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Dolphins release three players, more stuff

The Dolphins have just announced they released receivers John Dunlap and Selwyn Lymon and linebacker Keith Saunders.

Huge news, I know.

But, in truth, the receivers have been prominent on my mind of late. First, let me say they seemed to catch the football much better in practice this week. Derek Hagan had a very good week of practice in my estimation. Ted Ginn Jr. continues to catch the football well, although I've yet to see his deep-threat ability.

And then there is the third receiver situation.

It seemed settled coming into camp that the three would be Ginn, Hagan and Ernest Wilford. Except that before this week of practice, Wilford was dropping on the depth chart like a brick in water. I know that General Manager Jeff Ireland has been frustrated with Wilford because it doesn't seem to be a talent issue, but perhaps more of a concentration and focus issue.

The result has been that not only has Wilford dropped behind Hagan as a starter, he is losing ground to undrafted free agent rookie Davone Bess for the third receiver role. On Saturday when the Dolphins play the Jaguars, rather than celebrating his return to his old haunts, Wilford will return as Miami's fourth receiver.

This is not, however, a permanent situation. While Bess is expected to get first-team snaps in the multiple receiver sets and Wilford gets a lot of second-team snaps, what happens Saturday night will be telling as to how long this situation lasts.

If Bess is impressive, it could be a while. If Wilford recovers, he'll be back in better graces.

By the way, I get asked a lot if it is possible the Dolphins might cut Wilford. At this point, I don't see that. He got a $6 million guarantee and that is hard to simply swallow by cutting a guy. I also don't think there is a big trade market for him. And despite his early camp inconsistencies, he remains Miami's most experienced and accomplished receiver.

So patience will be the order of the day for now.


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Ha, I was just wondering when someone at the Herald would report this. I know it's not huge news but it IS news. It's actually bigger news than one might think because it means Jayson Foster has survived the first cut of WRs.

We know Armstrong has stepped it up, and Bess has overtaken Wilford, so as far as I can tell this is the current ranking at WR:

1. Ted Ginn
2. Derek Hagan
3. Davone Bess
4. Ernest Wilford
5. David Kircus
6. Greg Camarillo
7. Anthony Armstrong
8. Jayson Foster

This will allow them to really watch the remaining 8 WRs and get a better feel for who is going to make this team.

Bess will end up being our no. 1 possesion WR by season's end.

If Tinshaker is right, and Ginn is our #1, Cam Cameron is a genius!! He deserves a statue outside Dolphin stadium!!! We have our #1 receiver and Cleveland just has a backup QB. Go Cam!! (sarcasm abounds...)

Gary, I appreciate the humour, but the ranking I put up is not based necessarily on talent/skill/potential or what have you, but simply on the order they currently are on the depth chart based on the reps that they are getting, i.e. Ginn, Hagan, and Bess have been working with the first team, Wilford, Kircus and Camarillo with the second, etc.

None of those guys would be higher than 5th on any other roster in the league.....

Ted Ginn will become a very good player. He shouldn't have been our #9 pick but that's history. He's here and we're rebuilding anyway so it's all good.

Bess could be a sleeper but if he's so good why didn't he get drafted at all?

Hagan probably has the best combination of size, speed, strength and skills at the WR position. He needs to concentrate more and secure the ball, and he could become a good one.

Cameroon already has a statue outside Dolphin Stadium....
Right next to Wanny's and Sabin's...
Those little blue huts with a door and a vent pipe....
I pay homage during every home game...

David Kircus looked good in the Tampa game. Camarillos been doing good also, looks like our recievers are turning out to be ok afterall.

Mr. Bungle - those Hawaii guys get a bad rap and no respect from scouts based on Division and Offensive scheme, so their stats do tend to be a bit padded but that doesn't take away from their ability. Generally the big schools in the big conferences get the attention and those schools tend to play more hard-nose traditional football that translates better into the NFL. Plus no one's saying that Bess is the next Randy Moss, he's just been a bright light in a dark room.

D. Strock - why don't you use the restrooms?

Not a #1 or #2 on the roster. But, Plenty of 3's, 4's, and 5's. Looks like another year of woulda,coulda and shouldas. Oh well, on the bright side it is gonna be fun tallying up all the dropped passes again this year. GO PHINS.

Isn't Bess a more prototypical slot receiver anyway?

pj - he did look good against second teamers. It sounds like Sparano is going to rotate the WRs in the first half and give the bubble guys a shot against the first team to see if they can compete on that level. I believe both Kircus AND Camarillo will make the team because I think they will keep SIX receiver's, but if they only go with five, then one has to believe it will be Kircus winning the last spot because of his Special Teams skills.

Armando, how are you not seeing Ginn's deep threat ability? I've read from a few camp reports about him catching deep passes from a few different QBs that would have been TDs.

Ernest Wilford was a bad move, plain and simple. i am not sure what the powers that be ever saw in him but it seems they were mistaken. Oh well if that is the worst mistake they made we will still be heading in the right direction and everyone makes mistakes.

WR will surely be a position where the braintrust will find some players cut from other teams as the preseason wears on. Our top 3 are hardly an impressive group and beyond those guys you can likely find more talent in cast offs from other teams.

biff- - what's wrong? commitment issues? lol

Did Beck really play that bad in the 1st preseason game. Come one. I say showcase the guy in the preseason & see what he has, at least it will improve his stock if we don't keep him. You know what Pennington can give you. You know we are keeping Henne & most likely won't be needed this year. So keep him on the bench or let him play the 4th Qtrs. You know what Mccown is all about. Play Beck & let him show what he has in the preseason. Does anyone disagree with this?

good insight on wilford.

Well now the Patriots got a bit better with the signing of Lynch. I knew he would end up there. Crud!

Porta Potties are a must for hard core drinkers like us who show up at 9 am .
quick two step away......at least used 4 times prior to kickoff to pay homage to CamCam.

I've thought that Kircus has been having a KILLER training camp/pre-season from what i've read. I could be wrong and getting my messages mixed way up here in montana but i take my phinfo anyway i can get it. Why are Bess, Hagan, AND Wilford ahead of him on the depth chart?

9am? no wonder we always lose to the Jets! Their fans show up at 6am!!!

Jake Long doesn't want to play in South Florida

"Bess could be a sleeper but if he's so good why didn't he get drafted at all?"

And if you're so smart, Mr. Bungle, then why ain't you rich?

Maybe the same reason Wes Welker went undrafted - GMs have no freaking clue how players are going to perform in the NFL. The draft is just their WAG.

I knew the Bess family. His momma's name is Porgie Anne.

"And if you're so smart, Mr. Bungle, then why ain't you rich?"

Hey BR, how do you know I'm not?

some pre-draft magazines and sites had BEss ranked as a 4th or 5th rounder. Their wasn't as many superstar recievers as the year before so most went in the middle and late rounds. He probably got snuffed because of his school, but he looks like a Welker guy to me but we'll see if he has the same heart that makes welker that much better. He was an absolute steal as an UFA.

I think droping Wilford down is a motivational thing, telling him that only production matters not NFL years. Knowing that the team won't dorp you probably makes it easier to not try as hard but having an UFA pass you on the depth chart should damage your ego and make you try harder. I heard him say that he won't cut his dreadlocks until he makes a pro-bowl... well those might get pretty long at this rate

yeah Kircus's position confuses me because I've heard an seen nothing but good things from him, but they may be trying to get a better look at some of the recievers they havn't seen as much of before

Oh and they open the gates at 9am atleast thats what they say, when a big line develops we all drink in driveway while waiting and then they let us in around 8:30

Mr. Bungle - Can I borrow $50?

Why do some of you take everything so literally? Yes Kircus has been doing well in camp but that doesn't make him leapfrog to number one! Wilford came in as our no. 1 or no. 2 and has not performed up to that standard so he has been sliding down. it doesn't mean he's our worst receiver and should drop to number 8. Camarillo outperformed Kircus in week one and Kircus has outperformed him in week 2. They would be a virtually tie but Kircus stepped up in game 1. As it stands these guys are not on eight different levels of talent/performance, the numbers are simply to show a sliding scale of security on the roster and playing time they get.

No Tinshaker, how do think I became rich? : )

I love J-E-T-S fans!
Like watching a puppies chase their tails.
Nice they all move to South FLA to get away from their RETCHED home land.
I just wish they could keep their nacho-chili-italian sausage-cheeze-whiz breath laden opinions to themselves....

Restrooms are for WHIMPS!

shaker I'll lend you 50 bucks at a sub-prime/shifting interest rate and not be able to collect and screw up my own finances

hey guys

think we are missing the point-Hagan is # 2 !!

i saw the game and he is really bulked up. i didn't like him dropping the ball when he took a hit, but elevating his game would be an awesome improvement for us. i am pulling for Camarillo, i like his size.

was not impressed with wilford at all and vonnie says he has funk stink in his hair, (bess as well) yuk. don't take that on the road !!

Why Bess was undrafted....

Bess lost his scholarship to Oregon State when he was sentenced to 15 months in a juvenile facility after allowing a friend to put stolen items in his car. During his time in the juvenile facility, Bess played in a seven man flag football team created by the facility. During a game against another seven man flag football team, Bess did exceptionally well and caught the eye of a Hawaii recruiter in the stands and was given a four year scholarship.

Point well taken Tin-man. Always enjoy reading what you have to say. I hope Kircus gets some time this year, he's got tremendous potential to be a good down the middle receiver, much like ed mccaffrey did in denver. Never scared to go up and catch the ball, knowing a db was coming full speed to take him down. Painful, but fun to watch!

D.Strock, so 4 years later NFL teams still held the mistake Bess made against him? I don't buy that.

I heard that Bess cursed one time 12 years ago, so NFL teams decided not to draft him.

I heard that Bess forgot to say thank you once when a professor held the door for him. The professor then wrote a letter to all 32 NFL teams explaining the horror and that was the end of him being drafted.

"Bess could be a sleeper but if he's so good why didn't he get drafted at all?"

Didn't Tony Romo go undrafted as well?

Only one more year until Michael Crabtree. Just the guy to work will Henne.

Bess is not a combine guy much like the guy throwing him all those passes at Hawaii, Colt Brennan, was also not a combine guy but will be a starting QB in the NFL by his 3rd season, although probably not with his current team (the Redskins). Pick-ups like Bess are the exact reason why having Parcells in charge is going to make all the difference in turning this thing around eventually. Anyway, Bess is a keeper no matter how the Phins got him. Wilford is what he is, a good and tall "jump ball" player for the red zone. If you watched him with the Jaguars over the last few years that's all he ever was and that is all he will ever be. The fact the phins may have "over paid" for him is just a result of having to obtain him through free agency, you will always overpay for players in free agency (see Porter, Joey).

The only way we get crabtree is to be second picker in the draft. Whoever has the top pick will trade Tebow to the highest bidder. But this is distant future...

I think the Dolphins are going to keep:

Camarillo or Kircus

In no particular order so no one freaks out.

There have been plenty of undrafted players that have gone on to do well. My point about Bess is that he is a undrafted rookie at this time and some fans act like he's gold. Maybe he will be very good and maybe he won't be. It's too early to talk this guy up. He has never played in an NFL game and we all know training camp and the preseason is quite different from the regular season.

I get the feeling from everyting I have heard that Kircus should be ranked higher than Bess, and definitely Wilford.


way to bring something new to the table.

Mr Bungle

oh yeah? wait till you see Bess doing somersaults and stuff in the end zone. you're gonna eat your words, B!

Hey! I was just providing 411 on Bess not being drafted.
Troubled Youth...
Pineapple U...
Not much press...
Early Out...

I actually stayed up late enough to see him play WAC-ball.
The kid is a stud and will push for playing time.
Happy to have him as a Phin.
Makes up for some of the HORRID picks we've made.

Steve I totally disagree with your comments about Beck. First of all Pennington needs as much work as possible with the first team to get ready for the season, and secondly Beck is a joke of a qb. You're right he didn't play bad against TB, but that's not the problem, the problem is he won't throw the ball downfield. The coaches have repeatedly told him to get it downfield, but he won't do it. He's got a weeny arm with a girly motion, and he can't feel the pressure.

So Bess wasn't drafted. Neither was Kurt Warner, Larry Little, Warren Moon, Antonio Gates, or Dick "Night Train" Lane, or Willie Parker. Adam Vinatieri also went undrafted but kickers don't count.

I know, ladies aren't supposed to be on this football sight but I heard that Bess has a bigger johnson than Kircus. I'm sure Tinshaker can vouch for that....

Baby-Ruth, if you're a LADY...I will EAT my sideline pass.

It's also possible that Terry Glenn could at some point join the dolphins before the end of the preseason. There's history and experience between Glenn and the Dolphins staff. If the receiving core does NOT step up in the last preseason games one of the WR coudl be cut and Glenn brought in.

I think Beck stays and McCown goes. I can't imagine a 5 year vet being a third stringer. Beck has potential and McCown may be the best he will ever be. Which do you keep? McCown's experience has yet to put him above Henne or Beck in practice. Keep the guy with potential,

D.Bess is the man. Good for him. He deserves everything he earns. He was great at Skyline High in Oakland, At that Juvenile Facility and in Hawaii. Why would he stop now. He is not only a truly great player, but a great person as well. Good for him. Go DOLPHINS #15

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