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What everybody is saying about the JT trade

The Dolphins, Redskins and Jason Taylor have released quotes about Sunday's trade that sends Taylor to the Washington Redskins for a second-round pick in 2009 and a sixth-round pick in 2010.

Here is what Taylor said:

"As you might imagine, this is a bit overwhelming right now and I probably need a little time to digest it all. I love Miami, will always cherish my 11 years with the Dolphins and can't thank Mr. Huizenga, Bryan Wiedmeier and countless coaches and teammates enough for what they have all done. I will be a Dolphins fan now and wish them the best. Tony Sparano is great and I know I would have enjoyed working with him. And what can I say about the fans? This town has been supportive beyond belief, through good times and bad and I wish I could thank everyone personally.

"Having said that, I'm looking forward to meeting with Mr. Snyder and getting to know my new coaches and teammates. I'm just proud to be representing our nation's capital as a Redskin."

From the Dolphins, the team released statements from managing general partner (owner) Wayne Huizenga and GM Jeff Ireland.

"I want to thank Jason for all of his contributions to the Dolphins and to South Florida," Huizenga said. "Ever since he joined the team as a rookie he has been outstanding on the field and a leader in our community. Whether it was his intensity between the lines or his commitment to his charitable works, he made a lasting impact here. I will miss Jason, and on behalf of the entire Dolphins organization I want to wish him the best of success with the Redskins."

From the Redskins perspective, executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato was thrilled:

"We are fortunate that there was a player of his caliber available on the market, especially after one of our players got hurt. Normally there is nobody on the market of his caliber. [Taylor] is a six-time Pro Bowl player, and he was the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year in 2006. The timing was right.

"His play speaks for itself. It is easy to talk about Jason Taylor. His statistics back up everything that he has done. I think one of the more impressive accomplishments is that he played 90 percent of the plays on defense last year. We had to act after losing our starting defensive end Phillip Daniels."

So what do I think? You can check that out in the column I wrote in Monday's Herald. Basically, the Dolphins are less talented as a result of this trade. They just lost a double-digit sack player and have no real dependable replacement for him.

But they just may be a stronger TEAM because they don't have the Taylor distraction and all the drama that goes with him as training camp looms. The Dolphins, by the way, talked to at least two teams about trading Taylor on Sunday but believed the Redskins deal to be the best for them.

Now you get your chance. What are you, the fans, saying...

Are you feeling the same sense of loss as when Zach Thomas left? Are you feeling something along the lines of when Dan Marino retired? Or did the past few months of posturing by both sides (the Dolphins looking out for their interests and Taylor looking out for himself) leave you with a sour taste?


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Common you crybabies we all know this is what JT wanted. Don't twist this into some evil new regime BS. JT wanted out of Miami period. If he was committed to the Phins he would have demanded not to be traded. If he was committed he would have been with his team mates on OTA's. JT WANTED TO BE TRADED! He got his wish I hope the Redskins fail and JT will never see a ring. He is selfish in my eyes. I hope Zack gets a ring with the Cowboys.

to jason .....thank you , thank you , thank your , thank you , thank you so very much !
now if you ever happen to play against the
MIAMI DOLPHINS i hope jake long kicks your
BUTT !!!!!


Yeah, thanks JT. Thanks for the fourth-quarter comebacks by the other team. Thanks for the December swoons. Thanks for 1-15. Thanks for loving Dave Wannstedt. Thanks for all the Super Bowl rings. Thanks for Dancing with the freakin' stars. Thanks a whole lot.

It is the end of an era. JT and Zach were class acts not only with there play on the field, but also there contributions to society off the field. In the end, both sides get what they wanted. Jason gets a better chance going out at least seeing the playoffs again, and the Fins get more draft picks to continue there much needed rebuilding effort. Best of luck to you JT (and Zach). Thank you for all the effort and memories. You will be missed. P.S. Have to love all the people saying good riddance and that he wont be missed. Just like all the people that said the same thing about moving on when Marino retired. Here we are years later never replacing him. We might have to wait just as long if not longer to get another NFL sack leader.

"He dose not belong in the same category as the great Dolphins of the past. I don't understand the wailing and teeth gnashing."

Posted by: Pat | July 21, 2008 at 09:40 AM

Pat, what planet are you from? Your comment makes no sense. Is Pat a man or a woman?
The Cuban Assassin

Did you see JT's interview today...very classy, he only said good things about the Doplhins...He is a class act that Jason Taylor.. sad to see him go(but LOVE the sales on his clothing :D) and look forward to seeing how the Redskins do with him, and watching the Dolphins in their rebuilding years. Good Luck To Each.

JT was a great guy and a great player. But, he was not the Dolphins. I have been a Dolphins fan since the 72 Superbowl. Great players have come and gone, but the Dolphins are always my fave team. I think they are headed in the right direction and I wish JT and Zach best of luck.

This Sucks. I'm pissed that Bill Parcells sd he is not trading him, then the guy shows up for camp, organizes his locker and gets traded.
Parcells must not be a good salesman to talk to Jason about how he intends to make this a "winning" team again. Bill Parcells must not have the confidence in his coaches to do the same thing. Who is the face of this franchise now, Ricky, Ronnie? My guest room has more Dolphins stuff then I care to have now.

Why are so many people hung up on a 'face of the franchise' player? They went 1-15 last year with JT and Zach, and didn't win a single game with Chambers. This team needed to be blown up after 2004 and it never fully was. Saban traded Surtain, but then went and brought in older vets and traded away draft picks. Mueller did the exact same thing. The Tuna's thinking big picture, being competitive next year, and hopefully a contender the year after with a young nucleus of drafted guys that they can add veterans to. Think back to Jimmy's fist 2 years with Miami. That's what Parcells is trying to do with the whole team, not just the defense like JJ did.

I think we can all agree that we're happy the Fins are trying to build for the future. Anyone that has kidded themselves in thinking that keeping players - and players that we love in JT, ZT, etc, etc - were going to make a difference this year and we'd make the playoffs or something really does not understand the game. I am happy that they both got traded to teams that give them a shot (would have loved to see JT with ZT in Dallas, but I guess we raided them enough for one year). Anyone wishing either of them bad will is just wrong. We're not going to turn everything around this year, so why not get what we can get and move on. Let's all not forget how we all own their jerseys, cheered them on on Sundays while they made play after play and leading the NFL in sacks, tackles, etc, and secretly wished that if they can't win it here in Miami then let them go someplace they can. While everyone is down on JT right now, I think that you can't be a true fan of the game. He was an outstanding Dolphin and did a huge bit for the Miami community and still will. And make no mistake about it, he is still one of the most feared and awesome defensive players in the NFL. Even on a 1-15 team, teams still were doubling and tripling him and he still produced sacks, interceptions, fumbles, and some TD's. So please stop the JT is washed up talk. If anything, he'll play harder just to prove the naysayers wrong. At least the Fins made a decent statement about his departure which they didn't with Zach and that's sad. Both of their names belong on the Ring of Honor. And anyone booing them find a new team to cheer for. GO FINS!


I think you're naive and misguided if you suppose Parcells cares about trading JT to a contender. All Tuna cares about and wanted is the best value he could get for rebuilding the Miami Dolphins. Last I checked, that was his job description, not making JT happy or giving him what he 'deserves.'

It's all nice to be sentimental. But don't blame Parcells. He indicated up front in his initial PC he would do whatever he felt was necessary to "restore the Dolphins to a competitive franchise in the conference on a yearly basis." He never promised anyone that certain players would be safe from the housecleaning. He was hired to revamp the whole structure, and he's carrying through on that assignment. Is it a sad day? Yes. Was JT a great player? Yes. But Parcells and Co. are EXPRESSLY building for the future a few seasons from now. They're not trying to fool anyone. If you expected otherwise, wake up to reality.

The most distressing thing about the whole Tuna-Taylor saga to me has to do with neither of them. It has to do with the number of so-called die-hard fans and others who have no concept of what it means to really rebuild a team and how it is done and no patience to see it through. If you don't understand and just can't stomach it, that o.k. But at least have the integrity to admit to yourself that you were only a fan of the most current popular players, not of the team itself, and that you give up easily and lack the courage to deal with hard decisions and the perseverence to reap the eventual benefits. What you really want are individual stars (forgetting meanwhile that the stars you're so upset about losing DIDN'T BEGIN AS STARS EITHER). You lack the patience to give new guys the time to develop. You are pathetic excuses for real fans. If some of the previous front office and coaching regimes would have have had the philosophy of the current regime, last year's 1-15 could have been ENTIRELY AVOIDED.

But, of course, it couldn't have been avoided without some pain. It would have meant hanging on to draft picks instead of trading them away for band-aid quick-fixes like Trent Green, Joey Porter, and Ricky Williams. It would have meant trading JT LAST YEAR and thus getting at least onw 1st Rd. pick and multiple others. Some of you want to be like the Patriots but you couldn't stand to do what the Patriots do. They got rid of Asante Samuel. Think that was popular? Probably not. It would have required perhaps trading Madison and Zach warlier for higher-value picks while they still had more trade value.

But it most assuredly would have involved pain, as it ALWAYS DOES, and you wouldn't have handled it any better then than you are now. You want the results without the hard work and sacrifice required to get there.

Which, come to think of it, is a pretty good description of a lack of character.

Memo to Jason Marlin (and those of like persuasion):

Why would anybody even watch them now? Because they're true fans who are committed to the team, not just to individual charismatic players. Because they realize that the Dolphins were good long before Zach and JT ever put on a uniform, and are bigger than any one player. Because they want to see how a rebuilding project is really done instead of the half measures that have been relied upon since even the beloved Shula's last years. Yes, that's right. I DID just criticize the football icon for starting the trend of short-sighted, quick-fix, halfway thinking that has resulted in the current disaster.

You asked why? Now you have several good reasons.


I salute you. Yes, it does hurt. And yes, during a real rebuilding, anything is going to hurt. Hang in there. It'll come back around eventually.


At first when I read your posts, I thought you were just another one of the hordes jumping ship after their favorite player leaves. I'm glad that isn't the case.

Peter B,

Please look at what you wrote. 'All they have left is potential. Jason Taylor was an actual player who was a force'?

please tell me your smarter than what it appears. Jason Taylor was an actual force who BEGAN AS NOTHING MORE THAN SOMEONE WITH A LOT OF POTENTIAL!!!! Same with Zach, and Madison, and Surtain . . . and Marino, and Duper, and Clayton, and Czonka, ad infinitum.

Shall I be more blunt? There seems to be an obvious point, which many people seem to be missing, though Kerry claims to have finally seen it.


In that respect, JT in '97 was just like Jake Long, Philip Merling, and Kendall Langford are now. I know it's difficult to grasp, but try anyway.

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