, no doubt about it. yes, they will be a running team. But what will they do when teams put eight guys in the playbox? They have to throw the ball.

OK, feel free to start asking questions. I'll be here until 3 p.m. for my live chat.

Thanks Armando! I appreciate your time.

How could the reports of Vonnie getting work at OLB be incorrect? Tony Sparano himself acknowledged it in his press conference on Monday. His exact comments:

(On Vonnie Holliday's side sessions during practice) - "I think what were just trying to do with Vonnie is give ourselves options. Down the road, we talked yesterday here about roster flexibility. We worked with Vonnie, Matt Roth, a couple of different guys. And if we can find some of these bigger defensive ends that can help us that way in the pass rush that would be helpful. So roster flexibility, if you can get a guy that can do more than one job there, it might allow you to bring somebody else to the game, where if you didn't have that flexibility, you have to bring so many linebackers, you have to bring so many defensive linemen. So getting a guy that maybe can cross over a little bit is helpful."


How do you see the quarterback situation unfolding?

Tin: Folks complained because I didn't work Monday or Tuesday. I had personal issues to resolve and so if that pissed people off, I am sorry.

The PBPost is running back and forth from practice to post updates. I would rather do that maybe once during practice and actually see what I am writing about than be told about it.

I salute their hustle, but I think I better serve you guys by actually seeing what I'm writing about.

As for Holliday taking first, second and third-team drills, that has not happened in team drills.

tommya: If it was up to me, I would play Beck until the fans pressure me into playing Henne mid-to-late in the season. And then, once Henne gets rough up and has his confidence shaken, I will put Beck in for the last couple of games.

CK: He is not working in team drills at OLB! He is spending 2 minutes in a standup position with an assistant, working on his hands work.

It is an experiment and it has not gotten to the point where he has done it with other players in team drills. Please, don't lose your minds people.

OK, guys I leave you with guest blogger Cam Cameron. thanks for joining me on here. I'll post an update after practice.

God bless you all.

Armando, you're a big guy like me, I wouldn't want to be running back and forth either, lol.

But this Holliday report just goes to show that we would benefit more from experienced reporters giving us the well of info than young upstarts.

Cam, where are you blogging from? GPS coordinates would be very helpful....

Cam can you tell us a player who u think will surprise us this season?

Armando: no one' mad b/c you took Monday and Tuesday off, we were mad b/c you didn't warn us and we felt like idiots for checking the page 6 times a day for nothing. I'm sorry about the personal issues, but can you give us a heads up next time? It's all about expectaions management, as Nick Saban might say.

Tin: 3000 School House Rd Tallahassee, FL 32311

Teek: I think that Ted Ginn will surprise you. He is the greatest and most exciting player I have ever seen.

Armando, I understand the philosophy of 'turning over every rock' in looking for talent, especially when you're a talent strapped team. What I don't understand is the timing of the QC tryout. If you're just taking a look-see, why not do it earlier in the offseason? Otherwise, you create the impression (rightly or wrongly) that you've just figured out that your 2 veterans are talentless and are now desperate at the most imporatnat position on the field. I don't get it!

Andrew: Yes, it was so inconsiderate of a guy to take a couple of days off for personal/family reasons. Armando should personally call every reader next time just so they know.

CK - I just want to chime in on this. Armando, by his own admission did not work on Monday or Tuesday, so he was not actually there to see Vonnie in team drills. Here is the exact quote:

Time for 11-on-11 team drills.
Here are the First Teamers of note: Charlie Anderson is ROLB, Joey Porter is LOLB, Vonnie Holliday is the RDE and Matt Roth is the LDE.
More importantly, here are the Second Teamers, the guys who appear to have a leg up on the bottom roster spots:
Phillip Merling is the RDE, and Quentin Moses is the ROLB. Vonnie Holliday stays out there and moves over to LOLB, and Randy Starks is the LDE. Reggie Torbor is an inside linebacker with Junior Glymph, and the safeties are Keith Davis and Chris Crocker. Travis Daniels is the RCB, and Joey Thomas is the LCB.
Holliday also stays at LOLB when the Third Teamers come out. He hasn’t come off the field. They’re really working hard to make him a Jason Taylor type of player.

OK everyone, it has been fun. I have to go now. Thanks for participating.

AMANDO, how much money does jason taylor and zach thomas moving on, now free up on the salary cap for next year?

I believe this has been said recently, and by myself in the offseason, but, WHY didn't we go after Leftwich again? If I recall the only problem he had was that Garrard came in and NEVER threw INTs...Hell, cut Zach, trade JT, then sign another David Boston, or Chris Carter (Glenn) and bring in Quincy Carter? I don't see this regime making many more favorable decision...Sorry...

Its been basically one week of practice and everybody is all over the quarterbacks. We know what were going to get with Mclown,but give Beck and Henne the whole training camp and preseason. Perosnally I rather see Henne or Beck play this season. Patients Dolfans its only the first week of practice. The defense always is ahead of the offense at the beginning of training camp.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more disturbing it is to me. Leftwich is superior to McCown in EVERY stat, with virtually the same amount of starts. He's also 2 years younger...@ the same time, I know it's early, but, nothing I saw last year, nor have heard this year seem to be consistent with Beck's college career. A super accurate passer who could roll out and throw bombs...How does someone seem to lose ALL there skills when coming to the NFL? It just seems odd to me...

For the record IF HE CLEARS PHYSICALS Glenn is a good idea, and mando knows it he just wants to go against 75% of dolphin fans to create contreversy and hits.

Chris don't be rediculous

startrek JT was about 18 million over 2 years and I'm not sure but I think ZT was around 5 or 6 a year

about the QB's I wouldn't expect any stellar play for atleast 2 more years, we got to hope the rest of the team can compensate to get wins

on the drug thing lets not forget the original LT

Man Cam sounds so right I wish he was still here

Chris S:

Who needs to show you a comment from Favre? I don't see a comment from any other FA that we have courted the last two years but that didn't stop them from rejecting Miami to go to other destinations. Favre didn't say it doesn't want to come to Miami but anybody with half a brain (which I am sure you have but refuse to use) knows that a QB his age does not come back unless it is for a chance to win the Super Bowl, not 7-8 games.

As for why it is a bad idea? How about the fact that bringing in Favre for one year means we will go ANOTHER year without knowing whether we have a young QB on our roster?

Leftwich is not accurate neither is he mobile anymore. we have a young o line and need a qb that can make things happen with his legs and arm.It won't hurt to look at QC while its still early before the season.Beck is garbage and needs to be cut.henne deserves a chance to be looked at another year or so.Beck will never have what it takes,he has no accuracy.

Armando...you said earlier: "First off, I don't know for sure because they haven't played a preseason game yet and if I don't say that, someone will take what I write out of context and use it for their purposes."

Your hypocrisy knows NO bounds.

Armando...you said earlier: "First off, I don't know for sure because they haven't played a preseason game yet and if I don't say that, someone will take what I write out of context and use it for their purposes."

Your hypocrisy knows NO bounds.

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