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Dolphins should trade for Favre (sort of)

We all understand that Brett Favre has likely played his final game in Green Bay and could be traded sometime soon.

Here's a wild hair idea: The Dolphins should throw themselves into the trade talks.

I am not saying the Dolphins should trade for Favre for the sake of making him their quarterback. I am saying the Dolphins should try and trade for Favre with the idea of making him the Minnesota Vikings quarterback.


Look, the Dolphins could give up a draft pick for Favre that is higher than any pick any other team can give for Favre because most of the teams involved in the conversation aren't expected to be as bad in 2008 as the Dolphins. So say Tampa gives up a third rounder for Favre. Well, the Dolphins could offer that and probably get Favre because their pick is likely higher and they are not in the NFC and, unlike like the Bucs, they don't play the Packers this year.

So Favre gets traded to Miami. And then the Dolphins turn around and trade him to the Vikings for a higher pick in an earlier round.

Would Favre go for it? You bet. Would Minnesota do it? You bet. Would it peeve the Packers? You bet. So what?

It is a devious move, even somewhat Machiavellian (google it if you don't know). But it is an opportunity to make the Dolphins better by trading a lower pick for a higher pick. The only thing that would derail this idea is if GB makes trading Favre conditional on the team he is dealt to not trading him again -- which most teams don't do because there rarely is a need to. They would really have to be on their toes to include that condition in the deal and from what I've seen of how GB is handling this situation, they don't really seem to be on their toes.

Anyway, this is obviously not going to happen. But I'm just saying ... it would be delicious if it did.