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Dolphins terminate Peelle, cut Mauia, Hilliard

I've always believed that the more painful the final cuts are for an NFL team, the better that team is. The Dolphins have just made their final round of cuts and, seriously, it doesn't seem like it is that painful.

Among the players the Dolphins have cut are tight end Justin Peelle, fullback Reagan Mauia and running back Lex Hilliard, who was the only draft pick from this year's class to be let go. Hilliard, a sixth-round selection, is a good candidate to be added to the practice squad.

Mauia does not make the team because he doesn't catch the football with any consistency and while he is advertised as a great blocker, he's not better than Sean Ryan, a tight end that can be used in Miami's offense as a lead blocker, if it comes to it. It also didn't hurt that Ryan had a nice catch against New Orleans Thursday.

I know safety Courtney Bryan is gone also.

Here is the complete list of the 17 moves the Dolphins made to pare the roster to 53:


CB Will Billingsley

LB Titus Brown

S Courtney Bryan

C Mike Byrne

WR Jayson Foster

LB Maurice Fountain

LB Junior Glymph

T Daren Heerspink

RB Lex Hilliard

FB Reagan Mauia

LB Edmond Miles

TE Matthew Mulligan

LB Kelly Poppinga

G/T Pedro Sosa

C Matt Spanos

DT Anthony Toribio

Contract Terminated

TE Justin Peelle

This means players such as receiver Anthony Armstrong, Davone Bess, Ikechuku Ndukwe, Lionel Dotson, Puentin Moses, and Rob Ninkovich have made the team. That's good for them for the time being.

But I know the Dolphins are looking through the waiver wire for receivers, offensive linemen and outside linebackers to improve the bottom of the roster. So guys that are on the team this evening might not be on the team by Monday evening.


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the also dropped Byrne from the website roster

ok....ill wait as they just updated the whole thing

This list reminds me of a bad college team.

they are actually at 52 right now....i'm looking for oline moves...especially at T since they only hve technically TWO listed....thank armando.

Why Mauii wowie? the juggernaut?

Davone Bess, welcome to the NFL!!!

If they're at 52 it's only because they're waiting to sign Usain Bolt at WR.

But seriously, I didn't know who these guys were before they were cut, so this list doesn't really phase me. I'm just anxious to jump into the regular season.

my bad....i recounted....it is at 53 players...with some of the cuts today, I don't think that this is the roster we'll open the season with. i'm a bit suprised there are 7 D-Lineman(with only 2 true NT) and 6 wr. I'm guessing these will be the areas where the "flexible bottom end of the roster" will come in to play.


"This means players such as ... and Matt Spanos have made the team."

You have Spanos listed as waived. Which is it?

Yeah they obviously are gonna sign a Tackle...who's the top guy on waivers?

Surprised by Miles and Glymph

You have Spanos listed as cut, but then go to say he made the team - which is it?

Because Mauii wowie cannot catch the ball.

Spanos did not make the team. He is on my cut list. Sorry about that.

I think Dotson and Armstrong (and maybe Ndukwe) are the bottom 3. Then again, I'm not the gm....I see need for depth at NT, OT, OC. With the other cuts by teams today, those waiver requests could be put in pretty quick. There are some players, albeit devlopemental type, specifically at those postitions. The ONLY NT I say cut with experience is Junior Savaii. He's 29 now and never lived up to what he should have been and may simply not be better than Soliai (which if true, is embarrassing for Junior) :)


You list Spanos as one of the cuts, but then say he made the team. Which is it?

Spano is NOT on the 53 man roster.

Sorry about the double post. Not sure how that happened...

if you couldget him cheap enough and he'd settle for a swing tackle roll(might be doubtful) then Willie Anderson is the OT with tons of exp. that might be interesting. Anderson is likely the best OT young or old out there...the guy I really REALLY l;ike and hope they bring in is OT Jonathan Scott who played at Texas a couple years ago and was let go by Detroit.

That being said, I don't think the fins would look at Andeerson unless one of our starts got hurt. Even then I think that the whole plan for this team is to start to succeed well in Henne's 2nd year as a full starter.

Again, I'm hoping for Scott.

hmm, the Patriots sacked mat guttierez, That's surprise. Actually they cut quite a few surprises...

Cowboys cut Lekkerkerkerekereykyerickuloso

could be a Dolphin soon...

Two TE's gone? That's a bit of a surprise. I'm guessing if Peelle's $$ was lower, he would still be here??

And Chris Simms has been released. Hallelujah!

Tinsshaker.....we were the ones that didn't tender Lekkerrkeker to begin with. The only way this group brings him back is if none of the 750 players cut today aren't any better...in other words, I don't see him here.

Dare I?.......The decision to cut - - - [fill in name of your favorite scrubbini here] - - - will haunt this franchise for decades. This is the final nail in the coffin of the Tuna/Ireland/Sparano era.

i think Simms ends up in Chicago..that's my 1st guess.

Jeff...but I want to hear dolphins announcers having to say his name during games!

me also.....veery good point

of course the chiefs released Alabi...

proof again the "trifecta" IS making some good decisions.

The bad news is that Matt Mulligan didn't make it through the final cut. It was an honor to know that a personal friend made it that far with my FAVORITE TEAM. Congrats to Matt and keep your head up my friend, better times ahead, take the knowledge and experience and run with it.

or in proper english "ARE"....depending if they are a single entity or 3 individuals....i think there can be some speculation there :)

Rene....are you related to Robert?

Wow, a lot of good skill position players in the cuts by other teams. For those Dolphins players, especially WR, RB and QB, I wouldn't breathe a sigh of relief just yet!

These cuts prove without a shadow of doubt that Salguero is terrible at his job!

Just kidding Mando. Figured some idiot would say it because that's what the idiots do.

By the way, listened to you on 790 today, you were OUTSTANDING!

Going to suck not seeing "Poppinga" in print anymore. Tremendo apellido!

I wonder if Ahmad Brooks is over his injuries..one reason I bring him up is that he played for Parcell's pal at Virginia. He's also big, and talented for a LB who can play inside or out as a linebacker.

I also think but am not sure that he was one of the TWO cincy players NOT to get arrested (does anyone know of Brooks being in trouble?). He's been kinda injury prone, ok, a lot actually, but they honestly have had a terrible LB coach in Cincy so I think it's hurt his developement but he's still only like 23.

thoughts and/or knowledge on him?

Mike Hass cut by Chicago. Not the fastest but some of the best hands in NFL.

The Ravens cut Casey Bramlet. Any chance we can trade Beck to Baltimore for maybe a used tube of toothpaste, an opened bag of stale chips and dental floss to be named later?

finheavenblows, is he worth those? because there are six or seven (or twelve) better QBs released today which means they wouldn't have to pat ways with the toothpaste...

All of you guys hating on John Beck are a bunch of idiots. He is the third string guy on this team. He may turn into something in a few years, and there is no downside to having him on there. How many third string guys ever see the field anyway. One of two things is happening here with your comments. Either you just hate Mormons and that is why you are going after the guy, or you're life sucks so bad that you look for people to hate on. Let's see. Who would I rather be?! Beck who had a great college career and is on an NFL roster, or a bunch of losers posting every second of every day on a blog... There is so much you could talk about with those cuts and you choose to waste people's time with this crap?! LOSERS!

Who the F mentioned Beck?!? Anyway, its the Jugger-cut we're hatin on right now.

okay.....one mention; my bad

Armando: What do you think about Willie Anderson from the Bengals? Do you think Miami will make a run at him?

Sara Paulin is tougher than some of these guys they cut.

I don't see any receivers on the waiver wire that are any better than what we have.

The trio has built solid front lines on both sides of the ball. Donald Thomas is an unbelievable find and we expected Jake Long to be solid. On the D Line Rod Wright and Dotson are third on the depth chart - I like both that says something about the D Line. We have a bangin secondary all hard hitters except Goodman.

This team is good and will get better as the season progresses. Odd that Beck is still shown 2nd on depth chart.

Beat the STINKING jets!!!!!

Good to see all the talented young DL making the squad so far (R. Wright, Solaia, and Dotson). Our defense looks sound. We need to upgrade depth on OL and maybe WR or TE. Roster looking much better than last year. We have gotten much younger with signing young free agents and keeping 11 rookies. Great to see a plan in place. I am completely on board with almost every move the new regime has made this year. We have also been stockpiling draft picks for next year. Tough for some of the young players at the bottom of the 53 man roster to get a quick sense of relief before more players are signed off waivers. Hopefully, we can stash these types on practice squad instead of waiving them if they are worth developing.

LOL JR! Sarah Paulin is tougher than any of the players left on the team!

i like the idea of claiming anderson as well. he would help provide depth in a much needed area. also i think we should look at deltha oneil who was also released by the bengals. hes not a starter but he would make a good nickel or dime back to come in and make a big play.
any thoughts?

Who the hades is this Sara Paulin character? Whoever she is, she must have made an impression on you guys...

To an above poster: It's not unusual that we kept two NTs. 3-4 teams often keep only two interior lineman. Randy Starks doubles as a third NT anyway.

Whose Puentin moses?

"who are those guys?"

Sara Palin is the VP pick by John M. And yes she is a tuffy. To quote Rush Limbal " Baby's, Gun's, Jesus and she's hot.... what more do you need?"

Cracked me up

The only disappointment is Peele. I know another team is going to pick him up in a heartbeat. Miles was a little bit of a surprise but I guess Ninkopoop outplayed him in the last preseason game. Happy to see that Cobbs, Camarillo, Armstrong, and Goodman made the team. I knew all along there was no chance Bess would be cut.

I know the Trifecta want to hit the waiver wire hard but checking who other teams cut I am not seeing a tremendous amount of talent. People are bringing up Anderson but he does not fit into the fins youth movement and the Tuna will not want to pay what he wants. I also hope they stay away from Rudi Johnson, and Lelie. Johnson has lost a step and Lelie is way more trouble than he is worth. Ahmad Brooks might be worth a look in place of Ninkonpoop. To me it looks like most teams kept most of the young talent and dumped veterans and undrafted free agents. Still, I hope the trifecta is able to find somebody cut to shore up the depth at OT. Also think the Tuna will take a flyer on one of the many RB's cut today.

Finally, I have heard rumors that the fins might be interested in Simms, but I think that he would rather go to a team like Chicago or Baltimore where he would have a chance to start. If Baltimore doesn't get him, then I think we should still try to trade Beck back to Cam. Maybe we can collect every seventh rounder in next years draft.

Yeah but what is Palin going to do when "O"bama starts walking on water?

somebody asked if ahmad brooks has been in trouble before, I copid this from somwhere else "Brooks tore his groin and was put on injured reserve last November, and earlier this year charged with misdemeanor assault after a woman accused him of punching her in the eye. Character issues are no stranger to Brooks." Not sure what the last part means - but i think he got into some minor trouble while at college

Joey Harrington got cut today too - I think we should bring him in for a look..lol

Seriously though, I would like to see them take a look at Fernando Bryant, maybe a better nickel than what we have now

1. The Bengals released willie anderson. He would be a BIG safety net for o-line depth. he is being released because they already have invested big money in his younger backup (Andrews) and willie was limited to 7 games last year. He made 3 straight pro-bowls until last years setback and the Bengals just don't want 2 players at the same position with huge contracts so they are going with the younger guy.
2. For the d-line, i live in PHILLY but i am a die-hard Dolphin fan. The Eagles released DE Jerome Mcdougle, from the U of Miami. He's recovered from his gunshot and from seeing him and the Eagles 24/7 on a daily basis he looks damn good, not great but solid. The Eagles went out and signed Clemons to go with Howard and Cole at DE, McDougle was the odd man out.

Todd Wade got cut. He can be a backup to both offensive tackles.

Really bummed that Jayson Foster didn't show much. Hope he makes the practice squad.

NO Way, No How, NOBAMA......still refusing to drink the BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA KOOL AID.

Sarah Palin totally rocks....so does McCain.

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