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A rumble in the Dolphins jungle [Updated]

Tempers have flared during the Dolphins practice this morning.

On an otherwise routine deep pass down the right sideline, cornerback Will Allen and receiver David Kircus got into a scuffle after the play was over. Actually, it was more like after the pass fell incomplete. Allen began punching on Kircus who fell to the turf and basically went into a fetal position as Allen stood over him.

It is impossible to say what started the fight but one source says it is because Kircus put a hard block on Allen a play or two before and the cornerback didn't appreciate the treatment. There was apparently also a verbal exchange of pleasantries.

Anyway, Allen's distribution of punches lasted for about five seconds then he apparently realized Kircus wasn't fighting back. (Or was it Allen was confused by Kircus trying to fight back by hitting Allen's fist with his facemask?) Anyway, Allen stopped, and as he was walking back to the line of scrimmage tight end Sean Ryan tackled Allen and started whooping on him.

And then it got crazy.

Defensive players came to Allen's defense. Offensive players then joined in. And the melee that ensued lasted about 10 seconds as coaches frantically blew their whistles and carefully tried to re-establish order.

Within, I would estimate, 45 seconds, the order was indeed restored and the Dolphins ran another play. Coach Tony Sparano was seen remonstrating with Allen afterward.

In all my years of covering football, I've seen a lot of practice fights but normally it is an offensive lineman versus a defensive lineman. I have never seen a cornerback attack a receiver and Sparano thought it ridiculous as well.

"A receiver and a defensive back, I don't think that's much of a fight," the coach said moments ago. "It's not smart ... It's not something I condone at all ... It's not what you want."

As for actual football matters, the profootballtalk.com rumors about John Beck getting cut today are NOT TRUE. If you don't believe the fact Sparano shot down the rumor, believe my eyes:

Beck participated in drills and is readying for the next practice in a couple of hours.

Chad Pennington is expected to start and play up to a half in that game -- depending on the number of possessions Miami gets. Interestingly, Beck and Josh McCown actually took some scout team snaps today which isn't a big reward but is a lot more work they got in practices the past couple of days.

During the first and second-team team drills, Pennington was 5 of 7 with 1 interception and zero touchdowns, while Henne 4 of 7 with neither an interception nor a touchdown.

Finally, Joey Porter is expected to play Saturday while Vonnie Holliday (hamstring) and Michael Lehan (high ankle sprain) are not.


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Beck won't be cut anytime soon. My impression if it does happen will be after the K.C. exhibition home game. Yes his drafter won't save him. Poor Baltimore Ravens. Right now I don't see any team giving bupkis for him. Don't even see a 4th Rounder. Then again it's the situation about his sect. Already lost crucial time for learning and playing. Imagine that the Utah movement requires his services again. What do you think will be his choice? For crying out loud. Religions and Sports don't mix. Never. Mormon: remove one letter and see what you get. Cam knows something about that too.

It's simple...Beck is not the Tuna's guy. Why keep a guy you didn't pick up and trade for. I feel bad for Beck because he did not (nor did Cameron) get a fair shake last year. Cameron did what every fan has been saying for a long time, get dump everybody and start from scratch..when they did that they had no WR's, No RB's, No line and the guy got killed. The only big mistake the Cameron made was getting rid of WES WELKER.

hey Y-not, did you read the comments on that website? The stupidity of cutting beck has occurred to some other fans besides me, just not fishfans evidently.

You can hate on me, or beck, but you know I'm right.

I bet you 100 bucks that Beck gets picked up by another team if the dumbfins cut him.

Hey Armando, I was reading on the Palm beach Post blog that in the afternoon session everyone got fairly, the same amount of attempts and reps.

Based on that rank the quarterbacks solely on today's practice and another in an overall view of the quarterbacks not based on what the coaches like, but based on what you see being out there everyday.

Tin and Jersey, you guys are hilarious! The "have you ever seen his taste in movies" line was great. It's awesome that you guys took it in stride and didn't get bent out of shape like some would've. You know I'm just kidding and I have much love for all of my fellow Phin fans! And yes, I have changed my mind about our boy Beck. At first I wanted to give him some more time but now it just doesn't make sense. McCown is a better back up and we are trying to improve, not play favorites. I respect the hell out of John for all of his hard work but I am really starting to believe that he WOULD be better off with a fresh start and a west coast offense. He just looks either confused or scared most of the time, I don't know which.

To stupid, no one hates Beck. Everyone just wants what is best for the team and I really am having a hard time understanding why there are people who think he should stay over someone else. Isn't the whole idea to keep your best players? Why would you keep the QB who is doing the worst? Especially considering the fact that there is a rookie who is beating him every day. The whole "he has more upside" argument is ridiculous. He hasn't shown us any upside, not only that but he has regressed from last year eventhough he is playing in an easier offense. He seems to wilt under pressure and even when there is no pressure he's throwing interceptions. Of course someone will pick him up when or if he is cut, what a silly statement. But hopefully for him it will be someone who runs a dink and dunk offense because it seems he is more suited for that. But if people come in here if/when he has some sort of success with another team and write 'see I told you' it will just spotlight their ignorance. He could be a good QB in another system but what should the Dolphins do, change their whole system to fit a question mark QB when they have 3 other QBs that are handling it better? It just doesn't make sense on any level.

I think the reason you have such a negative opinion of beck is because by your own admission you are forming your opinion based on what the miami media tells you. they always skew/misrepresent the truth in order to show whatever they would like to represent. you can tell this by the different reports by each paper. mando especially for that matter. people don't like beck I get that, however dropping him would be a mistake. you've heard all the arguments before so i won't get into them, but if your forming your opinion on a particular player based on what the media tells you thats looking at things a little one sided. my main point is that we know what mccown can do in the nfl however we still have no idea what beck can do. we'll all see how things pan out, but i'll put our future in him just as much as henne because i have just as much idea about him as i do beck

Phinatic did you watch the game Saturday?
Before you think I'm being sarcastic I'm not I am really asking.

Because I'd like to give you example but you had to watch the game.

Phinatic, I generally agree with your comments but to say the Fans Against The Development Of Beck (the F.A.T.D.O.B.'s) formed their opinion of Beck through the eyes of the media is a bit ridiculous. We have seen him in games just not showing NFL caliber decision making or performance. Until he does it in a game, then why should anyone think otherwise?

By the way, the first meeting is on Wednesday unless he gets cut or traded in which case we will immediately disband.

"We have seen him in games just not showing NFL caliber decision making or performance."

Like all the rest of the dumbfins QBs??? LOLZZZZZ

They're all scrubs dumbazz, your choice is "do I keep the washed up has been scrub, or do I keep the scrub that might still have some hope?"


Tin you are one funny mo-fo
I'll be there wednesday......LOL

And Stupid stupid fishfans
you sound like a pissed off Jets fan.

Go Phins

Anyone have a number on what Beck will cost us in salary cap if we cut him before the 53 cutdown? How about McClown? I know someone out there is a hardcore football geek obsessed enough to know. How many million will the Phins eat in dead money?

They can cut either of them and you it won't cost you a dime.

The fins have plenty of cap room, it's a non-issue. They'd eat about 3-4 million but have much much more room than that under the cap.

Everyone is signed and nobody that's will be added will cost much money. The only cap space concern would be if they traded for Boldin, which would require a new deal for him.

How the hell can you hurt someone when they have on a helmet and pads?wail away dumbarse,you aint gonna hurt no one except maybe yourself when your fist makes contact with a hard helmet and your hand breaks,now there a happy thought,isnt hard blocks what football is all about,he got mad because Kircus laid one on him?he best learn to avoid hard blocks then because he is surely going to see alot more in his NFL career,the baby.

yeah finfan in orlando I watched the game section 446 so I don't get as good of a view as you guys with tvs. I liked his performance, but he was good last preseason too so the jury is still out

I'm not trying to start an argument I'm just tired of all the bashers who say he's bad and Henne's the future when we still havn't seen Henne outside of preseason. I remember around this time of year last year everyone was high on Beck too. I remember the chanting "we want beck" at the game and I was part of it, it turned out to be a bad decision as did many things last year. I just feel like Beck is getting cut off for Henne when we still don't know enough about Henne either

In the game Beck did not look so bad on all throws the stuff that bothered me the most from beck when he was pressured, One time he threw the ball away. Which if he is about to get sacked it would be a good decision but he barely gave the play a chance he took the snap and fired the ball to the ground and seemed scared and he also seemed scared when he fumbled and you would think that the game should start slowing down for a second year player even as unexperienced as Beck is but Henne just seems more confident he was throwing the ball down field and he just seemed more comfortable for a player that should be feeling like things are happening too fast. I don't Blame Beck for his lack of confidence I blame the Sham for listening to the fans and throwing him to the wolfs(The Sham should never have been a coach he has no back bone)but I believe that if Beck will ever be good it will have to be on another team with a veteran QB where that "Future of the Franchise" Tag is removed. It seems like he is trying to be perfect on every play and puts way to much pressure on himself. I like Beck how can't you the guy works hard but his head is not right, right now. Think about this the coaching staff has been working with Beck since January and have given him every chance to step up and he has not and it just does not make sense to keep two unexperienced QB's to back up a Pretty good injury prone QB. That is why I think they will keep McNown. I'm not a hugh McNown Fan but I don't dislike him he has always been serviceable back-up.

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