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Chad Pennington hits free agent market [update]

Chad Pennington is now a free agent, having been released by the Jets at 4 p.m.

The Miami Herald and other media organizations are reporting the Dolphins and Tom Condon, the agent for the jettisoned former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington, have discussed Pennington playing for Miami.

I would warn you that it is an initial conversation, although the sides have already talked twice today. Condon, meanwhile, is also reaching out to other teams with the Vikings and Kansas City being among them.

[UPDATE] The Vikings I am now being told by an NFL source are not enthusiastic about Pennington. The Kansas City Chiefs, coached by Herm Edwards, are also interested in Pennington, according to an NFL source. Edwards coached Pennington in New York. If I am Pennington, I try to get on the New England Patriots, whose backup situation is terrible.

This nonetheless has the feel of the Dolphins being aggressive.

And so here are some things to consider:

1. Condon, the agent, is not about doing anyone a favor. Assuming there is more than one team interested in Pennington, Condon will try to get some sort of guarantees from the team, among them an open competition for the starting job if he can get it. The Dolphins would give him that opportunity.

2. Condon is going to try to milk as much money for Pennington as possible. It would be a contract that would pay Pennington upwards of $5-$6 million if he plays a certain percentage of downs. So this won't be a cheap acquisition if Pennington is the starter.

3. Pennington would be attracted to the Dolphins because it gives him two opportunities to stick it to the Jets. But he'd also be very attracted to Minnesota because the Vikes play a West Coast offense and they play indoors, which mitigate his questionable arm strength.

4. What does this all mean for Josh McCown and John Beck? Bad news. We all know that Chad Henne is the quarterback the Dolphins will look toward next season and perhaps even late this season. Short-term this was to be a team either McCown or Beck were to lead.

But clearly if the Dolphins pull the trigger on Pennington, it shows they believe a guy who has had two throwing shoulder surgeries, was hurt much of last year and lost his starting job and wasn't really assured of winning the job in New York, is better than either McCown or Beck. And if Pennington makes the team it clearly means either Beck or McCown are OUT, GONE, HASTA LA VISTA, CIAO, BON VOYAGE.


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The Dolphins QB situation is cloudy at best. Why, in all seriousness, wouldn't we want to improve it?

Clearly, Chad Pennington isn't the long-term answer. However, this team is a lot like a woman who wakes up very single on her 32nd birthday, both aren't looking for Mr. Right, just looking for Mr. Right Now.

Pennington's injury history is enough to scare even the stoutest of hearts. But, he knows what he's doing on the field and he knows how to run an offense.

When the Carolina Panthers went 1-15 back in 2001, they brought in Rodney Peete to be their QB. Now, I don't think anyone in the organization thought that he was long-term answer, but he was the guy who was going to make the fewest mistakes while allowing the rest of the team, especially the offense, to get better. McCown was supposed to be that guy for the Dolphins this year. Since he hasn't seized the role, maybe Pennington could. Remember, he doesn't have to get them to the playoffs, he just needs to keep the screw-ups to a minimum and if there's one thing that Pennington does, it's not make a lot of mistakes.

Pennington's arm is shot. He can't throw a deep third route anymore.

Armando, you can't write Beck off this quickly, or should I say Parcells and Co. shouldn't. Beck has actually been the most impressive QB this week from everything I've gathered yet everyone keeps harping on last week's report, week 1 of training camp, which is dumb. If they release Beck over McCown that may come back to haunt them.

Looks like the bias against Beck still continues even though he's had a string of decent practices.

Meh. Screwing with the Jets is fun and all, but why not just hunker down with a Beck or a McCown for the moment, let them hand the ball to Ronnie and Ricky as often as humanly possible, and let the offensive line develop.

Pennington had flashes of decency, but he's no savior QB.

Bungle, I haven't written Beck off. I'm not the one flirting with every single QB that comes available.

The clock is ticking for Beck & McC; this is getting very interesting, but only because our QB situation stinks.

Pennington would first have to beat out Beck or McCown before either of them would be going anywhere. What makes you so sure he could?

You're harsh Armando. "Beck or McCown are OUT, GONE, HASTA LA VISTA, CIAO, BON VOYAGE." No sympathy on you're part.

Sympathy? We're talking about a waiver transaction not a death, Tom. One of them would be cut and probably picked up by someone else who would pay them more than most people make in 10 years. Let's have some perspective, please.

mccown sucks. pennington is a big upgrade over him.

if pennington comes in he won't be competing against anyone i don't think. who can beat him out? andi'm sure parcells will promise him the starting job to entice him to sign with miami.

Armando, I did say "or should I say Parcells and Co. shouldn't".

I'm not flirting with every single QB that comes available either. I'd rather just keep it the way it is and develop the young guys and fall back on McCown.

Bungle, you're right. I'm reading the comments via email and as you might think they're coming in pretty fast so I didn't read the whole thing.

manuel sorry about the misunderstanding yesterday

I don't like penn's injury history, but I still don't see a reason not to pick him up. I don't like the guy but that might be because he played for the jets, so I always thought he should do bad . One thing that would bother me would be letting go of Beck instead of Mccown. He was supposed to be the vet but penn represents an upgrade in that department. I'm going to have to say the same thing I said about Glenn if he clears physicals and doesn't work out were right where we are right now so no harm no foul

Armando, are you going to have a practice report today?

Oh, and I didn't mean YOU were flirting with every single QB. I meant the Quincy Carter and Pennington-loving Dolphins.

Jackson: No.

Really? Why no report? Are they cracking down on the info you guys can give out when the practice is held in the bubble?

Finally! For once I'd like to get a player FROM the pats, jets or bills and do all the nasty things to interogate him that the other teams do to our cast offs.

Would be nice to see Pennington beat the Jets on Opening Day....BUT....

McCowan's grow on trees in the NFL.

Beck is too young and it's too early to throw him under the bus.

And Henne just might be the starter by Thanksgiving.

So bring Pennington in for a tryout. It's better than Quincy Carter (I forgot about him playing for the Jets as well).

But really, this is like rummaging through your neighbor's garbage at this point.

BTW, read this book called "This Could be The Year". It uses the 2002 season to take you through all the misery we've been through since The Snake completed that pass in Oakland. Pretty hilarious book, if you ask me.

Armando, didn't anyone ever teach you blog etiquette? No shouting!

But seriously, I don't think there's an anti-Beck bias in play. If anything there's some sort of Beck idolizing going on which I can't understand because the guy has not proven anything yet. Also I think to say he's had a 'string of decent practices' is like calling a cocktail wiener a kielbasa. He stunk it up again today. Ok, maybe he's been BETTER this week than last, but they also (correct me if I'm wrong here, Armando) done more 7 on 7's, running drills, and one on ones this week than last. There has been less pressure as a whole. If this guy can not produce under pressure come game time, then can we cut the idolizing? How many more chances do we have to give him? It's not an unfair bias, it's opinion based on watching him be unproductive.

That said, I don't think Pennington is the answer 'for right now' either.

"i'm sure parcells will promise him the starting job to entice him to sign with miami."

First, I don't see Parcells promising anyone a starting job, it appears that his style is more that people have to win it. Second, doing so simply invites a return of the Green fiasco of last year.

I think the fins should save the $6 million and go after some depth for our OL. We desperately need another Tackle.

What happened to my post?


My point is that taking a player from Pats is one thing...taking one from the Jets is another. Do we need other people's refuse? Would you pick up a QB from the Bills if they put one on the market?

And according to reports Beck looked good again today, although they say McCowan hit 9 of 12 with a couple of drops that could've made it 11 of 12.


Good blog today Armando. While I would prefer to keep what we have with Henne eventually playing late season, it would not kill me if we pick chad up. He is a decent nfl qb and we wont have to trade for him. Keep him for a year or 2 tops though otherwise it will be just like Fieldler etc. It probably wont help phins make the playoffs but it might help keep Henne/Beck's confidence in better shape.

Armando, what's tour oppinion so far comparing the 3 QB's and how Pennington would rate against them.

Personnally I believe Henne is the future, otherwise I consider Pennington a temporary upgrade

Manuel, I have not seen Chad Pennington throw a pass since last year so I could make no fair assessment on his physical abilities right now.

I doubt he has the velocity of any of Miami's QBs. But there is more to playing QB than arm strength. The guy is very, very, very smart and he knows how to manage a game. I think that is what the Dolphins are looking for. They don't want a gunslinger. They want a surgeon.

The problem is not Beck it is McCown. If we sign him, because of Henne and Beck, the Dolphins are not going to overwhelm Condon and Chad in terms of a deal. He may get the nod as the starter again cutting McCown not Beck. Long shot as it may be Beck is still alive as a long-term solution. In my eyes as well as the perspective from camp, although the staff is appling the same pressure to Beck as any other vet that may be there, he (BECK) still has room to develope especially due to the change in thowing motion.

So the question becomes McCown or Pennington (short term)
Thus bring the next question out Hienican or Becks no not beer... future QBs.

Remember Henne took the starting spot quickly in Mich but never really developed into that top ten QB every-one thought he could. Beck took the starting spot a couple of years into his collage stay but he developed into more than anyone had ever expected. History may repeat its-self or maybe our team will be again derailed my stubord arrogant coaches that want nothing more than to feel like they are right. No room for that here coach!

What are your thoughts Armando?

Pennington throws like a friggin girl. Why have a Ted Ginn and not be able to get the ball to him?
Also, where did you get your information that Beck had a bad day. Not from what I read. Enough of your hating tinman.

Do you mean Heineken?

Hunter - "Why have a Ted Ginn..."
What is a 'Ted Ginn' anyway? I haven't seen one yet.

Ladies and Germs: The blog has an update with Vikings info. Please click, click, click, page views, page views, page views ...

Vic, what do you mean he never developed, he owns the majority of his schools passing records above guys like Harbaugh, Brady, Griese, Grbac, etc, so to say he never developed into a top ten QB, when he was ranked between #6 and #9 all year and was the 4th QB taken in the draft, is a bit off radar, don't ya think?

I think the Dolphins should jump at this chance and get Pennington. I think he is, by far, better than McCown.

The problem is if you get rid of McCown, you'll have 2 very green QBs backing up an injury prone Pennington.

sorry folks, I wish Beck was the guy he seems like a decent human being, but there are several experts evaluating the situation, one has won a Super Bowl and been to 3. If those experts who were hired to revive this franchise think that Chad is an upgrade at the QB position they must know something about those guys currently on the roster that we don't.

With Brett Favre heading to the Jets in a stunning trade, the Jets will now release Chad Pennington, a move could come as soon as Thursday. Tannenbaum acknowledged in a conference call early Thursday morning that Pennington's days as a Jet are over and Eric Mangini told the QB of the decision last night. At 32, with a $6 million base salary in 2008, Pennington no longer fits, especially from a salary-cap standpoint. Kellen Clemens will serve as Favre's backup/ Pennington could wind up in Kansas City, where he'd be reunited with former Jets coach Herm Edwards. Minnesota also could be a fit. The Vikings employ a West Coast offense, Pennington's forte. That they play indoors would suit a quarterback like Pennington, who doesn't have a strong arm. -- NY Daily News

If Pennington comes in, Beck is out - no way around it. We won't have 2 QBs of the future - we only need one - and Henne is the future,

McCown has experience and would make a nice back-up, but a healthy Pennington is a starter. When he is healthy, he is great. You'll need McCown in case Pennington gets hurt early (which is likely). If Pennington goes down later in the season, then start Henne.

any trade value in Beck?

I think just giving him the starting job is dumb. LEt him compete if he gets the starting job then pay him like one.

I think if they keep pennington, then Mckown is released or traded.

I think they should bring penington and trade beck
for a draft pick because as of now henne is way better than beck so as a conclusion henne can be used later in the season if pennington gets hurt. Also we need mcClown just incase pennington gets hurt early in the season. Well lets hope for the best

"Manuel, I have not seen Chad Pennington throw a pass since last year so I could make no fair assessment on his physical abilities right now'.

But you have been in Dolphin training camp,for the last week and half, and still we are waiting for you,to write the progress that day after day, Beck had have- I have been there for the last 3 days-,and he start looking as NFL quarterback,and you don't mention any thing,you only comment and write gosups

Let us not forget two things.

#1 The Dolphin's offense is being built around the O Line and the running game. QB #1 whoever it is will not be throwing a whole lot. Are we really expecting any one of these QB's to drop back and throw the deep ball very often?

#2 Beck isn't as young as most 2nd year QB's. Even if he develops into the QB of the future his tenure may be shorter then most. Drafting a 26 year QB was about as bright as wasting the #9 pick on a 5'11 180lbs under achieving receiver. If memory serves me we already had one of those by the name of Chambers.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Let us not forget two things.

#1 The Dolphin's offense is being built around the O Line and the running game. QB #1 whoever it is will not be throwing a whole lot. Are we really expecting any one of these QB's to drop back and throw the deep ball very often?

#2 Beck isn't as young as most 2nd year QB's. Even if he develops into the QB of the future his tenure may be shorter then most. Drafting a 26 year QB was about as bright as wasting the #9 pick on a 5'11 180lbs under achieving receiver. If memory serves me we already had one of those by the name of Chambers.

Talk amongst yourselves.

wait for Simms toget released..no ex-jets on the fins

Someone may have already said this but I would be more worried if I were McCown than if I were Beck. Beck has picked up his play but the major issue here is our youth movement. McCown isn't over the hill but he is older than Beck. Beck has more upside because he has only played parts of one season and hasn't had a chance to prove himself. The sub-par talent around him last year didn't help. McCown has been on some bad teams but none as bad as the 07' Dolphins, meaning he has had some weapons and still didn't do much. IMO, McCown has had a chance to prove himself in this league and John Beck has not. This is why McCown should be worried.

"Bungle I haven't written Beck off, I'm not the one flirting with every single QB that comes along". Armando do you have some more insight you could share with us? I was wondering why you would assume Beck is the odd man out over McCown. I would think it's the other way around but then again, I'm not at camp every day. What's your opinion on this?

Bloggers are excused. Sports columnists are paid for their purported expertise. All of the south Florida sports columnists have virtually ignored the fact that the Dolphins are way under cap. Do the local mavens have no idea where the Dophins' current leadership might find some players likely to be released by other teams who can strengthen the Miami roster now and/or build for the future? If they actually have an idea are they afraid to share it with their readers? Profiles in courage!

The trifecta may have drafted Henne, but there is a second round pick invested in both him and Beck. I don't think its a given that Henne is the future. I think the one that steps up and becomes a great qb is the future. If neither does then they will draft someone else to do it. By that line of thinking, the one that has the most to fear from Chad P would be the one(s) who can't beat him out for a job. In which case they shouldn't be on the team anyway.

Forget Pennington Tuna. He's had two shoulder surgeries and doesn't have the arm that any of our 3-4 Qb's currently on our team. Beck should start and if he shows that he can win seven games this season with a mediocre receiving corps (at best)and decent running game then he should be the answer for the future. It' either Beck or Henne and time will tell.

Beck has been the worst of the 3 QB's so far this training camp season. Why should he get to start? Henne is clearly winning let the rookie start if he wins the QB competition.

There hasn't even been one game played yet and the heated arguments are already starting. Practices are just that. You get a chance to screw up and not get the big "L” I myself am starting to wonder if the qb situation is just a game tune is playing. First he brought Quincy in to shake things up. Now there is talk about Chad. Sounds like the Tuna is trying to jolt the qb's into playing there but off. Either way the Dolphins will do what they will. I've watched for 27 years and will continue. But it won't be until game 4 in preseason will we know more.

Pennington is not worth 5 -6 million a year!
He should feel lucky if anyone wants to offer him 1 mil a year. He's not a horrible QB, and probably better today than any of the other 3 we have on our roster, but come on. I'd rather the Fins just "eat it" this year and see if McCown or Beck can do anything useful, and groom Henne for next year.

phil - I think you are right on this one. Unless Sparano and Parcells are already butting heads, they won't sign Penningtonofmoney. Sparano says he is happy with what he's got. Parcells said "I never rule out anything" but "we are trying to build this team with young players that can grow together"

Sounds to me like he's not THAT interested in signing a band-aid QB. I think it's a ploy to keep the current QB's on their toes.

I for one have converted to say sign Pennington if you can get him for 2M for 1 year and only promise him QB competiton . Have some kind of clause that protects the Dolphins if he gets hurt and does not finish the season. If he doesn't go for that kind of an offer then save the cap room for a FA QB, WR ,OT or CB after TC. John Beck has a good head and a descent arm. The Dolphins will run,run,run this year. The opponents will stack the box so you need a QB that can hit the middle of the field and along the sidelines with an occasional down field long ball. Pennington can't hit that long ball and won't be able to streach the field and un-stack the box. Beck can do both with some consistency and will protect the ball better than McCown. If Pennington is signed then McCown should be released and Beck and Henne (both almost rookies) should be groomed by Pennington. By game 4 (the Bye week) the Dolphins fate for this year should be known and the HC and Co. should start Beck or Henne as our QB of the future.

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