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What everybody is saying about the JT trade

The Dolphins, Redskins and Jason Taylor have released quotes about Sunday's trade that sends Taylor to the Washington Redskins for a second-round pick in 2009 and a sixth-round pick in 2010.

Here is what Taylor said:

"As you might imagine, this is a bit overwhelming right now and I probably need a little time to digest it all. I love Miami, will always cherish my 11 years with the Dolphins and can't thank Mr. Huizenga, Bryan Wiedmeier and countless coaches and teammates enough for what they have all done. I will be a Dolphins fan now and wish them the best. Tony Sparano is great and I know I would have enjoyed working with him. And what can I say about the fans? This town has been supportive beyond belief, through good times and bad and I wish I could thank everyone personally.

"Having said that, I'm looking forward to meeting with Mr. Snyder and getting to know my new coaches and teammates. I'm just proud to be representing our nation's capital as a Redskin."

From the Dolphins, the team released statements from managing general partner (owner) Wayne Huizenga and GM Jeff Ireland.

"I want to thank Jason for all of his contributions to the Dolphins and to South Florida," Huizenga said. "Ever since he joined the team as a rookie he has been outstanding on the field and a leader in our community. Whether it was his intensity between the lines or his commitment to his charitable works, he made a lasting impact here. I will miss Jason, and on behalf of the entire Dolphins organization I want to wish him the best of success with the Redskins."

From the Redskins perspective, executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato was thrilled:

"We are fortunate that there was a player of his caliber available on the market, especially after one of our players got hurt. Normally there is nobody on the market of his caliber. [Taylor] is a six-time Pro Bowl player, and he was the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year in 2006. The timing was right.

"His play speaks for itself. It is easy to talk about Jason Taylor. His statistics back up everything that he has done. I think one of the more impressive accomplishments is that he played 90 percent of the plays on defense last year. We had to act after losing our starting defensive end Phillip Daniels."

So what do I think? You can check that out in the column I wrote in Monday's Herald. Basically, the Dolphins are less talented as a result of this trade. They just lost a double-digit sack player and have no real dependable replacement for him.

But they just may be a stronger TEAM because they don't have the Taylor distraction and all the drama that goes with him as training camp looms. The Dolphins, by the way, talked to at least two teams about trading Taylor on Sunday but believed the Redskins deal to be the best for them.

Now you get your chance. What are you, the fans, saying...

Are you feeling the same sense of loss as when Zach Thomas left? Are you feeling something along the lines of when Dan Marino retired? Or did the past few months of posturing by both sides (the Dolphins looking out for their interests and Taylor looking out for himself) leave you with a sour taste?


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Armando now that the trade went through does that eleviate the 8,000,000(His Salary) from the salay cap or does it still count against us

Hello. I am a teenager from Ohio, and ever since I was a little girl, I was instilled with the Dolphins are the best attitude. I have followed the Dolphins, and in 1999, I found My favorite player in Jason Taylor. I was saddened today when I read that they had traded Jason. Today, I became a Redskins fan for however long Jason remains there.. but a Dolphins girl at heart. I Love the Dolphins, and will continue to wear their clothing with pride... but Jason is my guy, and will remain. So wherever his life leads him, he will have one faithful fan one step behind him.. GO JASON! I will miss you in the 99 orange and green jerseys.. you will be missed there..

In one way I understand JT's frustration around dealing with the transitions that the Dolphins are going through. He's not the type of guy that could carry a team like this in a constant rebuilding mode.

The best thing that happened during the 1-15 season was when Huizenga hired and turned the football operations over to the Tuna, a man with a proven track record for producing winners.

I felt that JT was set in his way as a player and it helped him become a perennial Pro Bowl level player. But when it comes to rebuilding a team, it's about what's best for the team. I wish JT the best. I know he'll be a Hall of Fame player based on his accomplishments.

I like JT but I'm a Dolfan first and my main interest as a fan is to see this organization come back to the winning tradition it had during most of the Shula years. This is not the time to have a player who's individual image as a Pro Bowl player and future Hollywood star via "Dancing With The Stars" being bigger than the team. JT may be at the end of his career, but he acted like he didn't want to be here. That's fine, but the team had the right to get value in return for an almost 34 year old player with a fat contract coming to the end of his career. It took patience to wait for the right situation to come up and it did.

"I'm just proud to be representing our nation's capital as a Redskin." LOL

after reading a night's worth of comments.....i feel the same way i did after DWTS. who was it who demanded a meeting? who was it that said he wasn't going to show up for anything? he denied asking for a trade. he was available for mini-camp and didn't show up.

as john mcenroe said, "u can't possibly be sane" !!

management said he was a dolphin, and jt said i'll pee on your efforts if u don't trade me.

jt was a great dolphin. he is also the first ex-dolphin to leave in disgrace. don't blame anyone but jt. why a 2nd and a 6th? u do the math. one more time, its time to move on.

and that crap about trading ginn or porter? they are not acting like a spoiled brat and want to play in miami. cam gave up chambers, not tuna !!

this group has not given up any talented player and i don't forsee that happening now. we have a stable full of talent from free agency, the draft and post draft. is camp starting with a clean slate or what.

As sad as it is, an era has ended in Miami. With Zach & now JT gone it is time to turn the page. Who will be the new stars/face of the franchise guys (we don't know - and don't appear to have any today). Thanks for the memories fellas & best of luck to you both on your new teams and in life. Lets hope the Tuna can resurrect the proud heritage Jimmie Johnson (and his aftermath) destroyed!

I am glad that the drama is finally over. Closure for both sides. The Dolphins got good value for a great player. Jason is traded to a semi-contender. Now he'll get to square off against Zach twice this year. Can we now let it go? Retire the saga? Move on to the players on the roster? Let's talk about the starting O-Line. Let's discuss the WR battles. How about the CB situation? Will Jason Allen play opposite Yeremiah Bell? Can Davone Bess make the team? Go Dolphins!

Man, that's a painful thing. I just wish they would have traded him to a true contender....The Redskins aren't winning anything in the NFC. A 2nd for 09 and a 6th for 10 isn't worth Miami's greatest DE ever. Surtain, Madison, Zach and now JT. Trading away talent rarely produces the results we look for as fans.

What I'm feeling is good riddance. I don't put JT in Zach's league for class and showmanship and the feelings I have for him. You are very right the way the last few months played out soured me on him.

I bet you the Redskins are weaker this year than last year and don't make the playoffs. What will that say about Taylor? He isn't that good anymore.

So now he's willing to play two years for Washington but he wasn't willing to play two for the Dolphins? The only time that guy is telling the truth is when he's sleeping.

I feel like there is no reason to even watch the Dolphins this season. Who is even on the team? I used to know everyone on the roster growing up, now I don't even know who most of the starters are going to be. There is no history with most of these current players, a guy you loved to watch and looked forward to cheering for over the years. First Zach and now Jason......Are they even called the Dolphins anymore?

If he wasn't happy...bye bye. Washington is getting a great distracted player. Miami gets a couple of picks. Not too bad for either team. Most importantly it removes a distraction for Miami and saves money that can be used to make the team better in other ways.

why would anyone would anybody watch the dolphins now? can they even win 1 game? I dont know 1 guy on the defense!! I am done with football!! Time to get a new hobby!

no one player is bigger than the team. taylor has tarnished his image with me through this whole thing and i am glad he's gone.

good luck with the redskins and their 7 & 9 record. i hope zach and his cowboys sweep you this year.

It's sad to see people who call themselves "true fans" of the dolphins are now talking about giving up on the team forever.

I don't want to see you on here talking about how great the Dolphins are when they get good again! If you can't stick with them, then just stay away forever, go chear for the patriots.

I loved Jason, but I will be a dolfan forever no matter what.

It makes me sad to hear people who label themselves as "true fans" to be talking about giving up on the team for good.

I don't want to see you on here whenever they get good again talking about how great they are and how big of a fan you are! If you can't stick with them through the good and the bad then just stay away forever, go chear for the patriots.

I loved Jason too, but I will always be A dolfan no matter what happens

sorry i repeated my post, the first time the website told me it didn't go through.

JT was overrated in my opinion.Do i feel anything along the lines of when Dan Marino retired? You have gotta be kidding me,i cried when Marino and Shula retired,that is when the Dolphins stopped being the Miami Dolphins.

Sad to see the last piece of the team built in the late 90s go. Just to think of what might have happened to a team that had so many great pieces if Wannstedt had the foresight to draft Drew Brees instead of Jamar Fletcher. What a waste. I hate you Dave Wannstedt!

Gret move by the Fins! Got rid of a cancer and malcontent. Got some value for him and will force some new players to get ready sooner.

Face facts, the Dolphins were 1-15 WITH HIM last year so... glad to see his drama end with him going to a NON CONTENDER!
He will remain ringless on a team that may win 3/4 more games than the Dolphins. Good riddence!!

Gret move by the Fins! Got rid of a cancer and malcontent. Got some value for him and will force some new players to get ready sooner.

Face facts, the Dolphins were 1-15 WITH HIM last year so... glad to see his drama end with him going to a NON CONTENDER!
He will remain ringless on a team that may win 3/4 more games than the Dolphins. Good riddence!!

"Just to think of what might have happened to a team that had so many great pieces if Wannstedt had the foresight to draft Drew Brees instead of Jamar Fletcher. What a waste."

amen brother

I too think Taylor was overrated as a player. Yes, a great athlete for the position he played but who can remember crucial, game-changing plays from either Taylor or Thomas when the team needed them? Or which of them really led the team during a playoff run? Lament the talent around them, sure, but great players make others around them better. Taylor without Tim Bowens? Without Traylor? A handsome, articulate athlete who has had a really pedestrian career in te NFL. He dose not belong in the same category as the great Dolphins of the past. I don't understand the wailing and teeth gnashing.

What a FANTASTIC move.

Does it stink losing JT, yes.

Are we worse for it RIGHT NOW, yes.

Were we anything other than a 3-6 win team WITH HIM....NO!

This is why the Tuna is the Tuna, he waited it out, and got amazing value for a player who wanted to and needed to move on.

Jason Taylor was a tremendous Dolphin and he will be sorely missed, however, he was not part of our future. Any Dolphins fan who thinks this is a bad move is a complete moron and probably also thought that getting Brett Favarara was a good idea.

While I am not happy to see him go, I am happy he will have a chance to be something other than a great player on a perenial losing team. I am happy we got a second round pick for him. I am happy he is not going to a divisional rival or any team in the AFC.

Cheers JT, good luck in Washington!

"why would anyone would anybody watch the dolphins now? can they even win 1 game? I dont know 1 guy on the defense!! I am done with football!! Time to get a new hobby!"

YES! this is a good thing for you to do there
JASON MARLIN! the dolphins dont need hobiests for sure.

and not only do the dolphins need a purge on players, but also on the HORDES of fair weather fans and empty seats thay have suffered for the last 25 years. so take a few friends with ya!!

a hobby? maybe needle point JM?

hey, rosie greer did it! LOL

CHANGE? it takes a whole lot more than a cute catch phrase. dont be FOOLED!!

I am truly saddened at all you negitave people...JT didnt lie about anything(as one sour person said "the only time he is telling the truth is in his sleep" JT said from the beginning that he PLANS(That doesnt mean he wont play more) to play one more year, and he would like to do it with the Dolphins, but he would accept a trade if THEY wanted...I felt like he left with grace, with his comment about them, and how he will miss them...Espceially since the coaches were complete JERKS to JT...At first, I was saddened to have JT leave, and was saddened I would have to become a Redskins Fan, but now after hearing all you people bash JT(Who has been loyal and giving to Miami) I am glad to be rid of you.

Dont get me wrong, I still LOVE the Dolphins, and will watch them on TV every Sunday, but now I just have one more team to follow.. ONLY for JT... Miami is still my team, and always will be.. As much as I Love JT, do I think this was a good move for the dolphins? YES... BUT I was sick of people bashing JT...Would you same people be bashing him if he was sacking quarterbacks for the phins? Or scoring Defensive Touchdowns for the phins? I think not.

The departure of Jason Taylor will not mean any less wins for the Dolphins. He was here last year and the team only won one game. If he hadn't been on the team last year, they still would have won one game.

I was once an baseball fanatic.That is until the strike.I have not watched a complete game since and no longer follow the sport.I am now a Dolphinatic.I am sick of hearing football is a business(no crap).Altough I will miss Jason Taylor's footbal tenacity,this type of drama does leave a sour taste in my mouth.So did the absolutely terrible handling of Zach Thomas's less than celebrated exit by the Dolphins organization.Unless that is how Zach
wanted it done.We ALL will miss them both.I feel that the Dolphins organization has been more focused on the stadium project and the experience,as they call it than the product playing on the field.I hope the new boss changes this.

I've got one thing to say: good riddance, jerk!

The way JT left was completely different than Zach. Jt quit long before the offseason began. If he had been to practices and didnt like the direction the team was going than I could respect that. Instead he chose to prance with the stars and worry about himself. We as fans want to win too and we actually pay to see the fins, we dont get paid millions. He tried to look like the good guy and clearly all along he was being selfish. JT has been the A-Rod of the fins. Hes been great when the games not on the line. I have season tix and will always be a fins fan first. You so called fans who would now root for the Skins I say good riddance to you. Dont come back when things get good. You really make me sick! Kerry, thanks for a womans perspective on football.

How can you put JT in the same level with Marino and Zach??? Marino is the BEST player in Miami history and Zach was the SOUL and HEART of the dolphins defense. JT is a very good pass rusher but not the best, he is an above average maybe good run stopper but he is a HUGE distraction in the locker room. Thanks Gos he is out and now he will become somebody else problem.

If anyone wants cheep Taylor stuff, go to www.miamidolphinsproshops.com They have all his jerseys, and things like that on sale.. i stocked up lol

It will be very intresting to see how long it takes the Phins to rebuild...I, am looking forward to the winning Dolphins again...I do think that this new coaching staff is a step in the right direction.. lets just hope they dont flake out like the rest did...

This hurts. But I imgaine anything during a rebuilding process is going to hurt. We are certainly less talented without JT. But hopefully the Tuna knows what he's doing. GO FINS!!

Can anyone please explain how the Herald can justify paying my salary? I laugh myself to sleep every single night as I think about how worthless I am but how much money I make anyway.


Please Lord, let the Dolphins win more games than the Redskins. . . . please please please. . . I will laugh in that jerk's face!

I am torn here.. I really want the Dolphins to do really well this year(it looks highly unlikely, since they are rebuilding) but I hope they do well, and I hope the Redskins win some games, and make Jason's last year(or years) a success..

parcells may look like a genius now by trading taylor for the 2 picks,but if those picks turn out to be billy milner or john avery he will look like a turd floating in miami.only thing i feel sorry for is the 2 players that are going to be asked how is it being the guy's drafted in the jt trade.tough to live up to the comparsions.cause if they are a bust or just average player's will never hear the end of this scenario.

Armando now that the Dolphins have 7.5 this year and 8 million next year, are there any wide receivers available via trade or free agency that we can add as it is an area of need for the FINS

The Dolphins did well to get a 2nd and a 6th for JT...

...which now brings into question the release of Zach Thomas.

Given that the Dolphins are now WELL UNDER the cap, what exactly was gained by Zach's outright release?

Picks? Nope.

Cap space to sign FAs? Nope...not even relevant.

If Zach has a healthy and productive season, should the current regime be criticized?

I owe you an apology Armando because i didn't believe that Taylor could lie to us or really wanted to be traded. But now I see he says he'll play two or three years for Washington when he said he'd play only one more year. And I see where he said he's happy with the trade. The guy sucks.

All this talk about not watching the Fins this season is dumb. I'm a Dolphins fan so i will watch them to hope they win. See if one of these young QB's will be our future back, stuff liek that. I kinda wish it was a 2nd and a 4th but HEY atleast we got a 2nd. If anything, we should have got a 2nd and 3rd for Chambers

Chris S.-
Zach wasn't healthy his last few years and was getting old. LB is a physically demanding job that wears the body out. He was always undersized but had enormous heart and instincts. Also, concussions are always a risk after the first and he plays a position that makes it almost inevitable that he will get more. His trade value wasn't near as high even though I always liked him more than JT.

The Skins lost and we won big time on this trade. JT is almost out of gas and they will be a wildcard loser if lucky these next 2 years. There is no Gibbs or Williams to carry that sorry team to the playoffs. They are also in the toughest division in football. JT will soon be watching the Dolphins crushing teams on the way to the playoffs while he sits at home and wonders what could have been.

I love hearing the whiners talk about how bad this team will be this year. No one knows this at all. Hell, the entire team is different and some of these new faces may pull a rookie JT for all we know. If you wanted to watch this years team for 2008 success, then you are delusional(my nice way of putting it). Have some faith or go watch another team. I'm a Dolfan forever.

Honestly, I thought Broncos fans were the most disillusioned, but congrats on making them look well informed.

If JT played the remaining 2 years and had 5 or sacks a year, you babies would of been crying that we should of traded him.

Do you really think that 1 win last year was due to JT? This was a fantastic trade.

JT had no value to the Dolphins at this point...NONE. Unless you call distractions and problems in the locker room valuable.


Bil Parcells does one thing...BUILD WINNERS. How you clowns have not been able to see that yet is beyond me.

Do yourselves a favor, admit that the DOLPHINS ARE A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE team. The only way to get better is to build through the draft not hold on to aging players with one foot out the door.

As for Zach Thomas, that was handled EXTREMELY well and unless I am mistaken, he was thankful for how the organization dealt with it. he was a leader and a great player, but he was also an aging middle linebacker with neck and concussion problems. You do not build with those types fo players.

Well my boy Twinkle Toes Taylor is gone and so closes a chapter on an era that really didn't do much for the Dolphins besides remind me of blowout losses in the playoffs three straight years at the hands of the Jags, Broncos, & Ravens.

Some of you should be ashamed to call yourselves Dolfans. Ok, with the exception of the bong-toting Ricky Williams & the gimpy Ronnie Brown, the team is devoid of any superstars and no names. Fact is, when they came out of college, both J.T. and Zack Thomas were no names. It's time for us to watch this team grow and follow the progress of the new future superstars that will develop. We're on the ground floor....get on the band wagon now, because otherwise, you'll get left behind.

I wonder what drama Arrrrrmando can cook up now? It's getting to be slim pickings for him now.

H.C.D you bring a VERY good point to the table that I never thought of... that when JT and Zach came out of college, they were nobodys, and they became somebodys...the dolphins are going to be fine.. it will just take a few years for them to get back on their feet. Its time for some new leadership.. someone is going to have to step up to replace JT..

You know, maybe at the end of the day, there was no conspiracy. JT is just not an outside linebacker. Nick Saban could not turn him into one, so he invented the "Outside End/Elephant" position. Perhaps Parcells didn't want to modify his defense to JT and wanted players that just fit his defense. Neither ZT or JT fit the bill, but he could get value for JT by engaging in this nonsense, rather than by just waiving him. It is quite obvious, that JT did not want to be an outside linebacker as when he was asked about missing OTA's, he said "I know how to put my hand in the dirt". Well, outside linebackers don't put their hand in the dirt. . . .

It all basically boils down to the question of whether or not we're rebuilding. Jimmy Johnson wouldn't do it and maybe should have. Wannstedt certainly should have and didn't. Saban really needed to do so and has now truly cost us several seasons. And Cam..well, he was just clueless. So this is a wonderful trade for us, in the sense that we get a high pick to help in the rebuilding process, and then a sixth to continue helping with the depth, another horrible problem on the team. Parcells and Ireland have determined that rebuilding is the way to go, and that has been obvious from their actions since taking over. Taylor was bringing us nothing, as he would likely have been frustrated and retired at seasons end after a few meager wins. This way, we have the ability to add future studs who can help us climb back into contention in the near future. MY only hope now is that Jason becomes the Defensive Player of the Year...on a 1-15 Washington Redskins team. Wouldn't it be appropriate if we were picking first in the second round next season because of JT?

"YES! this is a good thing for you to do there
JASON MARLIN! the dolphins dont need hobiests for sure.

and not only do the dolphins need a purge on players, but also on the HORDES of fair weather fans and empty seats thay have suffered for the last 25 years. so take a few friends with ya!!"

Can you call fans unable to move on from the past decade "Fair weather fans?" I don't remember all that much "fair weather". Funny how so many people around here want to cling to a legacy of losing football. Don't get me wrong, I loved JT, and ZT, and liked CC( other than his penchant for dropping balls between the numbers, while catching anything within 10 yards away.lol), but if the choice is between holding on to them,and their contracts, while rebuilding, or Trading, or releasing them, giving ourself the cap space, and draft picks for the future, I will take the latter.

How can people say the JT did nothing for the Dolphins? Do you call leading the NFL in sacks doing nothing? I think not...Do some research before you make comments like that.

To all the fair weather Dolphin fans-

Get lost. Go find a new 'hobby'.

I will be more than happy to cheer on my Miami Dolphins along with all the other true fans, without you!


It's going to OK. Players come and go is this biz so why the concern? Time for a fresh face to develope into our next great player. Who will it be? I believe we will find out this year. cough! cough! Long!

Great move. Added picks to the rebuilding process and ridded ourselves of a camp distraction and 8 million dollar salary. The Dolphins aren't going anywhere with or without him. We lost with him,,,we can lose without him.

JT was a classy man and a fantastic player. His contributions to the fans, the franchise and to the community at large will be sorely missed. He was my favorite Dolphin along side Zach Thomas and Dan Marino. I've been a lifelong fan of the team since the mid 70's and will continue to do so. Losing Taylor, while helpful in the long run, surely hurts a lot today and for this coming season. I wish you luck Jason, I hope you find what you're seeking in Washington. I hope you decide to retire as a Dolphin in a few years, your true home is in South Florida.

What happened to the defense that Jimmy Johnson built? I was shocked when they traded Patrick Surtain. I was shocked when they let Sam Madison go. I was shocked when they released Zach Thomas. Now I'm shocked Jason Taylor is gone. What's left? A bunch of guys with potential? Potentiality is not actuality and Jason Taylor was an actual force on defense. All I have to say is good luck Jason Taylor, I hope you get a ring someday. And hello first overall draft pick for the second year in a row.

I have been a dolfan since the larry csonka days.I have never been so disappointed in this team and in a player before.I'll luv the dolfans until I die.Jason you should have went out a dolfan.I guess the business side of this profession is just to much for us fans.

All I can say go dolfans and run ricky run.

The business side does hurt, I-we, my wife is a die-hard fan too--will miss JT, and, to be honest, we're running out of players to connect with. Ricky and Ronnie, I suppose. I know we will come to love some of the new guys eventually, but JT and Zach will be missed for a while.

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