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A rumble in the Dolphins jungle [Updated]

Tempers have flared during the Dolphins practice this morning.

On an otherwise routine deep pass down the right sideline, cornerback Will Allen and receiver David Kircus got into a scuffle after the play was over. Actually, it was more like after the pass fell incomplete. Allen began punching on Kircus who fell to the turf and basically went into a fetal position as Allen stood over him.

It is impossible to say what started the fight but one source says it is because Kircus put a hard block on Allen a play or two before and the cornerback didn't appreciate the treatment. There was apparently also a verbal exchange of pleasantries.

Anyway, Allen's distribution of punches lasted for about five seconds then he apparently realized Kircus wasn't fighting back. (Or was it Allen was confused by Kircus trying to fight back by hitting Allen's fist with his facemask?) Anyway, Allen stopped, and as he was walking back to the line of scrimmage tight end Sean Ryan tackled Allen and started whooping on him.

And then it got crazy.

Defensive players came to Allen's defense. Offensive players then joined in. And the melee that ensued lasted about 10 seconds as coaches frantically blew their whistles and carefully tried to re-establish order.

Within, I would estimate, 45 seconds, the order was indeed restored and the Dolphins ran another play. Coach Tony Sparano was seen remonstrating with Allen afterward.

In all my years of covering football, I've seen a lot of practice fights but normally it is an offensive lineman versus a defensive lineman. I have never seen a cornerback attack a receiver and Sparano thought it ridiculous as well.

"A receiver and a defensive back, I don't think that's much of a fight," the coach said moments ago. "It's not smart ... It's not something I condone at all ... It's not what you want."

As for actual football matters, the profootballtalk.com rumors about John Beck getting cut today are NOT TRUE. If you don't believe the fact Sparano shot down the rumor, believe my eyes:

Beck participated in drills and is readying for the next practice in a couple of hours.

Chad Pennington is expected to start and play up to a half in that game -- depending on the number of possessions Miami gets. Interestingly, Beck and Josh McCown actually took some scout team snaps today which isn't a big reward but is a lot more work they got in practices the past couple of days.

During the first and second-team team drills, Pennington was 5 of 7 with 1 interception and zero touchdowns, while Henne 4 of 7 with neither an interception nor a touchdown.

Finally, Joey Porter is expected to play Saturday while Vonnie Holliday (hamstring) and Michael Lehan (high ankle sprain) are not.


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apparently kircus said something...haha

sweet....you just know that not-so-secretly the coaches loves this, as do I.

I need video!!

Nothing like a nice fight to see if your team has heart. Good stuff, though I agree that it is a clear indication that the guys are close to ready to hit another colored jersey.


Maybe they were settling a gambling debt.

Finally....some passion out of these guys!!

I love it. As long as they all have a drink afterwards I love it. Kircus sounds like a wus.

Wow, and both these guys seem to have a roster spot so you can't blame stress or insecurity.

Kirus is a buddy of mine it was simply a misunderstanding. Will and Dave are great friends, you Dave is deathly afraid of Butter Flys. Will was only making sure that the bug had flown away or died under the pounding. And yes it was Reagan but he too was defending both of players from the kill swarm of butterflies. Sparano talked with Will to explain the Larva stage and how yes caterpillars do become beautiful butterflies.

Kircus: Hey man, I'm trying to make the team, so if I drop the ball, let's distract the coaches by getting into a scuffle.

Allen: I don't want to hurt you man!

Kircus: Don't worry, I'll curl into a ball!

Allen: Ok, but just for show, I don't want anyone getting hurt!

Kircus: Don't worry, you're Will Allen, no one's going to hurt YOU!

1 play later:

Mauia: WTF! I'm gonna hurt that SOB!

Dammit Vic, you beat me to the punch!

nobody hurt= i love it...... especially if the juggernaut started the second half of the fight

anybody see major league 2? fights always spark teams to championships


Thanx for the report Mando. I wonder if a recording of the fight will leak out to the MSM.

Mando: quarterback update? how did it go this am. only thing of interest really.

I can't believe Kircus didn't stand up for himself and yell "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M CAPABLE OF!" I guess he's not so hard when it's another football player, hahaha!

The link:


Beck is gone folks. PFT broke it first.


John Beck got cut! Palm Beach Post said it first


How many Miami players are on this blog, anyways! The whole team I bet. Shhhhh, here comes coach.

Palm Beach Post has nothing. Only someone in a blog linking to PFT.

A receiver cannot under any circumstances risk hurting his hands. One punch and a fractured hand later could lead to an injury that leads to getting cut. I would have done exactly the same thing Kircus did. If catching balls makes me over $500k per year I'll take as many whoopings as I have to in order to keep that meal ticket going.

PFT also has nothing. The guy was at practice 30 minutes ago! PFT just has a rumor, nothing else!

Jay Feely should stop sending fake rumors to PFT. He needs to move on.

ohhh you wanna play hard now huh J. Allen, can't wait to see ur sorry azz in the game. fighting ur own teammate, ohh you real big and bad huh, now do that same &h!t this weekend against the enemy punk.!!!!

I think its great...let them go at it, I can't believe the coaches broke it up.

Lets bring in Steve Smith, then we can watch a true Rumble in the Bubble. Allen and Smith will probably be more entertaining than watching the fin offense this year. As for the Beck rumor, normally where there is smoke there is fire. All rumors usually have some semblence of truth in them. Beck is mos def a dead man walking. Go fail forward fast with your boy CamMoron.

Maybe Allen can try fighting in the ring since he's not smart enough to play football.Of course football players don't fare very well in the ring.

Allen owed Kirkus some money. Kirkus got lucky that Allen just punched him out instead of pulling his piece and pistol whipping him.

Wow, you call yourself a reporter. You should go back to school and learn how to write. You are an embarrasment to hispanics.

I am actually EXTREMELY happy to hear this news and I will explain why. Our offense has lacked balls for so long now. They have had no cohesiveness and have lacked heart. What this says to me is that these guys are going to have eachothers backs and not be bullied anymore. They definitely suprised the defense and I suspect they also gained some respect from them. Porters probaly thinking, 'damn, I didn't think they had any fight in them'. This is actually going to bring the team closer than anyone could imagine. Now they just need to let it go and show the rest of the NFL that they might not be as good as a lot of teams but they will never give up and will fight to the end! Lets Go Dolphins!!!!!

The Beck thing is a rumor. But, rumors are sometimes true. It is time to move forward and cut Beck, pick up another receiver or two and go with Penny, Henne, McCown. Then, if Griese or Simms becomes available, cut the McCown guy and continue the progress. We need receivers here guys. These guys are dropping everything. You can't constantly run the ball.

Goodbye John Beck.You're days are numbered. Cammoron has a roster spot for you. Or, does he? It will be interesting to see how much faith Cam has in Beck now if he becomes available. I'll bet not as much as some of the bloggers here do.

Tinshaker- What do you think?

JERSEYFINFAN - Well anyone who's been reading the blogs this summer knows I've never had any faith in Beck's 'potential' (is it potential if it never happens, or just misplaced hope?)

There's no way IMO that Cam picks up Beck, they are crowded at QB up there so there is no space for him. He is no longer Cameron's guy since Cameron got a no. 1 draft pick QB this year.

I honestly don't see Beck being picked up by anyone other than for a scout team maybe. There is just a lot of traffic at QB this offseason. Does anyone need to sign a QB right now? His best chance is if someone gets injured in the rest of preseason. Since there are three games left, the Dolphins would have to have no faith in him at all to cut him before they have to cut down to 53 because the other three could get hurt in the interim.

Tinshaker, I agree. However, if Beck does get cut, he should seek refuge in the AFL. Maybe then he will get better and faster reading defenses. This guy looks like a scared puppy out there. Reminds me of a scene in Norbit: Norbit why you run like lil b#tch? LMAO!

Sparano said the rumor was false, Beck will be at practice this afternoon.

Perhaps bigger news is that Shawn Murphy rolled his ankle today. There's a good chance this guy doesn't make the team. He has been unimpressive and a big guy with a rolled ankle at his position could be completely ineffective for the rest of pre-season.

JERSEY, I said the same thing a couple days ago and was barraged by Beck lovers telling me off for suggesting such a thing because then he WOULD be too old to come back to the NFL. My response is the guy made the decision to take two years off when he knows the shelf life of a football player is only a few years. I don't understand why if football is that important to you, you can't go on your mission after your football career.

The REAL question here is what are the odds of running into someone who saw 'Norbitt'?


Help me out. I have read your blog everyday since camp opened. All I read is interception after interception by ALL FOUR QBs. Are any of these four QBs expected to play well? I do hear that Henne and Pennington have good leadership and huddle command etc..etc... which is great...but all I read about is Interceptions and almost zero TDs! Is this normal in camp or are we just not going to score any touchdowns this year?

Tinshaker: I don't know. Norbit was just about as bad as Becks play is! LMAO. But, the line works! Check it out!

Brawl! yeah! what the coaches should have done is let the fight play out, tape the whole thing, and find out who our studs are.

Fighting during practice is a welcome sign. Football is a controlled fight, on the LOS, every tackle, its an all out fight.

As for Beck, where there's smoke there's fire.

He should be updating his resume.

JERSEY can you give me the exact location by minute of the quote so I don't have to watch the whole thing? LOL

Ok, back to the game, I keep asking the journalists what the appeal of Beck is and why he has so many fanboys. None of them have ever responded to the question. The fanboys responses have never been credible because they usually consist of the following: "Beck is really really really good", "He has not been given a fair chance (waah waah)", and "Beck is WAY better than McClown! McClown is a joke! Look at me I'm clever because I can say McClown like all the other Beck fanboys!"

But seriously, I never saw the guy play in college. I didn't see him in TC last year. My only knowledge of the guy is what I saw during the season and this year. It's a bit like when you start a new job and there's this popular employee who's a real screw up and you think to yourself why is this guy highly regarded, he doesn't know how to do the job, and yet management/coworkers keep touting him as THE guy. Well since I started this job everyone's been talking him up but I haven't seen him perform.

Mando, Cote is ripping off your blog again. Why doesn't that loser at least give you credit for your work?

I wouldn't say he was ripping it off, in fact he disagreed somewhat with Armando. However, it was a really bad read. I used to enjoy reading Cote when I was about 12. Now I just wonder what was wrong with me back then...

LOL Tinshaker. I don't knoe how Cote keeps his job. He must have some major dirt on somebody.

A Dolphin coach broke up a fight? That's got to mean something unlike last year's coach who crawled underneath an airliner seat. Anyone want to make a wager that Porter will cuss out Sparano during a team meeting this year?

I was at practice this morning and the fight was the most exciting thing. Defensive players seem to be a bit touchy out there #47 pushed Ricky onto the floor during one running drill, then much later did the same to Cobbs. =) brings a smile to see the defense playing "mean".

PT - Surprised Greg Cote wasn't mentioned in this article:


Hey Jersey and Tinshaker, you two should get a room. I'm obviously kidding with you,,,,,,but seriously,,get a room :)

I told you those NY fans are brutal. Check out NYScott's message to us! Lol! Sorry Scott, I love women. Especially hot latino ones. I can't help it that Tinshaker is hitting this one right on the head. We gotta be objective here guys. Beck SUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKS!
Tinshaker: the part is when Mr. Wong throws the spear...Ah Right in the bro hole! There Scott throw some NY humor on that one,LMFAO!!!!

Not listening to this mumbo-jumbo right now...


Mando, according to Andy Kent, Chad Henne was 4-7 with one interception...just tought you should know.

There is no way any QB gets cut in the next 2 weeks anybody that even thinks that may happen is a true idiot!!!!

Give me one good reason to cut a QB hell give me any reason - DUMB!!!!

Sohail, I had a boss name Sohail once...anyway I will field your question. I too asked the same question a few weeks ago. Apparently he is only interested in going to a superbowl contender, which Miami is not. So we are not on his radar. That and the fact we don't really need a safety and have more pressing needs like OL.

NYScott, are you kidding me? Have you seen his horrible taste in movies? We'd never get along!

JERSEY, you don't have to tell me about NY fans. That's one thing that is not an urban myth, they really ARE that brutal. Used to work for a Jets fan and he would hurt my feelings at least twice an hour!

Give me a reason why they wouldn't keep three cut Beck and if no one shows interest then they put him on the practice squad......wasn't he practicing with the practice squad today anyway......I've never hated Beck but I also don't understand where all this loyalty to him is coming from he has never done anything for the dolphins.......some of you Beck lovers are acting like there cutting Dan Marino or something.......I'm pretty sure that the Trifecta has alot more experience in these matters than us on this Blog and if you are a true Dolphin fan you should trust them......Goodness gracious if you guys trusted Cameron last year you got to Give BP a chance.

Go Phins

y-not, it would take some pretty bad oversight for the dolphins to cut a QB before the end of preseason. So I don't know where these rumors are coming from. It does make sense that the Dolphins would make it known that Beck or McCown are up for bids starting this week, so other teams have them on the radar for when they need them.

Ya got a big mouth for such a little man Tinman.

Finfan Orlando.

I think your idea is plausible but there is probably a 1 in 10000 chance that Beck or McCown would clear the waiver wire. They certainly may be trying to trade Beck or McCown but the trio was prepared to go the season with the original 3 until Pennington shows up.

I think it far more likely they keep all 4 into the season because sooner or later someone will need a QB due to injury and they will get a decent pick for either one.

Remember JT was not worth a #2 until the skins lost 2 DE in a day.

"Give me a reason why they wouldn't keep three cut Beck and if no one shows interest then they put him on the practice squad"

Because he won't clear waivers.

Go read the very rumor on PFT that started this whole conversation, it appears that the rest of the fans in the NFL disagree with all you half-cocked dolphin fans.

You ever wonder why you guys are perpetually rebuilding? Probably because the 28 management regimes in the last 5 years were paying to much attention to you idiots.

Stupid stupid fishfan

If you are not a fan why would you be posting on this thread? Oh I know - its in you screen name Stupid stupid!

Know take a hike dikhead and bother someone else!


I don't see your idea of trading one of the QB's after another team suffers an injury coming to fruition. Simply because there are too many other teams with way better backups that might be willing to trade.

At least not for Beck. He's an unproven commodity right now.

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