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Dolphins trade Travis Daniels to Browns

The Dolphins have just announced the trade of cornerback Travis Daniels to Cleveland in exchange for an undisclosed draft pick.

Daniels had been running with the second team and was seemingly en route to making the team until struggling somewhat Saturday at Jacksonville. Daniels, in his fourth NFL season, fills a void for the Browns because their corners got toasted against the Giants.

Daniels is already on a flight to Cleveland. The move pretty much guarantees that Joey Thomas, who had an interception Saturday, will make the team.

It also opens the possibility that either Chris Roberson, Nathan Jones or Will Billingsley will have a spot on the team. Jones is the favorite out of that group. He was working second team today in the spot Daniels had before the trade.

This week's return of Michael Lehan from a high ankle sprain gave the Dolphins three starting-caliber corners along with Will Allen and Andre' Goodman.

One NFL source said the Browns inquired about getting Lehan ahead of Daniels but the Dolphins didn't want to do that.


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Big WOOO! A "never-was" that was way down on the depth chart on a rebuilding team gets traded for a draft pick??? Geez, didn't see that coming...

I like it. The Tuna has no problems getting rid of rubbish, no matter what round or who drafted them. The Dolphins have had horrible drafts the last few years and the toilet keeps on ah flushing.

I can't believe anyone was willing to give up even a 7th rounder for Daniels. He was only drafted because he played for Saban in college and knew his system. He never had NFL skills. It would have been a good trade if they got a case of gatorade for Daniels.

harricane, I too have a hot european wife, but it sounds like you're getting more lovin than I am!

As for your Aquavision issues, maybe a hardware issue?

and for Scott, you make no sense, you say Daniels is no good but then say it's a bad move to trade him for a draft pick. And even if you believe that no one good comes out of the 6th or 7th rounds, could you at least concede that an extra late round pick could be used as part of a trade deal later on, such as a 6th and Wilford for anything. Or a 3rd and 7th for Boldin.

whatever, good, he did ok his first year but "polished pole" every year since. im sick of losing, F-em.

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