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Dolphins terminate Peelle, cut Mauia, Hilliard

I've always believed that the more painful the final cuts are for an NFL team, the better that team is. The Dolphins have just made their final round of cuts and, seriously, it doesn't seem like it is that painful.

Among the players the Dolphins have cut are tight end Justin Peelle, fullback Reagan Mauia and running back Lex Hilliard, who was the only draft pick from this year's class to be let go. Hilliard, a sixth-round selection, is a good candidate to be added to the practice squad.

Mauia does not make the team because he doesn't catch the football with any consistency and while he is advertised as a great blocker, he's not better than Sean Ryan, a tight end that can be used in Miami's offense as a lead blocker, if it comes to it. It also didn't hurt that Ryan had a nice catch against New Orleans Thursday.

I know safety Courtney Bryan is gone also.

Here is the complete list of the 17 moves the Dolphins made to pare the roster to 53:


CB Will Billingsley

LB Titus Brown

S Courtney Bryan

C Mike Byrne

WR Jayson Foster

LB Maurice Fountain

LB Junior Glymph

T Daren Heerspink

RB Lex Hilliard

FB Reagan Mauia

LB Edmond Miles

TE Matthew Mulligan

LB Kelly Poppinga

G/T Pedro Sosa

C Matt Spanos

DT Anthony Toribio

Contract Terminated

TE Justin Peelle

This means players such as receiver Anthony Armstrong, Davone Bess, Ikechuku Ndukwe, Lionel Dotson, Puentin Moses, and Rob Ninkovich have made the team. That's good for them for the time being.

But I know the Dolphins are looking through the waiver wire for receivers, offensive linemen and outside linebackers to improve the bottom of the roster. So guys that are on the team this evening might not be on the team by Monday evening.


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Who really cares?
Get to 8-8 or better, and these personnel decisions will be relevant.
Until then, we are no different than the 2008 Chiefs, Bengals, etc.... Much to prove.
Problem is, Chiefs & the Bengals have made the playoffs in the past 5 years.

I don't care who is on this damn team.
Just show us something this year Dolphins.
Enough already...

Lelie cut by the 49ers. I thought about him. However this is the 2nd team that cut his ass. Shanahan dumped him off the Broncos. Hass cut from Chicago. My company recently did some work in his Grandmother's home and she said he was at least trying to make practice squad.


A player has to clear waivers to be "stashed on" the practice squad. The waiving is part of the process. I think the fins lost an OL to the cowboys last season or 2 years ago by waiving him because they needed one of their practice squad guys due to an injury...The practice squad isn't just a group of guys like the minors in baseball. You can't just swap guys out, other teams get a 2 day window to evaluate him and they can sign him during that time. If he doesn't get picked up, then he's yours again.

willie anderson, deltha o'neil, todd wade, fernando bryant, and jerome mcdougle would all be great additions and provide awesome depth at their positions. sure they are all aging vets but lets face it, we have some bottom feeders that will never amount to anything in the NFL.

johnny, yea lelie is an intruiging thought, but wr's that come to miami whether they had success elsewhere or not never work out. just ask derrius thompson, david boston, marty booker, among others. (yes i know booker led the team a couple years but look at his production with just as terrible pass offense in chicago before coming to miami.)

idiots this is a sports blog not a political forum , looks like mcCown was the one packing keeping beck is smart could turn out to be the smartest more these guys made sense coming to Florida

McCain will drown in water !
Kendall Langford will start and Merling down the road....can you say steal baby ,Long , Henne , Thomas , even Bess looks to be a nice slot guy
I Gots no beef with the trifecta ! Draft picks that actually help the future of a football team...........................
aint seen that spirit since JJ.


I'd rather drink the Koolaid anyday than the Prune Juice....and who the heck listens to Limbaugh? Talk about drinking the koolaid...geesh...

Love the way the Dolphins are looking...finally we see some progress!!

understand mauia dumped in favor of BOOMER. Peele, disapointment when keeping Ryan, but understand the size thing.

sarah palin rocks, jocks for palin for president in 2012 & 2016!!

Phins signed Ricky to a 1 year extension.

I can guarantee this painful for a good Montana kid like Lex Hillard I hope they pick him up for the Practice Squad.

ryan grice mullen (Bess's teammate last year)would look good on the practice squad. He had a leg injury and didnt get a real chance to make a team. I actually think he was better than Bess last year - think he ran a 4.2 at the combine

awesome. ricky rocks (and rolls) !! he will retire a dolphin. simply awesome

Wide receiver Anthony Armstrong, one of the feel-good stories of training camp, has been placed on waivers, said a source familiar with the situation.

I really don't think we will go after a TE or WR, seeing as they cut Peele and Foster. I am thinking O-Line. We have some depth at D-line.
Besides that unless someone really stands out.

Dolphins sign Brandon London to replace Anthony Armstrong info on Newark Star Ledger

"NO Way, No How, NOBAMA......still refusing to drink the BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA KOOL AID.

Sarah Palin totally rocks....so does McCain."

Funny Neo-Cons! Your time has come and gone boys.

Miami claimed:

* C Andy Alleman (Saints)
* T Nate Garner (Jets)
* WR Brandon London (Giants)

Miami released:

* WR Anthony Armstrong
* OL Trey Darilek
* LB Rob Ninkovich

Miami's practice squad consists of rookies:

* CB Will Billingsley
* WR Jayson Foster
* T Daren Heerspink
* RB Lex Hilliard
* TE Matthew Mulligan

To Hatersarelosers: I agree with you man. I personally don't care if Beck stays or goes. I mean, he did not ask to be picked by the Phins. Sounds kinda silly. A team picks a guy who maybe turns out to be so so and they get demonized.

The Cuban Assassin

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