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Defense good, offense not in Sat. scrimmage

I would like to tell you that either John Beck or Josh McCown stepped out of the early training camp muck and took the lead in the quarterback competition. But that would be a lie.

John Beck opened the scrimmage as the starter and completed only two of his five passes against the first-team defense. He struggled against the second team defense also when he completed only one of five passes. He recovered in his last at-bat against 2s and 3s when he completed 6 of 8 passes.

Beck was the only QB that didn't get his offense in the end zone Saturday.

Josh McCown starting with the second-stringers was hot early. He completed 5 of 6 passes in his first possession and threw a TD pass to David Kircus. But as is sometimes the problem with McCown, he wasn't consistent. He completed only 1 of 5 passes when he took his next reps with 1s and 2s and threw an interception to Travis Daniels. His final series of the day saw two completions in six attempts with a TD pass to Selwyn Lymon. In that same, final series he also threw what should have been an interception in the hands of Quentin Moses that the LB dropped.

Chad Henne started strong, completing 5 of 7 passes against the third-teamers, but when he faced better competition with a group of starters and second-teamers he completed only 1 of 4 passes. Henne had a TD throw in that first series against the third-teamers but nothing the rest of the way. He did not throw a pick and his third series was situational no-huddle stuff that I did not chronicle.

Bottom line: Nobody is winning the QB competition off of today's scrimmage. But Beck continues to lose ground, IMO.

There were too many drops, particularly by running backs coming out of the backfield. Ronnie Brown dropped one, Jalen Parmele dropped one, tight end Matthew Mulligan dropped one that pretty much erased the TD catch he made, and Anthony Armstrong dropped what would have been a loooong TD pass down the sideline from McCown.

Center Samson Satele snapped the ball over Henne's head on one play.

Rookie Jake Long didn't stand out and, believe it or not, that is a good thing. No he didn't truck anyone because this was not a full-speed deal. But he didn't give up any sacks or make any obvious mistakes. That really is good so far.

All in all, another tough day for the Miami offense. The players over there have much work to do. Much work.

By the way, the Dolphins invited their alumni to attend the scrimmage. Mark Higgs, Bobby Harden, Troy Drayton, Shawn Wooden, O.J. McDuffie and others were there. Dan Marino was there and spent time talking to Bill Parcells.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus also spent an extended period of time talking to Parcells. Rosenhaus represents several Dolphins, including Yeremiah Bell, who may be in line for a contract extension during the season if he stays healthy.

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You also will be able to text me at 74965 once the show begins.


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God I hope things get better...this might be another long season

what a disaster...

Another wise choice from Cam Cameron. Looks like Henne will be the future of the franchise as yet another moronic pick made by Cam and his idiot partner Muelle rhas been exposed.

how did jake long look.The rb's.donald thomas

Thanks for the report Armando, to early to say but it looks like the fight might come down to McCown and Henne

Thanks for the report Armando, to early to say but it looks like the fight might come down to McCown and Henne

So is the D really good and they are making it hard on the O. Or since the O is bad it is making the D look good. In other words, would our D look good againts another teams. Or do they just look good because we suck.

ESPN reported on Thursday that Matt Ryan has been fantastic in practice so far and that the Falcons coaching staff is saying that he may be their starter on opening day.
Did the Dolphins draft the equivalent of Ryan Leaf and pass on the next Peyton Manning by drafting Jake Long and passing on Matt Ryan?
Stay tuned.
With all 3 quarterbacks struggling this could be another major blunder by yet another Dolphins coaching staff.

OK, I admit it: John Beck is not an NFL quarterback. He was not drafted to be the starting quarterback for the Dolphins. He was drafted to be an NFL missionary, so he could travel around the world and convert non-Dolphins fans into Dolphin fans. At least he'd probably be decent at that.

WTF- The radio has said that John Beck threw the lone TD? Were you at the right practice?

WTF- The radio has said that John Beck threw the lone TD? Were you at the right practice?

How did the running game look? I have not heard a thing about Ricky or any of the other running backs except for check down passes. Also at what point should we expect some continuity (sp?) from the oline?

i wouldn't pay attention to the radio guys. it was their first day covering training camp and the guy that came on sounded confused.

My god chill the hell out. its just a scrimmage not even full speed.

If you want to believe the radio dude, go right ahead. Also go ahead and believe in Santa.


I have ONE question: looking at how bad Beck is this year...... WTH was Cam thinking starting him at all last year?!?

You'd have to assume he's better this year..... and he stinks.... so what was he last year? Putrid?

Henne to Ginn, Glenn, Hagan sounds good!!

Make it happen!

the 2007 draft is looking pretty horrible right now. randy mueller should be shot.

how funny and pathetic is it going to be when john beck gets cut to make way for quincy carter...

It is practise. It isn't even preseason games. No panic. Wow.
Mando, did they not practise running plays? I thought that was what the team was doing. You don't need a HOF qb to introduce running plays. Running produces teamwork.
Please comment on what they are doing with respect to running because what you are telling me is that all of our qbs suck.


Regarding John. Was it good D pressure, which I hear is massive, or was it bad decisions or lack thereof?

Is this D that has been installed really that flexible and fluid that they are "doing it"?

A straight up D is the most difficult to defeat. Hence, what did Ronnie, Ricky & Jalen accomplish?

Who were the Starz of the D? LB, line or 2'ndary?

Anybody ready for the HOF game?

It mat be too early to panic, but it's only one week too early! If Beck does not show some signs of getting it by (or in) the 1st pre-season game, look for some changes, even as desperate as signing Carter. I repeat, this is not about hating Beck (altho it is somewhat about hating Cam); I wish to heaven that he was "getting" it, but every day it becomes clear he ain't. Ginn not so much too. What a stinker 2007 draft.

Tried to go to the practice but they moved to the bubble because of nearby lightning... what a bummer, wasted an hour driving and one going back

out of the 2007 draft we had satele and booker who both looked good, ginn seems like he could be good, and beck well whatever. but three players isn't that bad, I think people just want to blame everything on cammoron rather than what he had to work with (not that it couldn't have been better which it always could have)

We all new this team was going to take time before they are good. One week of practice is not the end of the world. I like the fact this is a tough camp when the games begin we will be much better. Once we get the first teams practicing as a unit which i believe will be soon, you will see the improvement. Be patient everyone, this is going to take some time.

Mando, any chance Rosenhaus was trying to get Parcells to make a run at Anquan Boldin?

I agree with your innuendo Armando. This is going to be another very long year for the fins. Yet, I am more optimistic than last year, because there at least seems to be some semblence of a long term plan. Our defense might be improved somewhat, especially against the run, but I doubt it will be top 15 in the league. What that says about our offense is very scary indeed.

As for the 2007 draft, I agree with Eric. It was beyond horrific. We had ten picks in that draft, and we gained two starters. A punter and a center. Not exactly the cornerstones of a football team. I do not mention Ginn because I feel that on most teams he would be a starting kick returner, but at best a third down receiver. I think that if Jake Long turns out to be solid this years draft will be better on that one pick alone. Anyways, thanks for the report Armando, and I look forward to more painful, yet hilarious game blogs this year. At least I can get excited about the 2009 draft.

The news is literally frightening coming out of Dolphin camp. I think the one thing we aren't getting this year is that "magic pill'' talk from some oil saleman of a coach. The Dolphins are below average, and no one's saying "We need to fail fast forward,'' or Saban talking about the process and acting like if everyone gets on board with him, great things will happen. Nope. The curretn group of coaches, it seems, is going to let the players play speak for itself, and that's a welcome change. I think we'll be getting over Cameron's year for a while. That whole passing on Brady Quinn still hurts. But, we'll see. I'm hopeful, but not terribly optimistic. but the good news is, it won't take much to see an improvement this year, and that's what I'm hoping for. I'm honestly hoping for 6 or even 8 wins.

Sounds to me like McCown is our Quarterback, plain and simple.

Beck is a bust - let's call it. A 27 year-old potential QB - that appears no better than the guy we saw last year. When you see another division opponent bring in Trent Edwards off the bench and he can actually do the job, makes you wonder how we keep missing with our QB's.

Again, Beck is a bust.

Henne is just as good as Beck is right now. Looks like we're looking for another QB this year...

Armando at his best: "If you want to believe the radio dude, go right ahead. Also go ahead and believe in Santa."


To call Beck a "bust" is woefully premature. He may not have been the answer, but this is the first week of practice and it's not like he's surrounded by the world's greatest talent. The players all have to grow together.

Lets let these players get a few solid preseason games under their belts and then maybe we can pass some judgement based on their performances when the real "bullets" are flying.

its funny these guys play one week or pads practicing and yall ready to throw beck under the bus. unless the tuna wants another 1-15 team we aint starting henne and that's plain and simple , and come on the Quincy thing was just to light a fire under these guys more competition parcells isn't that stupid.

look for beck to step up and mccown to be the back up its only the first week , new coach , new offense new coordinator. come on lets see u get a 4inch book of plays in 1 week , this dolphins team is much improved.

look for berck to kick some butt
GO FINS !!!!!!

Idiot well I should of known that cause you are a Dolphin fan but do you think any GM listens to an Agent... Parcells would not listen to Rosenhaus about anything... Rosenhaus is a retard and GM's laugh at him...

Hey Parcells just said he is going to try to get Drew Rosenhaus an assistant GM job... Wow you must be as bright as all of Drew's clients... Single Digit Wonderlic Scores!

Sad to read 4 different accounts of this scrimmage and also listen to the radio coverage and not actually know just how many pass receptions Beck, McCown and Henne made. Who threw the TD's, which offense was playing against which defense.

Why the discrepancy? Did each of these guys actually see something different or was their focus directed towards inherent biases that they possess? It will be interesting to see who actually comes out of this battle to start day one of the season.

Good luck in trying to figure that out based on the lack of cohesion amongst those providing us the blow by blow of each practice.

Lord help us all....this could be a painfully long season.

Beck...relax and let the game come to you....before it is to late...

yeah every site says something different. sometimes supprisignly how different the accounts are. I think it has more to do with supporting the opinion that report wants to get across (bias)

Armando, I'm trying to confirm whether Halterman and Riley were waived or waived/injured. The media are often unclear about this (usually because they don't know how the waived/injured thing works) so it's hard to get good info on this right away. Do you know whether Halterman and Riley were outright waived or (more likely) were waived/injured and will revert to IR? (At least until they get injury settlements.)

Really - it's not too early to judge Beck. Watch the Colts right now. Quinn Gray is moving the ball up and down the field. And he's their third string QB.

If Henne is looking better than Beck - and McCown is looking better than Beck - that says enough right there.

Beck never looked comfortable last year. My God - I went to the Jets game. Beck alone had five turnovers. And there wasn't one game when he played where you felt he was improving.

Remember the Dolphins and their new regime worked with Beck nearly every day in the off season. They've given him an opportunity to take the job. Yet he's regressing. I'm sure Parcells and Sparano will be making a decision on him soon.

If you want to believe in him - that's fine.

I'll continue to wait until I see some talent behind center.

It's nothing personal against Beck - but what has he EVER shown the fans or the Dolphins to get unquestionable support?

???????????????? Aaron Rodgers for Chad Henne Str8 Up ???????????????????


IMO, lets take the hits this year, come back in 09 with a better crew, perhaps Tebow or someone else will be in the house at that point. Until then, run, run, run, and run some more.

Is it too late to draft Brady Quinn?

This is why you don't play rookie QB's or if you do you give them your full support, as in "I don't care if he threw 6 interceptions today, he's our starter, period". Short of that you just don't play them. Cam was an idiot who destroyed Beck's confidence and now the local media and impatient fans are ready to finish him off. You would rather throw useless McCown in? Or how about we get to work destroying another rookie QB by putting him in too early as well. Weclome to reality, it will be a long season due to shaky QB play. Live with it but don't whine for Henne to play this year unless you ready to committ to him playing every week come hell or high water.

Heck with Beck, Quinn should have been suiting up and getting all the snaps!!!! Tedd Ginn over Quinn?? I am still fuming over that one!

Oh wow armando says that beck did crappy well he has a great track record huh? Beck has a faster release and a much better understanding of football than McCown and Henne has a really slow release that will get picked off in the NFL easiely. Why does everyone think Henne will be any good in the NFL? He had all the talent in the world around him and he didnt do anything since his Freshman year at MI.

I'm still hoping the D doesn't drop off without JT. He deserves a shot at a championship, but I also believe in loyalty. Here's hoping the Fins make the playoffs before the Skins! Wouldn't that be funny!? We need the O to get going now. I guess we'll go as far as our QB lets us.......not losing hope!

"Really - it's not too early to judge Beck. Watch the Colts right now. Quinn Gray is moving the ball up and down the field. And he's their third string QB."

I'm sure the difference in quality regarding the OL and receivers has nothing to do with that. You really think he would do the same on the 'Phins?

"If Henne is looking better than Beck - and McCown is looking better than Beck - that says enough right there."

From what I've heard, no one has looked consistently better than anyone else.

"Beck never looked comfortable last year."

Considering the lack of preparation that Cameron gave him, just how was he supposed to look? Who do you think would have looked better under the SAME conditions?

"If you want to believe in him - that's fine."

He didn't say he BELIEVED in him, he said fans shouldn't prematurely throw him under the bus.

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