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What is happening at practice this morning

A longtime Green Bay fixture is at Dolphins camp today ....

No, not Brett Favre. Former Packers GM Ron Wolf is on the field, shadowing friend Bill Parcells and no doubt offering his personnel expertise to the Dolphins. By the way, did your heart skip a beat when you read the first sentence?

Anyway, here is the scoop about what is happening.

Chad Henne is the only player not on the field now. Obviously he's not signed so the contract watch begins.

On the injury front: Linebacker Joey Porter is not working for some unknown reason, no doubt connected to an injury. Rob Ninkovich is taking the first-team repetitions in Porter's absence. Colleague Jeff Darlington reports Porter's agent is not immediately available for comment as we try to find out why the guy isn't in drills.

Cornerback Michael Lehan, who injured his ankle in the last June minicamp and was supposed to be out 2-4 weeks, is not practicing some seven weeks later. He is working on the sideline doing shuttle drills. He is the only player injured during the camps that is not working this morning.

Guard Steve McKinney and tight end Anthony Fasano and linebacker Channing Crowder -- all of them missed camps in the offseason -- are working. Fasano is actually taking some snaps with the first team ahead of last year's starter David Martin. Crowder is back at a starting inside LB spot.

Both inside LB spots will be interesting this camp as Akin Ayodele and Reggie Torbor battle for one spot and Crowder and Kelvin Smith battle at the other starting today. Obviously the best two of the four will start.

The first team offensive is LT Jake Long, LG Trey Darilek, C Samson Satele, RG Justin Smiley and RT Vernon Carey. The first-team defensive line is LE Matt Roth, NT Jason Ferguson and RE Vonnie Holliday. So much for Miami playing a 4-3. Not happening.

QB Josh McCown doesn't look any worse for wear after his much-publicized Texas Chainsaw Accident. His passes have not floated.

OK, check back later.


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This Chad Henne situation makes me sense. He is a late 2nd round pick acting like a 1st rounder. I hope the Fins don't budge one inch. He has no chance of impacting this season if he does not get into camp in a hurry. He is off on the wrong foot for sure.

Dan and Mando

Totally agree with you! What's wrong with Henne, Mando, is there any word on why he is holding out or how far along they are in contract negotiations? Henne has the chance to compete and he is no doubt playing 3rd string if he holds out! Henne is crazy!

If some of you guys would've read one of Armando's previous blogs, you would understand why it's taking so long to get second round deals done around the league.


I wouldnt be surprised to see Henne in the afternoon session. Merling is signed, so now all focus will move on to Henne. Get er done boys.

Good to see former GM Ron Wolfe still hanging around. That can only help in this rebuilding stage.

I'm more concerned about Porter right now than Henne. He needs to be 100% at the start of the season.

Henne for Favre, straight up. Its a no brainer--we get a year or two of a good QB, Packers get years & years of Henne's vast potential.

Mr. Porter is suffering from a bruised ego and a sore jaw related to over-talking.

Great job Armando. If you were a 12 yr old school reporter. Thats all you could come up with at our first practise .. no wonder why you suck. i think you should go cover the jets..
Run Ricky Run ! ! ! !

I K Rico-

WTF? No brainer is right for it is apparent that you have no brain.

You're no longer allowed to post.


Great job, dude. Thanks for the updates! You are the most thorough reporter I read.

Matt--it is shortsightedness like yours that has held the Fins back for the past decade. Dare to Dream, Dare to Post! The beauty of blogs like this is that everyone can express their love of the Fins; banning is petty - - intelligent and imaginative discourse, even disagreement, is to be encouraged. I hope you reconsider my ban, and join me in rooting the Fins to glory this year.

What the "F_ _ _" is Ron Wolf doing on the field he turn down a deal with the Dolphins a long time ago he didn't want to work for the team back then so get the F off the field your not welcome here.

I hate to say it but the phins don't have any qb's to speak of this season. They will be much improved in the OL and special teams. And that's it. That spells top 5 selection once again. I know you can't fix the left over mess on one year, but this is terrible. And to think, ticket prices were raised... lmao

Yeah, ban lifted and I'll join you in rooting for the Phins...but...

Henne for Favre is, for lack of a better term, short-sighted.

Go Phins!

I'm not in the know on the details of Chad Henne's contract dispute, but I believe that Henne's total compensation package should be somewhere between what the guy drafted ahead of him got and what the guy drafted behind him got. I suspect, but have no insider knowledge, that because he was one of the top QB's drafted, his mis-informed agent feels that he should get more. Wrong answer! Kick this prima-donna and his greedy little agent to the curb. This is a team sport, not a one-man show.


how soon we forget! the reason ron wolfe passed by the GM job was the fact that, like
all the other folks wayne interviewed for the
job, he would NOT give them full control, mainly the decision to keep the coach [wanny] or not. and ron wolfe, like ALL the others, said they would replace wanny.

and wayne sent them ALL packing.

so give ron wolfe a break for not taking a job that wasnt what it was supposed to be. he did the right thing!!

i for one am glad he is hanging out! the dude is a legend of personel and i want as many of those kind of eyes on this team as much as possible right now.

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