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What might have been with Daunte Culpepper

Daunte Culpepper is still unemployed today.

Only two weeks from the start of NFL training camps and he has yet to find a suitable team to continue his once stellar but now sputtering career. Late last month he confirmed to various media outlets that he turned down a 1-year, $1 million contract from the Green Bay Packers.

Culpepper declined to say why he turned down the opportunity, but with the Brett Favre's career in resurrection mode of late, one might guess Culpepper saw this scenario coming a few weeks ago and wanted no part of it.

So he is still out there. And that leads me to wonder what might have been for Culpepper in Miami if only.

You should remember that Miami is where Culpepper wanted to play. Florida is his home and he felt like South Florida was a great place for him. But after coming to the Dolphins in a trade in 2006, Culpepper was never healthy.

Last offseason, the Dolphins cut Culpepper simply because new coach Cam Cameron was convinced Trent Green was better, healthier and more likely to bring the team some success. So much for those plans.

Anyway, Cameron promised Culpepper a quarterback competition but never delivered on that promise, cutting the player before he really had any chance to practice.

I did not then and don't now disagree that Miami needed to cut Culpepper if he wasn't healthy and couldn't compete. The Dolphins needed to move on if that was the case. My problem with the scenario as it happened was not allowing the competition to actually happen as promised.

If that competition would have happened, I wonder how Culpepper would have done. I wonder if he would have proved himself better than Green. I know he was better then and today continues to be better than Cleo Lemon. I know he would have played better last year than rookie John Beck.

The problem is that competition never happened.

And in many regards, Culpepper is suffering a similar fate now. No team is willing to give him a chance to compete for a job now. Despite uncertain QB situations in San Francisco, New York with the Jets, Minnesota, Chicago, Baltimore and Kansas City, Culpepper hasn't latched on with any of those teams for one reason or another.

I am told he reached out to Bill Parcells and the Dolphins early on in free agency and was never seriously considered although he and Josh McCown, the QB the team ultimately signed in free agency, delivered practically identical statistics last season.

Culpepper had a slightly better passer rating but took far more sacks due to his mobility issues. McCown threw more TDs and had a better completion percentage but his interception percentage was higher.

My questions to you ... Do you think the Dolphins did the right thing cutting Culpepper without having that promised competition? Do you agree with me he is better than Cleo Lemon? Would you have picked him over McCown or did the Dolphins get the right Oakland QB as a free agent?



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well it is obvious he may not be as good as some think if he was there would be a few teams trying to land him he hurt himself by trying to play too soon never really returned to form after his injury he is no longer a stater if he was smart he would of took the job in green bay if favre doesn't return might have even started a few games there. if we are bringing in another QB at the end of their career then bring in someone who had impressive numbers last year bring in favre he had a career season and was one game from the superbowl!

I think this is old news and it's sad that it's the best you can come up with.

I agree with Bill and Mr.Bungle on this one. He wasn't as crappy pre 05 as you guys are making him out to be because of the bad taste that still lingers in your mouth. I also blame Satan on this one he was rushing him to participate in practices when he and the medical staff new he wasn't ready.By the time Joey Mediocronton took over one knee was twice the size of the other one (our line wasn't as good back then)

They should have rested DC until he was actually ready and had Joey start the year. We might have even had a better year

I also agree with the whole we shoulda, woulda, coulda Brees thing. The whole well Brees has a shoulder injury and Culpepper knee easier to come back from has proved incredibaly false. Incompetence at head coach/GM makes things hard for fans

i don't much like culpepper but the guy only lost the starting qb job over mccown last year because he signed like a week before the season. mccown is a loser so get ready to search for another qb next year.

meant "medicl staff knew" up there

You guys are talking Daunte Culppeper...LOL..I beat C Pep in madden in 99 in the collegiate village inn (ucf off campus dorms) while stoned and drunk......Good guy, bad knees !

Culpepper was a product of Randy Moss, really, and that's about it. Just like Nate Burlson had success opposite Randy Moss. Remember, Denny Green said that they played against 'Randy Moss' coverage, where opposing D's would cover Moss with 3 DB's. What that equals is somebody being open somewhere, and even Culpepper could find them! Bolster that with the fact that Moss routinely beats double coverage, catching those deep balls and touchdowns that made Culpepper a star. I remember when Marino interviewed both Culpepper and Manning in the race to break Marino's 48. What stands out to me is how DC was on fire early and faded late. The reports out of Miami were that Culpepper could not grasp a complex offense, and of course Miami did not and still does not have that dynamic unstoppable #1 wide receiver. And please don't forget his demands in Minnesota, wanting to be that "ten million dollar quarterback, you need to pay me ten million dollars." I'm sorry, Culpepper is a wash. I like Mando's stuff most of the time, but I'm sorry, I don't believe he knows more than 32 GM's and their talent evaluators.

Burlson didn't have a bad year last year 694 yards 9 TD. Most of the year Branch was out with injury and he made the most of being the #2 guy. And I don't think Bobby Engram was getting tripple coverage

So if we had Culpepper we would have gone 2-14 instead of 1-15, who cares? Blog about something else during this slow time of the football year about next year, expectations and things to watch for before training camp, but something that is this unimportant is stupid.

Who cares about Daunte, Green, or Beck. The future is McCown and Henne...

And if we're going to actually play an entertaining "what if" - how about "what if" we didn't waste a draft pick, and instead picked up BRADY QUINN? We'd have the QB situation settled, a TOLERABLE reciever corps, a finally solid line, and a great running game with the one two punch of my boy ricky and ronnie.

Uh...I know it was a nightmare going 1 - 15 last year, but does anyone really think we would've done any better with Culpepper? Last year would've been a wash regardless, and the Tuna would've sent Daunte's big butt packing by now anyway. Mando..I agree with the folks saying lets talk future..not the past. I don't think any true fin fan wants to relive the past few seasons. Lets look ahead, there's just too much carnage behind us. Welcome back.. I missed you Mando!!

I felt what really killed Culpepper's career in Miami was the fact that we all bought into the notion that he was ready to start the season after his knee injury. He pushed himself through rehab without really considering the damage he was doing to himself. Saban never stopped to consider the severity of his injury because the expectations on the team and on him were so high, and he wanted to prove that he made the right decision choosing Culpepper over Brees... and well, us fans were riding so high from the win streak in the previous season that we all believed Daunte would no doubt be healthy and would take us to the Superbowl! Of course, anyone watching opening night vs. Pittsburgh could tell that he was not in fact 100%... He was closer to 70%... buy they kept playing him, and I believe that was the beginning of the end of his career.

In short I blame him for pushing himself. I blame Saban for ignoring the warning signs in camp... and I blame us fans for the hype.


your assertion is that brady quinn will develop into a good NFL QB which has yet to be proven... he could be worse than Beck or DC for all we know

'What is' is a much better game to play than 'What if' and, at this point, McCown is a better choice and much younger. But the Culpepper haters who say he never was any good are just plain wrong. It's time to move on and think about the future.

Armando I read this is there any truth to this nightmare

Brett Favre - QB - Packers
A client of Brett Favre's agent, Bus Cook, is reportedly saying that Cook and Favre are targeting Miami and Carolina as the "most likely" landing spots if the Packers let him go.
The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel even suggests Cook has had conversations with both the Panthers and Fins. It's become clear that GM Ted Thompson will not cut Favre outright, but is more than willing to shop him around. Packers beat writer Tom Silverstein ends his blog post with "let the bidding begin." Jul. 11 - 6:05 p.m. ET
Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Armando please say it ain't so

Go Phins

Interesting question and it was pretty much the same rationale that I argued back before last years training camp. Why wasn't Daunte given a chance to come back? Bottomline was the decision was made and Daunte's future with the Phins was sealed once Cameron took over, whom wanted Green from the get-go. I figured that with an offensive minded/QB coach in Cameron (finally) and the skills of Daunte, the Phins were set up for success. As the Green in Daunte out routine increased, it was clear that no matter what lie Cameron came up with, Daunte was never going to get a chance; a fair chance with the Phins.

What do I mean by fair? In his first and only season, he was destroyed in the Press for the amount of sacks he took in his first 4 games and questions about his mobility. The bottomline is that no other QB fared that much better either as the line absolutely sucked that year.

Another thing that I would point out is that the two-star players going into the 2nd season, Jason and Zach, spoke out on behalf of Daunte, giving him public endorsement about how hard he was working to get back on the field and ready. The extra 5-10 lbs that he had put on, was not fat, it was pure muscle. And that muscle and questions about his health were on full display and answered, after he ran for like 3x touchdowns against us. As I rooted for the Phins, I also rooted for Daunte and was glad he stuck it to Cam the way he did. Although he thru for only 50-60 something yards, those TD runs were simply Daunte's way of saying "up yours Cameron."

No doubt, I wish that Daunte would some how, come back to the Dolphins and get a fair, legitimate shot to compete for the QB job. But I also know that its just a wish. He deserves another shot and although I wish he would go to Baltimore, that wont happen because Cam is up there. Minnesota would be interesting with AP in the backfield, but he has history there already. So what is Chicago waiting for is the question in my book? One thing I know, is that none of the QB's on the Bear's roster is anything to write home about? How about Detroit, they got the WR's to launch it to?


finfan in orlando:

we could use favre because mccown sucks and beck probably sucks as well.


I'm not saying i'm SURE that he's the answer, but you have to be willing to say he's better than beck. I live in Ohio and my second team (behind the Fins) is of course the Brownies - and Brady had a great pre-season, and has only gotten better under Anderson. You have to admit - we'd be in a much better position right now if we had picked up Quinn. We wouldn't have the wasted pick of Ginn (although I'll admit he could become the next Hester in 4 years) but we wouldn't have wasted another pick on a QB THIS year. I'm sorry but anytime you have to use consecutive second round picks on a quarterback, you have wasted a pick somewhere in the mix... and it started with not taking Brady.

Eric about Farve Its not that I think farve doesn't have any juice left but I rather develop are future then take one more year away from are young QBs to get experience and I don't know but no one has called McNown the starter yet If brett comes here with the state of our team it would not be a good fit and at best we will win 1 or 2 more games and not make the playoffs the AFC is loaded with good teams and we are still at least two years away from being a good team I believe we will be better this year than last not that its a hard task to improve on last years vomit but if Brett came here he would just get pounded we dont even know if the offensive line is any good yet I believe its improved but until the pads go on you really dont know just my opinion

Good News peeps we signed Langford

"Dolphins signed third-round DE Kendall Langford to a multi-year contract.

At 6'6/300, Langford possesses an ideal build to play end in Miami's 3-4 scheme. The Hampton product started three years in college and finished with 23.5 sacks. Langford will likely be a starter eventually, but probably not in 2008"

Only Merling and Henne to go

Go Phins

Oh boy. You're not sucking me into this one again Armando! I'm leaving this one alone.

David Woodley @uck you

What the @uck did I do to you

You are a @itch

Good post Ricky420 , but if Beck or Henne work out ill be happy we got Ginn, he's gonna be a good receiver in this leauge.

Look, Quinn wouldn't have been any better here, than Beck was last year. You said Quinn is getting better under Anderson. WHO would he have developed under here? I still think he is completely over rated.

My second point is this: We only got Henne because he was there for our second second round pick. Had we truly intended to replace Beck, we would have drafted Henne with our FIRST second round pick. Clearly he was at the top of our board AT THE TIME WE DRAFTED HIM. Plus, it gave us another young QB to develop, just in case.

Are you saying we would be better off having taken someone else in the second round, and picking up a QB in later rounds, or signing an undrafted QB? This way, we have a Second round caliber QB at the top spot, and backing up, going on into the future.

If Beck steps up this year, and solidifies his position at the top of the list, GREAT! We will have Henne around if he gets hurt, and to dangle in front of other teams, much as Atlanta did with Matt Shaub.

If Beck isn't ready to take over this year, McCown can do the job, as they develop the two younger guys, who can then fight it out next year. If Henne Wins at that point, we have Beck as a Solid backup, much as Gary Kubiak was for Elway. His entire career, you could count Kubiak's starts on one hand, and appearances on two.

I don't see how Having both is harmful in any way. The trifecta won't waffle, the way Cleveland did for several years, they will give who they believe has the best stuff a shot, and he will succeed, or fail. If he fails, there will be a short leash, and, probably a short career in Miami.

if beck doesn't win the qb job from a loser like mccown then beck's career in miami is probably over. also if they really did like beck they would not have touched a qb in the second round.


If I was the GM I would have taken Quinn, draft day I was just waiting for clevland to pass on him. Although I also like Ginn, I hate the pick at #9.

Tree is so much righter than you. Plus I think the trifecta was planning to draft Beck later on if we didn't so they do have a good opinion of him. I also think every team should draft a QB somewhere in the draft every year regardless of who you have. but tree has the nail on the head about the Qb thing up there. your just a QB TROLL

no i just think our qb's suck. a 1-15 team with holes everywhere doesn't draft a qb in the second round if they like the one they have already.

NONE OF YOU CULPEPPER HATERS REMEMBER WHAT HE DID TO THE DOLPHINS,WHEN Oakland embarrested us in our own house. blah..blah...blah

It always amazes me how nasty and personal the insults can be on these posts. Aimed at men that are surely light years ahead in their athletic ability than anybody responding to these blogs.

As a recipient of three of my own knee surgeries, I have been robbed of what limited speed I once had. I can only imagine what it must be like to lose the pro bowl level mobility Pep once had. There is no way he is not as good as many of the QB's on NFL rosters right now, even if he can't move. He still has a cannon for an arm.

Why don't we just wish him the best while we root for the team we all love? I don't understand the nastiness from a bunch of guys who probably wouldn't say "boo" in the face of any of these athletes.

Getting rid of Culpepper and bringing in Trent Green, along with drafting Ted Ginn over Brady Quinn, were the two main reasons why Cam Cameron was not given a second season with the Dolphins.... not that I'd want a guy like him as my head coach anyway.

" NONE OF YOU CULPEPPER HATERS REMEMBER WHAT HE DID TO THE DOLPHINS,WHEN Oakland embarrested us in our own house. blah..blah...blah"
Posted by: BARRY

Barry nobody cares about what Culpepper did to the phins. Any monkey could have done that to our 1-15 team. I thought Culpepper originally would work out well for the phins. I am not happy we had to give up a 2nd round pick for him and got nothing when he left!
The Cuban Assassin

Kind of late to this conversation, but, for what it's worth: I think Cam and Pep were just a mismatch, fundamentally. What ruined Pep was, 1st, Scott Linehan leaving for the Rams, which, by the way, was also was one of the two factors (Drafting Pep over Brees being the other one) that doomed Sabans NFL days, and, second (ironically enough), Saban leaving. (Yes, I know I just said that Saban left partly because he picked Pep and that Pep's career crashed because Saban left, but of such paradox's are careers made). Linehan would have been better able to utilize Pep's limited skills then that moron Mularkey. By the time Cam came on board he just did what Parcell's and co. are doing now, dumping the previous year's underperformers.

Culpepper's only quality was his ability to chuck the ball 85 yards and hae Randy Moss catch it.
Moss was the skill player and Culpepper was just a big arm. So, no the Dophins should not go after him.

Are you kidding me about Daunte??? He needs to realize he is now a back up and collect a check for a couple of years and retire. This is not the same Physical Phenom that took the NFL by storm in 2001. He has always made plays with his body but not his head. Do you really think Daunte could pull off a WEST COAST OFFENSE?

Do you think the Dolphins did the right thing cutting Culpepper without having that promised competition?

Do you agree with me he is better than Cleo Lemon?
With one arm and one leg he is better than Lemon.

Would you have picked him over McCown or did the Dolphins get the right Oakland QB as a free agent?
No. Not after what he did playing for Oakland against us.

The Dolphins drafted Henne to add more quality young talent and depth to a position that has been sub par for years. It wasn't a knock on Beck. The idea is to maximize the chances for a young QB to develop and become a good player. If both Beck and Henne perform well, there is trade value for one of them. Then maybe we can make some team bend over the coals for once and get a high draft pick from our abundance.

Culpepper was ignominiously escorted from the training facility, and deprived of the chance to honestly compete for the job, for one reason & one reason only - - racism. That's right, all you Klansmen out there, the truth is that simple. I'm so happy, despite his failure to return to form, that DP had at least one last dose of glory, single-handedly outgunning & outrunning your beloved country-bumpkin dolphins for the Pride & Poise Raiders.

I agree with a lot of what was said. Cam Cameron really took the franchise a step back with what he did with Daunte Culpepper and I believe it affected the entire team. When your team leaders Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas, comes to you and tells the entire media, that no one was working during the offseason as hard as Daunte was to get back on the field, and you don't even let him take a snap in practice during training camp to compete and show everyone where he was and just handing the job to Trent Green with concussion and two knee issues and who didnt even finish the entire season, you did the team a disservice.
Daunte, showed them what he could do when he came in her with the Raiders and played hard and won the game.
He only signed with Oakland for a year because he knew that fit for what he wanted, get some reps knowing Jamarcus was going to take over the next year and show that he was healthy and would get a look by teams during free agency. I am suprised with the quality of quarterbacks that is out there now that he has not been picked up yet..

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