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Chris Crocker has a chance to pass Jason Allen

If Jason Allen thought he had the starting free safety spot sewn up because he's been running with the first-teamers throughout camp, he must have been surprised this week when Chris Crocker was moved ahead of him in practice.

Crocker, an unrestricted free agent addition from Atlanta, has been working with the first-teamers this week and could start Saturday's preseason game against Kansas City.

Allen will likely see less playing time as the coaching staff measures whether Crocker is a better fit alongside Yeremiah Bell.

"It's not about performance, it's about finding spots for people," coach Tony Sparano said. "Jason in the first two games went out and played with the first team defense. But we feel we have several safeties back there and that is an area where tough decisions have to be made."

Sparano isn't one to rip anyone but it is clear if the Dolphins were completely comfortable with Allen as the starter, they would not be using Crocker with the starters this week. Stay tuned to this as I think if Crocker responds with a good performance, he could win the starting job for the regular-season opener.


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Sign Ty Law

off topic here, but is anyone else having problems with the audio on MiamiDolphins.com ??? The media player play video but no sound. Or is it just my computer??

Crocker is a very solid secondary guy that can play safety and corner. He is certain to be in there in the nickel and dimes.

He and Jason A are both bangers and with Will, Bell and Lehan this is shaping up to be one of the hardest hitting secondaries in the NFL.

Our defense is so far ahead of what we have had in recent years with any offensive consistency we can be a wild contender this year.

I know, I didn't think so until the game last week. There were no smoke and mirrors against Jax last week. That was their first string D in for the entire first half and they were getting their hats handed to them by the Fins.

The biggest surprise to me has been how well the O line has come along. Thomas is the find of the season, Long looks solid already, Spicer Jax DE, did not overwhelm J long and Spicer is excellent DE.

tarniman, are you getting that with Firefox? I have the same problem, sometimes it works sometimes not. I never have the problem with IE but I hate that browser.

TARNIMAN - It's your computer. You might need to update your audio codec. that site just changed their software this month so that's probably the reason why it stopped working for you, especially if your speakers are ok and you're getting audio on other sites.

Tarniman, y-not is correct. It's Firefox. Mine works fine with Internet explorer but not Firefox. I too hate IE. You just have to unblock the Dolphins popups.

Mando, is it possible they're just trying to get a better look at Crocker, since the 4th S spot probably comes down to he and Hill?

Mannnnnn did those dolphins loook Great in Jacksonville!!!!

I am glad I found you before you did further damage. The solution is simple. Remove the peripheral devices from the main computer chassis (CPU), the lift the device to a height of 4-5 feet aboth the earth and shout "God damn ye infernal mechanism that hath wrought much malaise and plague upon this house of Dolphin worship. I cast ye into the nether region and smite thou most unholy". Then slam it down on a hard aggregate based concrete surface at a velocity no less than 32 ft/sec^2 in accordance with the principles of Newton. You shall be clean then, brother.

I didn't know Hulk Hogan read this blog...

Geek Squad Joe:

I liked your suggestion for dealing with the computer trouble. But:

32 ft/sec^2 is the acceleration of objects on the Earth, not their velocity. Falling objects gain 32 ft/sec of speed for every second that they fall (regardless of mass and ignoring air resistance)

I love using football examples in the classroom. Collisions = Conservation of Momentum. Linemen push up while blocking to reduce the friction holding the opponent in place. Lots of good stuff to keep the seniors awake.

LOL Tinshaker. I don't think the Hulkster would have the vocabulary. But he might have another gig started as a preacher since his old lady has raped him in court.



This report sucks! Jason Allen will start for this team. Sparano said he's seen enough of Jason Allen and wanted to see where Crocker would fit better. How many times have you been at training camp this season???? It looks like not many

This is simple enough, they now know that Allen is gonna be the starter, now they need to know who the backup is going to be. Don't play Allen for the next two games to make sure that your starter is healthy for the Jets. Noone plays in the last preseason game anyway, especially not the starters and if they do it's for no more than 5 snaps or one series. Allen is the man, if he doesn't start on opening day Sporano is really missing the boat....

LOL @ Geek Squad Joe

Armando, what is with this BS type of conspiracy journalism you've been doing lately. I've defended you in the past, and think that too many people take pop shots at you. But when you feed into BS like this or the Brown thing, It leaves me shaking my head. If you are going to tell the story, then at least tell the whole story. Yes, Crocker got some work running with the ones in 11 on 11's. But when they went to situationals, like Red Zone, Allen was back as the starter. Sparano mentioned trying to get some others work with the ones. Stop with the non-sense of trying to stir the pot. Tell the stories, don't influence them.

No problems with Aquavision, much better than the Real Player I wouldn't download because of all the spyware that came with it.


mine does not work either. it works when i go to the articles and click on the video there. it does not work on the homepage, since they changed to aqua-vision. what did you do to make it work?

i clicked on the damn thing like 1000 times before i foundthe videos on the article page.

Chris S., I could not have said it better myself. Mando, you are obviously getting bored. You are bordering on sensationalism reporting. If that's what you want to do then go to the inquirer. "Oh look!, that football has the face of the Virgin Mary on it"! Lol

I like big butts and I cannot lie

Thanks for everybody that responded to my question even if you were making jokes. Thanks

Yes I was using Foxfire, I love Foxfire over IE

Initially, I thought Crocker was going to start over Allen because he was one of their guys that they brought in and Allen was left over from a previous regime.

Allen's upside just seems too good to not start him though. He actually started playing well last year. With the simplified defense this year, I was hoping he would thrive. You hate to give up on a first round pick with his size and speed after just 2 years.

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