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Dolphins trade Josh McCown to Carolina

The Dolphins have traded quarterback Josh McCown for a late-round draft pick.

Two sources say the trade was consummated this afternoon after the Panthers took stock of their injury-riddled quarterback situation.

The trade seems to mean the Dolphins will go into the regular-season with three quarterbacks -- starter Chad Pennington, backup Chad Henne and third-stringer John Beck.

One source, however, tells me to refrain from including John Beck as a certainty in that group. Seems teams are also asking about Beck as a trade possibility and as Bill Parcells once told me, "Everyone on this team can be traded for the right price except Jake Long."

The Dolphins have not yet announced the trade but neither are they denying that it is happening.

On Thursday evening, McCown saw his lack of preseason playing time as a bad sign.

"Probably not playing the last three weeks is not a good a sign," McCown admitted. "I haven't been in this situation ever, but I know the writing is on the wall usually when you don't play. But for right now, I'm here and I'm excited about being here. I believe in my abilities. I know that I can play. So I'll embrace my opportunities whether it is here or somewhere else. I'll be ready to roll."

Now he'll roll for the Panthers.


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yea i told u guys lol we had to wait for mando to write about this

I am happy for Josh. I hope that he can stay with the Panthers for a few years. He and his family deserve some semblance of stability.

Hey, if we collect a draft pick for a guy that didn't cost us a draft pick, it's a good deal.

This was the right move for the Dolphins... They do not need another Journeyman QB on the roster. John Beck could still have something to offer. You let Pennington control the offense while Henne and Beck learn. Beck will have some trade value either during the season or next spring.

At least the good guy doesn't finish last. He goes to a better team. I think he's better than Beck. At least he doesn't fumble every snap.

Thanks for the information Armando.

I aslo think it's still early (a bit) to figure that Beck is going to be the 3rd qb.

My reasoning...Mat Baker was released the other day by by the Jills. Baker had followed the "trifecta" from Dallas and they always liked his head for the game and toughness.

I feel that if the phins can get anything around a 5th for Beck..he's gone and they bring in Baker or a another guy they are very familiar with for the 3rd spot.

Sporano has been quoted previously as saying that he wants his 3rd to be able to step in w/o a bunch of reps. Baker might be that guy.....or not....Becky may still have endeared himself with his work ethic in the offseason to stay on.

just some thoughts

If we got a pick of any kind we're ahead of the game, since he was an UFA, plus we get rid of his contract and guaranteed money.

There was never any way the Fins cut any QB just the fact that the trade came sooner than later.

BTW good for Josh I hope he sticks with the Panthers.

Good work Mando I knew you would get this deal done!!!!

That's it for me. Josh, a good family man, came here and gave his heart to this team, only to see it ripped out by Parcells & his henchmen. Why? He did nothing to deserve this mistreatment. I've just cancelled my twelve club seats.

Thanks for the news Mando.

Go Phins!

Another great move by the Dolphins front office. Instead of cutting players like McCown and Travis Daniels we get some late round picks out of it. These may lead to moving up in later drafts or staying put and getting a steal like Donald Thomas late.

Overall I like McCown and wish him the best in Carolina.

Hey Al Knowing

Since when was Tuna brought in to host a popularity contest? 12 seats huh? Haven't you already paid for them?

Oh well!!!

DolphinLover--nah, but I was seriously thinking about going to the Jets game! Honest.

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Way to go Armando and the Miami Herald! 3/4 of South Florida knew about this one hours before you guys reported it!! It's a shame that the "Miami" Herald is the last ones to know about the "Miami" Dolphins!. Prime reason why I don't pay money for it.

Quit whining Al(l) Knowing.As a man with a smartass handle don`t you know that this is the way not to lose 15 games in the future?
Long live Tuna,and Sparano,and Ireland.

Good luck to McCown in Carolina. If we stock pile enough 6's and 7's we can trade up and turn our 5's into 4's. I am glad Beck has not been moved, I just like the guy. I hope Henne and Beck are our QB's for the next 10 years. Pennington is efficient and I'm glad he's with us now, when he's done I hope Henne and Beck are our future.

Jeremy--Americans don't whine, never have, never will, Be grateful that we bailed you out in WWII!

And rawk on, family man

Armando is a smelly rectum

I can't believe we got a QB for free and got draft picks in return - when was the last time this happened.

Sounds like the best off season move to me so far after spending draft picks for years on QBs and letting them go for free.

I can't beleive that all of you guys are in here feeling sorry for this guy. Look, HE COULD NOT CUT THE MUSTARD!!!!!!!!! This is the N.F.L and he signed up for this JOB. I'd move my family every year for 2 mill a year; I can throw interceptions better than him anyway. He's still getting millions for holding a clip board. I don't feel bad for him one bit. He's not a starter in this league....face it. I have the feeling we're going to go into the draft next year with 12 or 13 picks after our 6-10 season this year. I'm just glad I didn't have to watch this clown in the regular season!

Go PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armando, you were one of the first to confirm the rumors. Well done!

Jeff, Matt Baker was on the Dolphins and we cut him back in May or June. Why bring him back?

Jeff, Matt Baker was on the Dolphins and we cut him back in May or June. Why bring him back?

Yes this is old news, but the Panthers will be in trouble with PFT. Everyday they have a story about poor Duh'ta Fumbelpepper, and how he's been blackballed. After a carrer ending injury with the Vikings, he still stoled money from other teams saying he could still play, 10 million from the Dolphins.He is a trouble maker and posion to any team. He demands to start everywhere he goes and want's 7 to 8 million a year. He has had offers and has rejected them, one by the Packers. Now with 7 days till the start of the season,and the Packers set at QB, he says he wants to play for Green Bay and will take there offer. The writer over there must have a real man crush on Duh'ta. Also why is Obama being pushed on a sports site like PFT.

Al knowing - if you are giving up your tix because we traded Josh McCown you should have been shipped out of town with Cam Cameron you retard. Go phins!

Look at the big picture folks, McCown sucked, he wasn't going to be a starter of any kind and we got a draft choice for him...Come on, you are so jaded from what has happened in the past that you can't even recognize a good move when you see it. We are loaded at qb right now...Josh never started a game for the phins, hell, never even played in a game for the phins and we got a player that could be around for ten years, for what? Nothing....wake up man....The phins rock!!!!!

They should ditch Beck, too. He will never be a good pro quarterback.

One thing I can tell you is that Matt Baker isn't going to replace Beck. BTW Matt with 2 t's. That's dumb. Baker hasn't taken snaps with the team, and he's a 2nd yr guy that would need snaps, lots of them.

I can't believe all these people who actually thought Al Knowing was serious. Al, I appreciate sarcasm when I read it. I also give you this too...You have already turned into "all of you guys". 1 sarcastic comment and by the end of the thread it turns into the entire board has posted it. That's what I call power. Ever think about running for political office?

Germany Speaking,
The Dolphins will eat the $2.5 mill signing bonus he got , that's not free.

The Dolphins would have had to pay Josh his $1.95mill base if they kept him, Beck on the other hand only has a $370k base. No brainer really.

People keep to Football here and Canadians are American too and so is everyone this side of the hemisphere. The entire continent is called America not the USA only. Some overbearing attitude I got to say. Try to find a new name. How about:

My fellow Usayers.

Al Knowing has got "George Bush" written all over him.

The Cuban Assassin

Gotta love people who write ridiculous posts under one name and then answer their own posts under another name. It's especially humorous when that idiot misspells the same word in two different posts. And the cherry on top is when they agree with themselves. Some people are just born losers I guess. Good luck to Josh McCown and thank you for being a class act.

They'll trade Beck for a pick and claim Chris Simms when TB waives him.

I'm happy. The formula always was to have a talented veteran on the team to mentor the young guys. McCown was that guy. Then a more talented (and more experienced) veteran became available and McCown became the odd guy out. Kudos to The Trifecta for seeing the potential in Beck. Previous regeimes would not have been as wise.

Chris Simms, you mean the 4th string qb on the Bucs. How do you know he would be better than Beck, he wasn't even better than Major Applewhite at Texas.

Yes, but then the drugs wore off.

I know this is a "Football" Blog and I love my Dolphins but am I the only one who thought the post by "Family Man" was absolutly crazy!!! Gotta read.

I'll say it again, the Dolphins finish 10-6 and get more air time on ESPN than Stuart Scott in his prime. Booyeah!!!

Rowdy Roddy: No, RR, I found "Family Man" posting to be disturbing on some lizard brain level I seldom venture. Either he's a REALLY bad beat poet...or I suggest steering clear of bell towers for a few days.

I have seen the future, and it is Family Man. Bang a Gong, doodz.

Dear Rowdy Roddy and Matthew,

"Family Man" is simply quoting lyrics from a classic black flag song. You probably dont know it cause your too busy doing men in the bum hole while listening to britney spears. Maybe thats how RR gets his name. Your all a pack of losers.

I agree that Armando is a smelly rectum. Please debate me on this one Armando.

8-8 season for the phins now that douche bag mccown is gone!!

Reading some of these non-dolphin/football related comments make me cringe. If you wanna talk about sh*t like that go on some other site freaks. Anyway, I don't see why it's not possible for this team to have a winning record when what, 44 of last years 53 players are already changed out with more changes to come and with this coaching staff. The glass is already half full jack.

Grass, a winning record? Stop smoking your name! Just because they have replaced the majority of the players doesnt mean they will be good. It usually takes several years to develop consistency. Mayne your bong is half full. Miami 7-9 at best. Keep in mind they play NE twice.

I dont smoke pot Mr Booker. Please dont pick on me. Its very hurtful. My opinion counts too. I like men.

Dolphins win the super bowl this year with Bill Parcels half-sister (Lily) as the "new" quarterback. The NFL finally goes coed!!! Cameron claims to be a cross-dresser and wants his old job back to coach Lily. Parcels feels the feminine nature of Cameron and fires Suprano for being too masculine in the face of change. Suprano claims to be bisexual. Still loses his job to Cameron. The two Chads fall in love and move to Canada. The Dolphins are picked up as a new sitcom, "being bad never felt so good". The show tanks. On another note, Presidential hopeful Obama is discovered to be Michael Jackson's younger brother. He denies ever being molested. Names Michael as director of his new youth program. Becomes President. Quits abruptly when he is found to have to be cheating on his wife with a rodent named Crotch. Claims the hamster was just a "pet".

Hernia Face,
Thanks for the info. Never heard of black flag and never would listen to something that insane, me now being a family man with a wife an kids. Also I wont get into a cyber beef with you becuase its childish. But Know that if I ever in life saw you in person you'd never come out of your mouth the way you did with the protection of you anonymity in front of you. Ive lumped up cowards like you for far far less. This isnt a threat, just letting you know how I get down. Think long and hard because you dont really want what your asking for.

Go Dolphins!!!!!

Rowdy Roddy

Whats with this aggression?

I am simply trying to make a point. You are a closet butt muncher unbeknowns to those around you. In person, you would probably proposition me and really "get down" as you put it. Now, go back the public restroom and make some new friends and get off this blog.

Go Dolphins!!!!!

Rectum? Darn near killed 'em.lol.

What is up today? Much more crap being flung than usual. Black Flag was a punk band back in the late seventies, or early eighties. Listeners usually also enjoyed the Dead Kennedys,the Cure, the Dirty Rotten Imbeciles(DRI), the Sex Pistols, and the Violent Femmes, to name a few. I liked some of it, could leave some of it, just as much music, counterculture, or mainstream.

As for Al, I can't believe only one other guy who posted understood that you were mocking those who have said much the same with EVERY player we have released/traded. I did much the same when we dropped Feely. Everyone was talking up his percentage, but weren't examining whether, or not the coach was punting, rather than giving him a chance from over 40 yards, or noticing that HE ONLY KICKED 23 TIMES. How hard is it to have a high percentage, if you kick mostly chip shots we should have had TD's on, and you only kick 23 times? I don't know about all of his distances last year to say for sure, I am just saying that effects a kickers' "historically high percentage."

I would love to see us cut out the whole calling each other nasty names, and saying that others are gay. Gay, or straight, I could care less, as long as they are Dolphins fans. Details of what they might do with their private lives don't interest me in the slightest, so leave that crap out of the blog, please.

Hey Mando, if it hasn't anything to do with football, delete it, please. Crap like that has no businees on a football blog.

Good move by the Trifecta and it is an appropriate name. 7th rounder ain't much but it is more than anyone would have received in the past.

Family Man

The nurse says its time for your meds

I thought Beck would be the first to go but it seems since Henne proved he would be a better no. 2 than Beck and McCown they both became expendable.

beck will not be here by the 7th. penny will be hurt by the 3rd game and we need a decent vet to slop through the remainder of the season...look for sims...anyone that thinks we can win more than 4 games this year is stoned. We need to develop slowly otherwise we will be a flash in the pan like the jets..

Booker, thanks for responding in my name @ 4:30AM. Grass is actually part of my last name although I'm not gonna say I've never smoked any of it in the past & the bong half full comment was funny. Yeah, we play NE twice this year as we do every year. So what. Their secondary sucks, their OL is digressing, their defense is getting very old, Brady could be hobbled on and off this year. They're still gonna win the AFC East, but they are beatable. I'm glad you got traded. Phins somewhere falling somwhere between 7-9 & 9-7. Yes the bong is half full jack.

McClown looks like Jay from the Kevin Smith movies. Snoochy boochies!

McClown looks like Jay from the Kevin Smith movies. Snoochy boochies!

Hi Grass,

I really didn't answere my comment for you using your name. It was actaully a pretty silly response, if I may say, of how I hurt your feelings and your opinion also counts. Glad it wasn't you.

Oh, well. I still think it is highly unlikly the Dolphins will have a winning record this year. NE is the SB favorite by many analysts and the AFC is considered the stronger conference once again. Besides, too many question marks on the team. - they definately will be much better than last year which will be a much welcomed relief to all.

Tree2691--careful, you'll scare off the inmates w/ too many cogent posts. And I am in my 4th decade as a FinFan (oops, there goes my 'yuteful' facade).

On a serious note, I don't know if this is in Mando's post or paper, but on 790TheTicket A.M. this morning, Mando reported that Fins asked McCown to take a pay cut, he said no, so they traded him. In other words, don't read too much into beck's continued presence on the team. Wherever & whatever happens to Beck, I wish him well, and bear him no ill-will along the lines of how I felt about AJ Feely, for example (altho there my anger was more directed to Wanny/Spielman & the dorks at QAM [Hank G in particular], who kept parroting the bullshit that Feely was "really" Philly's backup [not detmer], but had to be listed at 3rd cuz detmer held---aw, screw it--old news now).

It'll be interesting to watch waiver this p.m. & sunday a.m. We really need backup OLs, a backup NT & receivers if they're worthwhile. Cannot wait till sunday! And Black Flag still roolz; thnx FamMan.

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