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Ted Ginn all for Glenn acquisition, other stuff ...

Ted Ginn Jr. kind of likes the idea of adding Terry Glenn to Miami's receiver corps.

I kind of hate it but that's another story.

"I don't think it's a bad idea," Ginn said after today's second practice. "It's going to be great. It would be great to have two or three coaches in the [meeting] room and that's what it would be like with his experience."

Meanwhile, quarterback Josh McCown is monitoring the Brett Favre situation because his brother Luke is one of 34,245 quarterbacks on the Bucs' roster. "That's a tough situation," Josh said.

I suggested to him it could be worse because the Dolphins could be interested (they are not). "Yeah that would be bad," he admitted. "But at least I would get a lot of money for No. 4."

This afternoon's practice was interesting in that the receivers who have been getting ripped on lately seemed to improve dramatically. Rookie quarterback Chad Henne was also pretty good.

Derek Hagan had a couple of fine plays in which he not only caught the ball, but had considerable separation from the defender on deep sideline patterns. Jayson Foster also did some good work in the middle of the field.

The running backs are quickly becoming the exclamation point of the offense. Ronnie Brown is showing absolutely no ill effects from his knee surgery. He is taking every repetition. He is running hard. He isn't wearing a knee brace. Excellent so far.

Ricky Williams is looking quicker than he did in the offseason. On one breakaway run this afternoon, he got outside and into the secondary and safety Jason Allen, who runs a 4.4, had to seriously scoot and use the angle advantage he had to only pull even with Williams.

Then there's rookie Jalen Parmele. He runs a little high, which coach Tony Sparano said the coaches are trying to address, but every practice he flashes at least one play in which he shows surprising burst and quickness.

Anyway, Justin Peelle, Darren Heerspink, Michael Lehan, and Steve McKinney did not practice this afternoon. The team worked in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble because it had rained earlier in the afternoon.


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Ted Ginn has the right idea with Glenn..... as I doubt Glenn will be healthy enough to make it through many games this season... so he'll basically be another coach.

Wait a second..you wrote the other day that Glenn and Boldin were out there and you get on the Dolphins for doing nothing(making fun of the Armstrong signing) and then when there is talk about signing Glenn you kinda hate it???? WOW

I have read your online paper for years but never posted a comment. "Nick Saban Memorial Bubble" is phenomenal. I love it!


The fact is Armando was for getting Anquan Boldin but was lukewarm at best about Glenn. Get your facts right there johnny.

I can't believe Hagan has been catching these passes. They must have really worked on him. Do you think he might turn out to be a real receiver? Would be great for us, if he straightens out.

I read the article fine. He got on them for signing Armstrong when Glenn was available out there. Lukewarm and all you then cannot get on them for then showing interest. Boldin is NOT going anywhere this year.

Armando I to wish we could get Boldin in some sort of trade but I don't think the Cardinals are going to let that happen this season. The way I look at it even getting a 34 year old is still better then some of these young receivers. Keep up the good work man!

Sorry, John, but you are definitely wrong. I went back and read both of the posts that talked about Glenn and he definitely was for the Boldin addition, but not Terry Glenn.

Not that it matters. Everybody has already reported the Dolphins are going to sign the guy. Armando is pretty much alone on this one. We'll see who ends up being right.

Totally on your side about Glenn, Armando.

Armondo: I agree, and you don't have to go back to Culpepper and Boston to see the merits of signing a 34 + with one foot already on the IR List. It hapened last year with QB Trent Green. Glen already said he has a stress fracture that needs surgery but he has choosen to re-hab it. If the Dolphins sign him, then they should have a writer on the leg and the stress fracture. Otherwise forget it.

Well of course Ginn likes the idea. They both went to THE OSU. What else do you expect him to say about a vet who set a standard that he tried to emulate in college? DUH!

Armando, when you say Parmele 'runs high' do you mean his posture is upright? I noticed that in his youtube videos. He seems like a track and field guy, very stiff and not that elusive but very tough and good overall speed.

miami could have drafted boldin, thats all im gonna say

Armando, any JT updates 'tard? Quit taking days off. Other writers are able to report on training camp regardless. Funny, how when an athlete misses time for whatever reason you jump on them and when you miss time its not even addressed. LESS OPINION more fact!

Bolden OK Glenn, no way. Toooo Olddd!! Parmele runs like Ronnie did when he first got here. If you stand too straight you're going down. By getting low you go through people. SamDolphan...its rider not writer. Nick Saban Memorial Bubble, love it

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