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Dolphins to disavow Brown rumor [update]

We are approximately one hour from the time coach Tony Sparano is scheduled to conduct his daily press conference and it is fair to say he has a game plan in mind for this one.

Sparano apparently was taken as much by surprise by ESPN's Ronnie Brown report last night on Monday Night Countdown as, say, you and I may have been. So the belief here is that Sparano will try to make the point in his presser that Miami does not expect to jettison Ronnie Brown.

That, of course, is the plan as of now. It remains to be seen how well Miami's new coach, a guy not all that experienced with orchestrating press conferences, actually follows the game plan because sometimes the questions get asked in goofy ways by us media dorks and sometimes the answers don't make the point very clearly.

Anyway, as I updated in the previous post, Brown (sprained thumb) was on the practice field today wearing a cast that covered his entire right hand and extended half way up his forearm. He caught a couple of passes with his left hand in the time period the practice was open to the media.

And, in case you missed the point last night, it seems hard to believe the Dolphins would put Brown on the trade block as Chris Mortensen's ESPN report suggests for a number of reasons. They are:

He's not 100 percent healthy. His value to Miami is greater than it is to most other teams. He's a good insurance policy against Ricky Williams flaking out again. And he's a pretty young player with good upside potential left to tap.

Check back after the presser for an update on what Sparano said and how it compares to what he planned to say.

Update: Sparano indeed disavowed the rumor. He said there is "no chance," Brown is not on the Dolphins this year. He also said there has been, "no discussion of that internally or externally."

I am crafting the next entry that will give details of the QB competition and other notes so check back for a new post soon.


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Thanks for the tip, please keep us updated.

Didn't the Fins say they weren't going to trade Jason Taylor?!? LOLOL!

Let it go.

Thanks Mando.

I wouldn't even blink if they got a 1st round draft pick for him. By the time the Dolphins are Superbowl contenders, Ronnie Brown will be done or very close to breaking down considering his growing injury history and punishing running style.

How do you know what he planned to say? This is ridiculous, can we talk about something else? How about asking Sparano how Spanos/Byrne are doing. I watched the replay yesterday and the second team O-line was NOT GOOD. If Henne wasn't as accurate on the run, we would never have converted those third downs and we would have lost the game. Don't get me wrong, I thought the first team on both sides of the ball was very good with the exception of the penalties, but the drop off in execution and especially blocking was staggering once the 2nd teamers came in.

Also, why was John Beck constantly licking his fingers? ridiculous. Rumors are McCown is getting significantly more throws in drills than Beck this week. If body language is any indicator, Beck has been told by management that he's done in Miami.

this is idiotic, imagine , now we are going to rely in 31 yrs old pot machine over ronnie.
Williams gets hurts or goes on "vacation"

dumping ronnie who led all backs in total yards in the NFL even a week after he was injured is not just dumb/stupid but insane.

i don't like the negative attention and all of these talking heads talking crap.

ronnie & ricky are a team to themselves and will be the strongest 1-2 punch in the NFL this year IF the o-line performs at or above what they did in JAX. Jax is a pretty damn good team. Ronnie has more value than draft picks. and let's quit blaming him for getting injured. if i remember correctly, he was blocking on a busted play when he got hurt. so don't blame this guy.

this will never happen. thanks for everything mando

Didn't the Fins say they weren't going to trade Jason Taylor?!? LOLOL!

Posted by: Tommya | August 19, 2008 at 12:09 PM

stupid comment, you're comparing apples and oranges.
taylor was begging to be traded and didn't come to practice, wasn't going to be at camp.
brown has been at practice, he's been rehabbing and he's a young, talented player.

Come on, Amando. It is really the offseason. Otherwise, there is no way we could be ready garbages like this. Jason Taylor's trade made sense for many reasons (age & attitude). Coaches usually don't like veterans either since they not only tend to disagree often, but also they voice their opinions publicly. Ricky only has a few good years in his tank. Ronnie is the future of the franchise. There is no way we trade him. What happen when Ricky decide to be Ricky again? We'll draft another back with the #1 pick?
Brown is definitely one of the building blocks of this franchise along with Henne, Merling, Langford, Ginn, Satele and Long.

I agree with Josh, let it go.

Who was the idiot that started the Brown trade "Rumor" in the first place? Oh yeah, it was u knucklehead.

Mortenson merely offered an opinion that as you said he was backed into then YOU go and quickly start a rumor from. First off, by titling the blog entry as "Brown on the way out" then secondly presuming that Jeff Ireland when talking to the press has text bubbles popping up with his thoughts.

You are losing credibility as a journalist in my eyes. Sad that you then try to play the hero with your blog today after your sheepish report from last night.

I am sure even if Sparano told you to your face that he was upset with Mort for expressing an opinion, he must be 10 times more furious with you for blabbermouthing a misconstrued version of a grade school girl's game of telephone to the masses of loyal Herald readers.

Stop disgracing the years of hard, honest work of your co-workers Pope and Cote with your National Enquirer type reports. The sad truth is I used to love your reports but as time passes with your blog it gets farther from Sports Journalism and closer to Tabloid Trash.

Stick to solid facts please, your witch hunts do not help the hometown team or satisfy a fan's thirst for knowledge of their team. We all know you are a Jet's fan at heart, the kid that never was elected editor of the school paper or a little of both looking for revenge.

Nothing but love for ya Armando keep up the great reports......

Oh yeah, they stopped being great about 2 years ago.

Run Ronnie Run - Armando is after you

Does anyone else besides me think I am the worst and dumbest poster on all of the Dolphins newspaper blogs?

I suggest that we hold a Survivor-esque competition and vote me off. Even I am sick of how lame and stupid my comments are.

I believe the trifecta also stated that ALL players are available for a trade at the right price.

They'll never trade Ronnie right now - no value until he proves himself this season. Then, maybe. If we keep turning ourselves into a power run-blocking o-line team, we could plug anyone in and get good production out of the running game (ala Denver). Even a marginal back can seem to be Pro-Bowl caliber if the right line is in place. Of course, having both a healthy stud and a top notch line would be great.

Either way, this is all bunk. Unless a team offers a #1 (won't happen in '08) it doesn't make sense. I agree withj Aaron though, the timing of having a top-tier RB would be better in 2010 than right now. Play to win right now, but play to win it all in 2010.


Two carries two yards and hurt. Ronnie is not that great of a back. When is the last time you saw him break a long run juke out a few people and get a T.D.? Never

Given the right price I would trade anyone on this team as well, more so the people that are not rookies or free agent pickups this year. That said unless it was a proven player or a number one pick, i wouldn't trade Ronnie.


what planet are u on? u didn't watch ronnie last year did ya?

forget picks-----especially first rounders----too expensive and difficult to price given NO NFL experience.

we have a champ in ronnie.....period

Aaron, congratulations, someone finally got it. History shows that a player in Ronnie Brown's position will likely be on the downside when Miami's roster is rebuilt to Super Bowl contention (presumably 2011 or 2012). If you can get a first rounder for him this season or in the offseason (likely the latter), make the trade. But not for anything less than the first rounder.

Soulpilot- First off... Mortenson wasn't really backed into anything and he expressed his opinion. Mando is definitely allowed the same in his own blog.Sometimes Mando does delve into rumormongering but if he sees something, he reports it. His readers would have asked him about it and he went after it quickly and efficiently.

To compare Mando to Cote is rediculous and an insult. Cote is a truly horrible writer who really has lost touch with the fanbase. This is a blog and its meant to foster discussion and dissent. I don't always like his opinions but he does keep us up to date. If you don't like his writing WTH are you still reading?!!

Lastly, how can you seriously have any respect for most journalists?! They construe everything they write to fit their purposes. The places they work will edit whatever it needs to. True journalistic integrity is rare and you shouldn't be looking at a sports blog to find it.

I know it's merely an observation by Mortensen and it's still preseason but still. Whether or not Jason Taylor wore out his welcome he was still traded after the Fins said they wouldn't do that. And given the fact they have traded or released other key players(Chambers,Thomas, Madison, etc)I am skeptical. I hope we keep him because he is young and VERY talented. I think Ricky can and will play an entire season and share the load with a healthy Ronnie.

The Ref's suck like Armandos writing skills.
Face mask flag picked up what bull.
I saw so many holds by the Jags and the Bucs it was pathetic.
There needs to be a Ref grading system and they should be cut if they don't make the grade. Just like rumor queens should be cut.
Go Phins!!!

It surprises me that Mort would say anything like this, and it's astounding that any other journalists (especially one from S. FL) would perpetuate the rumor...

The whole thing is stupid. Brown isn't going anywhere, period; no matter what.

I've got a much more important topic:

What establishment makes the best cheese steak sub in South FL? I'm curious. Any thoughts?

Here's an interesting fact it appears people might not remember. Ronnie Brown's injury last year wasn't the result of a hit. He made a bad plant while cutting, attepting to tackle the ball carrier of an interception. It was a freak play.

what does that say about him? I'm not sure, but i don't question that the man can take a hit, or that he can be a bruiser.

You guys are all losers. Mando is reporting the latest stuff on the Dolphins and some driveling morons are upset about it.

Mando, thanks for the updates. Keep 'em coming. I want to know ALL the rumors, news, possibilities, analysis and opinion you can deliver on my team. Thanks.

Good stuff.

im not going to alabama, jason taylor will be a dolphin or retire, the checks in the mail, ill never cheat on you, size doesnt matter, there were weapons of mass destruction, READ MY LIPS NO MORE TAXES......the last coach to tell the truth around here is in the hall of fame!


i think we should go after boldin the wr from arizona it will help this team alot what do you think dolp fans ?


What are you his boyfriend? Stop making excuses for his yellow journalism.

BTW the headline does not say anything about the author of the blog....

This hachet job of a writer does this once every few weeks in case the execs over at the Enquirer are reading.

Mando, your inner jet fan is showing....might wanna clean that mess up.

Another in the long line of weak blogs................Come strong or dont come at all!!!

Anyone looking for a real DOLPHIN blog.... come on over to the "other" paper

I think the Cardinals need a RB.

I like football because I like all those large men in tight pants.

Trying to figure out what finger nail polish color to apply to my stank toes.

Sonny’s famous steak hoagies in Hollywood....

The only way that Ronnie Brown is not a Dolphin this year is if he retires

Wait a minute... I heard that before

Yellow Journalism...that's great. This is a game we're talking about, right? Not our country going to war or some dumb Sh^$#@ like that.

The Trifecta has already proven that it can lie like any business that swears is not downsizing or relocating to mexico. So why would anyone trust anything they say?

Secondly, if we could get a first round pick for Brown, why not? If I could trade in my 2004 Sebring Convertable for a new Lexus without paying anything more, wouldn't I?

Lastly, you all need to save your indignation about reporters for truly important events. Like when our leaders lie to us and reporters sit back and let them. I bet a lot of you watch Fox News...the Yellowest Journalism around.


Hey Mando...I just read that Horn got cut by Atlanta...Any chances we'll grab him?

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