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What about your Dolphins makes you hopeful?

I've done several radio appearences nationally this week and will be on CBS-4 in South Florida Sunday night. In all the interviews I'm being asked what about these Dolphins is there to be hopeful, even optimistic about.


Here is my Top Five:

1. That first overall pick Jake Long becomes the stud anchor to the OL that his draft pedigree and salary demand.

2. That either Chad Henne or John Beck steps up and identifies himself as the QB of the future.

3. That Bill Parcells doesn't get frustrated, as Nick Saban did, and leaves. Although he is signed for four years the hope here is that he lasts at least two.

4. That Ted Ginn becomes the deep threat former GM Randy Mueller thought he would be. Ginn has had a promising offseason.

5. That the Dolphins don't suck too much, but nonetheless enough to have a top 3 pick in next April's draft. I know this sounds harsh but this team needs another outstanding infusion of talent from the draft before it can be mediocre. The most proven way to make that happen is to have high picks.

OK, that is my five. Give me your Top 5 things you are hopeful for and about...


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1. O-Line is the strongest part of the team giving Miami a strong two-headed running game.

2. I don't think we'll miss JT that much. Matter of fact Miami will win more games this year without him than they did with him last year. I have faith in the young guy Parcels & Co. have brought in.

3. Having a young big and strong team with plenty of cap space moving forward to bring in more ket free agents.

4. Ernest Wilford to catch the ball!! Something Hagan struggles with too often.

5. Cam Cameron is gone!!

1. Trade for Boldin
2. Trade for Boldin
3. Trade for Boldin
4. Trade for Boldin
5. Keep rebuilding

Just to note, if anyone can give a solid argument as to why he couldn't be part of the rebuilding stage, please comment away. We got the cap room and the resources to get one of the better playmakers in the league. Make it happen!

1. OL and DL gells and becomes a very solid group.

2. No injuries.

3. Tuna stays for all 4 years.

4. That we don't get the top draft picks and have to pay out the ying-yang for possibilities. Top ten pick is fine.

5. That the Skins suck and we get another great 2nd pick.

I don't have 5 things, but I love the obvious focus on size that this regime seems to have. A big physical team will go a long way to erasing that aura of being 4th quarter pansies that has seemed to plague the Dolphins the last handful of seasons.

Teams have mentioned it in the past. Keep appying pressure to the Phins and they knew they'd crack eventually.

Now it's the Phins that should be applying the pressure - and the hits!

Dolphins 8-8 in 2008 !



1. Team unity
2. O-line gels and begins a new era of respect.
3. Special teams plays as a unit
4. Receivers core gets a boost from a surprise trade.
5. One of the 3 QB's showing up prior to the end of pre season.

I'm going to respond to the article title - Things about the Dolphins that give me hope. Not things I'm hoping for.

1) The focus on the OL, which I see as a team's foundation. I like the addition of Smiley, and the picks of Long and Murphy. If Murphy can become a starter on the right side, we'll have a really solid, young, OL.

2) The draft picks we made. I suspect most of them will be on the team at the end of the year, the first five picks may all become starters.

3) Ronnie and Ricky - together again. I think Ricky shines best without the 'starter spotlight' on him. Ronnie is a stud, but performs best with a breather now and then.

4) For the first time in over a decade I feel that there is a plan in place from management to bring the Dolphins into title contention.

5) A defensive secondary that I think is underratted. It would be interesting to see how well they could perform if the Fins had a more consistent pass rush.

And one more thing gives me hope... I am a Dolphin fan. I have always been, I will always be. I will never lose hope or give up on my team.
: )

I hope the Redskins suck enough to deliver us the top pick in the second round next year

Not much

What's up with the second round picks? Have they signed? Were they on the field when practice started?

Are there any particulars on Ginn's "promising offseason" - what did he do to generate this praise from A.S.?

Hope Parcells honors all 4 years of his contract, and then signs on for more.

Here's my five:
1) Losing attitude gone: A major house cleaning had to take place in order to change the culture of losing that embedded itself in miami since Marino left.
2) The Running game: Say what you want about Ricky, Miami could have one of the most potent running games in the NFL. Ricky, Ronnie, Cobb & Parmelee.
3) Offensive line: Jake Long solidifies the left side for years to come and Right tackle reverts back to V Carey. Jake will go thru the school of hard knocks this year but will prove to be a force.
4) Defensive backfield: Looks to be as solid as dolphins have had since surtain & Madison. They will have to be with questions at Defensive end.
5) Youth,Speed & Size: Parcells & Co. did a great job in getting younger, faster and stronger. This will be a huge difference from the past teams who wore out in the fourth quarter.
Win / loss record 08: 6 -10

Bob Gossman

Great Post could not say it better myself

Go Phins!!!

One quick question, Other than The Falcons, what other team out there can challenge us for the #1 draft pick of next year? I would love to see the Dolphins turn things around like the Saints did when they got Brees as QB. But being realistic, We were 1-15 last year with 6, 3 point losses. Heres hoping we beat the JETS, BILLS, and Patriots at least once this year. Oh yeah, if there are any Direct TV reps reading this, Why doesnt NFL Sunday Ticket broadcast pre-season games like they do regular season games. (Black-outs in local network) I hate missing any Dolphin Games.

I don't buy into the "top 3" draft pick theory as a requirement for improving the team. It pains me to say this but look at what the Patriots did over the last 8 years with low picks in the first round. They had excellent talent evaluation, made wise use of free agent signings, and shed any players who wouldn't tow the company line.

Here are my five things I'm hopeful for this year

5. Jake Long doesn't give me gray hair

4. Ronnie and Ricky become this year's most feared RB tandem

3. Channing Crowder can step in and be the Zack of new

2. anybody in the D-line stop the run

and last and most definitely the most important

1. we pick a player with the 33rd pick of the 2009 NFL draft. which obviously means the redskins totally suck and JT left a 1-15 team to go to a team that sucks just as bad as we did and they earn the first pick overall!!!

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