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Dolphins should trade for Favre (sort of)

We all understand that Brett Favre has likely played his final game in Green Bay and could be traded sometime soon.

Here's a wild hair idea: The Dolphins should throw themselves into the trade talks.

I am not saying the Dolphins should trade for Favre for the sake of making him their quarterback. I am saying the Dolphins should try and trade for Favre with the idea of making him the Minnesota Vikings quarterback.


Look, the Dolphins could give up a draft pick for Favre that is higher than any pick any other team can give for Favre because most of the teams involved in the conversation aren't expected to be as bad in 2008 as the Dolphins. So say Tampa gives up a third rounder for Favre. Well, the Dolphins could offer that and probably get Favre because their pick is likely higher and they are not in the NFC and, unlike like the Bucs, they don't play the Packers this year.

So Favre gets traded to Miami. And then the Dolphins turn around and trade him to the Vikings for a higher pick in an earlier round.

Would Favre go for it? You bet. Would Minnesota do it? You bet. Would it peeve the Packers? You bet. So what?

It is a devious move, even somewhat Machiavellian (google it if you don't know). But it is an opportunity to make the Dolphins better by trading a lower pick for a higher pick. The only thing that would derail this idea is if GB makes trading Favre conditional on the team he is dealt to not trading him again -- which most teams don't do because there rarely is a need to. They would really have to be on their toes to include that condition in the deal and from what I've seen of how GB is handling this situation, they don't really seem to be on their toes.

Anyway, this is obviously not going to happen. But I'm just saying ... it would be delicious if it did.


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It would be delicious? Armando, do you also have a limp wrist?

I like the way you think. The only problem is that the Dolphins can't negotiate with the Vikings before getting Favre because it would be considered tampering. Also, the could not promise Favre to trade him again, and therefore, he would not agree to come to Miami.

Nice thought!

I don't think Parcells burns a GB front office that undoubtedly still has ties to Ron Wolfe.

No team would ever do business with the Dolphins again if this happened

The Phins SHOULD jump in the Farve bonanza. Here is why. Henne is looking like he has promise. But, do we want him to be the #1 this year. No.. We want a veteran to be the number 1. McCown, or maybe Beck... Replace that duo with Farve. 1 maybe 2 years for Henne and or Beck to learn under. For good measure, get John Lynch too...

This is an extremely silly idea, Armando. That would just make the whole Favre saga even more ridiculous than it has been. Why do the Dolphins need to play these types of games? Can't we just let this team rebuild this thing and move on?

Teams not named the Raiders don't usually do these sort of things, right or wrong that is the NFL. Plus I want nothing to do with Farve and his attention getting roadshow even if it is as a stopover. Move on Armando.

So why would a team give Miami a higher pick than they are currently offering GB? Miami would send GB their 3rd and then Minnesota or TB would offer Miami their 3rd just as they have offered it to GB. Miami would either be stuck with Favre or end up with a lower pick. That seems kind of silly...um, stupid. If Minnesota or TB wanted to pay a 2nd to get Favre, that's what they'd offer to GB.

Actually, the Dolphins talking to the Vikings before a trade is not tampering, and they would speak with Favre also.

One more thing: The Dolphins are saying that rumors of Dan Marino being on Dancing with the Stars are not true. Marino called the team today to say he won't be dancing with any stars. Intouchweekly.com earlier reported that Marino will be on the show.

The Phins SHOULD jump in the Farve bonanza. Here is why. Henne is looking like he has promise. But, do we want him to be the #1 this year. No.. We want a veteran to be the number 1. McCown, or maybe Beck... Replace that duo with Farve. 1 maybe 2 years for Henne and or Beck to learn under. For good measure, get John Lynch too...


First of all this is not your idea, I've heard this mentioned several times. It's pretty obvious that the Packers would include some kind of an escalator in any package that would penalize the Phins for turning around and trading Favre to a division rival. This is the last situation the Packers want and it's pretty much common sense that they would safeguard against it.

Keep up the terrible journalism Armando!

I love this idea, but you would think Green Bay would include some kind of condition in the trade that Brett could not be traded elsewhere otherwise a 1st rounder would come back their way.

Actually it's not tampering if Miami talks to Minnesota before the trade. Favre is NOT on either roster therefore it's not tampering to discuss other teams' players.

Not a big fan of the idea though.

Keep Henne, trade for Favre for a 2009 third rounder, trade Mccown to thr Bucks, trade Beck to the Raiders, and have henne learn from Favre

Interesting idea... if you're playing MADDEN!! Not a possibility in this little place we call REALITY!

Remember you have to work with these guys year in year out so you don't want to screw with them.

okay, Mando, I might have to google here.......but ANYWAY...YOU ARE A GENIUS. Anyone here who thinks this to be a bad idead lacks any cleverness to be a credible fan.

Some of us aren't twelve years old, and thus know who Machiavelli is. But thanks for the tip.

Are you high?

I can't believe you just posted this. Seriously.....are you kidding me? Of course Green Bay would put a clause in it.

"Not on their toes"?!?!? This is a multi million dollar business with packs of lawyers banging out these contracts. Yeah....I'm sure they're gonna "Not be on their toes". Lemme tell you how it would work:

Green Bay couldn't put a clause in that would completely ban the trade, but they could put an escalator clause in. This would mean that if we re-traded Favre to the Vikings, the trade we made for Favre would increase to a 1st round pick. So we would lose our 1st round pick acting as the silly middle man. Of course, this would also have to mean that Minnesota was willing to give up their 1st round pick to us, along with probably multiple other picks to equal and exceed what our 1st round pick (probably high) would be worth.

This has got to be the STUPIDEST thing you have ever written BY FAR! And you've written a lot of stupid stuff

Still nobody has answered the question raised by "Tony Nathan" above?

As far as I can see the only realistic way a three-way trade scenario like this can actually work is if players are being traded...i.e. Minnesota have a spare player that GB don't value but Miami do. Miami have a spare player that GB do value but Minnesota don't. So GB trade Favre to Miami for the player they value, Miami trade Favre to Minnessota for the player they value, everybody comes out with something they want.

ARE YOU NUTS??? You don't get that QB without his circus. Allow me to remind you we were a 1-15 team last year. This team does not need another distraction and I'm positive the coaching staff agrees. I guess this is a great example why you're not a coach.

Mike: Did you read the post? I didn't say KEEP Brett Favre. I said use him as a means to an end.
Re-read the post and see if you understand it this time.

Armando, AJ is right with his earlier post. If Parcells pulled a stunt like that, no one would do business with the Dolphins again for a very long time.

As I've posted earlier, and been criticized for, I think the Dolphins should strongly consider trading for Favre. They could get him for a low round pick because the Packers want him out of the NFC altogether, AND the Dolphins don't play the Packers in 2008. It also buys another year of development for Henne and Beck, and keeps the Dolphins from having to play McCown (who, not surprisingly, has been terrible).

The Tuna would never consider doing something that moronic just to gain a few positions in the draft.Every NFC g.m.would have the Dolphins front office on their Sh_t list,so why alienate half the league for such minimal gain?

Well this is funny that you post this today, Armando, when it was mentioned in the comments of yesterday's post. I can't remember who it was (phinatic maybe?), but this is a word for word ripoff of that comment.

As for the reality of the situation, here's the deal: The Packers have screwed things up royally. They should have traded Favre a month ago and gotten good value for him. The longer they wait, the more likely all interested teams will have moved forward with who they have in camp already. Plus let's not kid ourselves, if there is an open competition in GB (which there won't be), Favre beats Rodgers hands down. Fans may have mixed feelings about Favre giving the team the runaround, but let's be honest, if you were a WR in GB, who would you want throwing the ball this year? You'd want the guy who's going to get you the ball and take you deep into the playoffs, and that's Favre, not Rodgers. If GB really wants to get rid of Favre, they need to trade or release him (which I think he has earned the privilege of being released on good terms, much like/even more so than Lynch from Denver) TODAY!!

I don't think Armando is ripping off anyone. I think he's just thinking things through. I also think he knows this isn't going to happen, but what the hey ... it was entertaining and that's why I read this blog.

For the past few weeks people have been kicking around the idea of trading for Brett simply to turn around and serve him on a silver platter to a Packers division rival.

I am going to give the Packers front office a bit more credit than all that have posted in favor of this idea.

The thought of using Brett to get us a more favorable pick is forward thinking. The possibility of it happening or any other team doing something similar is not going to happen.

A surprise attack on the Packers may have happened a few weeks ago. I am sure Wisconsin probably gets there news still via Pony Express, but even the horses would have outted this by now.

Armando... Come on!!! its not march its football time let's focus

Thats not the smartest of ideas. Its been said that GB will have a clause if
Favre is traded that the club he's traded to can't trade him back to GB's division, if he's traded out of division. Why would Minn give Miami a higher pick when they could negoitate with GB directly

>I think he's just thinking things through.

I'd be more prepared to believe that if Armando would actually take the trouble to explain his reasoning on how and why it would work, and answer the objections raised by several people.

The aspect of Minnesota being a division rival is a good point, but unless I am mistaken raised by other people, not Armando himself. MAybe that is what he had in mind, in which case...not explained very well in the original article.

And I'm still not convinced that if GB don't want him they care enough about where he goes to choose not to trade with Minn, yet don't care quite enough to put a re-trade restriction on a deal with anybody else.

I read your post Armando. While your idea is admirable, you would still bring the circus to Miami. Even if it's just for a day.

I don't know if the Dolpfins carry inside the organization,with food stamps.to offer to Green Bay for Favre

No team would ever be willing to trade with Miami again if they tried such a tactic. What a ridiculous idea!

tinshaker it was someone else on a blog that sounds like bunfentinel. But I also remember the comment and I don't think it will happen


Perhaps we can lead Dan Marino to the fountain of youth. Things must be slow at Dolphins camp. Why not post a story about something that is actually feasible, like the Dolphins aquiring someone like Chad Pennington or Jeff Garcia if Favre goes to one of those teams.

Just a thought.

I Think ESPN called that a re-trade and you are not aloud to do it because it will be in the new trade or contract papers.

Typical Salguero, write something ridiculous, get web hits, keep job.

We'll take a third round for him.....he is a mental mess. The reason the Packers, and Favre, had such a great season last year is that McCarthy got Favre put in the off-the-field time to prepare. Nobody since Holgrem got Favre do that. But it had its toll on Favre as he stated in his retirement conference. McCarthy asked him yesterday whether or not he was committed to doing the same again, and Brett simply isn't there. While he is physically capable to play he is mentally burnt out. On top of this are all the expectations if he did return to Green Bay. 13-3 last year, one game from the Superbowl. This year the personnel is the same, so the expectation is to get there again. Brett isn't mentally ready for that. If he can go to a team where the expectations for the year aren't as high, such as Miami, he will probably be just fine. He would be seen as a hereo even if Miami went 8-8. So please take him.


jets get brett 12:00am

I am sofa king we todd it

I am sofa king we todd it

I am glad Farve went to NY. I am sick of you all wanting to give up draft picks for an over the hill QB. I want a nice young QB. Let him grow and mature not someone else's trash.

First, this idea was mentioned weeks ago and it was shot down as a great idea that could never happen. If it could happen it would be genius.

For the slow ones here- Trade for Favre for a possible 2nd rounder( never a 1st and maybe lower than 2nd). Then trade to Minnesota for a 1st. How does this happen? GB will not trade Favre to a division rival who is up and coming. Minnesota is on the verge of deep playoff run and only needs a possible QB. They would pay a 1st for the chance at the SB. Anyone would.

Would never work as many have mentioned but it gets people talking and keeps Mando from doing any serious reporting. Moot point now but still a fun idea. Personally, I think it was a good light hearted blog right before we see the first preseason game. Perfect timing.

This would have been a brilliant maneuver.

Oh well. Favre is a Jet, and I think that's good for the Dolphins.

The Jets just gave up a draft pick for a QB who might make them a bit better in the short term. However, they probably won't make the playoffs anyway. Favre being around will just prevent the Jets from finding a permanent solution to their QB woes.

Personally, I think there's a good chance that Favre could be pretty bad this year. He was great last year, but two years ago he was terrible.

He'll definitely regress.

It's a moot point now that the trade's completed but this "idea" has been discussed on profootballtalk.com since July 15th. It's not the first "idea" to show up here from that website. Armando, dude, have you no pride? You can't fool all of the people all of the time...

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