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What about your Dolphins makes you hopeful?

I've done several radio appearences nationally this week and will be on CBS-4 in South Florida Sunday night. In all the interviews I'm being asked what about these Dolphins is there to be hopeful, even optimistic about.


Here is my Top Five:

1. That first overall pick Jake Long becomes the stud anchor to the OL that his draft pedigree and salary demand.

2. That either Chad Henne or John Beck steps up and identifies himself as the QB of the future.

3. That Bill Parcells doesn't get frustrated, as Nick Saban did, and leaves. Although he is signed for four years the hope here is that he lasts at least two.

4. That Ted Ginn becomes the deep threat former GM Randy Mueller thought he would be. Ginn has had a promising offseason.

5. That the Dolphins don't suck too much, but nonetheless enough to have a top 3 pick in next April's draft. I know this sounds harsh but this team needs another outstanding infusion of talent from the draft before it can be mediocre. The most proven way to make that happen is to have high picks.

OK, that is my five. Give me your Top 5 things you are hopeful for and about...


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Parcells, last out a contract? The chances of that happening are between slim and none.

As for how the team does, I'm thinking 5-11. Ought to be good enough for a top 6 pick in next year's draft and, hopefully, picking behind the Redskins. ;->


What is the status of the unsigned draft picks? To me, that's a more interesting topic than five things to hope for. Thanks for any information you can provide.

1. O line makes hugh holes and Ricky & Ronnie each get 1,000
2. D line learns how to stop the run.
3. The secondary can stop passing offenses & actually contribute to scoring
4. John steps up to be full year starter
5. We don't get killed with injuries...again

1) I hope the team is good enough to revert 3-points losses into 3-point wins. That will put us in 5-11

2) Solidify the RB weapon (Ricky and Ronnie) as a nightmare for everybody.

3)Trifecta gets the support they deserve for rebuilding this team. 4 years of solid rebuilding up to the Super Bowl

4) Strong Drafts for nest year and tue following ... The fastest way to rebuild.

5) A super Bowl win .....

the point of the sport is to win, not get expensive top tier draft picks. ask the patriots if picking in the top three is necessary to be a great team? all you get there is an overpaid player. trade out of those high picks, get more picks in the 2nd-4th round... build your team around many talented youthful guys... leave the sexy picks to other teams... I'm glad you aren't the GM.

I don't know if you wanted 5 things we're excitied about or 5 things that we hope will happen. It seems like everyone is going with the first, so here's mine.

1. Ted Ginn returns 5 punts/kickoffs for touchdowns. He had 3 last year (even though 2 were called back)

2. Merling and Langford fill JT's void from day one.

3. Joey Porter returns to his pro bowl status, getting double digit sacks.

4. Ronnie Brown is 100% by October and easily rushes for 1,000 yards.

5. John Beck is named the starter and holds the job for the entire season, showing much promise.

Yeah, Armando, that was pretty dumb; it's a curse to pick in the top 10.

I am hopeful for the future. I am hopefull for the draft picks that we have comming up. I am hopeful for the qb situation. I am hopeful about the defense.

1. Either John Beck or Chad Henne steps up and takes the reigns as this team's franchise quarterback.

2. Ronnie Brown makes it through the season healthy and strong.

3. A much improved punt and kick coverage teams. That way, Brandon Fields will have a much better net average, as well as more punts inside the 20.

4. Better production from the NT's. Having a dinosaur like Traylor killed our run defense.

5. Finally, if there's a chance to aquire more draft picks at the trade deadline, then by all means do it!

1. Our young offensive line works together as a mean, nasty group people hate to play. We sign Carey with the extra cap room giving us Long, Smiley, Carey & Satele for the next few years while they enter their primes.
2. Our young defensive line players (Merling, Langford, Starks, R. Wright) step up and play solid run defense and generate a good pass rush
3. Beck or Henne step up and show us some long term potential and begin to jell with Ginn & Wilford
4. Ronnie picks right up where he left off
5. We upset the Patriots!!!! or keep NY from making the playoffs

Never hope your team sucks at all, let alone enough to get high, overpaid draft pics. I will root for the dolphins to win every last game they play, every last quarter, every last down.

Another horrible season could send Parcells packing and us back to square one. I always hope for us to win no matter what.

1) Get the offensive line working as a dominate unit that will play together for next 5+ years.

2) Establish a defensive identity that is feared throughout the league.

3) Find a replacement for Zach Thomas.

4) Get at least 4 starters from our draft picks and two potential pro bowlers

5) Let Ricky return to his 1800 yard form.

1) We have exterminated the 'INJURY BUG' 2) We have a better record than the Skins 3) Porter plays like his old self 4) Y. Bell finally shows his worth 5) Beck becomes viable QB Bonus 6) Ricky & Ronnie Dominate the runniing game in the ENTIRE NFL!!!!!!

1. I just hope for real news by you guys on the media
2. Healthy season for our RB's and DB's
3. Beck shows he can be the QB for years to come
4. Good and fun games all year long
5. And the most important beat the Jets on opening day
Thats what I hope for this year..
go delfines

Absolutely nothing makes me hopeful about this team. I've made the mistake of hoping before. They will be a disaster again this season.

!1. Derek Hagan gon be krankin dem starts all year long boy!

Two!. Teddy Ginn be speedin long into the endzone!.

3. The phins gon be rockin that mad postseason ring-grabbin stomp action.

4. Buffalo gon be dookin it up again this year fa show!!!! fa show!!!!!!

5!. Ricky Williams be stampeding over fools!!!!

i can see that a lot of people are hopefull for beck. its too bad he sucks.

Top picks are horrible financialy , horrible idea Armando, ask the cardinals !

The way you phrased #5 makes you look and sound like a Jest fan. You could have said something like "That the Dolphins show improvement over the way they played last year". To say that you hope they don't suck too much makes you sound like a JERK.

Also I hope they have get the 14th to 20th pick, not the 3rd.

Come on man, all these changes, and the FA cuts we will pick up in the next 45 days should put us close to a .500 year.


1. Beat the JETS!
2. Crush the BILLS!
3. Destroy the Pats!
4. Dolphin Stadium becomes a feared destination on any team's schedule.
5. We nail down our starting QB position now and for the next decade.

1.Find a QB
2.Find a QB
3.Find a QB
4.Find a QB
5.Find a QB
Henney,Beck or keep on drafting until we get a stud for QB,everything else is bs 'til we have a Real qb...

1) Growth and continuity developed in all phases of the game: pass o, run o, pass d, run d, coverage game, and return game

2) I see the running game gelling quickly but pass game much slower

3) I see the pass rush being okay but back 4 coverage still a massive liability

4) I see run d improved because of free agent upgrades

5) I see 6-7 wins as a good season and still puts us drafting in top 8-15.

I don't understand how the Herald can be stupid enough to pay me good money to write. I am worthless.

Here are my top five reasons to be optimistic:

1) Brett Favre can become a Dolphin, because the Dolphins are morons if they don't trade for him.

2) Chad Johnson likes Miami and there is a chance we could get him. I say we should trade a 7th-round pick for Johnson and a Cincy 2nd-round pick.

3) Imagine Devin Hester back in Miami! He's unhappy so the Dolphins are foolish if they don't trade a 6th-round pick to Chicago for Hester.

4) Closed practices and limited player access! That means I only have to work for a few minutes each day but my salary doesn't get decreased!

5) I can't think of a 5th, but I will still get paid for just typing this worthless sentence.

Armando, what do you about Ginn having a promising offseason?

By the way I think you pretty much nailed the things worth being excited about. I would add that the defense might be a lot better than people think.

I already got my wish.

The Tuna has rebuilt the organization top down and he's dumped all the dead weight that should have been gone previously.

This team is on a turnaround track already. It's better off now than since Wanny got in here and destroyed the team. It all started when he got rid of Westhoff (special teams Coach) and brought his cronnies in from Chicago.

The Dolphins are already revitalized. If the Tuna leaves mid season he's already done his job.

The arrow is pointing up now and every year there are at least 2 teams that make the playoffs in a surprise - no reason it can't be our team!

y-not, I agree that even if Parcells left tomorrow, he left the blueprint for success in place with Ireland and Sparano.

1. ronnie makes his first probowl, over 1500 yrds/Ricky makes it though the season without needing to soul search
2.o-line develops continuity only 1 hole for the offseaseon
3.we don't allow 200 rushing yards per game
4. One young QB becomes a solid starter for now
5.Eric returns to the jets fan blog he came from

I agree about the parcels thing too, but it does make me feel comfortable with him as the puppetmaster

Eric thinks the fins should trade for Punnington.


It all starts with the QB. If one guy can establish himself this year we have a good shot at 8-8 not 5-11, if Beck plays like last year we have a good chance at a 1 win season again. RB is as deep as any duo in the NFL, should be fine there, WR... well, the QB needs to make the WR and the WR needs to make our QB. Defensively there is a lot of talent, a lot of solid players; if they stay healthy all those 3 pt losses last year will turn into W's. So I only have 1 thing I’m hoping for... a QB to make himself a leader and a winner that’s all I hope for this year, a QB that establishes himself as a true NFL starter and the rest will follow.

Your thoughts guys? Remember i am refering to the current team we have,a 1-15 team from last season.

1. I'm hopeful that we won't have to settle for these silly hypotheticals for much longer.

2. I'm hopeful that the Dolphins will play hard.

3. I'm hopeful that they will at least be better than Oakland because I live in the area and I'm sick of hearing about them and can't speak up to their idiotic fans because my team is worse than them!

4. I'm hopeful that we are NOT picking in the top 5 or 6 next year because the logical thing to do would be to trade down for more picks but these days no one wants to trade up for those overpriced salary cap destroying players.

5. I'm hopeful that at least three games will be aired here on the West Coast. (Yeah right!)

Is it Saturday yet?

I appreciate the fact that you guys keep the league in the news but come on, you are really struggling for news here. What is there to be optimistic about?? Training camp has not even started but yet you are evaluating and so on. Half the time, the stuff you talk about makes no sense. Please talk about something when there is something to talk about.

Roger Goddell
NFL Commissioner

What would get me really excited is if we were to pick up a WR or two to help our passing game. I just saw this morning that WR Eric Parker was released from SD and is now available. Any news about him being courted by Parcells and/or Ireland? And what about Chris Henry? Any news of him possibly joining the WR corps in S. Florida?

I got my wish when Parcells took over. We finally have someone that understands what it takes to win in this league and knows how to build a contender both on the field and behind the scenes.


1) OL and running backs control the offense and eat time off the clock.
2) Suck bad enough to get Florida's quarterback TEBOW in the next draft hoping he comes out and hope Washington sucks so we get two very good 2nd round picks.
3) Use the extra money next year in free agency to get a couple of very good mid career players.
4) Rookie DL and OL players step up this year and improve.
5) Limit injuries to current players on the team

spell your name right, Roger

Mike from Apex, Tebow won't come out IMO, but if he did he'd be #1 and lots of teams would be willing to trade for that pick. Hopefully we won't suck that bad!

1. That Beck steps up, not just as the undisputed starter, but as a (at least potential) top qb in this league.

2. That Sparano differentiates himself enough from Parcells to demonstrate that, even after Tuna is gone, he can lead this team.

3. That Jake Long is who he was drafted to be.

4. Ronnie and Ricky run, run, run.

5. That, someone, anyone, (Merling, Langford, I don't care who) on that defense turns out to be a playmaker.

Bill Parcells was a great addition to the team. Whether he stays or goes, he wants the team to win and will develop this team into a contender in 2-3 years. Personally I like that kind of VP. He is also developing a real coaching staff and people to take over when he leaves.
As for this year, I am hoping that we run the ball down everyones throat. That we play a ferocious d no marked be comments that I really respect that player (meaning that they got beat) and would never play hard against them.
Then I hope that they bring on the pain. Every team that Miami plays knows on Monday that they were in a Football game. Not little bump bruises. The deep bone kind. The kind that puts gets playes on IR or Questionable.
And for crying out loud, the next time Moss catches a ball in Miami, knock that girl Brady's lights out and finish the hit on Moss.
5-11 or 7-9 Baby. I would rather see a personal foul, or a roughing the passer than a hold, offside or some wimpy penalty.

That the D-line and O-line should be good and If the QB can manage the game with few mistakes we just might surprise people.

Is anybody excited about Henne being a fin? Henne, not Tom Brady, holds the records at Michigan for Career Yards, TD's, Most starts, Most Victories,most time in the top 25 as the starter (4years), Most Ranked Teams Beaten. Henne was the starter at Michigan since his first game as a freshman. Henne was the mvp of Sr. Bowl and the mvp of the bowl game against Florida 6 months ago(it was not Tebow). Everyone knew before the draft that Parcells coveted Henne, and Parcells is the master - right?

You gentlemen who think that Parcells could leave tomorrow and everything would be fine . . . not so fast, and please don't give the Tuna any ideas.

I don't want to be a downer, but for me, the old philosophy of "Show me" that we like to apply to players on the field applies just as much for GM's and coaches. Until I see Ireland actually run a draft by himself, questions remain in my mind. Same goes for Sparano. Until I see him get some regular season games under his belt as a HC and prove himself to be a capable game-day manager and decision-maker, I'll have reservations. I'm not saying they can't cut it or they'll fail, but I want to see them have the opportunity to build up a bit of a track record when the pressure's really on, so there's some comfort level there before BP rides off into the sunset. Plus, I believe this team is still at a critical developmental stage where they absolutely need the wealth of expertise Tuna brings to the table, not to mention the force of personality to ensure that we continue to steer a straight course.

My reason for saying this about Ireland is b/c, by his own admission, he didn't have full and final authority on the draft in Dallas but rather made "strong recommendations" to the owner (i.e. Big Jerry). And, in spite of the fact that I am optimistic about Sparano's ability to handle the job in a capable fashion, we all know there's a pretty big difference b/w HC and a position coach. Cam got caught in that difference last yr and never did figure it out, and many other guys in the history of the league showed they, too, could not handle the transition. It ain't automatic, or, in the words of a certain football czar, "They don't sell insurance for this stuff." So I think a few seasons of close mentoring is a very good thing and don't want to see that cut short before it begins.

I will be very disappointed if Parcells doesn't stay at least 3 yrs. That would be a good window to continue to train these gentlemen in their respective new roles. After that, if all goes well, Tuna can turn the reins loose and all should be well.

1) Can dis-band my 12 step program for Dol-Fans.
"Hello my name is SteFin and I'm a Dol-Fan"!
2) Can wear my #34 jersey (Ricky) again with out getting high fives from people with Dread Locks.
3) My left arm heals from pinching myself, Its not a dream Bill Parcells runs the Dolfans, and I'm on his side
4) Hoping no one sees the blink in my eye and swell in my heart when I see Zach or JT and know they left it on the field for my Dolfins.
5)Hoping the Whipping post of last season never happens again.

To y-not:

The Fins are revitalized, but the word 'vital' has to do with life, and means only that they again have life, i.e. as opposed to being a corpse like they were last yr. There's a huge difference between being "revitalized" and "rebuilt." They ARE indeed revitalized, for which we can all be grateful. They are not yet rebuilt. I'd just as soon Bill stick around until they finish the process.

pricemaster nobody here likes henne because he isn't an undersized, side-armed mormon from utah.

1. We find a winner in the QB sweepstakes.(either John Beck, Chad Henne, Josh McCown, or someone off the waiver wire.)

2. The potential in our wide-recievers. ( Ted Ginn aka "The Deep Threat", Ernest Wilford aka "The Goal-line Beast", and Derek Hagan aka "The Slot Monster")

3. The possibility of having a dominant running game. (A little R & R account for two 1000+ yard season.)

4. The possibility of not being the worst in stopping the run.

5. The possibility of the nucleus of the team forms. Picture Perfect scenario the O-line, which consist of Long, Smiley, Satele, (fill in blank), and Carey, forms one of the most dominant lines in the league. Also, the D-line's future is Merling, Solial, and Langford.

Top Five things that give me hope re Fins:

1. We did not sign A. Faneca: too much $$ for an older veteran; shows committmrnt to building anew;

2. Calvin Pace---see above;

3. Org. did not cave in to Pundit Pressure to take anything offered for JT; stuck to its guns;

4. Org. did not cave in to Pundit Pressure to 'play the Matt Ryan/Calvin Long, etc. card to "create interest" in a trade for the #1 pick (George Sedano--primary purveyor of this).

5. Tuna made decision re Taylor regardless of 'Mando & PFT & co. being "shocked, shocked" that he was making decision when he "swore" Ireland was in charge; including the public's big yawn as Mando & co. demand that league investigate why Tuna is "allowed" to make decisions after obtaining Ireland as GM.

1. The young O-Line gels creating running lanes for Ronnie and Ricky and giving whoever the QB is time to get the ball off.

2. The young D-Line gels and stops the run

3. The Secondary gets better with a healthy Bell and improving Jason Allen

4. Ronnie returns from injury and picks up where he left off last year. Ricky becomes a stud double threat.

5. Hagan or Ginn become at least servicable WR's. They won't be top tier WR's like Ginn was drafted to be.

1. Ronnie Brown twists his ankle, so Ricky can rush for 2,003 yards without interference.

2. A quick injury to Josh, then John Beck doesn't waste to much of our time, by proving quickly, that he is hopeless. Then Henne starts, and blows peoples minds with his amazing talent.

3. Wanye finishes selling the team and moves away from south Florida.

4. The Redskins lose 13 games.

5. Ted Ginn returns 11 kicks for TD's.

Top 5 reasons to be hopeful in '08;

1. In '05 Ricky and Ronnie gained almost 2000yds total behind a less talented offensive line than the one set to start in '08 and now they have Maser and Henning,

2. Sparano, Henning, Maser, Pasqueloni, Parcels and Ireland are together a much stronger leadership and football talent than the '05 regime that got us 9 wins after the debacle in '04.

3. Frerrotte was the QB in '05 that got us to nine wins behind a less talented O-line. Time will show that he's not nearly as good a QB than what the the 'phins have now.

4. Yeremiah Bell is back! He was part of that top 4 defense in '06 that achieved high performance even with a poor offense.

5. Pasqueloni coached two players to double digit sacks in '07 and neither of them were named Jason Taylor.

'phins 10 wins in '08

My Top 5 Dream List...

1) In the first game of the season, the mighty J-E-T-S get caught looking ahead to the Patriots and lose to the lowly Fins @ Miami 23-17.

2) The night before the Sep 21 MIA @ NE game, while in bed, Tom Brady accidentally calls Gisele Bundchen, Bridget Moynahan and goes on injured reserve the very next morning for an undisclosed illness.

3) Going into the bye week the Dolphins are a surprising 3-0.

4) Due to Global Warming, the temperature on the field at Ralph Wilson Stadium on December 7th is a steaming 85 degrees at kick-off. Miami wins 31-9.

5) In the last game of the season, the lowly jets mail it in to the mighty D-O-L-P-H-I-N-S. Even after resting the starters, Fins win 63-7.

ok number 5 is bad but...
1. O-line is much improved for Ronnie and Ricky to tear things up 08'-9
2. Bill Parcells' no nonsense approach earns respect and confidence
3. Scaring other teams again with a healthier and younger defense
4. John Beck or Chad Henne takes the reins from No. 13 officially
5. going 1-15 again and getting Tim Tebow in 09' draft

1. O-line looks Young and Talented during season.
2. Ricky and Ronnie both return to form
3. A couple WR\TE have break out season
4. Defense becomes Young and up and coming instead of old and slowing.
5. 4-11 season, and a great 2009 draft with fewer holes to fill.

Hoping they dont suck too bad but bad enough to get a top pick???!?!?!


Whats up with people? We lost 6 games last season by 3 points or less.

Another 2-3 where lost because of just BAD coaching.

I believe that we have improved in many areas.

We CAN go 8-8 this season (maybe 9-7), I can't believe this junk about going in a season and phoning it in already.

riosaddles that was hilarious

You gotta laugh at some people. John- Good luck with that thinking of 8-8. We will improve, but you cant expect to go out there and have a tied record, or a winning record, during rebuilding years, especially since they got rid of their best defender(which I think was a smart choice, just should have done it BEFORE the draft) This year will be bad again. Only winning 4 or 5 games, but its an improvement.

1) The best reason I can think of for optimism is that Parcells and Ireland are following the same script used to build the Patsies (but hopefully without the videotape): a bunch of young, low-to-medium priced FAs meant to supplement (rather than replace) good draft choices.
2) Also, conditioning is being stressed this offseason, which should cut down on the number of injuries this year.
3) Removal of dead weight.
4) Reluctance to go after stop-gaps and band-aids.
5) Increase in competition for practically every spot.

joe in margae,

u make an interesting point about coach P and D. henning. with all of the distractions and injury recovery, i almost forgot one of the biggest building blocks acquired early on.

a solid pick of coordinators. when we mention those close games and coaching mistakes (calls) all of those won't be close this year.

the other big mistake was our guys were out of shape (traylor) and could breath in the 4th (where most games are won or lost). that won't happen.

injuries should be down with the emphasis on conditioning. thankx coach (that way) Tony !!

1. Everyone is on the same page.
2. the country club is over, everyone is back to work!
3. I believe the O line will be improved
4. special teams will be better
5. EVERYONE is on the same page!

4-6 wins not impossible...QB will decide if thats realistic...

1- Trade for Anquan Boldin

2- Hope a big couple of decent CBs fall to us on waivers.

3- Sign LeCharles Bentley.

4- The City of Foxboro is taken hostage for 9 months and the Pats are in their training facility when it happens.

5-Ricky becomes a Mormon and Beck, Murphy, and that other dude get him to go on a mission.

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