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Debate the idea of keeping four quarterbacks

Tony Sparano says the Dolphins are considering keeping four quarterbacks this year. No, seriously, that is what he is saying.

He's the coach and the final authority on the matter -- after Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland, of course.

But on this blog, I get a say. And I say in this column that it is a pretty bad idea considering a few days ago the Miami brain trust was wondering whether either Josh McCown or John Beck deserved to be on the team at all.

Anyway, the Dolphins and I are not the only ones that get a say. You have an opinion ... so come with it.

Should the Dolphins seriously consider keeping four quarterbacks? Or does that just make no sense? Or is it a motivational tool? Or what?

Come strong.

By the way, Chad Pennington is expected to play Saturday against Jacksonville.


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Really, after all the bashing you guys have given John Beck I think its a waste of time. Sooooooo have a nice one!

No way the fins will keep 4 QB's. Beck and McCown may both be gone by Sept.

Come on Armando, with all your comments you can't actually believe what the Trifecta is saying. The four QB's statement is just a ploy to see if they can get any sort of trade compensation for John Beck. The same thing they were trying to do with JT that he ended up calling them on. There are already rumors that Beck is being shopped around, and he would have no trade value if teams knew he was just going to be waived at the end of camp. The lack of reps in practice is the writing on the wall that Beck's days are numbered. I realize that I am known as a Beck hater, but I will bet anyone a cheeseburger that he is not on the opening day roster (unless a QB gets injured). I doubt this ploy by the Trifecta will work considering teams soon will be able to get Simms for nothing, and he is a much more proven commodity. Besides PFW had a report from an insider on how Beck is the odd man out.

Bill Parcells has the same motto as Barnum and Bailey. There is a sucker born every minute, and that statement has never been more true. The trifecta has BS'ed the media ever since they arrived in Miami, and as long as they win I don't care. But ever believe a word that comes out of there mouths? No way.

BTW nice article Armando. However, the idea of Rodrique Wright being cut is ludicrous. They are keeping him, especially since it looks like Matt Roth is going to permanently move to OLB. I hear he has actually been doing pretty well in run coverage where his short arms don't hurt him.

The {hins should cut both. I would rather have 2 contributors on special teams, or a wide receivers who can handle snaps in an emergency, than keep two clipboard holders.

Nothing better than a good competition. I say both McCown and Back are on the clock and whoever is better come end of training camp is a keeper, and the looser...well you know "...we hardly knew ya, yada yada..."

just in case i wasn't clear enough, i hate the idea of having 4 QB's as well

No way you keep 4 QB's, Dolphins should look to trade Beck maybe get a mid round pick in return!

I'm amazed at the level of drama over a 4th string QB. I think the more improtant concern for this team is the lack of productivity from the WR's, specifically, Wilford.

If we were to cut McCown and Beck today, they would be lining up to get McCown, Beck on the other hand...not so much.

penny can't stay healthy, henne is too green, beck is just not progressing fast enough, and mcClown is...well he's a clown. why not keep four QB's. im not too crazy about using a roster spot on a fourth weak a$$ QB but who am i to argue with the "experts". just win some games, i care if they have six QB's, and 3 punters, just win.

penny can't stay healthy, henne is too green, beck is just not progressing fast enough, and mcClown is...well he's a clown. why not keep four QB's. im not too crazy about using a roster spot on a fourth weak QB but who am i to argue with the "experts". just win some games, i care if they have six QB's, and 3 punters, just win.

Very possible. It's not like we have 52 other players that are keepers.

Would seem to be short-sighted to get rid of JB after only the second year...doing so means we'll have to use another draft pick on a qb when we certainly have a lot of upgrade needs everywhere else. The other angle is that a team could certainly waste a lot of time, i.e. years, trying to get a rookie qb up to NFL standards with no guarantee of success. It would be quicker to get a young qb who has a little experience and develop him...that's essentially what JB is.

And as for McCown, because CPs injury history, and the inexperience of our OL and the blocking of our not-so-consistent TEs, can we afford to get rid of him? I certainly don't think Henne's the answer this year.

They are going to cut only McCown, they will keep Beck and give him the chance to be the QB they thought he would be.

3 QB's is what the depth chart wilkl have

take it or leave it..

Keep all four as long as possible in hopes another team needs to obtain McCown or Beck in a trade. Even if it's for a 6 or 7, it's better than nothing.

How about we give Beck back to Cam in Baltimore for Boller?

We all know they will only keep three quarterbacks. It is between McCown and Beck who goes. If McCown can’t win by a mile, he will be gone. Unless Fins can trade Beck to Cam’s new team?

I do not believe the Dolphins are considering keeping four QBs on their roster.Coach Sparano said they were simply because it was the smart thing to say at the time for a number of reasons.I do believe the Dolphins finally have both a potential franchise QB and a capable starter named Chad.What we need most right now is for our defence to find a way to stop somebody on third down.

For those here advocating 4 QBs, do you keep 1 less LB (a huge position of need) or one less OL/DL (where depth is an issue) in order to carry 4 QBs? I don't think so.

Given the long-term needs of this team, and Pennington's history of injury, a trade involving Beck makes more sense than simply cutting McClown, as he had no trade value.

To me this is simple. The main objective this year is to find out who can contribute and be a solid player for the 2009-2011 seasons. You don't learn much by having three quarterbacks on the bench. One of them needs to go. Obviously Henne is staying. Now you have to look at Beck vs McCown. McCown is a known quantity, he's not getting any better, and he isn't a big piece to the puzzle. Beck has been pretty bad but he still has a high ceiling and can get better. This is another simple decision. Cut McCown, keep Beck. For this year, it's probably not the best move, but like I said, the primary goal for this season is to prepare for the next few seasons.

Here's a thought, as has been mentioned, keep both Beck and McCown see if we can get draft picks or trade for OL depth. Drop both when Simms becomes available from Tampa.

There will be 3 QBs. Penny and Henne are givens. The competition will be b/w Beck and McCown. I believe whomever performs the best will stay. Right now, McCown is better. Goodbye Beck. I wonder if we could get Sage Rosenfels back. That is another mistake made. Beck is not better than Rosenfels. Rosenfels is the real guy who wasn't taken seriously and look what he does as a back up. So far, I've watched 2 Miami Qbs go bye, bye who could've bridged the gap better than Beck or McCown: Huard and Rosenfels. Huard was groomed by Marino for the job and instead, we get jobbed by Wanny for Fiedler. Huizenga, Huizenga, Huizenga!!!! ey, yei, yei! My head hurts!

I think all Dolphins quarterbacks suck -- including that Marino guy. He won't make it in the NFL.

doesnt anybody remember last year? how many DB's and safety's did we end up needing bc of various injuries? why should we waste an extra roster spot on a player who has no chance to get in the game or ever will?

mando- can we just cut one of them and give him $6.15/hr to chart plays on a clipboard without the waste of a roster spot? if not just cut one and give me a call- i have excellent handwriting and can bring my own dolphins polo.

I was wondering...are there any teams out there in need of either Beck as a future starter/backup or Mcclown that have a #1 or #2 reciever to trade? Maybe we can package with a 2 or 3 pick next year? For example: I am sure the Cardinals are set at QB with St. Pierre and Kurt OLDER THAN DIRT warner...but they come to mind because of Boldin...What other teams are there we could get a true baller reciever from? I would definitly sacrifice one of our dud QB's and a pick for a stud who can come in and produce for many years...Anyones thoughts here??

The only reason that they might consider keeping all 4 QB is if they don’t trust in Pennington health. If he cant last the whole season, then what? Do you really want to put Beck in? I don’t think he is ready. And I don’t think Henne is ready either. After watching last Saturday game I do believe that Henne has a shot at being the future of the Dolphins. BUT I think the Beck trial from last year showed that you don’t want to put a guy in too early. So keep 4 because you need McCown if Pennington can’t play. You don’t want to lose Beck because he could be something, plus with the hit to the salary cap, you might as well keep him... but if you have to cut someone it would be Beck.

I know they are trying to work some angle but what that is I'm not sure. It seems like it would be more of a motivator to say they're only keeping 3 QB'S. That way the bottom two will have to prove themselves and get into a real competition. Saying you may keep four only makes the bottom two more comfortable therefore limiting their competition. I guess it could help get a better trade for one of the two but who in the heck is going to trade a player or pick of any worth for two QB's who have consistently struggled through training camp?

Why is there so much talk on the air/papers about Pennington only being temporary unitl Henne takes over. Why rush it?

Let Chad play the rest of his career here (as long as he performs well) and then let Henne step in after learning for a few years. No need to hurry-up and throw Henne on the field. Steve McNair and Daunte Culpepper benefited from sitting on the bench a bit and most likely Aaron Rodgers is going to benefit from his first few bench years.

Look at how many guys get thrown out there and their careers amount to nothing. Maybe if David Carr didn't get the snot kicked out of him for years, he would have been a better player.

I agree. Don't rush Henne and try and trade Beck for a WR. McCown is winning in camp and has NFL experience. Keep him for now. Beck may be able to help us with the aquisition of another WR somewhere. I also say take the shot with Terry Glenn. We need a veteran WR in the locker room and field.Just don't overpay him.

If we cut him New England will just pick him up and make a pro bowler out of the guy. I say they keep him until the end of the year or trade him. Dont give them any more leverage. Thank you Zach for not signing with those cheaters

DR Z. what team do you root for? Marino does not/did not suck. Name one better Dolphin player in our history since 1966. I could care less about the SuperBowl ring that Marino does not wear. If it weren't for his self imposed paycuts, hard work, eye of the tiger when on the field, this franchise would've s#cked years ago. Last time I checked, Marino was not dancin'on TV - if anything he spent his time in the film room, weight room and field. His work ethic was second to none and that's why it is taking 8+ years to fill his shoes.

I like the prior comment above: Drop 2 Qbs when Chris Simms becomes available; Provided that he does not cost us much money. Then, Fins are on way to being solid at a weak position.

jedivader - I'm pretty sure that's what everyone means. No one is saying play Penny for 4 games till Henne is caught up. They're talking a couple of years or if injury overcomes the other 2 QBs on the roster.

Also someone else said that we would have to waste another draft pick on another QB if we cut Beck. I don't see the logic in that, there are always good free agent QBs every year, you don't need to draft a backup.

now, Armando. stirring the pot again! Don't get me wrong, I realize the article is essentially a firecracker thrown into a dark room, but I will step into it because of this statement: "If the Dolphins keep four quarterbacks they might have to whack an offensive lineman and keep only seven."

I know you don't agree with keeping 4 QBs but to even suggest this is ludicrous! Everyone likes to talk about how Parcells/Ireland's gameplan this year was to build the lines. And they have done a respectable job as far as the 1st team goes. But our OL depth is pathetic. McKinney is a huge risk, Murphy doesn't seem to 'get it' and Darilek is probably our only consistent backup. Forget the obsession with the 4 QBs, and start writing about our lack of depth on the line and how a single injury there could potentially turn us into an even worse team than last year.

And to chime in on the QB race, both Beck and McCown will be cut, Foster will be the emergency/3rd stringer.

It's simple. We don't have a lot of quality depth on the OL, WR, TE, FB and in the secondary. You don't keep players at certain positions just because you think there is a set number that you're suppose to keep. You keep talent. This year should be devoted to developing and teaching the young QBs as much as they can. It can only make the position better in the future.

When was the last time the Dolphins developed a young QB? 1990 when Scott Mitchell was drafted.

Can Scott Mitchell still play?

The Dolphins have all-ready choosen 2 Quarterbacks. However both Beck and McCown have some realized value. Even now well proven quarterbacks believe John Beck has a chance I do too. McCown is a perfect time filler for any team looking for either transition or a veteran back-up. Coaches will examine what they are moving into the year with then play the two (Beck and McCown) in the forth quarter against other peoples trash. They can call some deep passing plays let the boys get a little attention. GreenBay could use the services of a McCown. Don't be surprised if Beck lands in Seattle. This staff shops everything.

Hey whats this I here about Parcells changing the uniform? Color logos everything? What the Buck? Thats some Bull Shizzy!

Don't let this happon.

When Ron Wolf was the GM in Green Bay he stocked away QBs and developed them. He then got trade value for them because Favre never went down. Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck and Aaron Brooks to name a few. The Packers are doing the same thing now with Rodgers, Brohm and Flynn. All young QBs.

Anyone who thinks what is said publicly has any bearing on reality is delusional. Especially as it relates to a business where trades and trade value are paramount.

That being said, I think it would be wise to keep all of the QBs until at least the after the 4th PS game. If a QB goes down before the start of the season maybe there is trade value created by the circumstance. Let's face it, Pittsburgh had to sign either Leftwitch or Bumblepper after their guy went down.

It's only one guy out of an 75 man roster till just before the season starts they can afford to hold em till then.

It's clear the chads are the 1 and 2 and probably Beck will be number 3.

But take a chill pill till then it really doesn't matter for the next couple of weeks.

y-not is exactly right. The Phins may keep four QB's for a while, but then McClown is gone. I can't believe the Dolphin MSM has fallen for this.

OK, first, Chad's 'history of injuries."

Uh, the guy played ALL 16 GAMES in 06' and didn't have ANY injuries last season - he got pulled by Eric ManIdiot bdcause the Jets O-line was the worst in the AFC (most sacks given up per play)- that's why they stunk last year - it was just easier for ManMoran to throw Chad under the bus than admit his team was crap - look at how crappy Clemens filled in for him - so, given that, the truth is Chad has had 24 straight starts without an injury.

there's no way we're keeping 4, but no reason to dump one before we have to, let them play a little in preseason, and maybe (big maybe) entice some trade value.

actually pennington was 1 and 7, therefore Clemens was 3 and 5 which is significantly better. (12.5% to 37.5% winning rate).

your name makes crave a ham sandwich....

Hey Jersey, I think the poster above "Dr. Z" was just making a play on the fact that Dr Z, before the 1983 draft, had said Marino would not be a good NFL QB. That was pointed out yesterday or the day before in a blog (either here or the other paper) because apparently Dr. Z made some other crazy prediction for the phins. Go Fins...

I think Mr Bungle is spot on. Ron Wolf knows what he is doing and Parcells would like to do the same. Train some QBs for future draft picks or trades. McCown will be gone after this year but they may keep him all year just as insurance against Penny dropping. He may bring value sometime this year that he hasn't so far.

p. serrano's post sparked a gleeful thought in my mind: I'll be shivering with the thrill and the joy of Fahv-RUH and Eric Manretard walking off the field after Game 1 with their eyes glued to their toenails. Dolphins 24 - Jets 17!

yeah, clemens won - but all he did was hand off to leon washington..

Clemens stats
6.1 yards per pass
5 TD/ 10 INT
60.9 QB rating
10 /9
86.1 qb rating
plus CP loses include starts against Pats (twice), Ravens and NY Giants..

p.serrano, true but don't forget the whole point is to win games, not post stats. And Pennington's only win last year was against the lowly Dolphins, so it cannot be said under those circumstances that he had a better year than Clemens. Of course, there's the chance that he could have won more games than Clemens if he was left in, but at some point if you're not winning games you have to do something to change that.

The talk is nothing more then an attempt to raise the trade value for Beck/McCown

Relax guys. Pennington will be fine. Unfortunately, I've seen Penny play quite a few times. He is better than what we have right now and is a bridge to Henne. Penny won't make the rookie mistakes that we've seen from about a dozen other qbs for us.

Where is Aaron Brooks?

Bring him in.....

JERSEYFINSFAN, just to clarify, I'm not trying to bash on Penny, I agree he's the best we've got right now, and while I'm on the fence between him and Henne (let's see some more preseason snaps) about who should start, I would not be disappointed in Sparano choosing 'C.P.'

I was pointing out that he didn't have a good year last year so it dropped his value somewhat.

We're stuck in limbo right now, we HAVE to talk about SOMETHING!

y-not, good point about injuries. That's how we ended up trading JT.

Chad Pennington will be our opening day starter barring injury. The starting QB competition is over.

Mr. Bungle, agreed, but obviously there is still a QB competition of sorts (who can stand on the sidelines the best?) going on.

Maybe now we can turn our attention to more pressing matters like the Offensive Line, and the fact that the two worst teams in the league last year will now be the first nationally televised game of 2008! Oh the irony!

Tinshaker, we need to upgrade the depth on the OL through waivers. If we get an injury especially at tackle, we're in trouble. The problem is teams don't release good tackles, so Parcells and Ireland need to turn over every stone and maybe find a guard who can do a decent job at tackle.

Bringing in a WR that can push one of ours would be nice as well.

If the Dolphins want to trade John Beck, just give me a call...

I agree about adding O-line depth but it will be hard to find, I'm going to try crossing my fingers and Carey and Long have been healthy in their careers so far

anyone who thinks arizona is letting go of boldin, well, its not going to happen. Another WR would be nice especially if wilford keeps up his I'm invisible game, but if he can turn it up a notch and with Kircus and Bess stepping in its not that bad

I'm more concerned with our D right now if Will Allen goes down were screwed. We need Lehan to get healthy quick because I'm not big on travis daniels or the other back-ups. Those linebackers need to learn how to play pass coverage too, those underneath passes killed us on saturday

I think I'll go eat a ham sandwhich now

TINSHAKER- I'm with you on everything you've said so far. Penny's arm -rotator cuff surgeries-is what concerns me the most believe it or not. The noodle arm stuff does not bother me as we need a good ball keeper for Ricky and Ronnie. Then, the rest should fall into place. God I hope we can at least be respectable this year. Did you hear anything about our logo changing and the colors?

Where's NFL Europe when you need it???

Henne might be impressive for a rookie in training camp and at times in the first preseason game. But from what I've seen and heard, he does not seem ready to be an NFL starter at this time. He's still throwing a lot of balls all over the place. He needs to develop. If he starts we're going to go through a lot of growing pains and a lot of losses.

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