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Thoughts on the 'Fins...

Note: Albert Latour is one of the winners of The Miami Herald's contest to spend a day at Dolphins training camp and blog about it... here's his story:

As one of the Herald training camp contest winners, I'm going to use my chance to chime in on Armando's blog by jotting down some thoughts on what I think & hope is going to happen this season.  I can't say that I'm necessarily qualified, but I feel I have earned it as I've done some hard time as a life long 'fins fan. 

All in all, we can't realistically expect any more than 6 wins from this team.  But we will be calling this year a success in the context of the Tuna's 3-year master plan if the following things happen this year (in order of probability):

  1. The O-line develops into the dominant, young and cohesive unit that will be the foundation of this offense and the team in general for the next few years.  With Long, Carey and Satele locking down the two ends and the middle, and what so far look to be good finds in Smiley and Thomas - I'll be surprised if this doesn't happen.
  2. Henne proves to be the QB of the future.  I don't mind if he doesn't take a snap all year during the regular season, I just want to feel comfortable that he's the guy going forward.  The significant and meaningful reps that he's getting during camp are going to pay dividends next year when he will come into camp to compete for the starting job. 
  3. Ronnie Brown comes back strong.  He's our only bonafide play-maker on offense; if he stays healthy he's going to have a big year in Dan Henning's offense behind this O-line.
  4. On the defense side of the ball, 5 players still in or approaching their prime (28 or younger) step up to represent the new defensive core for the future.  I'm thinking these 5 will be Langford, Merling, Crowder, Jason Allen, and maybe surprisingly Reggie Torbor.  I remember watching Torbor flying around in the SuperBowl, and he seemed to be everywhere in the first preseason game.  He will be starting next to Crowder by midway through the season.      
  5. Teddy Ginn Jr. becomes a legit deep threat.  I think the media and fans are being too hard on this guy (and his family).  Ginn should be fired up about the Pennington signing as the 'fins will see a lot of "8 in the box" this year, and Pennington will be able to recognize and exploit matchups in which a corner is left alone on #19 with no deep help.  I know that Chad doesn't have a big arm, but he didn't when he made Laverneus Coles and Santana Moss serious playmakers either.

Just a couple of other things. I see Ricky Williams getting traded for a couple of picks (maybe a 3rd and a 5th rounder) after the first few games of the regular season.  Ricky will get a lot of carries in the first few games (after his preseason showcase), will continue to show that he's on the straight and narrow, and some contending team out there will need a quality back to make a run this year.  Tuna will pull the trigger on a deal like this, having Ricky is an unnecessary luxury for this team right now and we could definitely use the picks.   

The 'Fins have zero depth behind Ferguson at nose tackle.  I saw Paul Soliai getting manhandled by Satele one on one at camp - I won't be surprised if Soliai does not make the team.  If Ferguson goes down, our run defense will be right back where it left off last year. 

This has been fun, thanks to the Miami Herald and the Miami Dolphins for a great experience. 


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I don't know about Ricky being an unnecessary luxury. Ronnie Brown has never had a completely healthy year...and trading Ricky could leave us with nothing at running back if Ronnie gets hurt again.

Good post, thanks for the info.

Disappointing about Solai, I was hoping he would take over at some point.

I think you made a lot of good points except the Ricky trade. That would not be a smart move. HE is the best offensive player the Phins have and it would be crazy to get rid of him. Brown isn't healthy yet and none of the other backs seem ready to be prime time.

Thanks again,


Thanks for the blog. I don't think Ricky will get traded. The tuna likes to have 2 good backs in the backfield and this tandem is perfect for what he needs.

6 wins? Huh?

We won a single game last year, the Jets won 6 games with basically the same team they won 10 with the year before. If we win 3 we should be happy, 4, it will be amazing, 5-6 divine intervention.

Ronnie Brown is not coming back from a stubbed toe, but from a serious knee injury. Getting rid of Ricky will leave us with only that rookie. Rarely does a running back come back from an injury like that and regain their form the next year.

Besides, who in their right mind will trade a 3rd and 5th pick for Ricky Williams? Maybe a 6th, that can turn into a 5th if he plays all 16 games, passes every drug test, and doesn't father any more children.

Impressive analysis.

Maybe Mr. Latour should have his own blog.

Nice points. I also don't agree with Ricky. A lot of teams are featuring two backs now, and it makes more sense to keep him as insurance for Ronnie Brown. He's looked very good so far this year.

I am very worried about lack of depth for a 3-4 tackle. Has Randy Starks been getting any work there?

Good post, but no way on Ricky, Tuna loves him, and wants a tandem backfield.

Nice blog. Don't quite understand the comments about Ricky? I think he will be fine and used in the same way Parcells used Otis Anderson back in the day when many thought his career was over. Personally, I think it is time to give Ricky a chance and let the past stay in the past. 775 carries in two years was too much for him. Not an excuse to do what he did, but I think he was overused. He looks fresh, and I like our chances with him. I think Ronnie may take a little time to get back into form. I remember once, Chris Chambers got his clock cleaned against Denver and was not the same for a year or so afterwards as far as going over the middle. I think the Dolphins are moving in the right direction. I cheer for them win or lose. That what true fans do.

Nice blog. Don't quite understand the comments about Ricky? I think he will be fine and used in the same way Parcells used Otis Anderson back in the day when many thought his career was over. Personally, I think it is time to give Ricky a chance and let the past stay in the past. 775 carries in two years was too much for him. Not an excuse to do what he did, but I think he was overused. He looks fresh, and I like our chances with him. I think Ronnie may take a little time to get back into form. I remember once, Chris Chambers got his clock cleaned against Denver and was not the same for a year or so afterwards as far as going over the middle. I think the Dolphins are moving in the right direction. I cheer for them win or lose. That what true fans do.

I can't see the Fins winning 6 games if they trade Ricky after the first few games.
They'll need Ricky if they plan on winning more than three games this season.

Heck I think Miami can go 8-8 or better this year. This is the NFL after all, every year some team surprises the whole league by rising up from the depths.

Whoa, hang on there David. The Jets won FOUR games, not six. Are you a delusional Jets fan?

Albert, good job on the blog. However, the idea of Ronnie being the only offensive playmaker and the suggestion that they will trade Ricky, sounds like some one has something personal against Williams. The fins will not trade Ricky first of all because Parcells loves this guy, Sparano loves this guy, and did you hear the cheering for him at the Tampa Bay game? He will be very productive for us and it wouldn't make any sense to trade our best chance at winning games. Ronnie is coming off a big injury and we don't know how that's going to work out. Ricky trade? I think not.

Albert Latour, how can he ever have won a contest. Writing this trash only proves how bad the Herald really is. I've seen better stories in the Enquirer. He must really be a closet Jet fan.

LOL. I'm sorry Albert I couldn't resist. That was really a great job. I just figured that if you weren't insulted it would create some kind of blog ettiquette violation. Maybe even cause some kind of space/time collapse or something like that. Did I leave any insults out Armando?

I agree with most except the Ricky thing. If Ronnie is back to his form of last season, maybe. But I really think they will need to rely on Ricky this year. After this season, another story.

Once again, great job and I hope you have a sense of humor. I didn't mean any of those things.

You lost me on the Ricky trade. Simply doesn't make sense.

I too think the D line needs help now. I watched the Tampa game and even Ferguson wasn't as stout as I was led to believe. We need more beef at the point of attack.

A few hitches to Ginn should enable him to get deep more often. He needs to prove he is more shifty though.

I doubt Ricky will be traded.

What about Starks as a backup NT? I know he's not a true NT but with Holliday, Merling, Langford and possibly Wright at DE, Starks might have to play NT.

David, the Jets won 4 games last year, 10 in 06 during a fluke season and 4 in 05. They're not that good of a team and I think they're overrated now.

Disagree with Latour on Ricky. How did he get soooo much right, then blow it so wrong on Ricky? Prefer him over Armondo soooo much more. Hey Latour, need some help with a Herald job application? Give me a shout. WELL DONE! Armondo: WORRY.

I think Albert burned his #34 "Williams" game jursey a couple of years ago and is now having second thoughts like the rest of us.
Back on the bandwagon boys!
I don't need a roll model for my kids.
Just run the damn ball and stay OFF 60 minutes.

Dude What are you smoking!!!!!! Ricky is not going anywhere. Specially not his year. If he goes it will be next year if (and that's a big if) Ronnie goes back to his old self. Even then a 1 2 punch with both these guys will give us the best chance to win...this year and the next couple...Run Ricky Run

Maybe we'll get lucky and a quality NT on a team with depth at NT gets released, or we can trade for a guy. Otherwise this team is gonna have to run the 4-3 more often.

The comment about Ricky is ridiculous. Sounds like something Armando would say.

'Mando--get the hook & do your own job. If I want amateurish noodlings, I'll go to Cote's blog, thank you very much.

Good Job! Yes I believe Ricky is being Show-cased for picks.

Gotta go with the high majority here...NO Ricky trade. Not happening. I'm sorry folks, I want to believe in Ronnie Brown. I think he's a great back in terms of speed and has good hands. But he is not anywhere close to being a runner like Ricky. He falls too easily and is purely a North/South runner. What concerns me ultimately is our VERY weak receiving corp. This is a much improved team versus last year. As one blogger stated, this is the NFL-anything can happen. Miami can win 5 games this year. Remember, they won 6 games in 2006 and then got bitten by the Cam Cameron bug. This is a younger, faster and more aggressive team. And face it, the future looks bright. Even if Henne gets no reps this year during the reg. season (which I think he will because Chad P. can be a bit fragile), this is the first Miami QB since Marino that I've seen throw a ball accurately with zip 30 yds down the field. It may not sound like much, but we truly haven't had it. Fiedler? No. Griese? No. Frerotte? Nope. Harrington? Maybe, but inaccurate. The list goes on...Sorry to all you Daunte lovers, his arm had no zip by the time the Dolphins landed him. Go Fins...never lose hope!

Ricky's cotract expires at the end of this season, so it doesn't make any sence to dream about 3rd and 5th round picks in exchange for him. Besides, having two talented RBs on the same team is not a luxury in the 16 game NFL schedule. Did LT play for the Chargers last year against the Pats in the playoffs? The Dolphins should make an effort to keep Ricky Williams in Miami.

thatz nutz. trade ricky? have you been on la la planet leotard?

tuna respects ricky.......nuff said........

maybe not last to first.....but i am closer to 8-8 and could be some suprises and 10 if the LB's and secondary can finally add some points or get us off the freaking field.....

we will run first....run when its a pass call and pass when its a run call....pure shula

pat cobbs is no slouch either.....parmele? keep all of 'em- ditch McCown


17-0 with a 40 year old backup QB named EARL!


Ricky Williams is the best PLAYER the Dolphins have....period! If you trade Williams and Brown never regains his form... the Phins might not win ONE game this season!

d strock,

how did u let penny take your number...

remember the midfield hand slap from earl to bob, when he came back? priceless....

even nixon had drawn a post from griese to warfield for the SB....priceless

the first thing parcells did was sign ricky williams. tuna doesnt rebuild a team and sign the best player right off the back to trade him after 3-4 games thats just crap talk. read the media more your totaly wrong about your whole opinionated blog. before pennington (which i am no big fan of) we would probaly only go 6-10. but lets not forget this guy has potential to to take us to the playoffs soon. with this guy at qb phins have a real shot 8-8 or 9-7. as far as the d goes some one commented on j.fergson didnt play well. the guy only clogged the middle of the line and allowed nothing the whole time he was in there. our run d was freakin awsome and will only get better. we released a couple of guys to fee up room for better player as they come avail. good thing wee all have our say and thats my take on this season. go phins 9-7

Ricky comes cheap and in this league you need two backs. I see Ricky staying because Tuna loves a good RB period.

Good times, Harricane!

Can't believe my tan didn't get #10 on the Ring-O-Fame...Wear it well Chad!

'72 AFC Championship vs The Steelers...
Bob actually HAD to throw the ball!

I'd love to be able to trade Ricky for that much. Dude's what, 31? Getting anything for him at this point would be a huge win.

As for all of you who think it would be stupid for the Fins to do it, or that Parcells needs Ricky so he can run Ronnie and Ricky as his tandem... what are YALL smoking? Are yall expecting Ronnie and Ricky to run wild in the Super Bowl? Best case scenario: they run wild to a 6-10 season. You would really pass on a 3rd and 5th rounder for a 31 year old flaky running back so you can end up with a 6-10 season?

If Parcells gets ANYTHING for Ricky, he should do it in a heartbeat. We'll be in for a long season with Ronnie and Patrick Cobbs as our running backs, but we're in for just as long a season with Ricky anyway.

Ricky being traded...I CAN SEE IT HAPPENING ALSO, Ronnie wont be ready till week 4, Bill runs the heck out of ricky proving he has it. Then some dumb team like the TEXANS that are 3-1 trade for RICKY!!

Great blog I can see it happening!!!

A lot-o-tread left on them 31 year old tires John-Boy.
Ricky hasn't been hit by more than a chubby Canuck in three years.
Minus the late "hit" against Shitsburgh last year.
Give the guy a SHOT at redemption.
The Tuna has a plan.
Somebody's gonna take a beating behind that line and Ricky comes cheap.
If we beat the J-E-T-S twice cause Penny can read their 'D' in his sleep....
Party ON at 2-14!!!

I just have no idea why Ricky Williams is even on the team unless it's for a trade later. No matter how good he is, he is gone in two years at best. Then what? We need youth, and Ronnie Brown....good heavens has he ever made it through one whole season?


Ricky is the best player on our team and he looked sharp in the first preseason game, I don't see him traded with a recovering Ronnie Brown. We could use Cobbs, but he can't carry an offense the way Ricky can.
I look at the schedule for this year, and it's a very easy schedule. I won't be surprised if the Dolphins beat Arizona, Houston, and split the Jets and Bills series.
I'd love to see Ginn catch the ball more, preferably downfield. I think Pennington could be the one to get it to him. Especially after what I've seen him do to our dolphins in the past years.

A 3rd and 5th round pick for Ricky? I want to smoke some of what you're smoking. It took 3 months of negotiating and a season-ending injury to get more than a 3rd round pick for Jason Taylor. Ricky's one joint away from another year suspension (or possibly the end of his career).

Ricky's more valuable to the Dolphins than to anyone else.

Weak post, dude. Lost you at "All in all, we can't realistically expect any more than 6 wins from this team". Would've preferred you share fond 'phins' memories or craziest tailgate party incident or maybe where you were the day the 'phins beat the Pats on Monday night in '04 and what it was like when you heard.

Too many predictions. Bo-o-o-oring and more than likely all wrong anyway. Besides, everyone here already knows that 'Mando is the smartest guy in the room by half!

next time, kid.

I could not agree more about Ginn. People blame him for not being Brady Quinn, which is unfair and unrealistic. He was grade very close to where he was drafted, so he was, at most, a slight reach (considering the lack of game-changing playmakers, I think he was UNDER-valued that draft, which had mostly large possesion type receivers). His rookie numbers were solid, considering he was seldom used until late in the year.

I see no reason he cannot be a major factor in Miami's turnaround.

Nice blog entry. They should fire Armando and hire you!

Like most, I also think you missed on Ricky. However, if Parcells and Co trades Ricky, he's less bright than Cam and Mueller.
Not having seen practices, it's hard to criticize your take on things. Still, I'd also be concerned about the least talked about 1/3 of the game, Special teams. We sucked the big one last year, and cannot allow opponents field position. We must
give Ginn/whomever lanes in the return game, as our less than quick strike offense can't mange 60 yard drives, let alone those of 80 yards.
I have less confidence in Ginn than you, and I don't think criticism of a #1 pick less than prodigious production is out of line.
6 wins is where I have us, but if Chad (P) is off his game, I'm afraid the other Chad hangin' around will be forced in. maybe good, maybe not so.

Your analysis is solid.

I don't think the Williams trade is likely because no one will offer more than he is worth to us. If that does happen, such as a 3rd and 5th round pick, Ricky is gone. We could draft a young running back prospect and add depth to one of the lines. Ricky probably won't be around when the Phins reach their peak.

In regards to Ted Ginn, I'm hopeful he will emerge this year and prove worthy of a first round pick. He has the potential to become a true play maker on offense and special teams. Pennington should expedite his development.

It's exciting to watch this young team be built. In the modern NFL it is necessary for success.

If a team makes an offer for Ricky Williams, he will be traded, thats what you do to 30 year old running backs who are not dependable, please spare me all the "Parcells loves him" talk. Parcells was brought here to do a job, and while Williams seems to be in good shape and running hard, the reality is he is a free agent after this year, and if someone makes a decent offer, and it gives us a chance to get younger, Parcells will move him. The odds of a team giving up a 3rd and 5th are highly unlikely, so that is irrelevant anyways. If no offer is made, then Parcells and co will gladly run ricky into the ground until brown can take half the carries. To the guy who said Miami can go 8-8, I would like to know what he has seen out of this team that would lead him to believe thats possible? Was it the dynamic wr this offense showcases? The steady qb play? Unfortunately, having quality rbs doesnt allow you to win in the nfl, when you go down by 2 or 3 scores. This defense is very unimpressive. While I like our d line, if the linebackers dont generate pressure, opposing qbs will pick us apart. Everyone says our secondary is the strong point of the defense, well that was just because we were losing every game, and giving up 150 rushing yards, so teams didnt bother to throw on us. Where is the pressure going to come from? Porter? Can he stay healthy? Charlie Anderson looked unimpressive, as did Crowder, and I dont understand everyones love for Torbor, I thought he looked terrible last week, playing against tampas 2nd team. In order for this team to win 8 games, they would need the defense to play flawless every week, because if the running game is taken away, we are hopeless. I would say 5 wins is a great year with the talent we have. I'd bank on maybe 3 or 4 wins.

Even if you could trade Ricky for a 3rd and 5th and that's a huge assumption for a player one strike away from being banned for life, why would you trade the team's potential MVP for a couple of mid round picks that are 50-50 hit or miss? Especially if you have no proven wide receivers or tight ends and figure to be a running team for the foreseeable future.

How many of their 3rd and 5th rounders have panned out in the past 5 years and how many haven't? That move would be right out of the Rick Spielman playbook.

trade ricky? r u high?

No one gives that up for Ricky, and no way the team trades him with Ronnie recovering from a torn ACL.

Never trade away your money players for a bunch of maybe misfits. If the dolphins offense jeals in time and can score quickly in the red zone, then they will make a serious run for a wildcard spot this season. Note: someone needs to tell joey porter that his back pain is due to a kidney infection. There are many herbal teas that can cure that problem in a hurry. Peace out!

Agreed that no one is going to trade for Ricky. Lots of quality unemployed running backs out there right now with no takers. Why would somebody give up draft picks for Ricky? As for the people claiming 8 or more wins, they are either watching a different team or smoking some of Ricky's finest. Three possibly four wins is a best case scenario. At least then we will be able to draft high again in every round. As for NT, I agree Soliai is not the answer, but like backup OT's there might not be many available when cuts are made. Like Ireland says, Rome wasn't built in a day, but at least we have some architects working on it now.

Good job, but gotta disagree on Ricky. He stays on the team at least the entire year, for no other reason than to contribute while Ronnie gets his full strength back. Ronnie should really not be an every down back again until '09.

I really agree w/ your premise ... wins aren't that important this year, rather, developing players for the future is!

Trade Ricky for a 3 and a 5? Only if Clinton Portis gets hurt.

Good post.

Forget trading Ricky - the Tuna loves him and he is playing for the veteran's minimum. Oh make no doubt about it Ricky is the best player on the team!

I thought Starks was brought in to spell Ferguson. Chowder, I mean Crowder, says Soliai is a beast this year. Don't forget that Satele isn't chopped liver - you'd expect him to give the NT a battle.

Yeah, they trade Ricky for a Snickers bar and a bag of Doritos because that is all anyone will give up for him. Who is this amateur?

Great job Albert

Insight and understanding of the Dolphins' situation

Tuna should hire you as an assistant and The Herald should take you out to Dolphin camp more often. Don't quit your day job jut yet but be ready to move on to sports career.

Its OK to be wrong about Ricky. Nobody is perfect

Good report.

Don't agree about Ricky, as trading him would leave us with precarious depth at RB. However that position is easy to fill. There are lots of talented tailbacks out there that are still unsigned at this late stage. I'm a little more concerned about Ronnie Brown though. I think he might stay healthy all year, but don't expect stellar numbers from him just yet. History shows that most quality RB's coming back from ACL injury's get about 3.7 or 3.8 YPC. Expect the same from Ronnie, don't expect a similar season to last year.

I agree that an injury to Ferguson would be highly damaging to this teams prospects. The Dolphins need to identify a serviceable backup at NT, or else teams will run against this defense with reckless abandon, much like last year.

The interior d-line is solid, but I'm concerned about the pass rush. We got nice compensation for JT, but in the meantime, his departure leaves a big hole at OLB.

Porter is a quality pass rusher, but we need someone to step up on the other side. Moses and Anderson aren't those guys. I suspect that they will spend two high draft picks next year at LB, one to replace JT at the Jack position, and another to eventually replace Porter, who lets face it, is nearer to the end of his career than to the beginning.

O-Line will continue to develop into a solid unit, as you said. In fact, I think they'll get this area of the team turned around quicker than most people think, and that can only be beneficial for the development of a young QB, which I think will be Henne.

If bill parcells trades ricky for a 3rd and a 5th round pick, he's a fool. Although ricky isn't quite important enough to be worth a second round pick, if ronnie gets injured again, ricky is as good worth a first round pick to the dolphins. the run game was one of the reasons we sucked last year, and i don't think parcels is dumb enough to chance it again by losing his depth behind brown.

now tell us something we don't know.

(your numbers 1 - 5 are way too obvious)


Good thoughts, my comments:

1. You need two backs. Parcells has always realized that, save for the period in which he utilized Curtis Martin a lot. Ronnie Brown will always be more effective splitting carries, as he was his rookie year with Ricky Williams. Find a Marion Barber type in the 3rd/4th round again when Ricky hits the end of the line, which may not be for another couple of years (Kenneth Davis was effective into his mid-30's as a # 2, for example).

2. Ginn is what he is. He's likely to be an Alvin Harper/Darnay Scott type as a pro. He just should not have been the # 9 pick in the draft, and I'd guarantee no other team thought he should be such. He's not a Fletcher/Moore type bust, but he wasn't worth that high a pick when bona fide potential stars like Patrick Willis and Amobi Okoye were available (not to mention the possibility of trading down and STILL getting Quinn).

3. Beck was also overvalued; if you're 3 years older than the rest of the QB class, then you shouldn't be taken ahead of two roughly equal prospects (Stanton and Edwards) on that basis; logically, there's less of a chance of realizing full value on your investment unless the 26 year old is ready to play immediately, which he wasn't. Henne clearly has the best chance to become "the man" because he has at least as much experience as Beck had coming out of college, he was drafted where he should have been (possibly, a bargain at 57) and he's not overaged. I'll be surprised if he is not the starter come opening day 2009 myself.

The Dolphins would be making a serious mistake trading Ricky Williams. The first reason is looking around the NFL, most team aren't doing any ironman football anymore, its a 2 system running back being used, you have your featured back which will give you 1500 - 2000 yards a season and then the other guy comes and relieve your featured back through out the season. Secondly, if you are a Maimi Dolphin fan, then you know that since Ronnie Brown has arrive here in Miami, season after season, he has been injury prone, he has yet to play a full season, so trading R.Williams with the way R.Brown health will defintely set the Dolphins back. Finally, Ronnie Brown is not a featured back, I don't understand for the life of me why haven't you supposedly DIE-HARD Dolphin fans figured that out yet. If you do your homework on the guy, you will discover that he wasn't the FEATURED RB in college at Auburn. What sold the Dolphins on Ronnie Brown is what he done at the Combine, he suppose to be the next GREAT running back but turns out his career and his counterpart down in Tampa is running the same race(C.Williams)and they're finished line is coming to a T.V. near you. For example, this is preseason and this guy still doesn't make the first defender miss, that's not the sign of a RB that you can depend on long term. The way I see it, tis a matter of time before Parcell becomes tired of Ronnie Brown style of running and his career in Miami is an after thought.

If Ricky can stay healthty he has some hall of fame level years comming his way (not that he will make the hall given the whole smokum thing). He was way overused by Winestash. With another back, he will gain a heck of a lot of yards running and receiving.

I agree that as Ricky is a free agent next year, he is not worth much in a trade unless he is tearing it up AND the Dolphins are otherwise Godaweful (no/ very few wins) AND some team has a back go down and needs Ricky for playoff run.

I say that won't happen because the Phins could be OK. Also Ricky may be good in 09 and the Phins should want to keep him. He is certainly generated the most fun for me watching the Phins since Marino. This is entertainment and if Ricky can run, that is very fun to watch.

I say the Phins win between 3 (unlucky == injuries) and 11 (lucky) games (likely 7 wins).

I would like to see the Phins sign Ricky for another two years. I think with the offseason conditioning and another back (Ronnie) he could be very valuable. Maybe the Phins agree to ignore that huge debt and get a good deal for 09-10. Other teams won't have that bargaining chip or the sense that he is no gangster (quite the gentleman really) and probably wants a few more good years enough to saty away from NFL player rule issues.

I hate to break it to everybody but Ronnie Brown is not the RB of the future. Hes a good change of pace back but trading Ricky to get Ronnie more carries is ludicrous. Ronnie is injury-prone & and is not a spectacular back.

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