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Taylor trade makes Parcells look like a genius

Although the Dolphins have not yet confirmed it -- the team hasn't yet confirmed that last season ended, either -- the Washington Redskins have announced they have acquired Jason Taylor for a second round pick in 2009 and a sixth round pick in 2010.

To which I say: Bill Parcells is the man!

I am not celebrating Taylor's departure, though he probably is. Taylor wanted to be traded since the end of last season and I am told he is welcoming this move. He is scheduled to arrive at the Redskins training facility by tomorrow morning.

He has talked with Redskins executive VP of football operations Vinny Cerrato and apparently told him that he would play for the Redskins for two seasons. "I'm 100 percent positive he'll play for more than one year," Cerrato told DC area reporters.

So much for the drama of playing one and being done.

Fact is this trade means the only drama remaining on the Dolphins will be on the field. It will come in the form of quarterback and other position competitions. It will come in seeing how long, and if, the new Dolphins leadership takes to correct a franchise off course.

The drama that Taylor brought throughout the offseason and up until this week as we wondered whether he would report to the start of training camp or not -- he wasn't going to, by the way -- is now gone.

And, by the way, the Dolphins got their asking price. Parcells was criticized immediately after the draft by pundits who said he should have unloaded Taylor on the cheap. He instead held fast knowing that teams making a playoff or championship push would reach a point late in training camp when they would want a player of Taylor's talent.

Parcells was right in thinking that. He just underestimated that the moment would come much earlier in camp. The Redskins opened camp on Saturday and defensive end Phillip Daniels suffered a season-ending injury in a 7-on-7 drill.


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I agree Mando. This is a great move for both teams and it will only get us younger.


I know how I feel, which, its all good.... now a real fresh start. and he will be there t'morrow and couldn't be a couple of blocks away at any "give" time. farewell, let's move on and see who is stepping up ......go tuna !!!

Great trade. We need to build for the future and JT is passed his prime.

Great trade, both sides win Good luck to you Taylor thanks for the memories......

Go Phins

And this Helps US How THIS Year???
If he wanted to go...then Bye...But it really does NOT help the Dolphins in 2008...
Who wants to buy tix to see the Players on the roster for 2008?????.....and they raised the cost of the tix????

u would pay extra just to see jt? wow...what a different way to look at things?

and it helps by eliminating a big distraction from the beginning of camp....don't want to be here? take your cap $$$ and see ya in the funny pages

Woo hoo!! Finally, the prima donna has been dealt. I know he was a great player for the franchise, but Mando is right. Now we can go bout the business of rebuilding.

One may not agree with Parcells methods, but the proof is in the proverbial pudding, he has built winners everywhere he had his hand in the personnel decisions. I can't wait to see some young talent playing for a well coached, hard-playing, upwardly-mobile, football team!!!

Where are all the Tuna basher's now? As stated above, he looks like a friggin Genius. Bill and Ireland did it on their terms. Begone ya dancing fruit loop!

Dancin' with the Smurfs...kinda hate to seem him go, but it's time for all parties to turn the page...

Clearly, a bad trade for the present unless you feel that a leaner Jason Taylor would've been a liability against the run.

Parcells got his price. The days of Ogunleye giveaways are over.

Oh...one other person besides Parcells and Taylor is celebrating: Tom Brady

What does this do for the cap space? Does this mean that the 8+Mil. JT was to earn is now immediately available. If so, this leaves alot of room for the waiver wire.


This clears up a lot of cap space too... Think we will get both remaining rookies signed by the end of the week now?

The Dolphins clear on the order of $7.5 million in cap space this year and $8 million for next year.

One man cannot make a team, unless of course you live in Legend as Marino does. The Fins had ONE win. Taylor's greatness got us one win. This team got him one year closer to the end. He was one of our best for years and always gave it all. But he is not going to put fans in the seats during another horrible year. Again he is not Marino. This organization needs to build for the future in order to fill seats. There is no quick fix. How excited are fans to finally hear that? Thank you Jason and good luck to you. Hope you find your championship so we can move on to find ours.

This is an excellent trade for 4 reasons:
1. I don’t believe Jason Taylor was the right fit for OLB in this defense because he is a poor tackler in space.
2. This allows us to keep another good young football player that otherwise would have been cut.
3. I don’t believe the Redskins are that good so this should be a mid to high 2nd round pick.
4. This will free up some nice cap space for training camp moves.

This is great news, JT was a big playmaker for the Fins in the past but he is nearing the end of his career and more importantly this severs the link to last year. You were part of that awful team Jason don't forget that point.

Sorry if I can't bring myself to do cart-wheels of ecstasy because the Dolphins received a second-round draft pick for Jason Taylor.

Sure, it's probably the best the Dolphins could have done, but I still lament the loss of the Dolphins best player for something as a abstract and speculative as a draft pick.

JT was the best player to wear a Dolphins uniform since Marino. Trading him a year earlier would have netted a first-round draft pick.

Now, all I have left is nostalgia and the certain knowledge that we enter another lost Dolphins' season before it even starts.

Forgive me if I'm not singing paeans to a Tuna. The only thing I love that moves underwater is a mammal and breathes air.

It's sad that when one of the best defensive players in team history is traded, my reaction is good riddance. Jerk.

Kendall Langford, Lionel Dotson, Quentin Moses, Rodrique Wright, Vonnie Holliday, Randy Starks, and Phillip Merling make me think we'll be fine without Jason Taylor. I can't wait for the season to start! Go Dolphins!!!

Mando--was it not you who said Tuna had overplayed his hand, and should settle for whatever he could get for JT? Or was that Sedano; I mix you two Ticket-sters up sometimes.

Marc, I haven't said anything about Parcells overplaying his hand.

How could you NOT take a deal like that? We don't figure to contend for at least another year or two and we get a second rounder for a player well into his thirties. Great trade.

I hope when he retires he thinks kindly of his days in Miami and accepts his place in Dolphin history. Sad to see him go, Great to see what we got for him, hope the skins make the playoffs.

Dolphins go 10-6 in 2008 and get more air time on ESPN than Stuart Scott in his prime. Booyeah!!!

"The drama that Taylor brought throughout the offseason and up until this week as we wondered whether he would report to the start of training camp or not is now gone." seems like the journalist usually make all the drama you big yenta!

Jason and Zach, thanks for the great memories. I wish you both well on your new teams. Now on to bigger and better for the Fins in 2008!!!

Mando--sorry to go off-topic, but you made me laugh just now - - pretty smooth. Why oh why did I spend minutes dreaming up stoopid names when your (new) haloscan or typepad or w/ever the hell it is gives you x-ray vision? Anyhoo, I'm sure you realize that I am a fan, 'tho I sometimes try to stir things up.
Keep up the good work.

Arriba, abaho, Jason Taylor par' carajo!

I am truly an idiot for doubting the reporters that told me Jason Taylor wanted out and the Dolphins were trying to trade him.

Oh yeah! What a great off-season so far... now get those two second rounders signed and get to the business of getting us back to the promised land!

Zonk-39 get a clue.. This is a rebuilding year and nothing is going to help us in 08. I do not think JT helped much in 07...remember 1-15. I would pay what ever they ask to see the Dolphins because I am a fan and love my team. You sound like a Patriot Fan. Go suck one. Good trade for Tuna, 3 more 1st day picks next year.

not a great trade..but the timing worked in the dolphins' favor as far as camp goes....no distractions and pure football....

but what about the season ticket holders that expect the best this season?....the dolphins totally 100% disregarded those fans....unless u give them free games along with those sorry draft picks, then we fully have given up on the season like we gave up on zach thomas.....

i am disgusted and realistic that i know parcells is great at rebuilding but i just wish they were clear about their intentions even before this trade now.....

all that said, i support the dolphins and will be a fan....just not a fan of the parcells way so far

Football is a business and that is the reason JT is gone! It gives the team a chance to use younger players and be better in 2009/2010. ONLY A FOOL THINKS IT HELPS IN 2008! The dolphins will go 3&13 not 10&6. WAKE UP!!!

Armando , do you think that there is any more value trades that the Dolphins could make with eyes to the future?. Is there a trade for Porter or Ginn in a different vane in our future?

shut up all of you!!!

Ok. I'm happy that Thomas and Taylor are both happy. I'm also happy that Miami can now hunker down and rebuild. But don't you think the new leadership could've handled both trades better? I still don't like how Shula and Marino were handled, so I'm probably unrealistic. But I now have less of a reason to watch Dolphins games, which even at their worst had some excitement because of those two. Any reason you can give me to stick around and not follow the Browns -my hometeam -instead? Been a Dolphins fan since 1970, so any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Who will mentor Jake Long!??

Isn't a trade for an 09 pick make it easier on the salary cap because we had the 08 1st pick? Hopefully, we won't have the number one pick next year and that way not tie up gargantuan amounts of money on 2 rookies. Instead we'll tie up a lot less (but still a lot) on 2 rookies.

As stated it's a business. Some people make some DUMB moves and the tuna made mistakes in cutting Zack and the media drama with Jason. But it's still a business. I'll miss them both and wish them well!

The owner of the dolphins has to take a lot of the blame for Shula ( he was sold on Jimmie). Then there was Danny, Jimmie should have been fired for how he handled that. Took 2 to 3 years off danny's career. We wouldn't be seeing Favre setting records!

As for changing teams, I COULDN'T DO IT!!! I've been a Dolphin fan since the late sixties. I left Sanford, Fl. in 1968 and never returned. I have lived in Ca since 1971 close to the Rams and less than 60 miles from the Chargers. I went to the games to see Miami or found a bar that had the game on satellite.

I bleed Aqua & Gold!! I'll watch them rebuild and find another Don, Dan, Zack or Jason to root for. I'm a DOLFAN for Life!!!

Anthony.... nobody gives a %$#t who you follow o n either site.... go follow the Browns....UFB you can bail on a team you supposedly followed since 1970....

I fear the team's future w/o JT. Sundays will never seem the same w/o JT & ZT patrolling the field and terrorizing offenses. Will this sadness ever lift? Suddenly, I am no longer cheered by the thought of training camp opening next week, or the closeness of the regular season. If anyone has any tips on how to make it through this darkness, please pass them on. Bon Voyage, JT, and Godspeed! We who remain will try to carry on w/o you.

It is a good deal for both teams considering will building a team for the future and unfortunately Taylor did not fit in with the plan.

I wish Jason Taylor as much luck as i hope the Dolphins succeed.

JT has done nothing but great things for this organization and community and I hope he can win in Washington, that guy deserves it.

Now we can finally focus on the team, the quarterback situation, and its young core.

I can't believe anyone is mad at the Dolphins for getting rid of ZT and JT, both players getting over the hill and both players on a team that won one game with them last year. These 2 need a good team to play for, to cover their age related faults and lack of desire to help rebuild the Fins.


I want ZACH back - he wanted to stay - he was a real fin. Jason wanted to go and got his wish - fine for me - bye.

NOW JASON - good luck playing against the Giants, Cowboys and the Eagles - hope you watch us in the playoffs this year from somewhere in California on your vacation.

Look, I love Zach, but he hasn't played a full season the past few seasons. With his history of concussions(including the one that cost him a few games last year, before the whiplash/concussion from the accident cost him the rest of the year) there was no guarantee he could play enough of the season to justify his contract anymore. My biggest worry for him is that he might end up like Mike Webster, the Steelers' former center, who ended up with post concussion syndrome, had severe headaches every day, until he killed himself. I had truly hoped Zach would retire, but it seems players with multiple major concussions don't seem to understand that retiring is in their best interest at some point. Ask Trent Green, and Steve Young.

As for Taylor, a player who doesn't buy in to what the coaches are trying to establish breeds discontent in the locker room. The trifecta came in preaching off season conditioning, and teamwork. Taylor skips everything, even though he was available after DWTS was done. I had no problem with the whole DTWS thing, as he had committed to that before the Trifecta was in charge, and that type of Dancing would be great for his conditioning, and agility, I just thought him saying that he was coming to Miami to get back to work afterward, and then being a no show was a letdown, and a clear indication that he wasn't willing to do what was asked of him to help this team move forward. You can't be a team leader, while holding out of team activities. You need to BE THERE. Don't give me Strahan, his team was already set up, the coaching staff was the same, and he wasn't demanding a trade, just contemplating retirement.

2008...The Dolphins have Given UP on the Season before it started....sad but true...

Hey Kevin...want to pay me back on the NFL Ticket for this Year....I got to see 1-15 for #200.00 last year...now what do I get for my $$$....Oh they are re-building...
U r LOST in Space,,,,

The Dolphins just got a little bit closer to being a contender in 2010, but the team they will send onto the field in a month or so just got a whole lot worse.

From the Sun Sential...the TRUTH....


I appreciate your sentiments that you don't care whether or not another fan watches in the future. Which is the problem....I think Parcells should have cared a bit more how he handled these departures For The Fans sake. I know both players had to go. It's just how it was handled that irks me. But thank you regardless.

I have 4 Dolfin Jersey's in my closet. Dan, Zach, Ricky and JT. I refuse to wear #34 until he plays football an entire season. Meaning he's passed all the urine test. Dan's Hall of fame pin hangs on my mirror. It's a bitter/sweet day, same as when Zach left. We who watched from the beginning knew the excessive penalties, and the runs that wouldn't have got by earlier in their carrers the the level of play was diminishing with JT and Zach. Still they play at a high level. Let a new era begin and may I never celebrate a win like the superbowl in a 1-15 season. LOL JT Thankyou

I hate this trade. First because besides the Patriots there is no team I hate more than the Redskins. Also, this does not help us at all this year. I have yet to see what Parcells is doing. If the team is good, then he will take credit, if not then he will say he is not the GM. He is the NFL's version of Larry Brown. I am not impressed with his arrogance. Also the one player who put his former team over the top, he didn't want. If he knew he was going to get rid of JT because he missed the "voluntary" workouts, THEN HE DRAFTED THE WRONG LONG!!!!

We all hate to see JT go but the FINSwill be a better team in the future.And JT did have to start over with a new team that is bringing in new coaches.The thing he didnt want in MIAMI he got inDC.The trade will gives the TUNA the thing he needs most to rebuild this team with SALARY CAP ROOM AND DRAFT PIKS. FINS FOREVER

"Begone ya dancing fruit loop!"

NICE post there DRSAMII.

i hope that JT gets better fans than this in
washington. he deserves SO MUCH MORE than being
labeled a "fruit loop" by bogus fans after the years of top notch play and community service hea has given. and this is his reward samii?

well samii boy, you will see first hand this year the huge pit that will be left in the dolphins with him gone. and i wonder if your misguided insult to him will still stand when NO ONE is getting to the qb on ANY consistant basis.

am i against the trade? no. it was time. ONLY for jt to get his deserved chance at a ring, to not to go out in some 70 to 6 blowout.

what i AM against is the warrentless name calling and bashing that jt is suffering by the SO CALLED fans acroos these boards.

dont take my word for it samii, just watch the games this year and then ask your self who the "fruit loop" really is!! becaus it WILL be a glaring, dark hole for sure.

no wonder jason couldnt get out of here fast enough with fans like this. sad!

This is good. A disgruntled star (distraction) gets moved. A 2nd round pick is secured for next year and significant cap space is cleared. I can't wait to see who the 'fins grab off waivers!

For what it's worth, I believe the 'skins have as good a chance of finishing last in their division as they do of being in the playoffs. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Great move for Parcells this trade probes Parcell is a great manager and focused on the Miami Dolphins, also probes JT is a lier, selfish and coward person that was looking to escape from Miami. Now he is committed to play more than 1 year? Washington is not a contender? A team with a QB settle? JT handles all this situation with classless, I am happy that JT is now another team problem.

Truth is, my favorite players on the team have moved on to better teams and I will mourn the loss of the excitement and talent they brought to each and every game. By the time training camp is over I will have moved on. But let's not bash on JT because of how you felt he handled the offseason. Truth is, he did bring a lot of effort, hard work, and class on the field. Here's hoping the new roster has some of the same for us in 2008.

Chincue: If JT is a liar what is Parcells?

Parcells: "The only way Jason Taylor doesn't play for the Dolphins in 2008 is if he retires. The team is not going to trade him."

Come on people, enough with the name-calling! JT wanted out and Parcells wanted someone who still gave a damn about this team. Lets be honest-JT didn't give a damn near the end. He was a great player but I'm glad he's gone. I want the players that want to win for us and the organization.

This was an amazing trade that will make this team better in the long run. For anyone that actually bought tickets thinking we would be great this year... where the hell have you been the last 6 years!! Parcells doesn't bring instant wins, he brings them years 2-3. This team is completely new and you thought JT would carry us??! Like he did last year??

JT is on his last leg and we got 2 picks for him(the 2nd rounder will be fairly high). The Skins will be a wild-card if they are lucky and lose the first game. Same thing next year as well. We stole the bank on this one and have just as much chance for playoffs next year as the Skins.(we play in a very,very weak division). Anyone think the conditioning program and organizational skills at Washington will be superior to here when they have a new coach with no experience(another Cameron) and a D without Williams watching it? We have a superior coaching staff and I think it will show.

Hey Zonk-39, Ill bet you any amount you want that this team will more than double production this year!

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