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Clearing up some rumors on Bolt and Boldin

In response to all your crazy requests that I do some work today, I slaved over a hot telephone for a couple of seconds this afternoon and chased down the rumor that the Dolphins are trying to speak with multiple Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt.

The story on some internet site I'd never heard of reported Bill Parcells sent a scout to China to speak with Bolt about joining the Dolphins. So I called Parcells directly and got his voicemail. It said, "I can't come to the phone right now, I'm on my way to Beijing."

Just kidding.

Seriously, though, the Dolphins are not interested in signing Bolt. At least it hasn't dawned on them as of a few hours ago that they might want the world's fastest human in their uniform as an experiment. They're still trying to get the experiment with another fast human -- Ted Ginn Jr. -- to work out first.

There's supposedly some other rumor about the Dolphins speaking with agent Drew Rosenhaus, who represents receiver Aquan Boldin. All I can tell you is if the Dolphins speak to Rosenhaus about Boldin without the permission of the Arizona Cardinals, that is called tampering.

And as of this writing, the Cardinals have given no permission for such talks.

So while it remains true that Boldin desperately wants out of Arizona, and it is true he would consider the Dolphins as a landing spot, it is not true there are on-going talks between the Dolphins and Boldin's agent right now.

Otherwise the Dolphins would have a pretty large problem.

A couple of notes: It was pretty funny to me today when a couple of posters on my previous blog post mocked me for listing David Kircus in the "on the outs" list among WRs. Kircus was cut today. I'm glad to know I'm not wrong all the time.

Anyway, I will be on 790 The Ticket Saturday morning 9-11 a.m. so listen in if you like either locally or streaming live on 790theticket.com. You can call into the show at 1-888-790-3776 toll free from anywhere in the United States. I'll be happy to talk anything Dolphins with you all in advance of Saturday's preseason game vs. Kansas City. 


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Would there be any value of a straight-up swap of Boldin and Ronnie Brown? Brown is cheaper than Edgerin James and younger. Miami has Ricky for a couple more years and Tuna can get rid of another player who is not one of his boys.

Man. It would be awesome to see Boldin in Aqua and Orange. Great talent. He would go a long way to making whoever starts at QB look even better.

why is everyone talking about trading ronnie??? his trade vaule is at it's lowest point ever...Even tho ricky is running like a man on a mission he's still one joint away from gettin suspended then what do they dolphins do have Jalen parmalee and patrick cobbs start???? Dont think so...hold onto ronnie...for this year atleast

Boldin's the only disgruntled receiver I would consider right now, even for a second rounder. I realize the past has been a train wreck when culling draft picks so that says a lot but I've followed this kid since he was a Nole and he's a local. Praise Yahweh we didn't pick up ocho cinco, henry, horn, or meshawn. I didnt even want terry glen even if she was available. I truly want to see what our young receivers can do unless there's a MAJOR upgrade. As for Bolt, was it Willie Gault who had the blazing speed but let them drop through his hands? Help me out.

This was the worst blog entry I've read this month. And I read alot of really, really bad blogs. Mando, the next time the bosses ask you to work, print this piece of crap out. Remind them of what happens whenever you work without feeling like it.

Crappy, your name says it all. First, comprehend social anxiety and understand why the man did interviews wearing a helmet. Then realize that his IQ not only exceeds most QBs but that he possesses sick physical talent and a rare metaphysical awareness. God smiles on Ricky Williams. Pornstache nearly killed him and yes he abandoned his team to go Kung Fu like David Carradine but when will the reefer shit end? It wasn't roids or coke. He didn't beat his wife. And dammit, I still want to know what the unknown substance was that the NFL never identified. If RW abandons this team again, I will take any shit ya'll have to give.

For those of you who were around back when the Fins were playing at the Orange Bowl....Remember Jimmy Hines? Fastest man in the world? He played for the Dolphins in 1969

Jimmy Hines
James Hines

Position: WR
Height: 6-0 Weight: 175 lbs.
Born: September 10, 1946 in Dumas, AR
College: Texas Southern

Drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the 6th round (146th overall) of the 1968 Draft

sign bolt!! unlike previous sprinters this did is big too. 6'5? throw a few pounds on him and look out.

I know the Bolt thing is JFWU but I bet he isn't in the top 10 fastest in the NFL in the first 40 yards. He takes a while, relatively speaking, to get rolling.

Now I'm JFWY!

Well as far as Kircus is concerned, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Otherwise if you predict it's gonna be sunny out today, I'm gonna pack my umbrella.

Every comment here has been in fantasy land. We can't get Bolden. They won't trad him. Bolt is a fantasy too. Lets get real conversation going. ok?

If Boldin is truly disgruntled, than the Dolphins might get him for less than 2nd round pick. The thought of trading Ronnie is not one that I want to think of. Ronnie is a 2nd overall pick, the guy is supposed to be good. Ronnie is one to those that has a lot of talent but you have to coach him well, or even play mind tricks to get it out of him. Cam didn't do a good job in Miami, but he did a good job with Ronnie Brown. He messed with Brown's head by making him return kickoffs and having Chatman start in front of him in preseason. Brown also to a liking to him offensive scheme. Brown has a new Problem now his knee and its more mental than physical--Its the coaches job to get him out of this even if they have to play mind tricks.

Doesn't anybody on this blog realize how much professional track people earn in sponsorship, endorsements and appearance fees?

Why would this guy Bolt want to give all that up to get his head kicked in (or knees) for the possibility of playing professional football?


Armando - On your stroll down memory lane, do you remember Jimmy Hines' nickname?

bolt, per PFT, would have to enter the draft in '09 - if no team drafted him, he would be eligible to sign as a free agent with any team. by the way, the browns had already given up their 3rd and 5th round picks in '09... and now with the TD trade, they're almost half way to their goal of not drafting anyone next year.

Mitch, I love my job so much I do it for free. And the Herald gets exactly what it pays for.

NoMando, if you decide to pack that umbrella I have a good suggestion where you can stick it.

The decision to release Kircus is thre final nail in the Tuna/Ireland/Sparano coffin. Annyone who has been paying attention knows that Kircus has been the story of the summer thus far. This dumb decision will haunt the Dolphins for decades.

Right on Mando. I love it. It cracks me up how people give you so much crap on here, but still post religiously. It's about time you stood up for yourself. I appreciate the work you do (even if you are a closet Bills fan.)

I can see it now... come February, we'll all be saying "I can't believe we let go of Kircus. If only we still had him, we'd have won the Superbowl." Seriously, was that a sarcastic post? Because I am SURE Kircus will go onto make another team and become the next Jerry Rice. For decades. Right.

Way to go Mando! It's about time you stuck up for yourself. Only problem is Nomando is so used to it from his Daddy, he probably wouldn't notice the placement.

dante O'bromovich, your an idiot, hoe could cutting Kircus be so damning to the team and the regime?? To me, he and camarillo were carbon copies, they went with the latter, so what? I guess they are not going to the super bowl because they cut Kircus?! Fire em all and bring Cam back....did I mention your an idiot?

"Doesn't anybody on this blog realize how much professional track people earn in sponsorship, endorsements and appearance fees?"

Apparently not. Many don't realize how low NFL pay/endorsements are relative to other sports internationally. Usain Bolt will clearly not sign with an NFL team until his racing days are over. Why would he ruin the chance at breaking records and making 100's of millions to sign with an NFL team to make only a few million and a slight chance at a roster spot. He already has a new guaranteed $10 million endorsement from PUMA signed last week. Bottom line: He'll make more running track as the World's fastest man than he's ever make in the NFL...assuming he could excel @ WR.

how can Bolt, bolt if he can't hablo englis?

true rumor....beat he cheifs....live on 4 !!

be there......let's watch henne win #1 job with a lil help from ricky/o-line and a super D !!

Well I feel stupid now because I jokingly suggested we draft Bolt in the last blog entry.

BTW y-not, I don't know what jfwu and jfwy mean, but just to add fuel to the fire, Bolt is also 6'5" and quite built (you don't notice it as much because he is so tall) so he wouldn't have to rely only on his speed. And when you say he takes a while, it's true he goes to another level in the second half of the race, but he was never behind the other runners. Let's be honest tho, he has the biggest ego in the world, he could not handle team sports.

JTFU= Just F.......utzing with us

JTFY= Just F.......utzing with you

Ricknova? Remember early on in the whole JT thing Parcells said that JT wouldn't be traded? that he would either play for the 'fins, or retire? He didn't retire. He isn't on the roster. He wasn't cut. If I need to make more of a correlation for you, maybe mando can 'splain it to you.

OOPS! That's JFWU, and JFWY, not JTFU, and JTFY. The translation is valid, just not the typing.lol. sry.

Jimmy Hines i wasnt born yet but i have done my research. funny how people come on this blog and complain about armondo but yet come on blog after blog. this is the usa. if you dont like it leave. i've been reading for years. don't post much but still enjoy reading. i live in daytona beach. was born in miami before the cubans took over. i was born in the time the jews were starting to loose miami. no big deal. i was to young to know either way. but i like reading these blogs. enjoy such passion people have for the dolphins. i've been watching since 81. thats as far i can remember. i've seen big names come and go. last year i still wore the dolphin color every week. got made fun of alot but im a true fan and not a band wagon jumper. this might be a good year. but pre-season games dont mean crap. we always look good until the reg season. so i hope this year with this new roster we can break even.

I like our recievers we have but,I think when you have a chance to get a guy like boldin you have to give up one of those picks.Next year we won't need much on defense or offense exept maybe a younger fast RB and a few more talented o-linemen to back up what we have now.another monster nose guard to back ferguson

RE: Bolt

Running fast in a straight line (or circle) is a little different than playing in the NFL don't you think? What's your 100 time with a big CB in your lane dude?

i say if they have a shot ot get boldon get him , that dudes is in is prime i could see us trading wilford and maybe a fifth round for him , if cleveland dumb enough trade for travis daniels maybe the cardinals are dumb enough to takethat trade they did sign emmit smith when he was like a 100

"NoMando, if you decide to pack that umbrella I have a good suggestion where you can stick it."

You're a true professional Mando. Grow up and get some thicker skin. I suppose you've never learned to not respond to others, lowering yourself to their level. Yup, the Herald is truly getting what they pay for...and that's why it is in the state of disrepair.

Blow it out your butt Super Duper. Mando takes more crap on here than any human should ever have to so go screw yourself. I grew up with the kid and know if you or any of the other morons on this site said to his face what you write on here, you'd be on crutches. You are a nothing but a coward behind that keyboard.

Mando still sucks although his comeback was entertaining his lack of professionalism is what lead to his firing at ESPN...or was it that chessy glamour headshot photo?

I like turkey with mayo

Hahahah. Letting go of Kirkus "the final nail in the regime"....AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA. Kirkus "The story of the summer" AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa. Dude. You must be Kirkus' mom to say s**t like that. CLASSIC! Thanks for th laughs Dante O'bromovich. "Haunt us for decades" aaaawahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa.

Hey Mando stick up for yourself--these creeps that attack you don't have a life. I hope the umbrella is one of those big jobs used by doormen--keep up the good work--and answer back lol

opinions, schmuppinions, blopinions all the same...they don't actually mean sh*t

Mando, Fuch the haters. Let them go blog on the SS.

Here is a thought to consider. Isn't it possible they cut Kircus now so he could clear waivers and then to bring him back to the practice squad while all the other teams are trying to sort through their own bubble players?

If at any point Boldin is available, which I doubt he will be, they should do whatever it takes, possibly even a #3 and exchange #1's.

Your thoughts please.

mark clayton always likes it up the butt. You tards are pathetic brown nosers. Last time I checked it is a free country.

Are we talking about football or Mando-hating versus Mando-loving

KILLA RED, the last thing we need is a young fast RB. O-line yes, but I'm happy you don't work for are personnel department

frankld, the SS is better and the people who post there don't go off on stupid tangents that don't have anything to do with football. To when you say why I am here then, the anwser is because I have no life and all I do is go around blogging and hating on beat writers

Boldin, not going to happen. The cardinals are very happy with they're double threat of WR, which they need because they have no defense

As far as clevelands lack of draft picks, they're in a win now mode and the only team that should be in that mode is the chargers. Them sacrificing everything is what is going to eventually screw them and Minnesota just like it did us.

Armando, some bloggers really ripped you yesterday. I don't always agree with you, but I don't see any reason to publicly mock you on your own blog. I might challenge you, but not mock you. That's like going to someone's house for a BBQ and telling the host how much they suck. That's just rude.

There is no way Parcells would fly to China, he hates flying. I had no problem with you listing Kircus as on the way out. I never thought he was going to make the team. He doesn't have a whole lot of upside. Just because he had 3 catches for 39 yards in the last preseason game doesn't mean anything. It wasn't 10 catches for 139 yards and 2 TD.

Do you think Miami would be interested in Boldin? The guy is in his prime and probably has a good 4-5 years left. He would make the Dolphins better now and in the future.

Posted by "Phil"

"i live in daytona beach. was born in miami before the cubans took over. i was born in the time the jews were starting to loose miami. no big deal."
Aside from aversion to "caps", your racism makes you less than worthy to be here.
Did not anybody here think "Phil's" post worthy of a response?
Mando, a blog should stay on topic, and freedom of expression doesn't mean freedom to spout crap like Phil.
And, for the rest of you folks that call OTHERS ignorant, while using "your" to mean "you are"....
I'm wasting my time.

Dave Wasteoftime should have drafted Boldin, but instead passed on him and drafted a linebacker that never played. I'm happy we have smart people running the team now.

IMAWriterRobJ-Yes I also thought Phil was a racist ***hole. But when I see post like this, or comments from jest fans, I realize these people are just trolls trying to get a reaction. So I have a self imposed gag order on replying to these morons that goes something like this:


Bungle, it's fine that people ripped me. I went home, the dog was happy to see me, the wife happily served me dinner, I turned on my giant-sized plasma TV with the banging sound and watched the Olympics, Marlins and the Cowboys-Texans.

I'm getting ready to go to a football game and hang out with the crew on a live blog and then I get to figure out what my opinion is and write it so they put it in The Miami Herald under my picture.

All in all, life is grand. I am blessed.

...Oh, and before the Dolphins can be interested in Boldin, he needs to be on the market. Despite everything he and Drew Rosenhaus are trying to do, he's not on the market now.

Damn this blog always has some whiny people. Mando checked out some silly rumors. Big deal and they probably wouldn't have told him anyways. Mando you made me laugh twice today and that is reason enough to come here. Thanks for your blog and definitely for your responses!

Well said, Armando. Some people get very tough from the safety of cyber space. They wouldn't say what they say here to anyone's face. Well maybe a few of them.

Thanks for the Boldin response. If he did hit the market I'm sure it would take a 1st round pick and I don't see Miami giving that up. They would probably offer up one of their 2nd rounders, but I don't think that would be enough.

This just in Miami has scheduled a Boldin try out for the 14 of september.

Back from vacation and the a-holes are still here,,,,,great.

Does anyone realize the phins scored again our are you to busy with your pissing contest?

Also, Roth is looking really good so far at LB.

You losers are still trying to tear Mando down and you just don't get it. Get a life because you are truly pathetic.

From one New Yorker to another....I agree with NYScott. Mando, your blog is STILL the one we turn to the fastest, and on a contiual basis. For the ultra passionate fan, it is really the best. Go Fins!!!!

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