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Bye-bye Kelvin Smith, we hardly knew ya

Kelvin Smith, a promising young LB, injured his knee in Saturday's game and could be out for the season. So the Dolphins today waived him injured.

Nice knowing you. He would revert back to the Dolphins IR list if no one else claims him or he and the Dolphins don't agree on an injury settlement.

The team signed Maurice Fountain, who last played at Clemson in 2005 and has been an Arena League guy the past couple of years.

Meanwhile, Jay Feely (groin), Vonnie Holliday (hamstring), Joey Porter (back), and Charlie Anderson (hamstring) did not practice.

Before you ask me how Chad Pennington did, he did just fine, according to this story in The Miami Herald.


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Another Cameron draft pick down the tubes.

You might want to clarify that he reverts to IR if unclaimed. I'm surprised it only took the media three tries (Perry, Halterman, Smith) to get the whole waived/injured thing down. It only happens dozens upon dozens of times each NFL season.

nice knowing you? Mr. Salguero do you enjoy being obnoxious ?

Since when was Kelvin Smith a promising young LB?

Mo Fountain is extremely talented. He is talented enough such that he should have been drafted.

I suspect Kelvin Smith will be just one of many hardly got to know you guys as Parcells will continue to turn over the roster. BTW Armando what have you heard about the rumors Beck is going to be traded to Dallas?

Chris, why don't you get over your friggan' self? Your comment shows what a bitter peahead you are.

Anyone who has been watching the tape of the practices on the Dolphins website would have taken notice of Smith. He was doing very well.

Bye-bye Kelvin Smith, we hardly knew ya?

I would expect a little more class from a professional journalist.


You should be suspended for your crass comment.

Maybe the Herald should "waive" you.


Ummmmm guys... Armando didn't waive the guy! lol

Maybe I've giving him too much credit, but I think he was trying to convey to you that this is a cold business. Might even spark a discussion of whether its necessary to be a cold person to run it or not.

Obviously a little too subtle for some.

Armando you are very arrogant and talk like a girl on the radio. Your voice is a little to high pitched for me.

I need TeePee for my bunghole

Wow, did everyone wake up with their panties in a bunch? This is a blog not his article. He can say what he wants. Just like you idiots....Maybe they are Smith's family that's y they are so upset.

If anyone watched the replay. since I record all the games I'm at, you'd see that Smith was injured on the final punt of the game, where Ref's obviously don't give a crap what's going on because there were 3 (3 undeniable blocks in the back) not flagged, and even the broadcasters remarked that Smith was pushed from behind causing him to come down awkwardly on his next step. So even though the stats show the Dolphins had too many (which they did) obviously the referee's weren't looking to closely at the Tampa Players. I feel sorry for Smith he had potential, but a cheap uncalled block in the back with less than two minutes left to play in the 1st exhibition game put's him out of commission for another year.

Armando, some of things you write are really harsh. A young football player is going to miss the entire season because of a severe knee injury. He will have an uphill battle to get back and try to make an NFL roster someday, and you decide a good headline would be "Bye-bye Kelvin Smith, we hardly knew ya"?

I'm not so sure why some players would ever even talk to you with some of the stuff you write about.

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