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Dolphins add three, trim three to finalize roster

The Dolphins have claimed center Andy Alleman from New Orleans, offensive tackle Nate Garner from the Jets and receiver Brandon London from the Giants.

But as they say in baseball, three up and three down. (Yeah, I covered the Marlins Saturday).

So receiver Anthony Armstrong, linebacker Rob Ninkovich and offensive lineman Trey Darilek have been waived.

By the way, the headline above is misleading. To say the Dolphins have "finalized" their roster is to assume they will not continue to try to upgrade the bottom of their roster. Bad assumption. That work will continue well into the season.

The Dolphins have added five players to their practice squad. They are: CB Will Billingsley, WR Jayson Foster, OT Darren Heerspink, RB Lex Hilliard, and TE Matthew Mulligan.

General Manager Jeff Ireland talked to the media today for the first time since the April draft. I will post his entire interview when the transcript is available, so check back later


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i hoped that Nink would survive but i guess not. Decent pickups. As I've said before, they are setting this team up for when Henne is starting for his second year....I realy like the London pickup.......also the Jests and Pats put in waivers for Alleman, at least we beat them at something

take care

I hope Armstrong ends up on the practice squad. I really liked what he was doing so far.

they left spots open for a guy like armstrong (who I also like, just not at much as London)....these are the PS signings...cornerback Will Billingsley, wide receiver Jayson Foster, offensive tackle Daren Heerspink, running back Lex Hilliard and tight end Matthew Mulligan

take care

ninkovich was always around the ball, thought he did enough to make the team, suprised he is not on the ps

hey mando, nice job on reporting this BTW....but I wish every time you updated your blog it updated the time to when you did it....in my little life it's nice to print an update (the practice squad signings!) faster than the pros such as yourself.

take care.

Jeff, where did you get the info on the jests and cheaters trying to pick up Allen before we did?

ny phinsfan.......nink has to go thru waivers 1st since he's a "under 4 years searvice" player.

Now I could be wrong, and Mando or anyone who knows this please correct me, but I think that Nink played too much for us last season to be signed to OUR PS. Again, if anyone knows that rule and if it applies to him, please post it......

All that said, I don't think Nink makes it thru waivers. The Aint's screwed up last year and waived him and we jumped....I think another team will put in a claim on him this year. Then again depending on the "time on the active roster" rule we may be able to claim him 1st....we'll see.

take care

Rick @ the Blue......I got that info from Scout.com.

take care

Can we please pick up CHAD JACKSON when he turns into a superstar we can rub it in the Patriots FACE. Also i think Deltha O'Neal would be a great pick up too.

Rick, scout.com has the article about the Jets and cheaters putting in waiver claims.

> Jeff, where did you get the info on the jests and cheaters trying to pick up Allen before we did?

Matty over at The Phinsider had it this AM. (http://www.thephinsider.com/)

He linked the following article: http://profootball.scout.com/a.z?s=127&p=9&c=2&cid=785205&nid=3668790&fhn=1

BTW, Ireland did mention in the press conf. that Armstrong is someone they are still interested in......so I guess that means IF he makes it thru waivers he'll be on the PS

take care.

I like the Brandon London pick up! As for Chad Jackson I think we have enough Chads on this team. How about another linebacker?

daryl....I had my hopes set on Ahmad Brooks who played for Parcells bbuddy at Virginia but the 49ers claimed him( meaning we passed) and let Dontarius Thomas go.

I think the team likes that they can play their giant DEs at OLB....the reason I had liked Brooks was that he could play both inside and out in a 3-4. I think that IF they do end up adding a LB it will bee a guy who can play both in and outside in the 3-4.

take care.

Deltha O'Neal? Seriously? Take another hit, buddy.

Glad to see Jayson "Lil' Sweetness" Foster is still a Phin.

I am real surprised that we haven't claimed Chad Jackson yet. I thought he had talent? But NE did waive him.. I love that we have first choice on these guys..

Surely we will NOT let Chad Jackson get away, will we?

PLEASE sign Armstrong to the practice squad. NOW.

A curious cut is Victor Hobson in NE. a 3-4 linebacker speacialist. 6-3 250 may be a little light for the tribuanal. Checked on him Mangani used him outside, while NE was trying to go inside but said,"the rookies came on and made him expendable".5 years only missed 4 games so he' durable.

How could they let Rob Ninkovich go!!! He was leading the team in sacks I was very impressed with the little that i saw of him he is young and has a great deal of upside. I just don't understand this move.

Surprised to see L Dotson made the team. Maybe a 7th round steal to add quailty depth to the D-Line. Did think E Miles would be let go. Nice special teams player.

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