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Dolphins tell Joe Horn no thanks for now

The Dolphins have finally called back the Joe Horn camp and the message is the team wants to continue to evaluate its young receivers rather than commit to the 36-year-old former Pro Bowl player.

So the timing of Horn's availability doesn't seem right for the Dolphins.

Horn and his agent Ralph Vitolo are expected to continue shopping for a landing spot with the idea of getting into a camp as soon as possible so Horn can get cracking on learning a playbook and getting in football shape.

The Dolphins have not ruled Horn out for down the road should one of their current crop of pass-catchers go down with an injury. But the team clearly isn't viewing Horn as a guy to carry on the roster ahead of the group of guys they currently have.

This confirms pretty much what you've been reading here that the Dolphins are starting to feel better about their young crop of receivers as those players have gotten more familiar with the offense and the quarterbacks and the speed of the game.

Ted Ginn Jr. continues to improve, as evidenced by his outing against Jacksonville, while Derek Hagan seems to have sealed a starting job on the other side. Ernest Wilford, who still has work to do, is playing a little better while Greg Camarillo and Davone Bess are steadily gaining the coaching staff's confidence.

One darkhorse guy to continue to keep an eye on is Anthony Armstrong. According to coach Tony Sparano, Armstrong has lately shown amazing deep-threat ability. He had three catches over 50 yards in one recent practice, according to the coach.

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I would trade Wilford and Renaldo Hill for Boldin.

Brilliant trade MartinK! I wonder why Bill P. and the rest of the gang hasn't thought of that.

if i hear the name boldin one more time, i'm gonna puke. no more million dollar babies !!

we need all of the DBs and WR that are worth keeping. some people would trade their momma for a new hunting dog

So the former wideout for the Odessa Roughnecks of the Intense Football League (AFL junior league) has a good chance of making it in Miami? I love it!

Let's see,Boldin is the fastest to 400 receptions reciever in NFL history.I think I would trade a slot reciever and a dime back for him too.Unfortunatley,Arizona's GM get's paid a good living NOT to make internet fantasy trades.It would never enter Tuna's mind to offer such a ridiculous deal.He'd be the laughingstock of the league.Go back to your fantasy football league and see if you can find someone to make that deal.F*****g losers.

Armando, three catches over 50 yards. Come on!!!!


Let me add,JJ,who all you UM suckers love,passed on Boldin in the draft.You remember,right before he was rookie of the year.

fastest to 400 catches AND a big mouth prima donna !!!

we don't need him or anoter chad or a key-hole or a shoe horn or a TO !!

Oops. 50 yards or more. Sorry. I corrected.

I love how people think you can just trade people at the drop of a hat. Wilford and Hill for Boldin??? Where do you people get that crap. Why on Earth do you think thats a good trade for the Cards...its terrible.

i believe the sarcastic remarks pertaining to the ficticous trade is 2 crappy nobodies for a top WR.

Sorry,that was Wannie who drafted Eddie Moore ahead of Boldin.Still a JJ disciple and his hand picked successor.JJ just destroyed Marinos career.Vindictive midget with ridiculous hairdo.

Armando. your earlier remark in the article about trading T Daniels that the Fins have 3 starting quality CB's... ????
Seriously, which one is quality? Goodman? can't stay healthy. Lehan? ditto there. besides, healthy, they aint much.
Will Allen? Ok, he is alright at covering and tackling. Lets say mediocre at the bare essentials of his trade. Will Allen has **3** whole INT's over the last 3 yrs. Ain't pro bowl caliber there my man.

I like Allen, Goodman and Lehan. So they ain't Lester Hayes and Mike Haynes. I understand that. But I think of all of Miami's problems, they are not that high on the list. Call me crazy.

Jimbo,DBs aren't judged on INTs.Passes defended and playing the run are HUGE.Will Allen has no hands.Deion Sanders had great hands and a ton of INTs,but if teams ran at him he was non-existent.He couldn't or wouldn't tackle.If recievers can't catch the ball because their covered,who cares about INTs?

"So they ain't Lester Hayes and Mike Haynes."

Mando going old school raiders on the blog.


Why don't you throw in a pair of footballs and a helmet for Boldin...

Im looking to trade my mom for a hunting dog. Anyone know where I can pull that off?

Since when do we give the Cards' decision makers credit for making smart moves?? If they wanted to avoid the headache of a season-long soap opera, they could try to get what they can for him. I would think they'd want another receiver and some defensive help... Do I think they'd accept Wilford and Hill? No, but I'd even throw in David Martin. And maybe even Harricane's mom.

The Trinity's failure to pursue Joe Horn is the final nail in their coffin. This oversight will haunt the Dolphins for decades to come. Woe is us.

it was not jj who did not draft boldin it was his buddy dave who did not draft boldin at rhe request of rick speilmen. instead dave drafted the best linebacker in dolphin history, Eddie "get knocked out at a club" Moore. he said it was for linebacker depth.

What do you mean who cares about ints! all coaches love turnovers. that means the offense gets the ball with a chance to score. don't ever make that statement again.


I certainly respect your experience covering the Dolphins and that's why I visit this blog but when I hear you come on the radio, the shrill of your voice leaves me no choice but to move to the next station on my car stereo. For someone with as much experience and information as you have, you still haven't learned to deliver it in an non-annoying, non-whining manner. Act your age and you'll attract more listeners. By the way, people don't hunger "of" anything -- they hunger "for" something.

Ronnie for Wilford!! DO IT

It doesn't matter who plays wide receiver or any other position for the Dolphins; they won't be much when the real action starts: simply because, nothing from nothing is nothing. It is impossiple for a team to be put together in such short time and become overall successful. Even the thought of such defies logic!



I disagree. The phins were HISTORICALLY BAD last year, yes. That said, the carolina panthers were 1-15 the year before they made the SUPER BOWL. I'll take defying logic all day if our logic is tht in the era of free agency and salary cap a team can't go from zero to hero almost overnight. Heck, all the panthers needed were steve smith (in his second year), jake delhomme (quality QB), nd Steven Davis (workhorse running back). I would argue that the phins have a similar situation with ginn, henne/pennington, and ricky/ronnie. I'm not going to boldly predict a superbowl appearance because, frankly, that would be a bit far fetched, but I expect this year's dolphins to be head and shoulders better than last year's team.

Although, I'd recommend to the front office that they re-sign Vernon Carey at some point during the season, considering he is versitile (can play eithr tackle position), proven (he has played well at both tackle positions), durable (he has yet to miss a game to injury), and he's the phins' longest tenured lineman. Put all that together and add in that he's still under 30, and you've got a recipe for o-line success for years to come if you ink him before someone else can.

we should trade matt spanos and anthony toribio, and throw in jayson foster for Anquan Boldin, Antrelle Rolle, Sheldon Brown, Darnell Docket, and a first, and well throw in a conditional 7th.....

Are these trade posts for real? cuz these are the dumbest ideas in the history of thought!

Joe Horn is an old, rickety waste. The guy has no gas in the tank. I'm glad we have intelligence in our management.

Mando, thank YOU dude for this blog, and your continual effort to get to us, all of the latest details that are not always so easy to find in other places.

And maybe even Harricane's mom.

Posted by: MartinK | August 20, 2008 at 08:51 PM

get real & i hope u respect your mother more than u do yourself.

Thanks for the blog, herald and the writing Armando. I mean the writing is good but you could put it in point form and I wouldn't give a crap, I would still read it.

Joey Porter was damaged goods when he showed up and we need to see what type value we can get for him on the open market even if its just to unload his salary. Problem is I doubt if we would have any takers.

K-fin, slightly off on the '03 Panthers. They went 1-15 in 2001, then 7-9 in 2002, which was the year before their Super Bowl appearance. But, your overall point is correct. Last year's team was an underachieving 1-15 because of the lousy coach and the injuries. Better coaching, better-conditioned football players gets this team to 5-7 wins this year and watch out in years 2 and 3 of the Trifecta.

Harricane's mom is a franchise tag!

Anyway, ARMANDO, you never answered my question on if you and Darling-of-the-press-ton were going to do more videos. I only saw the one about a month ago....that was a classic!

As for the receivers, unless Jerry Rice comes out of retirement, I don't think we'll be looking to sign anyone else this year (we might pick someone up on trade just before the deadline). We already have a fierce battle going on at that position. And signing Wilford was the biggest mistake the Trifecta (groan) has made this year (besides cutting Zach right after I bought a #54 jersey for my two year old!), hopefully ever. I don't think they'd want to make that mistake again.

there is no reason to trade for another receiver - boldin is a receiver to put you over the top in the playoffs and miami is not a playoff team this year, need to let the young wr's develope this year and see how good they are at the end of the year. If ginn becomes a ligit number 1 and Bess developes into a top line slot receiver then there is no reason to bring in a high priced receiver. besides were not going to pass much this year, its going to be how far Ricky can carry this offense

Trade Porter ive always said it even if he does good he still only has a couple of years left in the tank. too much money for a scrub, the only thing Dolphin about him are his tiny dolphin teeth.

LP, another team would not want to pay this guy's salary. we are stuck with him. If he's healthy he should have a great year for us.


WOW, is your whole life filled with such abject negativity?

Get real!

From Dante O:
"The Trinity's failure to pursue Joe Horn is the final nail in their coffin."

You gotta love it when a fan of a particular player is so star-struck that they can't see reality. Horn is over the hill.... period. He was pretty good in his day, but his day has passed. The "Trifecta's" (the Trinity is another group altogether) decision to not pursue Horn is yet one more sign that they know what the heck they're doing.
So Dante, you can go on believing that it's 2004, but the rest of us are going to stay in the present. Personally, I'd rather see Devone Bess in a phins uniform than Horn.

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